AAR: Minos Meet


November 2nd, 2005

FR: LT Alejandro 'Hobo' Salazar
TO: RADM Louis Jameson, CDR Gillian Faulkner
CC: MAJ Atalanta Franklin
RE: Meeting with Taurons on Minos with MAJ Holtz.


At 13:20 hours Captain Bennett Saint Clair directed three Raptors to land at the former radio tower at coordinates where Major Holtz had been left to man the station. No DRADIS contacts, no signal, all quiet. The team disembarked with supplies and upon meeting with Major Holtz, were directed to reload and fly to new coordinates for the meet. Whereupon the team set down on a flat dusty plain of the moon to wait. (Coordinates attached.)

Three unarmoured civilian mining rovers arrived overland carrying five persons each. No radio communications. Major Holtz departed his Raptor with Petty Officer Leightner to approach under their guns. The Minoan Taurons were armed with one CAPARMS M28 per vehicle, light arms for the individuals - with a walkie talkie held aloft for communications. When in range, Major Holtz spoke at length with the group.

An older woman identfied herself as Magda, leader of her 'rolga' and that she could not speak for all. The survivors number more than 3,000. It was decided that five of our people would remain as 'guests' to help with evacuation organisation for three days while the rolgas made their decision. Those remained behind voluntarily include: Major Holtz, Lieutenant JG Skyler Almaeda, Ensign Kelsey Wescott, Petty Officer Jena Cruz, and Petty Officer Leightner. The remainder of the team pulled back and directed by Captain Saint Clair jumped back to the Orion after off loading the supplies and personal.



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Please see AWD #300: The Underground City.

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