MD #108: Mothballed rumors
MD #108: Mothballed rumors
Summary: LT Colonel Janik calls Ens. Diaz into his office to discuss rumors of mothballed resurrection ships or any intel that might lead to same.
Date: Tue 25/Jul/2017 (OOC Date)
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Niko Diaz 
CAG's Office - Deck 2 - Battlestar Orion
This nine by nine space is largely dominated by filing cabinets and a desk. A coffee maker is perched atop one cabinet, but the others are rather barren of decor or personal items. There are a pair of uncomfortable, molded plastic chairs facing the desk. The last vestige of open space is occupied by a lounge chair. It's one of those old, well-loved beasts that was likely pulled off of somewhere on Piraeus.
Fri 09/Feb/2029 (IC Date)

The fleet is still parked in empty space, somewhere in the vicinity of Piraeus. It's no secret that the Raptors have been flying recon missions to the Colonies, but Command appears to be keeping a tight lid on the official results. Scuttlebutt abounds, as it always does, and little of that is good. For the Viper pilots it's been routine but busy, with extra CAP and sims as ordered by Vogue at the CAG's insistence. At least until today's routine is interrupted by a message ordering Ensign Diaz to report to the CAG's office immediately. Why is not explained.

Niko's door is almost always open, and so it is now. The Lieutenant Colonel is in his blues and seated behind his desk, reviewing something on his datapad. A frown of concentration is set on the man's face as he slowly scrolls the screen.

Rolling out of the latest sim training, Ens. Diaz hurries from the sim room to the CAGs office still wearing her flight suit, helmet tucked in the curve of her left arm. Rapping her knuckles on the frame of the hatch to the CAGs office, the ten steps through while voicing: "You sent for me, sir?"

Niko's eyes snap up, and then the frown slowly eases away. With a quick wave, he beckons Diaz in. "Diaz. Yeah. Come on in and shut the hatch." Setting the datapad aside, the CAG shuts off the screen and then rubs at his eyes.

Angling a nod at the CAG, Diaz swing the hatch shut and slows the spin at the last possible moment to let the hatch close without a clang. Turning back toward the Desk, Diaz squares her shoulders subtly and shifts the helmet from one arm to the other, a nervous tell.

Niko looks up and manages a quick grin. "At ease, Diaz. Have a seat if you want. This won't take long." It doesn't sound like any sort of trouble for the Ten — at least the CAG doesn't seem angry or upset. "I'm gonna give you some intel so you understand the situation, but this is supposed to be confidential. So keep it to yourself, all right?"

The absolute lack of a good poker face is what Diaz and a lot of the Tens were gifted with (default setting wise) so its with visible - palpable - relief on her face, Diaz takes a seat and rests the helmet in her lap. Both forearms are promptly rested on the curved helm as she nods, "Copy that, sir. Eyes and ears only."

"First reports are that Caprica has been nuked into ash and the Skath have occuppied all the surviving Colonies," Niko just lays it out. There's no easier way to deliver that sort of news. He's at least had some time to adjust to the reality, but he gives Diaz only a few seconds before he goes on. "The long and short of it is, it looks like we're on our own. So we're looking for allies. Command thinks there are ressurection ships out there from the last war, mothballed someplace. You know anything about that?"

The look on Diaz's face isn't as much shock as grim acceptance of the data as its imparted. "Resurrection ships?" the viper pilot makes a question of the two words then closes her eyes, brow furrowed. One hand lifts to tug through the shock of dark hair that stands upright a la helmet hair. She exhales then and opens her eyes while shaking her head. "Not that I'm aware of. That sort of thing would have been compartmentalized. And we, at least I and my sisters and the others I've shared memories with, were not privy to such. One," there's a small hitch before she pushes on, "is not exactly a sharing is caring . . person."

The CAG allows a few seconds to process the question, and all the context that went along with it. And it's clear that one of the meager hopes he was holding onto has died as he listens to her answer. At least until he hears the bit about One. "Yeah, no. I mean, the ships I'm asking about where held by the Lines that settled on Piraeus. Nothing to do with One, I don't think." The intricacies of the skinjob relations aren't really his area of expertise, but he's fairly certain that much is correct. "Anyway, it was a long shot. I said I'd ask. Just keep it in mind in case you hear something, you know?"

Even at the clarification, Diaz can only shake her head again. "Unfortunately, still I must answer no. The few times I've ever been, had been, on Piraeus before all this rolled up again was when I Woke. After that, mostly just a day here or there, it wasn't my Home." She rests both hands on the helmet again, hesitates then asks, "Aerilon, sir?"

Niko listens, then gives a curt nod. "All right Diaz," he says, about to dismiss her. Then she asks her question, and it is the CAG's turn to hesitate. Finally he gives a solemn shake of his head. "Aerilon looks to be occupied. Farms and stuff, but no technology. Same thing we've seen on other worlds taken by the Skath. But like I said, keep it to yourself for now. I expect Command will make an announcement shortly."

Diaz nods and hesitates then wonders, "Sir? If there's resurrection hubs that we can pinpoint, there only way to turn the entire hub or one entire line is to download and have the data enter the stream before it can be cut off. There may come a time when that's going to need to be done. I want you to know that when the time comes, don't expect me to hesitate. When I came back, my only goal was to be a real person, to live a life that was mine, is mine. I've done that now," she shares a slightly lopsided smile, "I've already done one long span of years Outside this body, and now we've gone another twenty years on top of that. When, If. No regrets."

Niko's expression darkens a bit as he listens to Diaz's declaration, and then he exhales a slow breath. "Yeah … I'm not asking you to volunteer for that just yet, Diaz. But if the time comes? It's good to know you're willing." The CAG rubs at his face again, looking tired. "You guys pretty much saved our asses in the last war. Let's hope you don't need to do it again." Then he waves the pilot toward the door. "Anyway. Keep up the good work. And try not to hit again, okay?"

Rising to her feet and tucking the helmet against her side once more, Diaz shifts her weight from one foot to the other then says, "Thank you for giving us something worth fighting for," she says quietly then grins suddenly, her face lighting up. "I always try not to get hit, sir. It's almost like the Skath don't like Viper pilots, or something," she gives a rather gallic shrug then swings the hatch open again. "Only non-sentient machines never sleep, Sir. They don't have a conscious subroutine that insists that sleep is required to accommodate for the necessary down time facilitated by REM. They just don't know any better."

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