blogasun.jpg A god who once walked among men but who now resides in the suns of the universe where he can watch over and protect mankind. Worshiped as a monotheistic god he represents courage, comradeship, strength, honour, protection and to some degree rebirth. Centuries of persecution from followers of some of the Lords and Ladies means that much of the faith is secret, although it is widely known that there are varying degrees of initiation, with followers being granted more of the sacred knowledge as the ascend through these degrees. tumblr_m73iqgy75z1ryfivao5_1280.jpg

Common History

Born from a rock in a cave, said to be located somewhere in the mountains of Tauron, Mithras grew rapidly, becoming both strong and courageous, and using those traits to protect those around him from evil. After a string of mighty and heroic deeds, he achieved apotheosis and ascended to the heavens where he watches down on mankind from the suns.

Perhaps the most commonly known story about him is the slaying of a divine bull, the body parts of which he used to create all the mankind would need.The bull's blood produced the vine, its spinal cord brought forth wheat and the bull's sperm created each type of useful animal known to man. It is believed that should mankind find it hard sustain itself, then Mithras will return and slay another divine bull, thus creating another bountiful harvest. Just how this prophecy fits in with the events of War Day and the destruction of Tauron is as of yet unclear, but some Mithrians who know of Piraeus can not help but wonder if this is his new holy world.

Mithras was once worshipped by many in the Colonial Military due to the strong emphasis on comradeship, honour, and faithfulness, but in more recent times the balance has shifted far more towards Ares and others of the Lords and Ladies. Also, given the strong elements of truth and honour he finds many followers amongst the legal professions who regard his presence in the Suns as one that is watching over them and ensuring contracts are kept and the truths will be laid bare. As a result of this, many of his followers find lying to be both distasteful and futile, as Mithras knows the truth already and will fight for it's emergence.

His symbol is the sun, commonly (but by no means always) depicted over a mountain range.

His Sacred animal is the Bull

Related Colony

Tauron - It's hard to get a firm grasp on just how many Mithrians there were on each colony given the religion's more secretive nature. It is widely believed though that the largest numbers were to be found on Tauron, the planet widely acknowledged as the birthplace of the faith. When the colony tried to break free from the Colonial Government, there was talk from some of the more radical Ares priests that it was the work of Mithrian fundamentalists trying to wrest the planet back for their faith, although these opinions never gained mainstream acceptance.

Libran - With the high proportion of legal professionals in this colony, there was quiet yet thriving Mithrian community which served not only as a religious movement but also as a way for up and coming lawyers and such to meet and socialise with more senior members of their profession. As such, rumours became rife that it was less a faith and more a secret society with funny handshakes and members appointing other members to important positions over more qualified, non-members. Such rumours however, were always swiftly denied.

Common Rituals

Given the nature of the faith, there are no big celebrations or festivals in the Mithrian calendar, although solstices and equinoxes are considered particularly holy days.

As followers of the Lords gather on a Sunday, Mithrians gather on the 16th day of every month. Meeting in temples called Mithraeums, which were constructed underground wherever possible, so as to represent the birthplace of Mithra. While the exact details of these gatherings is a secret held by those inside the faith, it is widely rumoured that they involve fasting and ritual purification, with trials of strength, courage, endurance and faith playing a key role. On days other than the 16th, the Mithraeums are also open to any of the faith and a communal meal is served each evening so that brothers and sisters may meet and talk. In these nightly, more social meetings, it's also very common to find visiting members from other Mithraeums who might be travelling through the area on business or such, and these guests are welcomed with the best hospitality available.

Even fewer details are known of the rituals involved in raising an initiate to the next degree of the faith, although most outside experts claim that this is when most of the trials, fasting and purification occurs. The Mithrians themselves though aren't talking, partly because it's such a key portion of their faith and partially because to the details are not widely known amongst them and an initiate only becomes aware of them when he or she is selected to be raised up. Perhaps the only detail that is widely known though, is that the Priests are all drawn from the seventh and highest level of initiation.

Cults and Sects

Children of the Sun - Widely regarded as loonies by both their fellow Mithrians and others, this cult sprang up out of the shipyards on Scorpia about a century ago. Initially they seemed like a harmless bunch who were dedicated to fundraising for the poor and needy, but then it came out that they were actually raising funds to buy a ship that they could plunge into the sun to join with Mithras and be reborn in his glory. There were no survivors.

Seekers of the Bull - A traveling group made up of 4th level initiates and above. They tend to closely resemble itinerant monks and spend their time travelling either individually or in small groups, seeking out Mithraeums so that they may learn how the worship of Mithras alters between places and in doing so, hopefully find some deeper level of truth.


Since telling the truth is valued so highly, and to do so at all times is a thing for Mithrians to aim for, the standard text of oaths that swear to tell the truth have, over the centuries, come to be seen as somewhat insulting and / or meaningless, as they'd be doing so anyway. As such an affirmation from them has been given equivelent legal standing by the colonies. The text of this affirmation reads; I, do solemnly, sincerely and truly declare and affirm…

Characters with this Patron

Playing a Mithrain

Five things every Mithrain knows;

  • Their level of initiation. Corax - newest initiates, Nymphus, Miles, Leo - average level achieved by lay-worshipers, Perses, Heliodromus and Pater - Priests.
  • Mithras is the one true God. Attitudes towards the Lords vary between dismissing them entirely and accepting that they are some kind of force, but they are never set on a level with or above Mithras. Anyone worshipping Mithras as an aspect of Zeus or Ares is a heretic of the highest order.
  • To be an oathbreaker is a terrible thing. Mithras watches over everything from his place in the suns, he sees the promises you make and frowns upon dishonesty and deceit.
  • That it is better to try and fail than to not try at all. However hopeless a fight may seem, if it needs fighting then fight it, give it your best shot, you never know what might come of it.
  • The best time to offer prayers is dependant on the sun. Daily they are dawn, noon and dusk, but special prayers should be reserved for an equinox or a solstice. This one can of course be tricky for those in space, but it is generally accepted that 0600, 1200 and 1800 ship's time will suffice.

To flatter a Mithrian - Praise their strength and courage, be it physical or otherwise.

To insult a Mithrian - Call them a liar.

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