AAR: Minos Contact

A Raptor team is sent to collect the body of a dead radio operator. Logs and recordings are checked and contact made with the hiding survivors of Minos.



October 29th, 2005

FR: LT Alejandro Salazar (from CAPT Saint Clair's notes)
TO: RADM Louis Jameson, CDR Gillian Faulkner
CC: MAJ Atalanta Franklin
RE: Minos Survivor Contact


At approximately 09:23 hours a Raptor team jumped to Minos with the intent to retrieve the body of the deceased radio operator. With DRADIS clear the Raptor landed near to the still broadcasting radio tower. Within lay the body as originally discovered and the broadcast was cut off. LTJG Mitchell-Salazar loaded the body into the Raptor.

Major Holtz and Captain Saint Clair went through the Tauran language log books. A great many land vehicles should have been presant but had been removed. Log book entries dropped off about Febuary 11th and the last entries were made May 17th. Many supplies are noted to have been removed but didn't say to where or why, ending in the cryptic note: 'Sun above and star below; both god and man; lover, monster, beloved son.' Holtz decided this referenced 'Asterion', the Minotaur. The phrase translates to a radio frequency number in the radio log.

The CCTV camera feed recorded the radio controller's last moments. When replayed it showed a man entering and speaking to, then fighting with the radio controller. The controller was forced to put his own firearm into his mouth and his brains blown out. Due to the strength of the attacking man see only from the back, he may be an unfamiliar Cylon skinjob model. (tape footage appended) The whole thing was live feed, broadcasting. Holtz tried the radio frequency and got a response:

"We heard you. We heard it all. We won't believe your lies. And we will never surrender, no matter the cost. We will not come quietly. We will fight until the end." Holtz told them they could stay and die if they prefered and they said that they would give their answer in three days time. Major Holtz decided to stay to wait. Supplies and anti-radiation meds were offloaded for his use. Captain Saint Clair and LTJG Salazar-Mitchell were ordered to return to the Orion with the body and recording.



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Please see AWD #296: Asterion.

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