AWD #080: More Than You Know
More Than You Know
Summary: A couple of the crew ask Knox about what and who he is.
Date: 27/3/2013
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Sick Doods.
AWD 80

Into the afternoon in Sickbay, the place is still effectively on lockdown with Marines and the human dobermans keep their eyes on Knox. Orders from the top end of the Corps are to leave him alone, but orders don't always change minds. The JTAC is sitting by Rhonwen's bed in fresh cammies with a gunbelt on, complete with sidearm. He's leaned back in the chair, writing something on a notepad with one ankle crossed over the other knee. At least the man doesn't look ready to kill at the drop of a hat anymore. Take that how one will.

Ygraine has her mysterious ways of sorting through scuttlebutt. It told her, when she wanted to look for the other Cylon, where she could find him at this particular hour. And thus, she makes her way through the sickbay hatch, her shirt and tank combo leaving her arms bare, the scars of her adventures on Piraeus exposed to the eye. She takes a few steps toward Knox. Confident, but not confrontive.

Rhonwen had been dozing when she opens her eyes she moves to rub the sleep out of them and she winces. Sitting on a rolling table near her bed is the Lego masterpiece. Around the masterpiece are small piles of Legos that have been sorted into various sizes and colors. She looks around. Her face is haggard and she is dressed in a hospital gown. She spots the JTAC sitting by her bed and she offers a smile. "Good Morning, what may I do for you? You holding up okay?" she then catches sight of Ygraine and she offers her a nod of her head in greeting.

Stepping in from the outside, for one final check-up to make sure his hand is healed, Fischer looks around the room rather carefully for the moment. When his gaze stops on Knox, he pauses for a few moments, expression unreadable for the moment. Pausing as he sees Ygraine as well, before he takes a few steps over in their general direction now, but doesn't intrude right now, or something. Looking between the other present for now.

Knox glances up at the approaching figure and nods to Ygraine. There's a quick, low smile as he goes back to writing. "Figured it wouldn't be long before you came hunting me down, sir." A nod to Fischer as well. "Corporal." He writes until he notices Rhonwen stir and he nods. "Ah, good, you're awake. Was hoping to discuss something with you regarding legalities since you seemed so up on it the other night."

Maia has arrived.

"Yeah." Ygraine can't think of what to say, suddenly. She looks awkward, suddenly; too big for her own long limbs. "I need t'ask ya somethin'." It doesn't seem like the preface to some kind of confrontation, just an uncomfortable and urgent need for information. The others are regarded, but only minimally. Her focus is Knox.

"I live and breathe law and justice, ask your questions and I will answer them as best I can. Just keep in mind that I get long winded. A hazard of teaching and loving the sound of my own voice," Rhonwen warns while she adjusts her be bed and she winces before she manages a tired smile. "I have been thinking a lot after that initial meeting two nights ago." Her pale green eyes now rest on him and there is a sense she is studying him. Once she is done she studies the others who are starting to gather near her bed. When her eyes come to rest on Ygraine again when she speaks.

After finishing everything in the chapel that needed to be done, Maia had made a quick detour by her bunk to collect the means to fulfill another promise. As she arrives in sickbay for the second time today, she moves with a purposeful stride towards the sickbed of her newfound friend. As she makes the trek over, she looks around to observe the others in the room, nodding to Fischer briefly, somewhat acquainted with the Marine. Seeing the activity around the bed of the woman she intended to visit, she finishes closing the distance. "Hey ma'am. How are you?" Looking at Ygraine a moment with a friendly smile before resting her eyes on Knox.

"Sergeant," Fischer replies in return to Knox, studying the man a bit carefully for now. "Isn't it that way for most people?" he offer to Rhonwen a bit lightly, before he nods to Maia and Ygraine, looking between the ECO and Knox rather carefully, while making his way a bit closer to the others now. Most of his attention on Knox for the moment, it would seem.

Knox nods to Ygraine slowly. "Sure thing, sir. Figured there are things you were looking to know, given our work together." But Knox folds the pages over the notepad and looks to Rhonwen. "I imagine you had- are you an officer? Military? Civilian lawyer?" Suddenly he realizes that should be clarified. To the approach of Maia, Knox dips his head. "Sir. It would appear its question and answer time so if there's something you want to ask or say, I'll answer what I can, as best I can."

"D'ya remember when we did that bit of fishin' trainin' and I convinced ya that ya could tickle that one muddyfish lookin' thing we found and ya tried and we almost both fell on our asses right in th'middle of th'stream?" Yggy asks, freckled face distressed. "And I told ya 'bout th'time th'same thing happened with Gaheris, and that ya reminded me of him?" This is important. It's important Knox remembers.

Question and answer time. Maia continues considering Knox a moment, but she holds her tongue, not interrupting Ygraine. Instead, she takes the time to see what a real life skinjob looked like by watching him move, talk..

Glancing around the room again, to see what other people that might be present at the moment, Fischer leaves his own questions and such for when the officers are done, it would seem. Focusing back on the other Marine after a few moments of pause, eyes narrowing a little in thought for the moment.

Seeing Rhonwen doze, Knox turns his attention back to Ygraine and dips his head. "I do, Lieutenant." There's a small smirk with it, but he nods in the end with the memory. "Yeah. Look, sir, I know this changes things for a lot of people." Coop blows out a long exhale and his hand runs over his shaved head. Seeing the other two stare, Coop glances to them. "If you didn't see anything in the last four months, there probably isn't anything to spot. Just new scars, old habits, and the same voice on the radio."

"Nevermind them." Yggy waves the observers off with her hand, not a 'go away' gesture at them, but an 'ignore them' gesture to Knox. "They're on Leonis. Do ya know what's happenin' there? Really? Or even have an idea?" Now we have it.

"I've only been here for almost two months and our paths have crossed very little in that time," Maia inputs. Of course she's going to be argumentative, she can't just accept things as they are right? Though hearing Ygraine say Leonis, she stiffens a little. Her own home planet. Again she falls silent, deciding she could learn more by not interrupting.

"I suppose you've gotten enough of this lately, hmmm?" Fischer remarks to Knox, shrugging a little bit. Listening to what's being said for now, he looks a bit away from the other Marine, glancing between the two officers for the moment now. At least he has knowledge of some of what's been happening on his own colony. Even though he wish he could do more back there, it's better than not knowing too much, right?

Knox looks back to Ygraine and shakes his head. "Afraid I don't have much. I know what you know." Knox taps the pen a few times, flicking his eyes to Maia's remark, then Fischer gets a shrug, and then back to Ygraine. As he talks, he looks between them all. "I was never told the details of the larger attack plan, just that I would receive my terminal orders relevant to my 'duty'. See, in a typical terrorist attack scenario, your attack cell is told very little. the reason being is that these individuals are expected to die. They don't need to know what their place is in the larger pattern. Part of operational security is ensuring that those who are most likely to be identified and compromised know the least." Knox taps the pen again. "I suspect they did not expect one of their own to defect so massively." Looking back to Fischer, "I'd rather have it than not. Like I said to Petra, I would rather face questions and confrontations head on. The less bullshit there is to parse, the faster we can cut through the untruths."

Ygraine shakes her head. "So ya don't know nothin'." Her expression slackens a little bit. She'd been hoping. She starts to turn away, blinking owlishly. "Kay. Thanks." It's absent-minded and rote, that she just thanked him.

"What were your orders? I mean.. what were you supposed to do once you infiltrated us? How do we know you're still not under their command and just waiting for the right time to annihilate us all?" To the point, almost brutally so, Maia likes answers, Ceres had only grazed the surface when she's talked to her. "What are you then if she is Nine and what are you made of.. inside?" Leaning a hip against the side of the bed, she makes herself comfortable, in no hurry to go. Her gaze mostly remains settled on Knox, but she looks to Ygraine and Fischer once briefly too.

Nodding a little slowly as he hears that, Fischer's gaze goes back to studying Knox for a few moments longer. "What changed?" It's asked a bit quietly, before he adds, "What made the two of you decide to be on our side instead?" A brief pause, before he adds, "If you are, that is…" Nodding a little bit as he listens to Maia's questions now. "And why did you… they… Why make such an attack?"

"Hey Lieutenant Vashti," Knox says as she turns. "I don't know things, no, but it doesn't mean I won't risk it to get the info. You run into questions, talk to Staff Sergeant Kalivas." Dell. "She had a gag order put on her about talking about Aerilon, but the intent of it is kinda moot. Ask her what happened. That was the trip that got us the Forge info and I picked up this. She tells you about the 'capture' that transpired? I can do it again." Coop taps a finger to the scar across his head. He then looks to Maia. "My orders were to wake up Ceres, issue her our orders, and her and I would go about blowing up the Orion. Possibly the whole taskforce if the opportunity presented itself. How do you know I'm not still under their command?" Knox shrugs. "How do I know you're not going to kill me as soon as I turn my back? Faith. Its a hard concept to grapple with right now, but its true. Besides, if we were going to take out this battlegroup, we've had more than enough opportunity. There are several dozen ways to disable this ship that I've identified. Lieutenant Colonel Petra knows what our primary and secondary goals were. As I understand it, there are very few things that can be done. As for what I am inside?" He gestures to Maia with a waggle of the pen. "Blood and guts. As many times I've been shot, X-rayed, even given an MRI? Nothin. My number? I'm a six. Was. Am. Semantics." Fischer, though, has him sigh. "Valos changed my mind." More than four years ago. "I decided at Valos that I couldn't be apart of their plans. I immersed myself in humanity, cooperated with my own people minimally, and just went about my business being a Marine. What changed our minds here? …quite honestly, a chance at freedom. The chance to be ourselves and make our own choices. As the Cylons, quote, threw off their chains, unquote, we threw off our own. I can't answer about why make the attack, though. I was never privy to that information."

"Yeah." Ygraine says distractedly. "It'll be a while until we get t'Leonis. Prison planet. High risk. I gotta go." Too many feels. Too many feels! She starts heading for the door with a detatched air.

Maia hadn't expected to be even semi-swayed by his explanation. What she had expected was half-assed explanations, excuses and subterfuge. What she had gotten was what seemed to be brutal honesty. Basically she could take it or leave it. "Blood and guts," she muses, tapping her fingers on her leg as she deliberates. After a few more moments, she has another question. "Are there any more of you on board? Other than you, Ceres and the one who did the whole mess hall massacre?"

Fischer nods a little bit as he hears the words, looking a bit thoughtful for a few moments. "I see…" Nodding again at Maia's question, before he adds, "If you are a six, and she is a three, who are the guy who fired the shots?" A brief pause again now, before he looks between the others present. "So, if you would have blown up the Orion, what would have happened to the two of you?" he asks, a bit quietly.

"He would have downloaded into a new body. That's what they do." says Ygraine, pausing and looking over her shoulder.

"Ceres and I are only aware of us three. There is a fourth, but she's in the morgue. Killed by that son of a bitch." His expression darkens with that comment. "I'm afraid I don't know what the others look like. Ceres is better with it, but I think she was asleep so long that most of it is forgotten. We've discussed it. If we identify another, there will be a Conversation. It will involve my sidearm in their mouth and them learning to answer questions around the barrel of a gun." Back to Fischer, he is about to answer when Ygraine speaks up. "Not quite." He holds up a pen like a finger. "I am a six, Ceres is a nine, our shooter is a one. As for what would have happened had we blown up the ship?" A glance to Yggy and back. "Closer to the colonies, the Lieutenant is correct. Our consciousness would have downloaded back and I would wake up in a new body. Out here?" He quirks a brow. "Out here my people die permanently. And allow me to say one thing: Killing Ceres and I out here would be a mistake beyond the pale of understanding for you all. Imagine what would happen if this dominant, highly experienced personality that defected, what if he or she downloaded? What if they knew that they had the right questions unanswered? What if they knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that if they downloaded, it would poison the entire line of a single number, forever? ….What if they did it and their own line would wake up knowing this stuff and be convinced of their mistakes?" Knox is a living, breathing bomb. "I have no idea where Piraeus is. Its.. far away. Ceres and I could be killed out here and its just two disliked personnel gone. But what if I'm right?"

Ygraine blinks at that. It's a lot to process. Almost too much. Without another word, she walks out of sickbay.

Ygraine has left.

In silence now, Maia listens, her expression unchanging for the most part, even when she looks from Fischer to Ygraine. Drawn once more though to Knox, her arms cross over her chest of their own accord, giving an involuntary shiver, feeling an ominous chill from his words. "You give a very convincing argument.." The amused smile she gives is a bit forced, but she does drop her arms deliberately to her sides again. "Well, there'll get no mutiny from my part. Not because you're a bomb, but because you and Ceres both have proven yourself to be one of us, had our backs when we weren't even aware we needed you to have them. Thank you for that, and all I can say as badass as your uh.. species.. seem to be, I'm glad you're on our side." The words are grudgingly given, but she means them.

Nodding a little bit as he listens, Fischer frowns a little. "Well, the higher-ups seem to trust you, so I will do the same," he offers, before he adds, "Besides, never had a problem with you in the past, so that's to your benefit." He lowers his voice a little bit. "Just don't give us reason to doubt you, okay?" Looking around for a few moments now, before he steps the rest of the way over, to offer his hand to Knox.

"Only as convincing as my actions. And thank you, I'll take that as a compliment. But you all don't need to thank me, thank yourselves. Humanity convinced me how sick my own people are. Entropy and robotic thought will be their downfall. I do not think they realize that they are slaves to themselves. There's a reason for Petra's adamant support, though." Coop resettles himself in the seat. "Just after the incident with the Roland Reese, after Afton Saint James gave me details about what the condition of their ship was, I realized it was going to happen, and happen soon. I contacted Petra. Petra went up the chain to Seventh Fleet. Seventh fleet sortied an entire battlegroup to be head-up by the Baker Bay, a Union bay-class dreadnought. According to intel, she's out there and she's been whooping ass." To Fischer, Knox nods. "Not a problem. Staff Sergeant Kalivas told me that I shouldn't trust her, but that I could count on her to do what any Marine should in regards to me. I'm counting on her to do just that. If she does, there shouldn't be any problems, Corporal."

Maia lifts a single shoulder in response. "I haven't done anything. Thanks for answering the questions, allowing me to be as inquisitive as I wanted." Finally her gaze goes back to Rhonwen. "Ah, could you tell her I'll come back later to keep my promise, when she wakes? I've gotta jet for now." Nodding to Fischer, then to Knox. "See you around, fellas."

Fischer nods a little as he hears that. "Thanks for the talk, Sergeant," he offers, smiling briefly at the mention of that battlegroup, before he looks to Maia as well. "I'm sure we can let her know," he offers a bit quietly. Starting to head off to get that final check-up done for his hand now.

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