AWD #013: Metaphorically Speaking
Metaphorically Speaking
Summary: Afton might have some information for the TACCO. Metaphorically speaking.
Date: 18/01/2013 (OOC Date)
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Afton Petra 
Map Room
Dominating the room is the large bottom-lit map table in the very center. Ten feet across and eight feet the other way, the table can gather a large number of people around it while still accommodating enlisted and support personnel in the small riser seating behind the table. The risers are done in single-piece desk sections that run the width of the seating area and have small reporting displays built into them along with communications ports for headphones. At the head of the room are two very large LED displays that can have almost anything put on them, including projections of what is on the map table. A single computer at the support seating controls this and in the rear of the room is a large, locked case that holds maps and table models.
AWD #13

First watch is over, which means Petra has moved to his 'office' for a couple more hours, with a map of the colonies spread out across the table, and several reports and gun camera pictures scattered across it. He's leaning on the edge of the table with both hands, frowning and staring without really seeing at the pictures of what is left of Virgon, lost in thought for the moment. Considering the silence in the room, he could have been this way for a while…

There comes a tapping at the door and PO Saint James peers into the office for a moment as she waits near the threshold of the hatch. "Major…sir. I was wondering if you had a moment to talk?" She's likely come off duty as she is still in her green fatigues. A faint smile touches her lips as she waits to be allowed in.

Petra snorts a breath in and shakes his head to clear it when the voice calls out for him, blinking and turning his head to look over at the hatch. He takes a second to focus, then slowly straightens up and murmurs, "Petty Officer. No, no, come on in, have a seat if you want…Just looking over all of the reports we got back." He pauses and takes in a slow, deep breath to center himself, "What can I do for you?"

"Thank you," She hesitates at the hatch again and then closes it slowly to it creaks into place. Afton offers another smile as she considers him. "You okay, Major?" Her brows furrow as she draws up closer and gives him a quick look. "Pulling too many hours are you? And I wanted to congratulate you as well..on your promotion. It was well deserved."

Petra nods slowly, "I'm alright. Just digesting things. When you hear a report of someone else' colony being destroyed, there's a bit of separation to it. Billions of people dead is really, a number and we get kind of sanitized to numbers. But when its your home, where you've spent all of your life, the magnitude is much different." He pauses again and offers Afton a faint, but genuine smile, "Thank you. I wish it was under different circumstances, but Im sure a lot of people wish that."

Afton draws a long breath, "Yes sir, a lot…I.." She shakes her head and forces a smile back to her lips that seems quickly patched together. "Its not easy, for any of us, sir. I wanted to ask you about something. I heard that those letters. That they saved lives, they kept the losses from being more than they could have been. That we have a chance because of those letters. I also have heard you have an idea of who wrote them…even if its not conclusive. Could you tell me." Her green eyes search his face.

Petra takes in another breath and grows quiet at the question. He watches her face for a few seconds, studying her eyes, "Intelligence has a strong suspicion of who it is, yes. There's a short list of people." He pauses again, as if considering carefully how to handle this, "Why do you want to know, Afton? You know its not something I should be talking about."

"Because I know you have someone pinned for it, even if its non conclusive." Afton intones and studies him in turn. "I know I was questioned, I know I didn't write them so its not me." Pausing, she draws a breath. "Tell me, why do you think Knox did it? Did he?" There is a thinning of her lips, any sense of friendly concern is gone.

Petra keeps his voice down, "Knox' fingerprints were on the second letter, along with a lot of other people. Lt. Wake was instructed to check out any possible angle, no matter how implausible. I am on his short list of suspects." Okay, so that's not the ONLY reason, but its the only one he's offering up at the moment, "Sergeant Cooper has been a good point of contact for the Marines for me, when his commanding officers have been hard to reach. If Lt. Wake had given me har evidence that he was responsible for something sinister, he would be arrested, not about to take several of our best pilots out alone for suvival training."

Afton is quiet a long time after that, her gaze falling to the map as she chews her lips. "Marcus…" Not Major. Afton looks worried, her hand lifting to rub at her neck. "He told me that he's working with you. That he…provided information?" She asks curiosuly. "I am not even sure really has been said between you two but tell me, please. Don't give me the rundown of a list of suspects. I am sure I am on it too."

Petra lets that held breath go in a soft sigh. Knox has been talking, "He's given Lt. Wake and myself information. Useful information. Whoever wrote those letters possibly saved our asses. FleetHQ mobilized our battleships and hid them away, and it looks like they survived. I can only hope that even though the rest of fleet seems to have been wiped out…that we gave them a much bigger bloody nose than we would have otherwise. But right now?" He pauses, folding his arms over his chest, "He's doing his job, which is what I need him to be doing."

The confirmation is enough to bring a nod from Afton. "Lets say, in theory, that Cooper Knox was part of the enemy force…and has become a turncoat, would we offer him sanctuary for his help? For his diligence and ability to keep us safe? What if you had proof? What if you find it completely to pin him with it. What will you do?" Her green eyes harden a moment and her hand tightes on the edge of the table.

Petra shifts his weight a little to rest his hip against the table. Arms still folded across his chest, he watches her and listens, chewing lightly on the corner of his mouth, "If someone were to come forward quietly, yes. The letter writer saved a lot of people, and I can understand how you might not be able to stop something the group you are with is going to do, so you do whatever you can quietly to lessen the impact. But it would need to be done quietly, because the rest of the crew will not understand. Most of them just lost their entire home planets…me included. They will not be forgiving or understanding."

"I can understand that," Afton admits, worrying her lip still before her hands lift to press at her face and then her hair. Her eyes fall to the map he has out and stare through it. "We landed on Caprica…the marines. I was with them…" SHe trails off, her voice going a little small, distant. Perhaps the woman is picturing it all again. "My son and my sister were on that planet. I was there and I had to leave them. I don't think I have ever experienced anything more gutwrenching in my life. But I had a mission." She rubs at her neck and clears her throat.

Petra winces a little, slightly shaking his head, "I'm sorry. I cannot imagine how hard that must have been." No family of his own, he knows he has a slightly easier time of this than most of the crew, "I am relieved you are still with us. Things are going to get uglier and we will be in desperate need of medical people." His brow creases ust a little, trying to discern where she's going with this…or if she's going where he starts to think it is.

"I know, but we will be in need of everything in the coming days, sir. I wanted to request a detail to go back to Caprica. Something small. According to Special Agent Boyd the president has been taken. We either need to go find Adar or tie up the loose end. I am certain that the President has clearance on NOMAD, if it gets out where we are?" Afton watches him, holding his gaze. "I would like to take Cooper Knox with me."

Petra is quiet again for a long moment when she makes the request, sucking on a tooth before he speaks, "Caprica is occupied. When we left last, there were something like eight basestars in orbit, and those had all JUST gotten there. Any Raptor jumping there with the intent on landing in or around Caprica City is begging to be shot down." He takes a slow breath and takes a second to add, "We just got the Helios delta information in. We're taking a look at the situation and will decide where best we can save colonial lives without destroying ourselves. That COULD end up being a raid on Caprica. It might now. But I can't tell you okay right now. I hope you understand why."

"I understand, Major. But should details get out about Piraeus, where do we go? This is the place where we can bring refugees, shelter some hope for humanity. I am not asking so I can go looking for my son. I have accepted they are likely dead. But we need to know where Adar is for cetain." Pausing, she meets his gaze. "You need to use Knox…use him to contact his people and get information. We desperately need it now. We don't need him with pilots." She states evenly.

Petra murmurs, "You're making a very big assumption there. Obviously not all of 'his people' feel as he does, because I'm still staring at evidence that five colonies have been sterilized in the most horrific ways possible. What if he were to be put in touch with 'his people' and instead they forced information out of HIM? Adar doesn't know where Piraeus is. He DOES know it exists, which is still bad, but we aren't lost, not yet."

"You don't understand, Major. They may not feel the same way but he can still talk to them and act as if he's done nothing to help us." Afton supplies, meeting his gaze. "He could sneak in and get what he needs, or try to. I am not sure what he can do, but eh could do something, sir." She PJ holds to her beliefs.

Petra sighs, "Afton. We don't know what they can do. And how do you know he'll be able to strike up a conversation? You're asking me to risk everything on your hunch. I can't do…" He closes his eyes for a moment and takes in a slow, deep breath, then lets it go as he reopens his eyes, "Im assessing the situation and then I'm going to suggest a list of possible missions and the risk level and reward each carries. If everything we have is accurate, Jameson is Fleet Command now, the whole thing, so what he decides, I have to go with and make happen. We'll see what he says."

Letting out a breath, she shakes her head and tilts it a moment, her eyes falling back to the map. "It was a suggestion really, I just fear you misunderstood me. If Knox thinks he can do it, it might be worth the shot. Knowing where they are, what their next moves are." She chews on the edge of her lip once more and she hesitates, her lips parting before she closes her mouth again. Something goes unsaid as she finally looks to him again with a faint smile. "I hope your prayer beads get some use, sir. Let me get out of your hair."

Petra manages a soft, wan little smile, "If those beads get any more use, Im going to wear them down to the point I will need new ones. Ares himself will show up any time now and tell me to please shut the frak up for a little while." He's quiet again then offers, "I will see what we can do. I am not telling you no…but I am not promising you anything either. I have to do what will save lives without sacrificing ours. We MIGHT be able to manage a very stealthy, very suicidal raptor trip to Caprica…MIGHT. But right now? I'd consider Adar lost until we hear otherwise. We havent seen any evidence yet that anyone major from the government has survived."

"I understand, sir," Afton says and gives him a nod. "I am sure command will do whats best, but there is only so many 'right' choices when we need to start making the tough ones. There are always sacrifices to make gains. I am certain those of Orion are more than willing to make them." She admits and then offers him a smile. "Let me know when you need new beads, Piraeus has plenty of rock and it would do you well to get down and out on the surface, sir." That said, she lingers a moment more. "Its been too long since we last spoke, Major, I hope this will not be the case again." There looks like she might say more but she turns instead, heading for the hatch. "Thank you."

Petra lets the rest of his breath go in a slow, quiet rush, "I will try. I am hoping to go down and play a Cylon for the Air Group's paintball games…if I can get an evening away from the ship to camp out." He waits until her hand is on the hatch and probably stepping through it to smirk softly and breath, "And its Lt. Colonel," finally finding an amusing point to the conversation.

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