ALT #360: Mixed Landings
Mixed Landings
Summary: Bennett and Phin both land safely, Bennett's Raptor has other issues though.
Date: 01/Jan/2014
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Hangar Bay - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
Each hangar deck is divided into five one-hundred yard sections, each divided from the others by massive blast doors that close vertically from the floor and overhead. Each hangar section houses all of the Vipers, Raptors, and Predators that the wing operates as well as the vital work areas to support and maintain these fighting platforms. Each bay is large enough to accommodate one of these frames and still get heavy work done, though the fore- and aft-most sections are dedicated to overhauls and major work to be done. The bays along the center section are located across from launch tubes and elevators in order to provide scramble and Alert-Five capabilities. The second-to-aft bay provides major elevator and transport access to the starboard bay as well as the major manufacturing facility. Due to the nature of the work, the hangar decks are major hubs of activity at all hours of the day and all but four hours overnight.
AWD #360

Siska is not a happy marine today. The raptor that was just lowered is 30 minutes late into the Orion. "Sure. Its typical for main fuel line to be off just before we take off." He tells the pilot in a slightly annouyed tone, before he begins to climb off.

Alexandra takes her team, and moves straight for the landed raptor. "We've got reports of damage to the fuel coupling, check that right off" she says as the crew starts checking out the Raptor, and waits impatiently on teh cre so she can clear the flight line.

Toby is on meet and greet today, not the passengers that is, but handing over the post-flight checklists to crew and helping ensure said checks are complete and issues noted. He hear's the sound of grumbling, but not the exact words and leaves the emerging marine space to disembark, turning as he heards the other team approach. Offering the clipboard up to the ECO he lets the flyboys get started, turning to his fellow knuckledraggers. "You get a heads up on this one Chief?" he asks, "can't be too bad though if they decided to fly. Not like it's a long flight there and back for a replacement part or bird."

Alexandra nods to Toby. "Nothing major, they just had to mate several times before they got green on the lock indicator. They still had a small leak, so they flagged it on the maintenance logs, and commed us to verify and perform the maintenance if we can find anything. I think , even if we dont' find anything, we might swap out the fittings. And then send them a message telling them to check the mount on their fuel system."

Siska brouht along two duffle bags, a backpack, and a briefcase. The captain jumps off the wing and lands with a stump. He frowns, as he waits for a deckie to hand him his gear. "Three months in that tune can they call a carrier." He grumbles as he adjusts his cap.

The pilot responsible for the raptor's late arrival is none other than Captain St. Clair, the ghosts' very own squadron commander. She flashes an apologetic smile Siska's way, once her helmet's been hauled off and her dark hair pushed out of her eyes. "Make you late for a date, Captain?" she enquires of Siska with a teasing arch of one brow, while powering down systems one by one.

Toby returns the Chief's nod with an understanding one of his own. "Oh Chief Rutlii is going to love that, of they've managed to damage the coupling on one of our birds. Remind me to take a break when this one gets to her section." He's smiling as he says it though, so maybe all outwa with the Rubaul's knuckledraggers isn't about to kick off just yet. Keeping out of the way of Siska and his gear he offers a "nice landing Butch," up to Bennett once he hears her voice, "you want to take Squire up for a few circle and bumps? We're still hammering out her last landing."

Siska shoots a look to the pilot lady and stares at her for a few seconds before grinning. "Frak off, St. Clair." He is handed his first item by a deckhand and nods to him. "I just wanted off the hole." He looks to Alex and Toby now and nods to them both. His diva mode now completely off.

Alexandra grins, and clambers up ont eh side of the Raptor, gettin gout her tools to analyze the recalcitrant fitting. "Toby, check all the other ports on this bird. We're going to have to go over this with a fine tooth comb. Also, get my my avionics analysis set. I'm pretty sure we're also going to get a fuel flush and alnalyze. I'm actually afraid if we have damage on a fuel coupling, we either got foreign bodies in the fuel, or soemone tried to put something in, and we're going to have to figure out what."

"Do I want to, or am I being volunteered for the job?" Bennett replies to Toby, fetching her helmet and her clipboard before climbing out onto the raptor's wing after her passengers. Her boots hit the deck with a solid thunk, and she shoots Siska an exaggerated wink for his retort. "By the way, I know you are going to hate me for this, Shackleton, but.." She skims a few errant strands of dark hair out of her eyes with her fingertips, and scribbles something on her clipboard. "..the oh-two scrubber is acting up again. It came back on with the fuel line warning." She thumbs toward Alexandra and her work on the bus.

Siska gets his duffles and gives the female deckie a grin. "Careful, miss. Valuables in here." He sets one of the duffles down on the wing and opens it. The clink of bottles is heard and he produces three bottles of some nice rum. "We in condition two right?" He asks as he pans over to Bennett. "Just make sure the Old Man dont catch you running down the corridors with them." He slides them close to the raptor pilot and begins closing the open duffle.

Toby eyes the marine briefly, but as it's readily apparent he's not being serious to Bennett he lets the other man be. His head turns to Alexandra as she ratles off her instructions, before he has to shake his head once, "Sorry Chief, I'm not certed on fuel systems, I'll make sure it goes on the post-flight though so one of the mech-lads will take a look soon as they get it." Nor does he know where all the avoinics gear is stowed, but luckily one of ALexandra's crew does and she scoots off to get what is requested instead, leaving Toby free to just roll his eyes at Bennett. "You're kidding me right?" he asks, leaning against the Raptor wing as the latest issue is mentioned. "I swear, no one else has scrubber issues like you two. Should split you up and see which one of you it is that's doing it." Once the pilot is clear he starts to clamber up onto the wing to duck into the hatch, although he does glance back to add, "three, Captain, condition three." Then to Bennett, "there are easier ways of getting me in your bird you know, other than risking death by slow suffocation."

You paged Phin with 'indeterminate time of day, bennett's raptor has just landed from the rubaul and siska disembarked. It's late andthere was mutterings of some issue with the fuel-lines, as such, there's a small crew of deckies on it already lead by alexandra. Toby was passing out post-flight forms but bennett also said something about the O2 scrubber so he's now clambering up to check that out.'

Bennett lifts her hands, palms up, when Toby expresses his doubts about the scrubber. "Would I put you on?" she asks innocently enough, with just a hint of amusement in those sparkling blue eyes. "Really, go and have a look for yourself." She runs her hand along the raptor's flank until she finds an access panel on the portside— and is interrupted by Siska.. offering her something? Rum? "For me?" Her smile is polite, but skeptical as she briefly searches the marine's face. "Do you mind if I ask what is the catch?" Toby just gets a brow waggle for his last comment.

Alexandra checks the suspect fitting as she works on the side of the Raptor. She grins, and thanks her crew as she plugs in her diagnostics, and immediately raises an eyebrow at what it shows. "Any reason you took the long way round? I don't show any debris or anything, and you swung wide around sector 12. Something I should know, or just enjoying the ride?"

Siska looks at the ceiling and squints at the condition becon. "Oh Frak. I am colorblind now." He grins and lowers his gaze back onto his duffles. The backpack is slid down the wing. "No catch. No secret agenda. 3he ghosts have been pulling marine ass into and out off trouble for more than a year." He smirks, "Call it S4 gratitude."

There's not nearly as much Viper traffic to-and-from Piraeus as Raptor runs, but the occasional atmospheric drill, fly-over, or other piece of business brings the little planes on business there. Phin's returning from Piraeus just now. He's landed, Viper touched down on the flight deck without any trouble, and it's now being lowered down the elevator into the main bay.

Toby ducks inside the hatch, removes a ceiling panel, withdraws an dinspects the scrubber in question and is sticking his head back out through the hatch in less than fifteen seconds all told. Gesturing vaguely in Bennett's direction with the scrubber he fains annoyance. "Be honest with me here Captain, just what are you guys doing when you're up there? This beast should have half a dozen more flights in her atleast." He doesn't go as far as to offer suggestions as to what they might be doing that could account for the difference, there's people here that he isn't sure would take them as the jokes intended, but his expression does suggest there's a few he might be thinking really loudly. Tucking the part under his arm he hops down onto the deck again and quickly snags the ECO to ensure the removal is correctly noted on the post-flight sheet. Then, back to Bennett, "seriously though. One more like this and I'm going to have to sign her off the line and do a full strip-down, this often is getitng beyond the point where we can put it down to dodgy parts." He might say more, but there's another lander and he has the post-flight sheets so he offers a quick, "'cuse me," then heads the few feet to where the viper will be parked and makes ready to present the paperwork for completion.

Bennett glances over her shoulder at the sound of a viper patrol coming in, then sets her clipboard aside in order to accept the token of gratitude from Siska. She still seems not entirely convinced that she isn't indebted to him somehow, but murmurs a "thank you" as the bottles are tucked into her helmet. "I will be sure to distribute them to the squadron with your regards, Captain." A light touch to his shoulder before she resumes her post-flight checklist. To Alexandra, "Reports of possible raider activity. Was CIC not in contact with deck about the situation?" This possibility doesn't seem to surprise her particularly, though Toby gets a look for his mock insinuation. "What is this, an inquisition?" She nods toward the raptor. "That bus has been through hades and back with all the atmospheric landings we have been doing. Are you certain the heat shield has not been ablated past the minimum threshold? I have seen that cause some odd problems in the past."

Alexandra shrugs, and continues analysing the flight recorder. "Do you have the other scrubbers we had from the last part, Toby? I think we need to perhaps do a process analysis, see if there's something drstically wrong here. I don't recall seeing an anomaly report on that. Have to ask the Chief about that. " She looks askance at the Pilot. "No, we dont get the routine traffic ups. And, well, it's our problem onct you report it. And the scrubber won't get affected by amo landings, unless something weird is in the air when you exchange it on planet. And we're not seeing that on other ships"

Siska is busy adjusting his backpack when he is asked for his credentials by the security staff here. He complies as he waits for the last piece of his gear to be off-loaded.

Phin pops his ship's canopy when it's firmly settled onto the deck and rolled off the elevator. He then takes his helmet off, rolling his neck to work out some of the kinks. "Thanks," he murmurs as he's handed off papers for post-flight work. He stays on the cockpit to complete most of it, jotting down fuel readings and flipping some switches on and off to double-check the functionality.

"Put it on the list," Toby replies over his shoulder, pointing in the vague direction of her clipboard as he does so, "we'll check it out. Off the top of my head though I can't think why it would be creating CO2 in there if it was though, not without anything else flashing up with warnings." Passing Phin's papers up he asks quickly, "anything I need to know right now, or can I leave you here a minute while I get sort the Captain's raptor?" He tilts his head back towards where Bennett is then offers to Alexandra. "Last part Chief? I don't follow. We don't keep the dead scrubbers though if that's what you're asking, recycle and reuse what we can. I'll take a look though and let you know if I reckon it's an avionics issue, more likely something my end though."

The last piece of luggage belonging to Siska is produced. The black briefcase was securely stored under the pilots seat. It is brought down and handed over to Siska, who is in the process of proving he is a marine officer and not a cylon.

"Way ahead of you, Shackleton," St. Clair offers back with a smile. Her signature's scribbled at the bottom of the checklist, and she gives it a brief once-over before handing it off to the waiting avionics tech. Should she happen to catch Phin's eye, she waggles her fingers at the viper jock. Then, helmet and rum collected, she mouths one last 'thank you' to Siska before turning to head for the stairwell out.

Siska dips his head to Bennett and signs off his arrival papers. The briefcase contains Siska's CAL Mark 23, which has to be secured by the pilot into a section of the raptor she has access to only herself. Dont want crazy folk shooting up the vessel in flight. He gathers the rest of his stuff and begins to make his way out.

Phin looks over at Toby, shaking his head. "I'm good, I think, Crewman. Bird'll need to be refueled before it goes out again, but it flew like it should." He does crane his neck a little out of the Viper, to try and get a better look of what's up with Bennett's Raptor. His post-flight isn't terribly exciting, so he'll take some distraction as he can get it. He catches Bennett's finger-waggle, raising a hand to wave the pen he's doing his paperwork with back at her in a combo of greeting and 'Later.'

With Bennett's Raptor's now defunct scrubber still under his arm, Toby gives the Captain a brief nod as she makes to depart, then eyes the marine a amoment as he battles his way through security. He nods to the comment about refueling, then leaves the lieuteant for a moment or two as he goes to correctly dispose of the part he's carrying. Once he's back he gives the viper a brief visal once over then asks, "CAP?"

There's nothing outwardly remarkable about Bennett's bus; it's about as battered and charred as one might expect, and still bears the remnants of someone's attempt to articulate something in pink spray paint on its nose. Well, that and the hole where the CO2 scrubber used to be. She doubles back briefly when someone hands her a briefcase and mutters something about 'marines and their toys', and pops back inside the raptor to stow it— then heads for the stairs finally, unzipping her flight suit as she goes.

Phin shakes his head to Toby. "Nah, atmo drills today. It feels really different, when you have to deal with gravity and stuff, and that's where we ended up doing a lot of our fighting on Picon. So, gotta prep for more." He goes down the check list quickly. Not exactly rushing, but this is old-hat by now. Once the last box is checked, he signs it and hands it off to Toby. "They got you back in the rotation, huh? Good."

Toby nods along as he listens, taking the pilot at his word about piloting stuff. Then, taking the clipboard, he scans it over, making sure everything has indeed been covered. Seemingly satisfied he tucks the clipboard back under his arm and glances to the lift, but seeing no never arrivals takes a few moments to lean against the nose of Phin's bird. "Yeah, week or so ago. I'd say I got to go have a conversation with the XO, but I'm not sure I actually said enough to qualify for conversation status, more of a lecture really. Got out with both ears still attached though."

"It's usually best not to say much in 'conversations' like that," Phin says with a half-smile. "Anyway, glad things worked out." He hoists himself out of the cockpit then, and steps down onto the deck. "Anyway, now that that list's done, I'm off, so I'm going to hit the showers. Later, Crewman."

Toby nods in silent agreement for a moment then steps aay a pace to give the pilot more room once he hits the deck. "I figured that," he offers with a matching half-smile, "I think the word 'sir' made up about half of everything I said, with 'yes' and 'no' coversing most of the rest. Thanks though, still a frak ton more needs doing downbelow, but it is good to be back here as well though." Then, as Phin makes to depart, "catch you later Lieutenant."

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