Military Procedures


This page covers basic military policies that apply to both the Marines and Navy aboard the Battlestar Orion. Got questions? Ask!


Ranks on the series are co-mingled with the Navy to keep a structure. Some ranks are missing, but these are off the Wiki site and Marine site. Orion will have some of the ranks, but not all. The Marines have a different O8 (Brigadier General) and O9 (General) rank than the Navy, but it is very unlikely there will be any PC Admirals or Generals on the MU. It is further recommended that anyone wishing to apply for a Captain or higher speak with staff before moving through the application process.

These times stated are MINIMUM time in service for these ranks in peacetime. It is easier to make your first possible promotion opportunity at lower ranks, but it gets much harder quickly. Making Colonel at 39 would require an absolutely precision career their whole lives.

The ranks on Battlestar Orion have been raised across the board. The ship, and battlegroup, are commanded by a Rear Admiral. The XO is a Commander. The CAG and Marine CO will be Colonels or Lt Colonels. Squadron commanders will be Majors, as will most department heads. This has been done to better reflect the command structure seen on Mercury-class Battlestars, as well as allow OOC flexibility in promotions.

Navy Enlisted Marine Enlisted Service
Recruit Private 0 years
Crewman Private First Class 1 years
Specialist Lance Corporal 2 years
Petty Officer 3rd Class Corporal 3 years
Petty Officer 2nd Class Sergeant 4 years
Petty Officer 1st Class Staff Sergeant 7 years
Chief Petty Officer Gunnery Sergeant 10 years
Senior Chief Petty Officer Master Sergeant 13 years
Master Chief Petty Officer Sergeant Major 20 years
Officer (Navy/Marine) Service
Ensign 0 years
Lieutenant, Junior Grade 2 years
Lieutenant 4 years
Captain 7 years
Major 11 years
Lieutenant Colonel 14 years
Colonel 17 years
Commander 20 years
Rear Admiral 25+ years
Admiral 25+ years

Military Procedures

These are standing regulations regarding prisoners in the main brig:

  • Prisoners are allowed to receive visitors at designated hours.
  • All visitors must check in with the guard on duty.
  • The prisoner may refuse visitors.
  • Weapons are not permitted in the brig. (The guards do not make a habit of patting people down when they come in, but they are authorized to do so if they are suspicious. Or just mean.)
  • Physical contact with the prisoner is not permitted.
  • All gifts must be cleared with the guard (with strict limitations on what is allowed.)
  • Prisoners are regularly given changes of clothes and sheets, and their stuff laundered by the support department.
  • Prisoners are regularly given shower time, under minimal escort. Toilets are in the cells.
  • Prisoners receive regular meals, brought up from the galley by the support dept and delivered to the prisoners by the guards.

The aux brig and solitary confinement cells are subject to special restrictions beyond this. In particular, visitors must be cleared ahead of time by the S2, and gifts are even more restricted. There is also a shower in the aux brig cell, so no shower time.

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