Michael Flynn
Michael1.png Flynn, Michael
Specialist Medical
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Corpsman
Age Sex
20 M
Hair Eyes
Red Green


Still probably squeaky behind the years, a VERY young, redheaded Corpsman who is about to have a whole lotta innocence destroyed on the Orion…

The first child of two active Second War veterans, little Michael grew up on Pireaus with Arpay eyes and ears that practically guaranteed a few butt kickings and ridicule, being the first generation born with the modifications. As a defensive measure, Michael developed a perverted and active sense of humor, because if there's one thing bullies will back down over, its a good sex joke. Unfortunately, growing up on P rather than one of the more actively war-torn colonies also preserved a bit of his idealism, and despite how his two mothers were in more combatant type roles (Marines, and Air Wing), Michael chose to become a corpsman, maybe in some sort of subconscious effort to be there to save either of his parents should they get shot in the field. No one ever said kids were rational.

Now that he's actually ON Orion, it's really just a matter of time before he's confronted face to face with the horrors his mothers know all too well.

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