AWD #084: Mob Mentality
Mob Mentality
Summary: Tensions finally break and punches fly.
Date: 31/3/2013 (OOC Date)
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Fore Corridor - Deck 3
The hallways are the standardized thoroughfares found on nearly every ship in the Colonial Fleet. Tall enough to accommodate heavy equipment, their half-diamond arches rise almost twelve feet off the decking. About a quarter of the overhead bulbs are Vitamin D lamps, smoothing out the harsh edges of standard-issue fluorescent bulbs. Wired phones are posted every hundred yards and in adjoining halls as well. Heavy bulkhead doors section off the ship into different areas, and each hatch is clearly labeled no matter how large or small.
AWD #84

It's a long walk from the Wing berths to the sickbay and Ceres does with her sidearm against her right thigh and one MP with his rifle on his shoulder. They are both good deterrents from actually hassling either of them but it doesn't stop the whispers or the looks and sometimes words that get flung her way. The woman, stoic as always lets them go without even a glance. Her responses are minimal if at all.
She turns the corridor and is on the last leg of her journey as she has to slow for a small group coming out of the mess hall. Sidestepping, she holds off as foot traffic weaves past her and she has enough room now to get near enough to cause some commotion.

Off duty and heading for the Mess, Toby is walking alongside his fellow Tauran deckie. "Was a shit film though man, surely you agree on that? I give you that it was entertaining, but only because it was so good it was bad. I mean, we could… “Precisely what they could do though is left to hang as Ceres shoves into view and he drops into his native Tauran. <Heads up. Toaster on deck.>

That a small menagerie of off-duty Deckies exiting the mess hall are currently caught up in their own conversation as they enter the corridor proper. The shared words are light as they look among each other, sharing a laugh and for the most part looking like they're enjoying themselves as best they can. It doesn't take long however for the group's point man to notice Ceres and he stops, elbowing his buddy behind him, who does the same to the other two and they come to a pensive conglomerate of inactivity. The conversation dies on their lips and they simply stare at Ceres as she tries to make her way down the corridor.
As she draws near, it's clear that the group is not entirely happy about the woman's presence within their view and eyes narrow, lips curl, and the general feeling of unease begins to form like a physical presence. It isn't till Ceres is within a few steps of them, that one of the four steps out and interposes himself directly in her line of travel, "Thought you were supposed to be in the brig?" He asks, in a tone that suggests that's where he'd rather see her.

Having spent a long time on the Observation Deck, just staring off into space, Jason is making his way out from there now. Pausing for a few moments as he sees the people present now, frowning a bit at the scene in front of him. He remains where he is for the moment, just watching the happenings for now.

Walking beside Toby is none other than Diomedes Alexios, Knuckle dragging mechanic and general lay about. His eyes slide across towards Ceres, nodding to his fellow Tauron when the words come in their native tongue, he stares at the skinjob with narrowing eyes, "Frak. She's even got a guard, I wonder how many bell-ends she had to moisten to get out. You think skinjobs got a suck settin, or is it a blow setting?" This, said loud. Hateful.

Ceres is quick to pick up her pace as the group stops and she eyes them out of her peripheral as she starts to pass them. Her chin lifts, dark braid swaying against her back. There is no reply for them, in fact she stays utterly quiet and eyes the distant entrance to the sickbay. Her hand does not tense or likewise go for her gun but that poor MP who got stuck with her eyes the others and sighs, his face souring some until Diomedes speaks. A twitch of a grin shows for the comment and makes a motion towards his nether regions.

With her new self-inflicted work schedule Maia zombies around the ship most days, the loss of sleep with the new hours training before and after duty are definitely already taking their toll. Today she just got off duty so she's still armed and she's headed for the mess hall. She's gotta eat to keep up her energy. With that thought, she follows along the others with the same idea, staying to one side of the corridor, waiting her turn. At first she doesn't notice the sudden silence and inactivity, but then she hears the voice and she swivels her head to see exactly who was supposed to be in the brig. Ah.. Ceres. Eyes rest on the Viper pilot for now, though she says nothing, only taking a few steps nearer the cylon.

"It's frakking married so I guess it must be doing something right," Toby replies to Dio with a slightly shrug, "wouldn't want it anywhere near me though frak knows what it'd do." Then he looks to see where the Toaster had been heading and tilts his head to the guard a moment, "maybe they've decided to turn it over to the Docs, see if they can work out what makes it tick."

The one Deckie beside the first elbows him and whispers, "Dude, MP," but that doesn't seem to deter the man, as he watches the MP make the gesture over towards Diomedes, "Relax, we're cool, we're not the only ones that feel this way." That said the Corporal of the bunch, the proverbial leader of the small gang moves himself forward and the group spreads out a little, enough to effectively force Ceres to have to back track to get around them. "See you got your boy here to take care of you, do you really think that people around here aren't going to find some way to get you off this ship?" There's a laugh from one of the other Deckies at Toby's comment, "Personal love toys, probably got that right, but they're still…" his final comments are lost in a grunt of laughter from the others.

Jason frowns momentarily as he listens now, stepping over in the direction of where the others are. "Guys, remember if you do anything, our poor MP friend here will probably end up in trouble, and we wouldn't want that, right?" he remarks.

"Honestly. I don't see why she's allowed on /any/ deck. Frak, even the brig is too nice for her- I been there before myself, its a frakin' hotel compared to what a skinjob deserves." Dio says as he just /stares/. "How many humans you smoked, skinjob? How long before you show what you really is, huh? Turn your head around all horror movie style and try to hit that MP- You remember. He ain't there for /your/ protection. He's there to keep the rest of us safe from /you./ Because you're a frakkin' soulless bitch without a single human cell inside you- except those you've gone and sucked up or fraked out of whatever officer's balls that got you out of lockup." Diomedes, looks back to the other Deckies there- then to Toby. "You oughta look out, because I got a million shades to set free across the River, toaster. You know them, don't you? They're the ones you melted into the surface of Tauron."

Everybody needs someone. Well, basically all she can do is very little. "Careful guys, have you seen her husband? I sparred him once, sent me right to sickbay. He's a big ole' boy. Protective too. I wouldn't be making her too unhappy." Maia closes the distance between herself and Ceres. "C'mon fellas, no mutiny and this is looking pretty bad. Just let it go and take it up with your superiors."

Ceres comes up short as they block her way and she turns, giving them all a brief look as her lips form into a thin line. There is no help here, not as the group starts to give others some sense of bravery. Redux comes up short at Dio's words and she is forced to backtrack again with the group, finding her way blocked. Each step is made and she lifts her hands into view, palms out to show she is unarmed. "Haven't killed one human. Only Raiders. Go check the kill board." It's all she says, glancing up at the heckler's faces and then over at Stand-up who is defending the MP who is watching everyone closely. There really is only so much he can allow. The skinjob turns her head, glancing back at Maia a moment, Centerfold's words not really solidarity but they are appreciated. "I need to head to sickbay, please excuse me.

It doesn't take long for the four men to get themselves psyched up, the taunting and jibes coming from not just them, but others around. The Corporal stops as Jason comments about the MP, and then he nods to the man, "You've got a point, "Hey," he reads the MP's nametag, "Johnshon, since we're at the mess, why don't you go grab a snack? We'll watch your charge here for you." The Corporal flashes the man a nice little smile, and the others in the group look towards each other and nod, thinking this a wonderful idea. Some waiting as the MP, clearly reaching some sort of situational dilemma shakes his head, the MP adding, "I can't really leave her, you know?" The Corporal nods his head ,"You're right, then why don’t you and I have a little talk right here?" He tells the MP, moving close r to the man and drawing his attentions away from Ceres, leaving her under the scrutiny of the other three. "Yeah, you'll need sickbay," they respond to her, "Though you don't look all that injured, did someone ride you a little too hard in your last encounter?" They murmur, starting to get a little worked up as they notice the MP's attention directed elsewhere.
Maia gets a glance and one of the Deckies snorts, "Yeah, her husband, couldn't make it with a real woman so he got himself a sextoy. I 'm sure he feels all big and powerful, sinking his stick in a oil-lubed machine." They chuckle at that remark and move in closer, one guy even rolling up his sleeves.

Dio's the guy who attacked an armed skinjob with nothing but a food tray. He does not look impressed at Maia's comments. Nor, does he seem all that bothered by a gun-toting MP. "And? You think I give a hot-shit about some toaster-lovin' flesh-traitor? That's what toaster lovers are. Frakin' traitors to human flesh, and bone. Traitors to the core. And get this shit, I've fixed your bird. You best look out next time I'm on schedule. I'd love to add a personal mark to your kill-board /all/ my own."

"Damn frakking straight," Toby replies as Dio finishes, his own voice raising now. "Can you hear 'em Toaster? Those billions of souls that are screaming right now? I should'a frakking let you bleed, I thought you were one of us. You had a good laugh about that eh? Stoopid humans can't even tell a Toaster when it bleeds on 'em? Should'a let you die, might have let some of those poor fuckers have their rest." At the mention of sickbay he smiles slightly, "what do you know, maybe someone in Command did finally grow some balls, lets the Docs have it I say. Pick it to pieces until they can tell the difference between them an' us. Spot 'em quick."

"Guys, I know it is hard, but try using the insides of your skulls for a few moments here," Jason remarks, stepping further over as well. "Command seems to trust her, and those are the guys with the brains, not you guys, you know." A brief pause as he looks to the guy who answered Maia, offering him a bit of a grin. "If he makes it with a real woman or not doesn't have anything to do with the fact that he could probably pull your head off, if he wanted, does it?" Another brief pause, as he hears Toby's words. "Shouldn't you be beating yourself up over that, not others?" It's said a bit lightly now.

The MP is looking a little uncertain, giving Ceres a glance briefly before he steps aside. There is reluctance, likely because of his duty. The sudden digs and the viciousness is enough to give her pause and with a controlled look of nearly hidden fear towards the sickbay, she backs up a step from the incoming figures, comments made are heard but starting to slide off of her. She lets out a breath and her hand comes in contact with the wall behind her. She has yet to pull her gun. "Your fight is not with me. I didn't kill any of you…I have been fighting with you." Her words edge towards some panic, swallowing as she keeps her expression mostly under control. But she's running out space to run, even as she makes a quick decision to try to press past one of the three, forgetting her escort in favor of getting away. Maia, God thank her, she is not going to hold off all of them.

"Stand-up, you go get backup this can't end well for anyone." Maia is usually one who goes with the flow, but Godsdammit.. she's torn. Gritting her teeth together she looks between them all, watching sleeves getting rolled up, seeing the MP distracted. Well Maia is armed. Deliberately she steps in front of the Cylon, mentally kicking the frak out of herself even as she does so. "You all have orders from the Lieutenant Colonel. I'm sorry, I can't stand idly by while you torment an unarmed." Looking towards Ceres now, "You should get to sickbay or wherever it is you need to go." Trying to keep her body between the threat and the cylon.

"Command's not here right now," One of the guys tells Jason, turning to make sure the man doesn't interpose himself. Tension is escalating and the interplay of words are getting blood pumping to the point that logic and reason has been overwhelmed by adrenaline and mob mentality. It doesn't take much to set the spark that starts the fire. Maia's tension and attempt and interposition only helps if Ceres wasn't already trying to squeeze through and make a break for it. In her rush, Ceres' desire to push through, and bumping into one of the Deckies is all that was needed, a brief second later there's that unmistakable sound like wet meet being slapped on a counter as the bigger of the four's fist comes sailing across in a well timed right hook to catch Ceres in the side of the jaw.
The jeering and ruckus rousing comments begin in earnest after that, "Ah, you got her, is that oil?" They call out, watching the split that appears on Ceres' lip begin to ooze.

Toby turns to Jason, obviously something he said has hit a nerve. "What? Cos they got rank means the rest of us are dumb fucks? Or you just saying that cos we're Tauran? You know, I'm frakking tired of that bullshit colonial attitude." Squaring up a little now he thrusts one arm to point in the vague direction of Ceres "stop making excuses for a frakking Toaster or I'm going to have to assume that you're getting your rocks off with her too? That it? You another Toaster lover? Try watching everyone you ever knew boil in a nuclear holocaust, then come tell me I should trust, that thing."

Diomedes has begun to move himself. A slow pace back and forth, tattooed black hands permanent gloves to the loss of his home. He moves like a circling shark, a slow and angry hunch to his back and body as he paces. He's dressed in his deck-wear, heavy boots landing with heavy steps. "Frak you." he says, looking to the Armed Maia- and the equally armed Ceres. "Frak /both/ of you. Right down the river, and frak you for lying. Fighting /with/ us, probably passing information to the enemy with /every/ gods-damned second. You see my face?!" he shouts, getting louder now- "You see my eyes. You smell my breath- you let the other Toasters know that Diomedes doesn't frakin' care. I'm comin' for you. All of you." Then, the fist flies and Dio grins. He wasn't going to miss out on /that/. "Get her!" he then shouts, "Get the frakin' toaster!" Diomedes /never/ even spars with women. He has respect for the female gender that, at least among Deck, is pretty well known. Hatred clouding his eyes he runs forward to try and throw a fist of his own.

The MP is caught without the ability to stop the first punch and not like he really wants to but he has orders. Though when the crowd starts to break, Ceres is slammed with the Corporal's fist to her jaw. She staggers and hits the side of the wall with a cry of pain. Eyes blink open as the voices lift and she shakes off the hit, trying to make a rush for the medbay, nearly stumbling. "HELP!!!" She cries out then even as Diomedes gets a good fist to her face again and her head jerks. She spits out blood on the floor as she starts to sink, hand to the wall. She groans, hissing as she goes to a knee and starts to pull herself forward and stay low - which means she's slower to get away. That sidearm remains clipped into place and undrawn and she throws no punches. The MP lifts his voice, "Stop enough!" He says and he has a charge, which makes him grumble.

When the fists begin to fly, Maia can only try and grab the arm of the Viper pilot and try to physically pull her away from the melee, uncaring if she takes a hit herself, but so many against one was not right. Dio gets a warning glare. "So frakking big and bad, the frakking lot of you! All against one!" Her voice echoes out above the din. Draw her gun or no? FRAK! Hurriedly she draws it, holding it out at arms length in both hands, moving it left to right, her back against Ceres now, defiance in her gaze. "BACK THE FRAK OFF!"

Having asked around to where Ceres was, Augustus was making his way down towards the others when he hears the commotion, and the large DCO arrives just in time to see his wife go down amongst the deckies. "YOU FRAKKIN GODS DAMNED IDIOT!" he roars as almost reaches for his sidearm, but lets be honest, the huge man is a brawler, not a shooter. "Want to hit someone, come on, boy." he snaps at Diomedes, "Come get some from a man you pussy lipped little piece of sewer shits on a deck plate. I'll make ya a grease stain. Come hit someone that will hit you the frak back, asswipe."

Diomedes's head turns slowly towards Augustus. "You wanna dance the man dance? Fine with me." With that said, Dio runs towards Augustus. "You frakin' toaster-lovin, limp-dicked, ugly-ass sack of shit. I'm going to enjoy this!" Diomedes charges then, throwing a meaty black fist towards Auggie, now.

"Not sure if backup would get her in time, Centerfold," Jason replies, with a bit of a grimace. Looking to Toby, he studies the man for a few moments. "Well, it has nothing to do with people being dumb or anything. Just that they manage to keep feelings out of it, and think clearly." He shrugs a little. "And as for loving things, had you listened to what people say, you'd know that I don't love anyone, or anything." He shrugs a bit, before he adds, "And try watching the only person you've really cared about die in horrible pain, over the course of months?" As he sees what's happened, and Maia drawing her gun, he nods a bit. "You'd better do as she says." And then Augie arrives, which makes the pilot let out a breath in relief. "Her backup seems to be here," he announces, loudly and clearly.

Morgan is already heading for the door when he, too, hears that distinct cry for help. While he closes the gap to the door, he glances over his shoulder and calls, "Sergeant!" Then he continues on his way to the hatch. "Stand down!" he calls and steps into the corridor with nightstick drawn. He glances around the corridor and spots Ceres. Brandishing the weapon, he heads toward her. "Stand clear!" he orders.

The Deckies are in the thick of it, and then there's a gun shoved in the face of one as Maia moves to interpose herself, "Protect the bitch then," he grunts at her, spitting to the side. The rest are still running on adrenaline and Diomede's punch is enough to get them all riled back up. "Going to shoot us? Toaster-lover? Really?" The move closer, threateningly, even as the MP is starting to come around and try to get involved. There is that bellow however, the call from Ceres' husband, and the deckies look up, they almost appeared to have been willing to stop, but there was a challenge, and the blood was already boiling, not to mention Diomedes is running after Augie and so the four are left with a gun, a Maia and a beatup Ceres to deal with. They snarl grins of mob-fueled hate, "Out of the way Lieutenant," the Corporal tells her, the others already circling and moving in.

Augie was ready for the charge in this case. One less person to attack Ceres, and Augustus.. well.. he's been restrained for a while. And for once, the massive man gets to cut loose. Diomedes gets a running start and as that fist comes out, Augustus swings out his arm to catch the fist full-force in his hand and his grin darkens. "Ain't ya just a ray of stupidity, boy." Using the force of his motion, Augustus steps back, using Diomedes' own power against him to swing him around towards the nearest bulkhead. "Ya need to learn when I yell, ya stand the frak down. It's normally a free lesson, but in this case.." the Lieutenant growls. "…it's gonna cost ya, boy."

Toby is momentarily torn, there's Jason calling in a brainless moron, or Augustus threatening his mate. As his fellow flies at the engineer, he tilts his head slightly to listen to Jason's answer, scowl deepening as it progresses. "Oh? I see what you're saying man," he replies, moving up to show the other against the nearest bulkhead. "We're the ones not frakking thinking clearly? We're the ones who don't want the Toasters here, the ones who aren't humping 'em in the sack and listening to their whisperings." There's another move to shove. "We're the ones who can see what's going on here and are trying to stop it. Not the ones being swung by the words of traitors!"

"I WILL NOT!" Maia stands her ground, weapon aimed in the face of the bog talker. "If I have to, I wouldn't hesitate." There's a dead calm in her voice as she regards the instigators. "STAND DOWN!"

Spitting out more blood, Ceres is a bit dizzy from two solid punches to her face, even as Maia drags her back behind and pulls her gun to protect the skinjob. Ceres slowly pushes herself up, using the wall do to so as she wipes at her mouth and her split lip. Dark eyes look over Centerfold's shoulder and see her gun. "Centerfold, don't…" But then they are edging around and she stares over at Augustus. Things are getting chaotic and out of hand, the Captain breathing heavily as the MP shoulders in next to Maia and lifts his rifle to help ward off the encroaching figures. "Back down!" Its echoed quickly by Morgan who is moving towards them.

It can already be heard coming from sickbay, Coop's command voice: "MAKE A HOLE!" he yells, feet pounding steel as he moves. He slows to the order from Morgan, but looks over towards Ceres on the ground and the rage on his face builds as he looks back to Morgan. "Get her out of there, el-tee!!" he says, waiting for him. He has his own sidearm, but he hasn't drawn yet, a frantic expression looking to Ceres. He …stops, though. Its the single hardest decision Coops ever made but he does as he is ordered and stares with rage at the group, fists clenched so hard his knuckles go white.

Diomedes isn't one to go down easy- he's been fighting all his life. While he's thrown towards the bulkhead, he leans suddenly into Augie's body and throws the other man off balance, just enough to keep the power from that clearly trained move from slamming him face-first into a bulkhead. Twisting, Dio throws an elbow now towards Auggie's nose, fully intending to try and break it.

Dr. Nadir is appalled, as she stands just inside the hatch, by the outrageous behavior she is seeing in the hallway. Appalled, and downright vexed. Seeing that Morgan and Knox are wading into the melee, soup, chaos, mix, pick a term, Nadir turns back to look over her shoulder and calmly tells the remaining medical staff to stand ready to receive wounded. Likely belligerent and unruly wounded, but wounded all the same. She then shrugs out of her lab coat, folds it briskly and sets it on the chair nearest the door before starting toward Ceres.

Dio's fist misses by inches. As much as Diomedes has fought in his life, Augustus has just as much training. "Rule two. When ya see MPs when someone and ya want to be a mob, ya stand the frak down." he growls, stepping back and then the flat of his palm streaks straight up, aiming to nail Diomedes in the chin and force his teeth against each other and rattle his head for a moment. "Get Ceres the frak out of here!" the DCO calls out in that gravely cadence of his.

The Deckies are lost to the battle-craze, but still there's blood shed, and that's what's keeping the shark's hackles up and tuned in on their prey. "Yeah, then shoot me, see how that goes over, pull a gun in a fist fight!" The Corporal says as he grounds in closer, pushing his chest right up to the barrel of Maia's pistol. The others swarm in, and they're grappling with the MP and Trying to get to Ceres as the shouting begins. A moment later and there's some sanity returning to some, as fists stop flying, and the mob goes silent, but they don't back down, they don't step off, no they're keeping it at the razor's edge.

Standing his ground, although he pulls back a little as he's being shoved, Jason offers a bit of a smile in Toby's direction as he does. "Yes, I'm saying you doesn't think clearly. Letting your emotions run off with you, the entire lot of you. You should try letting go of them at some point." Another brief pause, before he adds, "And as for why you should do as Command says…" A shrug, before he adds, "Because there's a chain of command, and we follow them, because otherwise, it doesn't matter if you kill her or not, you'd have taken away the only clear footing we have in all this, making us devolve into wild beasts."

Dio rolls to the side, snatching himself away- and he's about to keep fighting when a couple of MPs grab him and force him to the ground- "Toaster lovin' sack of shit, this ain't over!" he shouts towards Augie, spitting in the engineer's direction. "Lemme go!" Dio struggles- but two MPs have got him and are forcing arms behind his back to speed cuff the hellion of a knuckle dragger. He's out of this fight, despite his protests.

With two bodies as a shield, Ceres does not receive another punch for her efforts and she hears the call for Maia to shoot. "Centerfold, put the gun away. Please," she asks of her even as the MP pushes back one of the deckies and grunts. "Stand down!" He says again. With the crowd starting to stand down, even if the tension is still palpable, she remains pressed back against the wall, turning her head to see Cooper and now Samtara who is getting closer.

Yeah, sadly, Toby just isn't going to listen to a speech at this point and the smile and shrug just push him over the edge. The shove might not have been as effective as he's hoped but with his blood up he now charges at the man, fists flying towards his jaw as he roars out in incoherent anger and frustration.

"Shouldn't have even been a fight in the first place." Maia isn't going to risk shooting him, but what she will do is draw in her arm and reholster her sidearm before pushing her chest right back against his. "BACK OFF!" More than just a little peeved he'd called her bluff with the gun. Superior or no, he wasn't acting like it. She doesn't take any first swings but if he pushes or punches, she'll throw in.

And the MPs are also on the large DCO as well as he holds his hands up as soon as he realizes they are there, like nothing is wrong. With his arms yanked behind his back, he grunts as he's pushed against the bulkhead. Not the first time Augie's been cuffed and he just snorts at Diomedes. "Oh, don't you know it, boy." he tells Diomedes flatly as he gets his own nice little pair of speed cuffs, while things are sorted out in the hallway.

In spite of the sounds of conflict around him, Morgan's focus is on the wounded officer. He sidesteps one deckie and reaches out for Ceres. "Stand if you can, captain! Grab my arm! We're moving!" His eyes rivet on her for the first sign that will tell him whether he will be leading, or carrying, Ceres into the sickbay. "Doctor! Have someone inside call the Security Hub for more MPs /now/!"

Knox just stands there, a hand stretching out to hold on to a bulkhead and his grip tightens around it. He's staring at all these people fighting and then back to Ceres. "Move it, Cer, NOW!" he barks. "Get your fat ass up and haul it, Captain!" he barks, only taking a few steps closer to the fight.

Morgan's call is a good one, but thankfully one of the nurses on duty is on the phone doing exactly that. It's one thing to get a rush of wounded when the time calls for it. It's something else entirely to have a MOB outside the door. They don't even have more than a handful of bandaids with cartoon characters on them to hand out, let alone balloons or lollipops! Nadir is sliding along the wall trying to get toward Ceres as well, probably the only one in the hallway at this point who doesn't feel like fighting anyone. "Captain," she calls out, trying to get Morgan and Ceres attention.

The el-Tee offering his arm is noted and she reaches out for it. "Yes, el-tee, I can walk." She manages to say, her lip busted in several places and her skin coloring along her jaw. She is blinking, the pain warm and numbing against her face. She doesn't need to be told, in fact she is moving, long slender legs carrying her with Morgan. She’s up already, its a matter of getting past a few of the deckies who might take a swing should she get free of the gun. "Stop, Augustus and the pilots. DO not leave them alone." She says to Knox, looking at him and then Nadir.

Taking the hit to the jaw, Jason stumbles back a few steps now. "Okay, I tried testing if you had the brains you seemed to think you have. We'll try it your way, then…" And he moves towards Toby, aiming a punch for the man's nose now. Problem with bottling things up? Sooner or later, the bottle is filled.

Maia's gun is pulled from the Corporal's chest and he shoots her a sneer, but it's clear that the sides are becoming more even, and he looks at the rest of his boys, and nods. They move, a little, slipping back and standing aside as Morgan arrives and the MP's make their way into the mess. They'll continue to fade back, becoming the non-descript people in coveralls that seem to just take up space against the wall.

"Frak you Toaster Lover!" Toby yells back, quite obviously having been bottling stuff up as well. Seeing the punch coming he starts to turn his head away from it but is only partially successful. He does avoid a broken nose though and comes back swinging once more, seemingly utterly oblivious to the arrival of anyone after Augustus.

Coop looks at Ceres as she goes by. "Nobody stays behind," he tells her angrily. Once past and behind her, Coop takes a few more steps forward, testing the limits of Morgan's order. "All of you STAND DOWN!" he barks. "MP's are on the way!" Yep, Toasters called the 5-0.

"You keep callin' me boy, see where it leads." Dio spits out angrily as he's got some big MP on his back to keep him from standing. Kicking feet are tied off with a speed-cuff as well, the Deckhand just struggling and shouting. "I'm going to frakin' send you and your frak-toy plastic wife face first screamin' to Hades! And then, I'm gunna watch your corpses frakin' burn."

Morgan's free hand closes around Ceres's arm and he pulls her toward him, perhaps more roughly than he would if they weren't in close-quarter combat. "Not far, captain," he encourages. He looks toward Nadir and nods I have her!" he calls. He waves his nightstick at one of the threatening deck-hands."Back!" he roars and pushes forward, leading Ceres toward the door to the sickbay where medical staff are already waiting to help the wounded into safety.

When there is no more fight coming, Maia visibly relaxes and she looks back to Ceres, glad to see her getting some help. Just then Toby makes the yell and she looks over to see him and Stand-up engrossed in a little hand to hand. "Frak." Her favored word of the day apparently. Whether Toby is ready for conversation or not, he's going to get some. "Everyone is entitled to their own opinion." Eyes narrow as he swings back towards the Raptor pilot. "Tag out when ready, Stand-up. I got your back." There's a smirk on her lips, but she means every word. And she's not so dishonorable as to go two against one.

"Of course, boy, you keep dreaming. I'll make sure that you're there first." Augustus says and just snorts again, "I'm going, boys, I'm going. Shit."

Taking the punch from Toby to the stomach, and stumbling back a few more steps, Jason grimaces as he stands up straight again. "Something wrong with how your ears and brains are working, Bullhead?" A few moments of pause, as he moves forward, aiming a punch for the man again, this time going for the mouth. Not hearing Maia's words yet, it would seem.

Cooper's promise is enough as a few more steps are taken to compensate for the harsh tug that she is given. She won't be here for when the tide of MP's break over the group but she frowns some. "Frak…" Never really one to swear, Redux has lost her ability to keep her calm. The waiting nurses and medical staff are glanced at, as if she suspects they might try to do some damage too - inspired by the others in the hall. "Thanks, El-tee.." she breathes, blood attractively dripping down her chin.

"Ears and braining working just fine frakhead," Toby replies as he sidesteps Jason's blow and uses the opportunity to apply his elbow, hard, to the side of the man's head with the firm intent of dropping him. Then he turns to Maia, "you too eh? Bring it. Guess it must be the entire Air Wing that it's giving favours too eh? Funny, I figured you guys'd feel the most betrayed!"

The Deckies have dispersed, they know MP's and how they like to ask questions and that's the way of things, slipping along the walls, sliding into the gathering crowds and they're sneaking away, sure they probably have been ID'd but in a situation where the complaints are so large, it's quite possible Command will wipe their hands of the mess and just make a general announcement, it's how they've managed to survive so far. They sneak away, leaving the last vestiges of fist punching and throwing to others, content with the damage that they'd done to Ceres' face. Though if Dio were looking, he'd notice that he's getting a thumbs up for support as well as a look of awe and appreciation for what he did.

Morgan nods over his shoulder to Ceres. "You would do the same, captain," he replies. He looks ahead to Nadir. "We're going inside!" he advises and tugs once more on the injured captain's arm to lead her through the hatch and to the first available nurse.

Nadir reaches Morgan and Ceres at this point, offering a hand to Ceres, "Lets get you into sickbay while this gets sorted out and people calm down," she says in a voice loud enough to carry but not shouting it to the room. She eyes the people that are still pushing and shoving at each other in the hall, "I've a mind to make those who beat each other up be responsible for cleaning each other up when they cool off," she warns in a voice loud enough to carry.

Just the threat of MP's gets Maia looking just a little worried. She quickly delays that when Toby addresses her. "You know, Frak you. My personal feelings don't enter into this." When Stand-up makes no moves to tag out, she decides to take a card from the Deckies and pull a disappearing act, slipping into the mess hall. No harm no foul right? Brushing her hands on her fatigues, she nonchalantly goes to get in line for some food.

Trouble with an elbow to the head? It makes one fall down, fast. Hitting the deck, Jason looks like he's trying to get up again, before he gives up on that, and simply stay down there now. Letting out a few deep breaths, he's at least conscious at the moment, it would seem.

Slipping inside the sickbay with Nadir and Morgan, Ceres no longer is within eyesight and gladly so even as the fighting still continues on, albeit here and there as most are trying to disperse before the MP's make their way into the mess.

With Jason down and Maia no longer squaring up, Toby takes a glance towards where Dio and Augustus were fighting. Shit. Still, recognizing that there is nothing he can do for his mate now he heeds the MP warning at last and also makes a move to slip back into the crowds although he's heading aft.

Diomedes' eyes burn with singular hatred towards Ceres and Augie both as he's stood up and dragged off by two of the MPs, undoubtedly to the brig. Diomedes can be heard swearing up a storm until he's dragged out of earshot. "Bison-ball bathing mother-frakin' toaster-lovin shit-stained sack of crap!"

After a few moments of pause, Jason gets to his feet a bit shakily, and starts moving off in the direction of the mess hall, as fast as he can. Better stay out of brigs or any such things at the moment, right?

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