MD #006: More Questions
More Questions
Summary: JTACCO Lt. Wynn reports to the TACCO Cmdr. Petra that their intel seems to be uncovering more questions that need answers.
Date: 14/Apr/2017 (OOC Date)
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Combat Information Center
Dominating the room is the large bottom-lit map table in the very center. Ten feet across and eight feet the other way, the table can gather a large number of people around it while still accommodating enlisted and support personnel in the small riser seating behind the table. The table has the most updated holographic capability and can project the largest displays on the ship. The risers to the sides are done in single-piece desk sections that run the width of the seating area and have large LCD touch displays built into them along with communications ports for headphones. At the head of the room are two very large LED touch displays that can have almost anything put on them, including projections of what is on the map table. In the rear of the room is a large, locked case that holds updated maps and table models.
30/Oct/2028 (IC Date)

The hatch opens and little LT Wynn gives a nod to the MPs that guard the entry and continues on, a clipboard and tablet tucked securely under one arm. Her eyes go automatically to the central console, and the coffee machine, looking for the Commander. She pushes her hair back behind her ear in that repetitive habit, the hair on the left hanging a little more forward than usual to conceal the livid, healing marks down cheek and neck. She strides forward, twisting her wrist as she lifts her arm, preparing to lay out the intelligence she's pulled together.

Hey, even Commanders have to visit the head. Lets just hope the Machines never take a sneak attack right when Petra's…excusing himself. He walks back in to CIC with a nod to the Junior TACCO that was left in charge of Watch while he was out, a casual 'not a damned thing happened, sir,' with amusement in the man's voice. Petra notes the appearance of Adeliza as he approaches the central console and reaches for his coffee mug, "Lieutenant. Everything going well with your work?"

"Commander," Adeliza replies, a little twitch at the corner of her mouth at the exchange with the other JTACCO. "That depends on what you mean by going well, sir. We seem to be uncovering more questions that need answering, and none of them are likely to have good answers." She puts her clipboard on the table, and her tablet next to it.
"Gunnery Sergeant Lleufer has uncovered information that gives rise to the suspicion that the previous Master at Arms was a possible APF sympathizer, or, at least, somehow under the control of the APF." She sets her notes down, but her eyes go to the TACCO himself as her palms brace against the side of the table in front of her, fingers curling over the top. "But, first, sir, I'd like to ask you a question and, please believe that it has a tie in to what we've unearthed. It's about your recall, sir. Would you please tell me about the chosen location for your rendez-vous with Captain Wescott?"

Petra murmurs, "Forward progress is good, even if you end up with more questions than answers." He takes a long drink of his coffee while he listens, enough time for him to notice Penta's arrival and offer the man a nod of his head in acknowledgement, but then his brow is furrowing as he looks back at Adeliza, "Not sure I understand. It was a remote airbase outside of the town the War College was in. A Seven and other Marines picked me up in an unmarked SUV and drove me out there."

Penta overhears just enough to step forward. He waits to be recognized, then nods back and steps forward to join the TACCO and Adeliza. For now, he's silent.

The Junior Officer nods once, acknowledging that he doesn't understand. "Was it a functioning air base, sir? Specifically, with functioning security cameras?" She turns to look to Penta as he steps forward, and gives him a nod, but her attention returns expectantly to Petra, as if she's pretty sure she knows the answer, and is just waiting for it, like a diver balancing on the end of the springboard about to dive in.

Petra shakes his head lightly, "I actually don't know. I was retired for the last twenty years. Lecturing Cadets on how you should position your fleet assets for maximum fire effect was as close as I got to active duty military personnel. We showed up, waited for about 10 minutes. The Raptor showed up and shots started flying, and once that happened, I didn't stick around to find out." He pauses, "Im sure that should be a matter we have on record in the files, though?" he shoots a curious look at Penta, but when the officer isn't asking anything yet, he shifts his attention back to Adeliza.

"If I remember correctly, sir, it was a mostly abandoned air field? One that people would not expect anyone to be flying in and out of, and, therefore, no cameras." She takes a breath and expels it, still not looking down to her notes. "We have reports of some of the activities of the former Master at Arms. A Staff Sergeant Dulles. About a year ago, he commissioned a complete refitting of body armor, weapons, and ammunition for Battlestar Orion Personnel. The old equipment was sent out in eight crates, which were somehow rerouted to Leonis. Those crates were left in a hangar where the security cameras had been damaged long before and never repaired. Two other shipments have been known to go to this hangar, however we do not know how large those shipments were or where, exactly, they came from; just that they were last seen going into that hangar."
Uncurling her right hand from the table edge, she tucks at her hair again. "Considering that there's no way the former Master at Arms had the authority to order anything being transported to Leonis, it's probable that someone higher up was pulling the strings to have the shipment sent to an unmonitored location where the movements will of the shipment woud not be recorded. Which, is why I asked about your pick-up. It may be stretching, but I don't think we can completely discount the possibility that the person who had a hand in those crates going astray, might also have had something to with the chosing of your location in a place that was mostly unused with no cameras to record their movments against you."
Pausing for a breath, she taps her tablet. "Gunnery Sergeant Lleufer is working at trying to find a manifest or inventory of the contents of those crates. He's also sent some more information that I would like to pass on to Lt. Rook and Ensign Stone to decipher." She waits, however, for his response before she launches into that next bit.

Petra grunts softly, "Well, that would not surpise me to hear. Normally I would consider myself and Kelsey's daughter being in the same Raptor enough of a reason for the universe to take a shot at me, but I suppose this is a more believable reason." He even offers a terse smile at that, taking a moment to drain the rest of his coffee, then nods, "Loop in whoever you need to do. Until our other Intelligence Officers check in, Rook is all we have on our side, so expect her and the Marine S2 to be buddies for a while."

Adeliza nods once, and she turns her tablet around for Petra to take a look at after tapping at it. "Apparently Staff Sergeant Dulles had a thing for cooking. Although, I don't know of many people shipboard who do their own cooking, even when in dry dock. Gunnery Sergeant Lleufer, Lieutenant Piers and myself are pretty sure that these are codes or instructions sent to him by the APF. It's a pretty safe bet that there are APF running around in Orion's old gear, and old gear from wherever the other shipments came from." The list she shows Petra, and Penta, if he looks over as well, that the e-mails were sent to a variety of people, hardly ever sending or receiving a recipe from the same sender more than twice. "As you can see, the list is long, so, either it's a few people sending from multiple e-mails, or a wide spread network. My inclination is to the former."

Penta does indeed look over. "Cell structure, presumably? Also, what's the breakdown in terms of commercial email providers versus government or military email addresses?"

Petra nods slowly, "Considering the number of attacks, that would certainly support that idea. The more pressing question I need an answer to to that, is are any of those sympathizers on my boat? I've stressed to the Gunnery Sergeant that that is a critical issue, when you couple it with the missing explosives. Sooner or later they will try to use them." He glances over at Pental and takes a deep breath and sighs, "We are going to be far enough away that commercial providers won’t work for anyone still on this ship, so those looking into this are going to have to get creative."

Penta nods. "They will, but here's the thing. Commercial addresses are practically anonymous. On the other hand, military and government email addresses aren't. They even have handy biometrics attached." All the investigators need is one lucky break, one slip-up. Then, turn the guy they catch.

"I haven't gone through all of them, yet, sir. I don't know how they breakdown, but I'm assuming most of them will be commercial, or at least appear to be commercial. I'm depending on Lt. Rook or Ensign Stone to figure that out for us," Adeliza answers Petra. "Gunnery Sergeant Lleufer, as you know, has instituted heightened security around Engineering. Currently, neither he nor Lt. Piers had any leads on where it had gone, although they are both hard at work. Also, sir, I would think, due to our jump almost directly after the attack that whoever murdered the MaA to cover their tracks is most likely still on board. So, that would point to at least one being on board," her hand reaches up to her ear again as she turns from her tablet to the two men. "Which leads me to ask, how much of this do we share with security and the rest of the crew, sir? There are already rumors flying around, how much do we want to officially make public. Anyone bearing out of date armor or weapons going forward could set off suspicions, do we want to set up protocols on how to handle such a situation? I don't anticipate it happened while we're here, but in the future it could present an issue."

Petra nods slightly, "That is why I instituted the restriction on no Raptors jumping back to the Colonies or coming in from them without the Admiral's or my explicit permission given." She asks about how much to share and faint amusment touches his face, "Rumors are going to run rampant, and we're discussing this in the middle of CIC, not in someone's stateroom. Just the same, don’t discuss the details with anyone that does not need to know. Standard proceedure for any internal security matter." He pauses, then shakes his head, "We don't need to set up a protocol. Let the S2 and Lt. Rook decide how they want to handle this - those two should be making the decisions on how to handle internal security threats to the ship. MPs typically handle SecHub, but because this deals with an organized terrorist group we are actively fighting against, then Tactical is involved…Remember…Tactical officers, we make sure the ship runs and fights smoothly. Intelligence Officers make sure we have the information we need to do that. Don't do their job for them unless they ask for help." He winks at Adeliza and smiles a little more, taking a sidestep over to the coffeepot to pour himself some more jet fu…coffee.

"Sir?" Adeliza asks with a momentary blank look to him, then she reddens only the tiniest bit at the top of her cheeks with realization. "It looks like old habits die hard, sir. I certainly don't need more on my plate than I already have." Her hand makes another brush over her ear, and she collects her tablet and clipboard. "Although, sir, I would like to speak with the Marine that was on your pick up, if you could give me a name?" Her materials safely tucked under her elbow, she also tucks the hair behind the ear again and rolls her shoulders into attention.

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