AWD #464: Mess Hall Mess
Mess Hall Mess
Summary: Wherein a group of Marines meet Jaxon and have a clash in opinions, and discuss the benefits of camping.
Date: 09/29/2016
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Mess Hall
The Crew Mess on the battlestar is one of the larger rooms meant for occupation. The room is far longer than it is wide with the classic stainless steel tables that can be seen anywhere else on the ship, standard to all navy ships. Most of the chairs match, their padding on the seats worn down after several years. Towards the rear of the room is the food prep area and serving lines. During the time in between meals the Mess will serve midrats, or 'mid-shift rations', such as sandwiches and drinks. Coffee pots are left to run at all hours to keep people going as needed.
Apr 15 2006 AWD #464

<FS3> Kapali rolls Body: Success..

Balance a tray on the flat of one hand, the tray held just at shoulder height and laden with a plate holding some samples from the evenings fare, and (of course) the ever present bowl of Red jello, Kapali is returning from a visit to the chow line and the coffee urns to take a seat at the first open table with some chairs. The tray slid onto the table top with skill, the surface of the coffee only barely disturbed in the process. Dropping into the empty chair, Kapali unburdens the tray, stows the tray on an empty chair, and unwraps the film covering the jello square before doing anything else.

Balance a tray on the flat of one hand, the tray held just at shoulder height and laden with a plate holding some samples from the evenings fare, and (of course) the ever present bowl of Red jello, Kapali is returning from a visit to the chow line and the coffee urns to take a seat at the first open table with some chairs. The tray slid onto the table top with skill, the surface of the coffee only barely disturbed in the process. Dropping into the empty chair, Kapali unburdens the tray, stows the tray on an empty chair, and unwraps the film covering the jello square before doing anything else.

New to the Orion, Jaxon is still learning his way around, but eventually finds his way to the mess. The intelligence officer moves through the chow line, eyeing the food that's offered. "Not much different that the Harbor." he admits. "Except they have the Blue geliatin." he says mainly to himself as he takes up the tray and looks for a mostly empty table to sit at. Perferrably near the back of the Mess. It just happens he finds the same table that Kapali does and moves to make a seat. He offers a smile, his teeth still clean and white in contrast to his scarred features.

Using the edge of the spoon to cut into the jiggly jello square, Kapali glances up at the new arrival at the table, scooting the cup of coffee clear to her plate as she does so. The look on her face turns to a blink of surprise then one of frank, albeit quiet, assessment, the young EOD marine casting a slow look over the petty officer. "I don't think we've met," she says as she leans forward and offers a hand across the table. "Kapali, Corporal, EOD," she offers with the hand. "Coffee is always a safe bet, don't bet on the tea you get in the little packets, the non dairy creamer is really soybean juice, so avoid that at all costs, and mid rats can be awesome."

Reaching across with his own ruined hand, it's obvious that his arms are just as bad off as his face as Jaxon accepts the hand and shakes it. "Petty Officer Two Swick, Tactical." he offers to the young woman before he chuckles. "I was in Blackjack before coming here, so I know all about what to avoid." he promises with a grin. "Difference is, you have honest to goodness sugar packets here. We were on artifical stuff long ago."

Gray turns up at the mess and slides into the chow line as well. He gets a plate of…well, whatever the food-like items being served today are…and makes his way to the table everyone else is sitting at. "Room for one more?" he asks, glancing around for a slot to slide in.

Angelis comes bouncing into the mess, as usual looking really quite pleased with herself about something. Apparently she's coming from the showers, her freshly braided hair is still damp, ponytail curling a little at the ends as her hair dries. Hands shunted down into pockets, she heads toward the food, getting in line to make her selections. Fortunately it's not too busy, so she gets through the line quickly and soon her tray is laden with a little bit of everything, though she /does/ forgo the jello. Apparently not a fan. Next stop, the coffee urns where she gets herself a cup, generous with the sugar and cream. And then it's time to find somewhere to sit. Spotting Kapali, Tabi makes her way over.

The handshake that Kapali offers is both calm and firm, a wry smile forming on her face, "I'm half convinced that it's the fake sugar that'll really kill us all, in the long run. Thankfully, it just pares years off the ends of our lives, instead of the middle," she notes before she releases his hand and looks up, nodding at the lance corporal, sliding her stuff closer to her on the table, making more room. "Sure, grab a chair," she offers and waits until he does so before offering a hand forward again, "Corporal Kapali, EOD," in introduction. "Two new faces for my day, excellent," she notes with a grin and waves her free hand to Tabi, inviting her over with that wave.

Kapa gets first introductions, though Jaxon offers a nod of his scarred and bald head. "Everyone around here is going to be a new face to me, Corporal." he says with a smirk. "…Petty Officer Two Swick, Tactical." he offers after she does as the intelligence officer starts to poke at what he thinks is a salisbury steak.

Arriving at the table just in time to hear Swick's introduction, Angelis claims a seat beside Kapali, leaning over to shoulder-bump the other woman, a friendly greeting as a curious look settles on new face at the table. "Hi… hey! Lance Corporal Tabi Angelis." Her nimble fingers begin rearranging the rather large amount of food on her tray, setting the coffee within easy reach before holding out a hand, "You're new? Where'd you transfer from? I'm new too. Sort of. I came up from Aerilon. There's more food here. And it's pretty good, too!" Clearly the Rifleman doesn't have very high standards when it comes to food. It's all about the quantity, rather than the quality.

Gray pulls a chair up and slides in next to Kapali, accepting the handshake. "Lance Corporal Gray Anderson. Heavy weapons. And…everyone here is pretty new to me, too." Glancing at his tray, he picks at some of his food with a vague sense of interest…somehow he's not starving at the momemnt, even if he /is/ going to eat it. As the topic turns to previous deployments, Gray chimes in. "I'm originally from Scorpia but my last deployment was Picon."

"Tactical, hm?" Kapali wonders, getting a slightly speculative look in her eyes. "Don't tell me you're one of the bean counters who decides where we go and why?" she wonders as she shoulder-bumps the Empress in return with a grin. "Careful Tabi, some of that food might come back to haunt you a lot faster than you'd think," she warns with a grin after shaking hands with Anderson. "So," free hand gesturing, "Anderson, Angelis, Swick, and I'm Kapali, I'll be your cruise director.." she adds with a brief eyebrow wobble. "Like I said, stay away from the non dairy creamer, that's my only advice so far. I'm from Caprica, originally, been here for more than a year now."

"Transferred over from the /Black Harbor/." One of the Super Dreadnoughts that blew the hell out of the Basestars over Picon. Jaxon shakes his head with a snort. "Naw, that ain't my place, Corporal. I'm one of the nuts they drop in front of a computer screen and ask to figure out what the canners are telling each other and how to frak their days up in their own language." he says to her as he picks at the food. "Good to meet you all." he gives Tabi's gand a shake, then Gray's. "Canceron, originally." he offers as he picks at the meat patty. "This may be more undercooked than I am."

"Anderson, Angelis, Swick, and Kapali. I swear I heard an advert for a law firm named that growing up." Gray smirks at that. "Non-dairy dairy stuff is always shit. Always has been. Trust the Fleet to make straight black coffee the /better/ option. But thanks for the warning." He glances to Jaxon as he pokes at the patty. "Oh, don't worry…there's probably enough preservatives in there to enbalm someone. Should be safe enough to eat."

"Pft… how's it going to haunt me? This is a snack.. I'll be back for mid-rats." And she probably will. Tabi gives Kapali a grin, "Just remember, madam cruise director, I'm still Queen of the Boat…" Until someone knocks her from her throne, at any rate. "Gemenon here, and eat up Swick, it's good for you." Maybe. Angelis grins, shaking her head, "Man… the food is /great/. There's lots of it." And with that, she piles into her food, scooping the whole lot of it into a big old mess in the middle of her plate, then taking a huge mouthful. It's probably enough to put most well bred people off. This marine, at any rate, looks happier than a pig in mud as she looks around the mess, watching folk coming and going.

Randy rolls in with her greens still on from being on duty. Her hair is tied back in a ponytail. The first place she heads is the coffee station. She grabs a mug, pours, and doctors before grabbing a tray and getting in line. While waiting, she blows across the surface of her coffee.

"Didn't say I wasn't gonna eat it." Jaxon says with a laugh as he looks towards Tabiatha. "Though if I'm going to get cute women telling me eat, I'm all for it." he says, winking his good eye at Angelis before he digs in. "But with as much as you have, I'm sure you have plenty of ways to work it off."

Kapali flicks a look at Swick, "Undercooked?" she makes that a question, a slow smile forming on her face. "Alright, we'll stick with that," she agrees with a grin as scrapes the bowl of the last crumbs of jello and sets the empty bowl down and reaches for the main plate, scooting the food more toward the center of the plate so that it blends together then grins at Anderson. "A.A.S.K. would look pretty spiffy on some business cards. Plus, enough fire power concealed in each office to get our point across," there's that grin again before she laughs at Gray. "Yeah. Good point. But no one makes coffee like the navy mess," she concedes before casting another sidelong look at Tabi. "Of course, your majesty," she tips her head in a nod. "You do have a point, there is plenty of it. Plus we get fresh food from Piraeus, so there is that. Alien microbes, for the win," that quick flash of a grin again.

"Yeah, either that or y'all just doesn't like your steak rare…though I'll give you that about their coffee…it /is/ good black." Gray begins munching on his food, coming to the conclusion that it isn't actually raw enough to try and kill him, but between bites does manage to keep up the conversation. "Yeah…'Your Honor, I object.' 'On what grounds?'" He makes a show of 'hefting' a weapon onto the table. "'My anti-tank gun, your honor.' 'Sustained.'"

Pausing in the process of devouring the mess of food on her plate, Angelis shakes her head, "Nah… I'm not smart enough to do law stuff. If they're bad, kill them. If they're not, then let 'em go. Either they'll frak up down the line and I'll get to kill them anyway, or they won't and everything'll be fine." After dropping that little gem, Tabi goes back to eating like there's no tomorrow.

"That might.. might be construed as tampering with the jury or something like that," Kapali suggests with a laugh, "though I find I can stand to see more of that in court rooms. Last time I had to appear in court it was traffic court and I gotta say, if I could've shot my way out it would've been less painful." She combines the vegetables into the mashed imitation potatoes and dices up bits of the salisbury steak and makes a heap on top of the mess of fake spuds and steamed overly cooked vegetables. "I like that mentality," she aims a sidelong look at Tabi. "I don't believe that, but we'll pretend like we do," she says with a wink.

"We could have a cool tagline, like AASK for help." Jaxon says and smirks. "I'll be the hacker behind the scenes, digging up dirt on our opponents." he says as he continues to eat.

Randy sets her coffee down when it's time to load up her plate. She steps away from the line to look for familiar faces and finds a glob of Marines soon enough along with some Navy guy she's never seen. From afar she watches the group for a moment before someone mutters a comment behind her. Just as good a time as ever to head over and flop down at the edge of the group.

"I like that…" he says to Jax. "Or…'When you need to send in the big guns…'" he snickers at the idea of a law firm advertising itself with an anti-tank rifle and some machine guns in hand. "Oh, hey…" he says as Randy heads over, gesturing to offer her a space at the table. "Pull up a chair, the water's fine…and let me see if I can mangle any more metaphors."

Angelis shakes her head, she's got a mouthful of food, so she doesn't contribute to the conversation. Because food. She doesn't even try to smile at Randy, because that would be gross, but her eyes are smiling, and she releases her fork long enough to finger-wriggle a wave in the Sergeant's direction.

"Hey, we finally have our very own hacker to make it possible," Kapali says with a laugh before she toasts Jax with a lift of her coffee cup then aims a grin at Randy. " Hey Randy, this here is PO Swick," she waves one hand toward Jaxon then uses the same hand to wave to Gray, "and LC Anderson. We're forming a law firm, Swick's gonna be our official hacker, her majesty is going to be our official kill switch specialist, Anderson is our muscle and I'm the cruise director."

"So what's the story on the Majesty bit? You some Virgon royalty or something?" Jaxon asks, lifting his good brow at Tabitha as he continues to eat, and looks around the table. He's being a little bit more guarded for the moment, a nod to the little EOD sergeant offered.

As soon as she sits down, Randy digs right in. Between bites, "I know Anderson. I was his welcome party," She lifts a hand to wave vaguely at those at the table without looking up from her food. "Sounds brilliant," she says to the general noise coming in her direction before she reaches for a spoon and twirls it around in her coffee. The creamer blooms out into the rest of the cup making the coffee some kind of color between caramel and milk. After taking a sip, she looks down towards Jaxon and says, "Welcome aboard."

Virgon? That makes Angelis blink, and she almost looks quite offended for a minute. At least she waits to swallow her food before replying, "I'm from Gemenon." She does have a fairly thick accent to go with it. "We went on a fishing trip and I was the only person not to fall overboard, though the boys did try." A sidelong look goes to Randy and Kapali, "They were too busy trying to drown each other, or trying out an alternative form of fish-hunting, I'm not sure. But either way, I'm Queen of the Boat. Or Empress. I think Empress sounds quite good with my name." Since she's taken a pause in her eating, she reaches for her creamy, overly sweet coffee, taking a sip.

"That was drowning paired with alternative fish hunting," Kapali confirms with a solemn nod. "I did drop at least one fish down the back of her shirt," she says with a grin aimed at Randy.

"Yeah, Randy met me at the Raptor the other day when I came aboard. I wonder what she could do for the firm?" Gray dives into another bite of food. "So…/did/ they catch any fish, Empress Angelis?"

As the Marines converse amongst themselves, Jaxon seems to withdraw just a little, watching their interactions as he continues to eat the offered chow, thoughtfully stirring at the jello to fish out the pieces of fruit cocktail within it. Liberating each piece, he lines them up by type and shape before eating the jello itself first.

"It was the shorts," Randy adds to Kapali's testament of what happened. "And what actually happened was /I/ caught them with my shorts…with Pen's help." She lifts a serving of jello and passes it to Gray, "Can you get this to Kapali so she can remember her loyalty?"

"Ah… actually, it was down her shorts…" Angelis points out, a beat behind Randy, before peering down to Gray and giving a nod, "They did. They're actually pretty good. But it's not like, /real/ hunting, of course." Her eyes light up, "/That's/ what we should do next time.. go on a real hunt. There must be deer or something down there, right?" Tabi looks quite excited by the idea of that. "It's been so long since I went hunting. Mmm… there's nothing quite like the smell of fresh meat cooking over an open fire." A dreamy look comes over her face and she is soon staring off into space, probably thinking about killing things.

Kapali arches one eyebrow at Jax, watching as he extracts the pieces of fruit, the aligns them by type then shape. "I think the jello is trying to communicate with you via code," she muses before laughing at Randy then Angelis. "Red jello!" she carols this out with a laugh and wiggles her fingers in a 'gimme' gesture as she scrapes the plate with the edge of her spoon, having consumed as much of the mix as she's willing to at this point. "There's wolves and bears, I know that for sure."

Gray nods and slides the jello onwards to Kapali. "Here you go. So…let's see…code?" He taps the side of the jello a few times. "Hmm…E…A…T…" He furrows his brow in mock confusion. "…M…E. I guess the jello wants you to eat it?" Angelis' reminiscences about the meat trigger a slightly dreamy smile on his face. "You mean you actually managed to eat something that hadn't been processed six ways?" The idea seems almost absurd for the moment.

"We should be careful about the planet. Last time I talked to the ghost troop's Captain she got a little touchy on exploiting the planet's resources." Randy gestures with her spoon. "Who knows, maybe we should talk to her. Maybe she knows some good hunting grounds and would be willing to show us not how to be better than some dumb jar heads, respect the land, that sort of thing." She shrugs. "Better than invoking skinjob ghost wrath I suspect."

The mention of wolves and bears grab Angelis' attention like just about nothing else maybe good. "Really!? Her bright blues light up like somebody just offered her a lifetime of unlimited chocolate. There's a brief pause, head tilting at the excitment for the nasty jello, "If I'd known you liked it so much I'd have got my portion from the food line. Can't stand that stuff." Tabi actually shudders, pulling a face before going back to her food. Not that there's much left, she's made pretty good headway into the pile that was on her plate. Her gaze snaps to Gray, and after swallowing her mouthful she shakes her head, "Oh… not here. I hunted a lot back home on Gemenon. Kind of a family business. A good way to keep at least /some/ food on the table, too. But man… bear hunting… wolves. Now there's a challenge." Oh, someone is /so/ going to be dreaming of killing things tonight. She wrinkles her nose at Randy, "But I /am/ a dumb jarhead." One shoulder lifts in a shrug, "That's the good thing about growing up dirt poor, you learn how to literally use /everything/ and how preserve, because you know you're going to need it again."

"Just wanted it in order of how I wanted to eat it.." Jaxon says, starting on the grapes first. Once they're gone, the pears are next. Then as Randy speaks, he frowns as the skinjobs are brought up, a little tremble hitting his frame as he tilts his head to take a moment to bring himself under control.

Gray nods to Randy's suggestion. "I'd be down with that if the opportunity came up." Then he pauses in thought for a moment. "What're they like? The ghosts, I mean?" Given all that's hit him over the last few days the question seems natural enough. He catches Jax's tremble and gently arches an eyebrow…and then does his best to suppress the expression. He's guessing there's a story…and, if the last few years are any guess, it ain't a good one.

Further down from Jaxon, Randy doesn't seem to notice his discomfort as she plows on casually. "Not /our/ way, /their/ way," she points out, spoon of fake mash going one way, then the other to cause a dollop to land back on her plate. "They might have rituals or something," though the Sergeant doesn't really go into anymore details. No one's here to talk about rituals at the dinner table. She looks to Gray and shrugs, "The Captain is cryptic. I haven't talked to any of her troops, but she's solid." Wow is she a wellspring of information.

Angelis nods absently to Randy's comments on rituals. "Makes sense, as long as they don't mind me applying my own rituals, too." She might be staring off into space, but she's close enough to Jaxon to notice his reaction. A small frown creases her brow and she looks at him a moment, silently curious. Not about to press on something causing discomfort though. Going back to her food, Tabi drifts back into dreams of hunting and killing and all that good stuff while she flattens the remaining mess on her plate.

"/Frak/ their way." Jaxon finally says quietly. "The only thing they deserve is to be pumped for information, take what we need from them and figure out how to send them to their eternal reward." he hisses beneath his breath, apparently not a member of the Skinjob of the Month club. Mister June just didn't do it for him, no matter how hot Miss November is.

She might not be gushing information, but Gray does now have two bits of information he didn't have before. Thinking back to the other night at the bar with Knox, Jaxon gets a dirty look from Gray. "And what about those who are…I don't know…backing us up and fighting with us and bleeding with us? Huh?" Apparently Gray /is/ part of the Skinjob of the Month Club, even if he's not looking to join the 'member with benefits tier'…though he'd frankly count a good JTAC as a damned good benefit.

<FS3> Randy rolls Alertness-2: Good Success.

Randy pointedly shoves a too large bite in her mouth at Jaxon's words and stares at him from further on down the table. Chew. Chew. Chew. 'I'm looking at you,' she seems to say.

"I made an agreement with command when I got sent over from the Harbor. Those that work with the Fleet.. I'll just avoid as much as possible. I'm in Tatical, shouldn't be a big deal." Jaxon says as he plays with a peach before snapping it up into his mouth. "But it's cute that you said that, seeing as that Marine one.. the JTAC.. his brothers did this to me when they tried to blow the intelligence berthings up." he says, meeting Randy's look with an unblinking gaze. There's no flinch.

Angelis blinks at the vehemence in Jaxon's voice. "Whoa…" She murmers around a mouthful of food. Dropping her gaze, pulling herself out of her reverie of hunting day dreams, she focuses on devouring the remainder of her food, finally scraping her plate clean and pushing it aside. Reaching for her coffee and taking a sip. "I'm just saying… you can't blame Coop for what other's like him did. That's like saying… I dunno, all blondes are dumb, just because I'm not the brightest spark in the fire. Or… well, you know." Well, she's quick to jump to the Six's defence, giving Jaxon a fierce look before taking a sip of her coffee and looking away.

Gray glares over at Jaxon. "I've been in a bit of shit myself. But you know what? If Sergeant Flynn is going to vouch for one then that's frakking good enough for me. And for the gods' sake, I'm /sleeping/ with one who she's vouched for!" It takes about five eternal seconds for it to sink in to Gray's mind what he just said. "I…got…assigned a bunk above one. That's what…I'll shut up now."

Randy doesn't bat an eyelash at what Jaxon reveals. In fact, she swallows and then /shrugs/. "Well, see, funny you say that. See, I don't go round holding poor sodding soldiers accountible for their directives, especially when their heads have been tampered with. If I did that, I might as well go shoot every last kid in the APF myself, since they bombed our convoy with a dead baby IED." She's grinning open mouthed, a sliver of feigned astonishment as if impressed. "I'd have to slaughter them while they dream of cylon propaganda," Randy says darkly and clearly. "Do me a favor. Make me a deal too. You try to keep your murdery tones and urges down. I'll try to keep mine down too."

"Their code. They die, the download, they return. You may have an anamoly in Sergeant Cooper.." Jaxon says as he picks at the jello and finishes it off, scraping at it. "…but in the end, they share each other's memories and thoughts. Sergeant Cooper was just as aware of the bombings and the destruction of /Pompeii/ as any of the other ones. The Nine, Captain Garrido, has died and been reloaded numerous times, at least three." he says simply. "As has the Nine, Doctor Tasmin." then he glances at Gray, just.. blanking for a moment, before shaking his head, his heavily scarred skin saying volumes as he takes a small container of pills out of his pocket. He takes two and takes them before he stands. "They're fortunate." he says quietly, "They get burned the frak up, they get to kill themsleves and try again. We don't get that option."

His attention turns to Randy. "They'd do it to you." he says of the APF, as he picks up his tray to walk away.

"What?" Randy looks at Gray outright as if his little slip just pushed everything aside.

Angelis chokes and blinks over at Gray, then looks away, mumbling under her breath and blushing furiously. She hides behind her coffee cup for a couple of moments, getting herself back together. She listens to the argument but adds nothing further, instead staring off into space again, free hand reaching to grab the end of her ponytail, tugging on it gently.

Minding her own business for a few moments as the conversation spins around, Kapali accepts the offerings of jello every marine must have a death wish of some sort, obviously. She exhales a snicker of a laugh at Gray's remark, "Nicely phrased. You might win something for a spit take award," she notes and points the rounded end of the spoon at Jaxon. "They're not clones, mind wise, they have their own thoughts, their own personalities, they make their own decisions when they have the freedom to do so. Coop is one of us," she shares a nod with Randy. "Clara is one of us, too, she goes with us into the field, gets shot to shit trying to save our idiotic volunteer lives. The Nine? They're in the fight as well. The Tamsin one, she's all kinds of useless in a fight, I'd imagine, but she's with us. More and more of their people are making the choice to fight with us. Their fight isn't just about survival, just like ours isn't; it's about freedom. We either fight together or we're all going to lose, simple as that."

"You're right. They all have different codes, Corporal. Which means they can want to kill us just as much as they want to work with us." Jaxon responds as he moves to leave finally as he closes his eyes. He had heard rumors of the infamous Marine rally around Cooper. And in truth, he knows that he's responsible for Blackjack existing in the first place. But it's the same face that chucked grenades into the berthings, trying to kill them all. With that, he takes the tray to head over to drop it off and head out.

Gray's face slowly turns a shade of red as everyone hears his remark. "Uh…remember how you assigned me to bunk with Clara?" And cue more cringing as he raises a finger in self-defense while glancing downwards at his tray. "Above her. We. Are. Not. In. The. Same. Bunk." And then he offers a sideways glance to Randy. "I'm /really/ not helping myself, am I?"

"Frakking hades." Randy says sourly as the talk that falls out with Jaxon and the others around the line of conversation. She succeeds at remaining quiet, not having the last word, all that stuff people have told her to do over the course of her life. It helps that she's hanging !

"Frakking hades." Randy says sourly as the talk that falls out with Jaxon and the others around the line of conversation. She succeeds at remaining quiet, not having the last word, all that stuff people have told her to do over the course of her life. It helps that she's hanging on Gray's words for clarification. When Gray looks to her, she meets his gaze and can't help but smirk. "Not really pal."

"Or they can want to work with us," Kapali suggests as Swick rises to his feet, taking his tray with him. She arches a look of amusement at Gray, "Seriously. You're actually gnawing on both ankles at this point, not just foot in mouth disease." This said as she angles slightly and reaches past Angelis to tap Randy on the wrist. "We've all been where he is, at one point or another, in various… degrees. It's a serious mind frak, all the way around."

Gray smiles awkwardly. "Oops?" He then turns back to Kapali. "Yeah, been there, done that. Got the t-shirt." He shrugs. "I don't know, do we have a god of mind-frakking to pray to? So we can ask them to knock it the frak off?"

Kapali snickers out a laugh as she rises to her feet, scooping up the empty plates, bowls, cups and stacking everything on her empty tray. "There probably is. I'll do some research for you and find out," she offers with a chuckle and nudes the chair back into place with the edge of one boot. "I am heading for the range, see you guys there if anyone else is inclined."

"We have?" Angelis blinks out of her daydream, clearing her throat and dragging her head away from whatever she was thinking about. "I don't think I freaked out…" A small frown creasing her brow, and she mumbles something under her breath about just being weird and not very smart. "But then… I don't have as much experience with them. So…" She shrugs, gives a last tug on her ponytail, giving Kapali a grin, "Have fun…" She says as the woman leaves the table.

Randy pulls her hand from Kapali's reach after it's been tapped like pulling it away from a hot stove. "I don't give a frak. I'm not going to change my values just because some guy was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Everyone's been through tough shite and we all including the Sixes and including Clara. We put it on the line. Least he can do is not badmouth them and talk about them like they're garbage in front of us. At best, it's insulting to our intelligence and judgement. He can say that shite in private."

"Thanks, Kapali." Gray nods to her as she scurries off to shoot at paper things. Once she and Jaxon are both out of earshot, Gray turns to Randy. "I hate to ask, but is this just him? Or are more of the Navy here like him?" Gray asks with a sigh. If it's just Jax, he'll simply give him a wide berth; if it isn't just Jax, however, this could be a /long/ stay. Either way, they've been vouched for and with that he'll back up Coop and Clara unless and until he's been given a godsdamned good reason to.

"Deckhands are pretty staunch, but what do you expect. Most of them are Taurans. Command isn't though. Just be mindful. I wouldn't have said anything, but that attitude…it's poison and we don't need it in our unit. I'm sure Jax will find plenty of cylon-haters he can buddy up with if he feels like trash talking," Randy says, as if she does not care where big boys get their support.

"I read something once about how it's important to be nice to people." Angelis comments, more to her coffee mug that's being rolled between her hands, "Like… it's better to be nice to someone until they give you a reason not to be nice, and then you destroy them." Her fingers clench around the mug, then one hand releases to tug on the end of her ponytail. "Not saying we should destroy Swick. But… I kind of apply it to everything." She nods to Randy and leans over to give the Sergeant and supportive shoulder bump.

"Yeah, I'd rather keep the blue on blue to a minimum. But…" Gray shrugs. "Family comes first and I hope he's not dumb enough to /ever/ act on what he's saying. And yeah, he needs to shut the frak up…/especially/ as long as the ghosts seem willing to help us. Wanting to shoot your allies is /not/ a great way to make friends and influence people."

"Yeah, sounds pretty wise…just don't take that attitude into the battlefield. It'll get you killed," Randy says, sounding like she's saying it from experience, even if she's still alive, right here. When Tabi gives her a shoulder bump, Randy leans to the side, propping her head up with her hand and her elbow on the table. "I didn't tell him to leave. He did that on his own," Randy mentions briefly before lifting her coffee mug to steal a sip. She then lifts her steaming mug with both hands to Gray in a small toast, "Well said Anderson. Do not bite the hand that feeds."

"Oh no… you're right. On the battlefield I'm all about survival." Tabi stares off across the mess, watching folks coming and going. "It might not make me popular, but I'm all about kill or be killed. Someone's pointing a gun at me or mine? Better believe I'm gonna do my best to shoot first and preferably kill them." She wrinkles her nose. "That was more aimed at people who're supposed to be on our side." Releasing her ponytail she waves her hand, "Unless I'm ordered otherwise. I usually follow those pretty well." Usually.

Gray lifts his mug in reply, acknowledging the toast before taking a sip of his own. "Well, in the field that standard for 'gives you a reason' gets pretty thin if you don't know whose side someone is on. At least in my experience, 'twitches wrong' is usually enough." He glances over at Tabi. "Yeah, I think we're mostly on the same page."

"Good, we're on the same page then," Randy says with a little bit of a dark chuckle. Life is what it is right now. "We are…We all are more or less," Randy nods to Gray. "I would just make sure to ask if we're allowed to hunt. I don't know if we are or if Jameson banned it. It wouldn't surprise me if he had. Also, things might have changed; you never know." From what to what, she couldn't say, but at least she tries to bring the conversation back round to where it was before it got hijacked by all the boiling grrrs.

The mention of hunting sends Tabi all gooey-eyed again. Seriously. She literally sighs and gets this wierd dreamy smile on her face. "Man… it would be tragic if it was banned." She sighs again and idly tugs on the end of her ponytail again. "Mmmm…. bear meat, on an open fire. With whiskey. I could probably hunt down some of the good stuff, too. Maybe not as good as the stuff I gave you," She tilts her head in Randy's direction, "But close."

"Yeah. I'd be down for a hunt with you if it's allowed." Gray offers. "Any idea on why the ghosts wouldn't want us hunting at all? I mean…it seems to be a big enough world that we could work something out…"

"Captain seemed defensive about the ore and the planet's resources. It's their home and they've been dead for ages. My guess is they're bound to be touchy about things when we're the first people they've let stay around. We're guests basically," Randy shrugs as if who could guess the temperment of such odd hosts.

"Well, it's their house first, you know?" Angelis blinks a little back from her daydreaming. "It's polite to at least ask. It's a territory thing." Not that Tabi's met any ghosts, but it seems like she maybe knows a bit about territories. "Kind of like… even though you're best friends with your neighbour, you don't just help yourself to their stuff." Tabi nods at Randy's explanation… "Yeah, that. Still, it's not like we /need/ to hunt. But maybe they'll accept it as a morale thing. Or maybe not. Can't hurt to ask, though. All they can say is no, right? And then that's that. Wouldn't mind camping though, too…."

"Yeah, camping would be nice. Especially someplace where it's /only/ the wildlife that wants to kill you, y'know?" Gray muses. "But I get that…it's one thing to raid the fridge for a beer, another to help yourself to a free dinner." Not that he ever did that while at Uni. No, never… "You know any good places for that?" Camping, that is.

"I can introduce you guys to the ghost Captain if you want. I mean, it's not like you need me to. She seems to gravitate towards people so," Randy shrugs. "I think it'd be good for her to know how we mean it. She's got some weird powers. I think she'd be able to tell that if you guys came along."

Angelis nods her head to Randy, "That'd be pretty amazing. I'd like to meet her definitely." She sends a bright grin in Gray's direction when he agrees with the camping. "Right? I think I've spent more time indoors since I joined up, than before. And this is the first time I've actually been on a ship like Orion. It's definitely taking some getting used to." Looking down into the remains of her coffee, Tabi swirls the cup around a few times, before downing the remainder of the sugary, creamy coffee.

Gray ponders the offer. "Sure, why not? Just…be sure to give me a full briefing beforehand. I'd rather not blow an alliance because I put my foot in my mouth." Beat. "What's she like? I mean…no offense to anyone, but how alien is she?" He glances over to Angelis. "Same here. Don't get me wrong, I like the idea of there being a lot of metal between me and the nearest things trying to blow me away, but it gets…stuffy…at some point."

"She looks like a Five," Randy explains. Randy would have gotten Gray his skinjob decorated Triad deck the day he arrived on Orion. "She can be touched when she wants to be, but if you touch her bare skin…be careful. She'll give you visions. They can be…life altering," Randy settles for the phrase. "I'd love to go camping. I miss it. Used to go out with a few EOD buddies when we were on leave. We'd pick a planet and just go. Good people." She nods, letting her spoon fall into the crappy excuse for mash potatos.

"Camping it is then… and maybe a hunt if we get the okay." Angelis shifts, head tilting as she listens to Randy's description of the ghost lady. "It's not winter yet, so we probably won't get frostbite." She seems quite cheered by the thought, "And all the more reason to bring lots of booze along. The more drunk you are, the less you feel the cold." Tabi is suddenly quite animated, and even bounces in her seat for a moment. "The first time I left Gemenon was when I joined up. And I've only been on Caprica, and then Aerilon. So haven't really camped at all, since…well. Yeah."

"Wait, a Five?" Gray arches an eyebrow. "She's cool, though, right?" The question isn't one of doubt, it's just…well, from what he remembers the Fives are on the short-list of really-not-friendly models. "And…what do you mean by 'visions'?" He glances back to Angelis and smiles. "Yeah, I'll see what I can round up to contribute to the pot for that." He's at least hoping to be able to toss in a bottle of some sort of hard stuff if he can scrounge it.

"Agreed. Plus the burn in your belly helps," Randy shoots arched eyebrows as if to confirm how true her words are. "The ghost one is. The other ones aren't. Still head whacko," Randy twirls a finger at her temple. "Like, it's more than seeing. It's experiencing. She showed me her life. I lived through it. Her husband, her kid's birth…and died." As she speaks, she falls into a thousand yard stare. "The second time, she showed me what happened to someone close to me," though she doesn't go into anymore detail than that.

Angelis lets out a low whistle with Randy's story, her eyes wide as she turns to /really/ focus on the Sergeant. "That's… heavy." Her head shakes slightly. "Don't know if I'd like something like…that." Her shoulders move slightly and after a moment, she flicks her head hard to one side, vertebrae giving a loud pop as they shift. Then it's back to the conversation and a grin is going in Gray's direction as he mentions scrounging up some booze.

Gray nods in acknowledgement about the Ghost Captain. "Gotcha. I'm…going to presume that she's from some sort of different pool than the ones we've…tended to run into elsewhere." The mention of having a dump of memories from her makes him shudder…and then… "Wait, as in another human?" Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

"The second time, it was my choice. I'd been holding onto something since my childhood," Randy offers. "Nothing as gruesome as war," or people's families being nuked or shot up by colonial forces. "It was good. The first time, the Captain didn't know she could do that. It was an accident." She nods to Gray and says, "Yeah, she's ancient."

Angelis nods slowly, then finally shifts to stand. "I should probably go get my bunk squared away and then hit the gym… See you guys later." She gives them both a grin before gathering up her long-since empty tray and now empty coffee mug. Then heads off toward the exit, going via the food line to collect some fruit. She truly is a bottomless pit for food, it would seem.

"Have fun…I might be along in a bit." Gray nods to Angelis as she heads for the door. "I…I really don't know what to say to that. I'm glad she could help you with…whatever it was?" It at least sounds like she was being helpful with what she did. "That…it explains why you were so…forceful the other day, you know?" Randy had come on strong about the point of the skinjobs not actually being Cylons per se. "Anyhow…I'm starting to worry if we hang out here too much longer /someone/ will find a reason to complain." Probably Jax, he doesn't add.

"Just trying to point out, it isn't all bad…the visions I mean." Randy reaches up to rub the back of her neck a little. "Yeah. Probably a little. And I've seen them change. And I saw a bunch of lines walk out in protest of the APF forces. I wish they had done more, but who knows what kinds of threats they're getting from the One or loyal lines." When Gray points out their almost-loitering, Randy chuckles and nods. "They might think we actually /like/ the mash. That would be tragic." She gets up and deposits her tray before waiting to leave with Gray.

"I can see that. I…might not always like it…" You know, a few billion dead humans, one planet falling apart and several others as total losses…minor things like that. "…but I'll take what I've got. I'd rather have them come to the party late than not at all." Then he hears Randy's comments and he almost recoils in mock horror. "Oh hell no. You're right, let's get out of here before they think /that/!" With that, he deposits his tray as well and joins Randy in heading out the door.

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