ALT #392: Mess Hall Trades
Mess Hall Trades
Summary: Phin and Leightner work out a mutually profitable deal.
Date: 02/Feb/2014
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Mess Hall - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
The Crew Mess on the Orion is one of the larger rooms meant for occupation. The room is far longer than it is wide with the classic stainless steel tables that can be seen anywhere else on the ship, standard to all navy ships. Most of the chairs match, their padding on the seats worn down after several years. Towards the rear of the room is the food prep area and serving lines. During the time in between meals the Mess will serve midrats, or 'mid-shift rations', such as sandwiches and drinks. Coffee pots are left to run at all hours to keep people going as needed.
AWD #392

Mess hall is moving along crisply, the menu featuring some proper military grade food. Like it or not. the crew rotating through on their shift changes pass by, the mid day meal just opening, so the food, such as it is, is fresh at least. Stepping into the Mess is the Virgan Corpsman, smiling and in an upbeat mood as he moves towards the food.

Phin is in line, getting one of his three squares a day. Soup, a roll of bread, and some kind of meat that came out of a can and is being passed off as roast. It takes him a bit to wind to the end of the line, the crowd for the fresh servings being what it is.

Toby has done a few hours poking about in the sim room but his leads have ll come to brickwalls and so it's lunch o'clock. After that, well, then it's back to the bays to try and work out just where to start after last night's patrol over Picon. For now though he's in his off duty gear and sporting an expression which suggest he might have recently had a disagreement with somebody. Still, food is food and he joins the line a person or two behind Leightner

Leightner moves through the line, getting a tray of some fillet, roll, bowl of stew, and a plastic glass of some colored juice. He emerges from the line, looking about, moving vaugely, looking for a place to land. it's likely just living on a battlestar, looking for landing spots is universal. He nods to Toby, "Oi mate." He says, waiting till toby steps out into the same problem.

Phin winds his way to the end of the line, getting himself a carbonated drink to chase his food with. He also starts looking for a place to sit, eyes skimming over the faces of those present in the mess hall as much as the empty seats. He spots Toby and Leightner and heads right in there direction. "Hey, Shackleton. Hey. Petty Officer Leightner, right? I don't suppose you've got a second?"

Toby picks a coincidentally identical meal, although his juice is a slightly different shade if you squint closely enough. Leightner gets a grunted greeting and then he tilts his head towards a half empty table as if inviting the PO to join him. Then, as Phin joins them he gives the pilot a nod before silently inviting him too, mildly interested in why the pilot wants to speak to the corpsman.

Leightner looks to be going down the same mental track as Toby as he nods, then looks to Phin, "Dolly, Aye sir." He says in his normal thick Virgonese accent as he moves with Toby to the table. Once the pattern is decided on the rest falls into place, selecting a spot, he settles, setting his tray down, "Please, sir, whot can I do fer ye?"

Phin chuckles. "Dolly's my callsign, yeah." He doesn't seem to mind being called by it. He heads toward that empty table and settles himself, taking a quick gulp of his soda before sitting. "Anyway, first off I wanted to thank you for patching up me and the rest of the guys after the sims exploded in our faces. That whole thing would've been a lot worse if the medics hadn't gotten there so fast."

Setting his tray down, Toby flicks his eyes briefly between the other two but once they both sit and start talking he wastes no time in tucking into his lunch. The mention of the sims though has him glancing back up and nodding, he's been in there. it looked like carnage.

Leightner inclines his head, "S'tha job sir, thank ye though. I wish we could've saved Sniper." Corpsmen live in rubble and body strewen rooms, it's comforting to them. But Leightner knows a pleasentry when he hears one and remains attentively looking to Phin.

"Yeah. Sniper was a good guy." Phin doesn't look at either man as he reflects on that. "When he first came aboard I thought he was all bluster. Not uncommon in Viper pilots." He half-smirks. "But he was really solid, and a decent dude. I barely got to know Wolf." The last part he sounds rather guilty about. "Still…frak. Anyway." He pauses a beat before asking Leightner, randomly, "I heard you could sew? Like, clothes along with people."

Toby didn't really know either of the pilots, nor the sim-tech, bit he gives a silent nod or two to Phin's descriptions. No banter here for now. The comment about sewing gets a faintly raised eyebrow but as it's aimed at Leightner he continues working on his lunch, letting the conversation flow around him.

Leightner nods, not having known Sniper until, literally the end, but he listens to Phin with patient interest that's a side effect of a bedside manner. when the subject shifts he nods, "Oh, aye sir. I do primarily needlepoint work. suturing and sewing cross over. I mostly make embroidery work. Ye heard right thafar." He cuts the fillet with the side of his fork and pops the cut into his mouth chewing, still interested in what Phin's after, exactly.

"I got this Pyramid t-shirt from the year the Silverstars won the Kobol Cup in O-Three," Phin says. "I wear it for…I'm not going to say luck, 'cause you get blown up, that's dumb. But it reminds me of some of the stuff I liked about home, y'know? Anyway. You put stuff like that on under your flight suit, nobody cares, and I had it on while I was in the sims and the shrapnel cut through the front of my flight suit. It got kind of cut up. It's just, like, one slice in the middle of it, but I don't know how to fix it myself with frakking it up even more."

From the expression the flashes across Toby's face mid-chew, it would appears that he had not being expecting to hear either 'needlepoint' or 'embroidery' come up in conversation. Leightner is given an odd look, half surprise, half something else and he's still trying to work out just what to make of that when Phin explains his need. There's and almost silent 'ah' as the truth comes out and then he nods again, not commenting verbally while still chewing.

Leightner suddenly turns serious, blinking at Phin. Shit just got real. "Oh, shite, aye sir. I'll patch it as small as I can, keep it lookin good." He smirks, "I do tha same with dress uniforms alla time." He explains. "I'll be off shift in a few hours, an can give it a proper lookover, an any other damage I'll patch an have it back on ye bunk in a couple hours after tha." He nods. "gotta preserve these things long as ye can, I get it, sir."

Phin grins. This is clearly a momento that means a lot to him, though he's trying not to get too sniffly about it. "Thanks. I'll give you something in trade for the work. You smoke? I win cigarettes sometimes in Triad. I don't, personally, but they're good for trading. If not that, maybe drink tokens for Charlie's or something?"

Lifting his drink a moment, Toby tilts it briefly to Leightner to salute his promise. Good on that man. Leaning back in his chair a little he glances back to Phin again, eying the pilot a moment before finally reaffirming "we'll get 'em."

Leightner smiles as he thinks, tilting his head slightly, then smiles, "Tell ye whot, I'd like ta make a purchase through tha Logistics offics but I need an Officers signature fer authorization." He smiles at Phin, "A moment wit a pen an is square, how's tha?" He says, "I'll let ye review tha purchase course, I located it just need transfer authorization. Wartime protocols."

Phin looks very, very curious about that. "I can probably help you out. As long as it's not anything banned, or too restricted. Like, no drugs, no girls in boxes, stuff like that." His grin crooks, to make it clear that was a joke. He doesn't really think Leightner is dealing in those things. But, he will check.

Now it would seem that Toby is curious about just what Leightner is wanting. At the comment about girls in boxes, and since the tone has lightened, he quips, "I don't know McBride, might mean those of us who bunk near Cruz could finally get some sleep."

Leightner chuckles, shaking his head, "Nono, I've tracked down a case of.." He looks around, "If Fox knew." He mutters, then leans in, "Wine." He whispers, "I located a case of Leightner Wine, me familys vintage, from Virgon." He gestures. Since there IS no Virgon anymore, it's a find. "Transfer authorization is whots keepin me from buyin it."

"Oh." Phin's eyes kind of light at this. "Oh, yeah. No problem. I can definitely sign off on that. Just have the form with you when I drop my shirt off, and I can get it done today. And I won't spread it around that you've found some." Liquor not made in somebody's back room is getting to be a hot commodity. "Your family made wine, huh? Wow. That must've been a pretty cool way to grow up, out in the country with the fields and everything. The Pyramid team was, like, the only thing Argentum Bay had going for it. But people really got into it in years where they made a deep run into the play-offs."

"Wine eh?" Toby replies sounding mildly surprised, "wouldn't have pictured you as the sort." He nods as Phin promises secrecy, adding himself into the promise as well. "How'd you find it?" he asks the corpsman, "I mean, it's not like there are proper markets and such any more."

Leightner nods, "Aye, vineyard. Fun as a teenager, I been drinkin wince since six." He looks to Toby and nods, "wit Virgon gone, whots left has become kinda collectable, people talk, an a fleet has lotsa shuttle pilots." He sighs, "I got wine down on Piraeus, but tha takes time, an it's me doin tha makin, this is prewar '86, I know tha year, quite nice." He grins, "Excellent, an I promise ye'll be pressed ta find tha seam in yer shirt."

"Cool," Phin says firmly, putting down his fork so he can extend a hand to Leightner across the table. To shake on this deal. "At least you remember how to make it. So part of it can keep going, even if it's never going to be the same." To Toby, "I hear there's more bartering going on now that there are more civvies on Piraeus. I still haven't tried to buy much through that kind of market, though."

"Ah, good old scuttlebutt," Toby replies with a slow nod, "got to love it." Then to Phin he nods again. "Yeah, very much so. Ain't much use for cash down there so save those fags. I recommend taking a stroll round though, even if you can't think of anything you want before hand. Lots of all sorts down there, likely surprise you I reckon." Leightner though he knows has been, so he looks to the corpsman for his confirmation.

Leightner reaches across, shaking firmly, and nods, smiling, "Done and done." He says with a grin and nods to Toby, "Absolutely, this is tha kinda market that grows, more people know about it, so have a look." He looks to Toby, "Once me wines bottled an ready tha market'll feel it, bloodapple wine, see if it's nice." He looks back to Phin, "Lotsa indigenious stuff, somma tha local candies are nice, an black deer jerky."

"Yeah, Pireaus has tons of local plants. It's winter the settlement is now, but I've heard there are tropical regions, where I bet you could find even more fruits and greens. Long as you knew what was poisonous and what wasn't." Phin seems content enough to put away his Fleet-issue grub, though. He's nearly cleaned his plate, and is washing down his meal with what's left of his soda. "Anyway, thanks again, Petty Officer. I've got to jet, but I'll see you later to deal."

"Sure you'll get something interesting for it," Toby replies with a grin to Leightner. "Most of whats there now booze wise is pretty rough, but the good stuff takes time I guess." The pilot gets a nod as he makes to depart then adds, "I'll take a squint at your bird when I get back on deck, let you know how it looks."

Leightner nods to Phin turning his attention more fully to his meal, eating for fuel now, just as upbeat as can be. He nods to Tobym swallowing, "Aye, takes time which is why we jus keep makin it, staggerin batches, but thas a bit much fer whot we can do now. Thinkin o retirin, orchard on Piraeus, make wine." He nods.

"I wouldn't mind settling on Piraeus if this war's ever over," Phin says. "Build a cabin by the lake or something. That's not really something that's worth thinking too much about now, though. Later, guys." And with that, off he goes.

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