AWD #041: Mess Hall Musings
Mess Hall Musings 02-16-05
Summary: Highlights Include: Flirty Centerfold. Flirty Shoes. Releasing the Storm. Discussions of a New Raptor Lead. Sparring vs. Linen Closets.
Date: 16 February 2013 (OOC Date)
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Mess Hall - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
It's the Messhall, a lot happens here.
16 February 2013

Chow time brought Zachary down early in the morning. Did he actually ever sleep? Noone's for sure as he never made it to his bunk. Shortly after arriving for breakfast, he was joined by Maia, who is now sitting at his side, the two of them enjoying their meals and Zachary tugs on his coffee. "Okay, so why my callsign changed?" he asks her. "I guess Pie was too simple." he shrugs.

"So, there's this guy we're going after, Janitor, right." he says, "He's one of those serious sometimes but likes to have fun types. He's reading all the things I've been saying to Milkshake about how if she wants to have fun, that's fine, I just don't want the forums copy in the billets and he says, 'Awww, come on, Sheperd, us unmarried types need inspiration, stop being such a Buzzkill!'" And the CAG starts to laugh. "And it apparently stuck and ursurped my old callsign.

So maybe Maia is sitting a little too close but when she talks to someone she likes to be able to hear what they are saying. It's as good an excuse as any, so today she's adopted it. Mostly her meal is untouched but she is nursing that coffee, hands wrapped around the cup drawing the warmth from it. It looks like she's having a good time, her whole demeanor emanates laughter and mischief. "It's a good a name as any, I suppose, but I've always known you as Pie." The blonde waggles her eyebrows, "For more reasons than one."

"Well, you can call me Pie if you want." Zachary points out. "But it'll cause some confusion on the comms. I still have a few folks that call me that from time to time. You know folks are going to try to shorten your callsign back to 'Miss May', right?" he asks her. Apparently if she's in his personal airspace, it's not showing as he takes another bite of the omelette he prepared. "You know, if you're not going to eat yours, I'm still hungry. Anyway.. any questions you have about the others in our squadron? I don't have the skinny on everyone yet, but I can give you some ideas."

"Or Miss May Not, depending on the hott factor." Maia counters right back with a confident smile, cutting into the omelet finally, "I'm eating, I'm eating. Someone lied to me and said breakfast was the most important meal of the day. It was obviously someone who hadn't eaten in a mess hall before." taking the bite. her eyes widen in surprise and after she swallows she grins. "Damn, you've got skills." Course he cooked the omelet, right? "Yeah can you just give me a general update on the pilots? Who is good, who likes to show boat? Anything you have to share with me."

The advantages of catching the CAG before he sits down to chow. When he has the time, he cooks for himself. And when he cooks for himself, he tends to share. "Well.. Milkshake is a solid ECO, if a little flirty and blunt to a point. Butch, I'm not sure, she seemed solid, but I don't know what she's ill with. Dub and Booboo. Booboo is my usual ECO and he's a solid backseater. Dub, I haven't had a chance to fly with yet, but he's my backup when I need time away. They're getting married sooner or later." he shrugs.

"Buttons is my technical person. Talks games all the time, if you want his attention, that's the way to grab it. Stand-Up? Quote one of his old movies to him when he was a kid. Drives him nuts." he chuckles. "There's a few other in the Raptors.. want me to go over to the Viper side of it?"

Making mental notes of everyone mentioned, Maia smirks at the mention of Stand-up. "I call Stand-up, Superstar. He told me about his history the first time we met, about his mom and dad and sister, and his past." Digging into her omelet, she's definitely enjoying it and she nudges his arm with hers, "You'd make some woman a good wife someday." An old tease between them, she knew he was married and she respected it. Still, the whole gave your heart not your eyes concept she firmly believes in and she doesn't mind looking at the CAG. Eye candy. "The Viper side, yeah let's go there."

"I'll make sure that the gal I'm living in sin with knows that." Zachary responds easily enough, a chuckle as he uses a biscuit to sop up the leftovers of his omelette. "Janitor, our missing lead is a good man. Married, but actually knows how to live? Unlike certain Squadron Leads if you listen to certain pilots about it." he comments as he continues, "Storm is his backup. Used to be an instructor, has a good head on his shoulders, I'm trying to ease him back into command, but like me, he has to be ground in sometimes. Redux? She keeps getting shot in her left hand. I want to call her Southpaw, but she's from Virgon and I've seen the mountain she's marrying and I am not getting on that bad side."

"Shoes - she's a sweet gal. She worried about things too much, I think once she gets in some combat missions, she'll calm down more. Dolly is young but a quick study. Him and Milkshake are thick as thieves. Punchdrunk is a newbie. He was over on the 'Valkyrie' when the Cylons attacked. Spent twenty days in a meatlocker on a dead cruise liner before rescue. But his scores are solid and I have faith in him." As usual, not gossippy, just enough information to give hooks for social interaction, but sticks to the business side.

"So there are other reasons for the whole Buzzkill thing. I knew it." Maia is sitting beside Zachary having breakfast. Omelets and biscuits special made by the CAG. The subject of the conversation? Pilots, of course. "Yeah, yeah. We all know how happily married you are. Good stuff, inspirational if you know what I mean. Least someone can make it work out." She isn't being so serious, just keeping the slightly teasing banter going. While he talks, she finishes her food, pushing the plate a short distance away to focus on her coffee. Each name mentioned gets a slight nod, but she's taking mental notes. "Sounds like a solid crew."

"I don't flaunt the marriage." Zachary says, suddenly serious. Maia unintentionally hit a nerve and the CAG stiffens in his seat. "I know how hard it is for everyone that lost love ones in those first days and I count my blessings every day that I have Eden here, even with her current hardships with her pregnancy." he frowns severly, but as quick as it came, he washes it off, grabbing a bottle of water for a good long drink. But his whole demeanor is just as quick back to the severe and studious CAG. She stepped in it and it squished between her toes.

Coming in for some breakfast would be none other than Luc, although already as he enters he is already chewing on something. Seemingly fresh and having already done his morning routine and has showered. Eyes do spot Maia and Zachary and he offers a nod their way. Though continuing on to get some bread before moving over to them. "Hey there." He says with a smile.

A cluster of orange-clad knuckledraggers enters the mess, chattering as they run in for a quick bite before their shift. Following a few moments behind them is a blues-clad captain, flight wings gleaming on the jacket of his uniform. Holtz is still shaking a bit of sleepiness from his eyes as he bypasses the chow line, heading instead to where the coffee pots and hot water are kept. Black-gloved hands quickly prepare a cup of tea, and with hot beverage in one hand and a folder tucked into the other, he turns around and looks for an empty place to sit.

"Yeah, I don't flaunt mine either." Maia returns just as deadpan. "Because it doesn't exist." Hands tighten around her coffee cup and she regards him with a tightening in her jaw, blue eyes flashing fire.. but only briefly before she forces herself to lose the sudden rush of anger. And it does slip off her, by degrees, her jaw loosening, her hands slowly relaxing, her posture not so stiff. "My saying that you have a good marriage wasn't an accusation, no matter what you think I said. Sir." The last word almost grudgingly given. Just then though, Luc joins and she turns her attention to her own personal issue. "Crater." With an accompanying nod, she motions towards the chair across. Hearing the group enter, she glances their way but her attention quickly comes back to the table, mostly on the CAG.

Whatever thoughts may be on the CAG's mind are dismissed as Luc shows up. "Crater, morning.. have you had a chance to talk to your Squad Lead yet?" he asks. And just as if Zachary was a wizard, he casts summon Storm and there he is. Lifting two fingers to his lips, he blows a sharp whistle. "Storm! Over here!" he beckons the Viper Pro Temp over. "You're harder to catch than syphllis at a monestary."

Luc smiles to them both and sits down at the offered chair. "Not yet sir." He says and then turning towards the person that Zachary had called out for. Smiling and offering a nod to the man, if he decides to come over that is. Maia is then given a smile and nod as well, "Maia." He offers before focusing on the two men. While eating on his bread.

Holtz' head snaps up at the sound of his name being called, and he manages a grunt of acknowledgement as he changes course towards Zachary. "Some'd call that a blessing, Major," he deadpans with a quirk of the mouth as he takes a sip from his still-steaming mug. "What's up, boss?" There's a curious look at Luc and Maia, and he offers brusque nods to the lieutenants, but for the moment he's mostly focused on the CAG.

"This is Crater and Centerfold. She's a Raptor pilot, he's one of your new fish. Transferred over from the Hadescats to us." Zachary offers. "Okay, so I couple of missions for you, Storm. You want the long term one or the short term one first?" he asks the Viper lead over his coffee cup.

And that would be that. Maia gathers the remainder of her breakfast fodder, utensil, plate, coffee cup, "Thanks for breakfast." The murmured words meant for the CAG, though being directly addressed from Luc she forces her attention there. "How's it going?" Casual right? She can do casual. Hearing her callsign, the blonde looks up, offers a quick wink and nod, "Nice meeting you, Storm." Though she won't interrupt the instructions from Zachary.

Cassie comes in and just in time as her stomach issues a low growl, the sign that it has probably been entirely too long since she last ate something. A beeline is made to where food can be found and a tray's taken in hand, the pilot entirely too focused on getting breakfast to notice anyone or any tension that's floating in the air. Newp. She's blisfully ignorant.

"More fresh meat?" At the description of Luc, Storm gives the man a second look, eyes measuring. "And you… Centerfold." Holtz' brow raises slightly as he says Maia's callsign. "Bet there's a good story behind that one, yeah?" He snorts before turning back to Zachary, slipping down in a seat next to the CAG's. "Better get the short one out of the way first," he muses as he takes a drink of his tea.

Luc looks to Holtz and will greet him first as he says, "Good to meet you, sir. Jusst call for me for anything if you need me." Always eager to do something after all. Flying being on top of that list. Hearing Maia's callsign makes him grin though. Letting the two talk and only occasionally loking to Maia. Though at her question, he does offer a smile as he nods. "It's going alright. I still need a rematch though. You only got lucky last time." He tells her with a grin. "How has it been going for you?" Keeping the conversation kind enough perhaps. Though as Cassie arrives he does glance over towards her. Perhaps trying to find something to hide behind. "Hiya Shoes."

"We're going to go get your old boss back. In a little over 48 hours. And I plan on putting some hurt on those frakking AA batteries while we're at it." Zachary says to Holtz. "We're taking a curiser with us, and this time, we're not unprepared. You game?" he asks the squadron lead.

Taking that as a compliment, Maia gives him a measured look, a quick flash of a grin bordering on cocky. "It's a story for the books. Or magazines." Yeah, something like that. Relaxing in her seat in a deceptively casual pose, forearms resting on the table as vivid blue eyes regard the new Viper pilot, she laughs as he mentions the rematch. "I'm great, thanks. Never better." Regarding the rematch, she smirks. "Never could hold your own in a spar, right? You up for it later today then?"

Holtz leans forward, his expression sharpening as Zachary describes the first mission he's got planned. His mug of tea clacks against the table as he puts it down and nods at Zachary with a predatory glint in his eye. "Bet your ass I'm game. Sir." The CAG's got his undivided attention, so much so that the new arrival isn't immediately noticed. "Hell, whole damn squad'll be bangin' on my door to sign up for that one." Storm smirks.

"Good, good." Comes Luc's reply to Maia. Listening to the others and chewing on his bread. Letting his eyes look around quite a lot it seems. He does look calm and casual though. Only perhaps slightly bored. "You seem happy this morning." He offers to Cassie before hearing the words on the rematch from Maia and it causes him to grin at her. "Oh, you know I almost beat you." He says, sounding a bit playful though. "I could do it any time, as long as I am not needed." Looking over to Holtz and Zachary at that before looking back to Maia. "Even now. Unless you are nervous." Teasing her a bit. Grinning at Holtz' last, "Indeed. Just give me a time and I will be flying." He says and winks to the commanding officers.

"Good. I'm tired of the shit, Storm." See what he did there? "..we're going to lay a hurt on them they won't soon forget." Zachary has finally had enough. Be happy, he's cutting the leash and damning the torpedoes. "When we're done with that, the boys that handled the Delta recon picked up a beacon of sometype. There's been discussion of using Vipers in the Asteroid belts for recon. I want you or Redux on that as lead to start knocking those things out. Six days." It's the CAG's new motto. "It was six days between the time we reconned Hibernia and the time that over 1000 sould just.. disappeared that could have been saved after warday. We will not let the chance slip through our fingers again. Get signups for both, let me know what our strength is - if you want a Raptor pilot on board, ask Maia here." he comments. "She's a good one, served in the Tophatters with me."

Hearing the two talking, Zachary and Holtz, Maia stops the banter with Luc and focuses on hearing the others. She's game, but she'd already told the CAG that late last night. Or was it this morning early? Leaning forward some, she hears it all out, nodding at the mention of her name. "I'm in when or if you need me, Storm." A quick glance is given back to Luc along with a lift of her shoulder. "If I can find the time, we can." And that's all she has to say about that for now.

"Finally got a good night's sleep so am feeling better," comes an easily given answer from the brunette, Cassie definitely looking better than most anyone has seen her in the past few days. Her fork is speared into the eggs that dominates the larger section of her tray, that first bite eaten with relish before she grins. "Hey, Luc, you know…" A hand comes out and is rested casually on his arm, her eyes brightening a bit more. "If you'd like we could spar sometime." The touch ends as soon as it was made with and she's back to eating. "So how's everyone," she asks then, her pleasant demeanor bleeding through.

"Music to my frakkin' ear, sir." Holtz says emphatically as a black-gloved fist raps dully against the table. "Any chance we get to give the Cylons one in the teeth." A look over at Luc, and a thin smile cuts across his face. "Yeah, Crater. You and the rest'll get the word about thirty seconds after I do." The Viper captain then inclines his head to Maia. "We're still down a bit, but with Redux back in action and these new replacements you dug up for me… strengthwise, we're actually not half bad. Better'n a couple weeks ago, believe that." He shrugs as he speaks to Zachary once more. "Maybe not quite where I'd like, but better." There's a pause as he considers the mission. "Yeah, I got the memo. Three Vipers and a Pred. Figure I'll be draggin' my usual wingman along, and if Centerfold here can handle a Pred, looks like I just need another stick jockey and a bear for that one." Then he finally hears Cassie. "Mornin', Shoes."

Luc chuckles and nods, "You look much better now that you did get some sleep." He tells Cassie. Feeling her hand on his arm. Grinning a bit, "That sounds nice. Do be prepared to have a rough going though." Hard to say if he was just being honest or if he did add in a flirt to his words. As for Holtz words he smiles and nods, "Sounds good, I suppose, sir."

"In a perfect world, I'd be able to stick my dick up in that myself, Holtz." Zachary lets out a sigh. "Whole reason I'm digging up replacements is because the TACCO thinks that having two birds shot to Hades under me is two too many and doesn't want to have to train another CAG." There's a laugh. "I'm flying the rescue bird for the pick up though while you deal with the AA surpression." he comments at that and looks around the table. "Apparently there's more pent-up frustration then I realized. Everyone know where the linen closets are, right? I'm sure there's maps available." An eyeroll at that, before he continues. "Morning, Cassiopeia. Finally. I'm trying to get out of Raptor lead and I want to put the suggestion on the table of grabbing one of your mess of Captains to make the Raptor lead once he or she trains over. Dub would be my choice, but with his marrying an ECO, that don't fly. Redux would be my next choice. She's gotten hurt a couple of times in a Viper and I know she's itching to put some hurt on. But do you mind if I swing the idea to her or Cole when he gets back?" he suggests.

"You give me a stick, I can control it. Sir." Maia smirks at the overused innuendo, but enjoys it all the same. Shoes gets her attention now as she talks and a friendly smile is given to the pilot. "Nice meeting you, shoes. I'm Maia Kane." Since Luc has found a sparring partner, she leaves them to it, if she notices the hand on the arm, she doesn't say, nor does it seem to bother her.

"Good thing I'm not a Captain. Knowing my luck you'd stick my ass in that position just to be spitful." Her joke made, Shoes ponders the names spoken by Zach, her mood sombering slightly. "I'd say pick Redux," she utters as if her opinion was asked for. "She's got the balls and the fire in her gut. Will be sad to see her in anything but a Viper but hey. She's definitely the best man for the job, in my opinion." Maia's nodded to and she smiles. "Nice to meet you too." Leaning away from her tray, she looks at Holts and waves her fork at him. "I want in on the mission, by the way, sir." The subject of sparring's left be for now.

Holtz laughs wickedly at Zachary's crack about the linen closets. "No worries on that score, Major." Score, get it? He doesn't clarify any further, even if his activities involving said closets and a certain ECO probably aren't among the wing's better kept secrets. "Not that anyone asked, Shoes," Holtz says wryly, "but I'd probably agree." There's a pause as he inclines his head. "You want a spot, you got it. Lookin' to make it one hell of a party." After a pause, Storm smirks in Zachary's direction. "See what I meant, sir?" Referring to his earlier comment about people banging down his door for a spot on the rescue mission. Check it out, he's got two volunteers already.

Luc nods and has already made it clear enough that he will be doing whatever is needed and seemingly eager to do so. Though a deep nod is added after Cassie's words to further show that he wish to do so. Offering a grin at the playful words from Maia though not saying much about it. Seemingly ignore both women then to listen to the words spoken of the mission. Though he does add, "Just put me up for any of it. Parties can be quite fun." He says with an almost stupid looking grin.

"Thank you for the advisement, Shoes, even if your ass would be cute in a Raptor chair." Zachary says easily enough as he finishes off his water. "I think that's good enough to go for now. Anything I need to address or worry about, Storm?"

"Just get with me on the particulars and I'm down for anything." Rising now, Maia collects her tray of stuff. "I've got to get going for now. I'll look forward to hearing more about it." Going to dispose of her tray now. she'll just head out right after.

Storm stands, picking up his tea and the folder he'd brought with him. "Dolly still wants the MPs gone," he cracks with a sardonic smile, "but I'll just tell him he has to wait out the two weeks." He shakes his head. "Nothin' I can think of, sir. But I'll let you know, yeah?" With that, he nods to the gathering and heads towards the hatch a few steps in Maia's wake.

Cassie glances quickly at Zach, her expression a bit amused. "You would not want me in a Raptor. I'd get bored." Not exactly the nicest thing to admit to but she's not going to gloss over the truth just to make herself look good. With everyone leaving she raises a fork, using it to toss a jaunty salute to Holtz and to wave to Maia. "Well, looks like we really know how to clear a room," she quips, chuckling.

Luc listens quietly. Trying to figure out what exactly they are talking about as perhaps he has not been keeping up with all yet. Still trying to figure out this squadron. Following Cassie's gestures as he offers a small wave to Maia before saluting Holtz, "Until later." He offers and raises a brow at Zach's words. Not asking anything though. Finishing his bread finally. "So, Shoes, wanted to do that spar now?" He asks, perhaps being bored. A glance to Zachary as well, to see what the CAG will do, since he would probably be free to join them. If they even leave that is.

"Hope you nail 'em to the frakkin' wall." A sudden flash of anger flashes across Storm's face at the mention of the deckhands. He clears his throat and takes a long pull from his now-sufficiently cool cup of tea before turning back for the hatch, not embarrassed by the sudden outburst but not emphasizing it either. An informal two-fingered salute is thrown in the general direction of the table where the pilots had gathered, and then he turns and ducks through the exit.

"It's the oak leaves." Zachary says, tapping his rank tabs. "It's like catnip. Brings them in for the questions and once they're done with me, wander off, leaving me all unsatisified. Such a sad life." he quips as he chuckles towards Luc and Cassie. "Oh no, I wouldn't want to interupt anyone's 'spar'. You two have fun."

Luc is eyed for a second before Cassie shakes her head, grinning. "I'm still eating but I'll get with you later for the match," she promises. The juice is pushed away as she starts to tuck into her food, Zach given a look as she does. "I like the oak leaves, myself," she comments easily.

Luc ahs and nods, "No worries, we can have that spar whenever." He tells her and shrugs about the oak leaves. "Well, either way I will just keep myself busy until then, Shoes." Glancing between both before shrugging, "For now I'll just go and have some fun." Using his hands as to simulate playing a game.

"Are you miming playing a game or playing with yourself?" Zachary asks in mild confusion at the hand gestures. "…oh don't let me keep you both, Shoes, I'll be down sooner or later. I promised Eden a phone call this morning."

"I got a few things to do first but I'll catch you guys in a bit. Luc, meet me in the gym in a few hours, alright." Cassie's breakfast is finished and she stands, her glass of juice drained before it's set atop the emtpy food vessel. "Thanks for the company this morning, guys. Always appreciated."

"And I should make that phone call. I will see you all later." Zachary says as he rises to his feet to deposit his tray and wander off towards the hatch.

Luc chuckles about the hand gesture, "I'd leave that to you to guess." He tells Zachary before rising as well. "Understood. See you both later." He offers and heads off, waving as he leaves.

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