AWD #036: Mess Hall Chatter
Mess Hall Chatter 2/12/2005
Summary: Highlights: Cassie gets a new callsign. Sexy muffins. Luc is introduced to the CAG. Cattle Rustling. Man Rustling. Petra's Modern Life. CAG punches Cow, film at 11. The list is mentioned.
Date: 02/12/13 (OOC Date)
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Mess Hall - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
The Crew Mess on the Orion is one of the larger rooms meant for occupation. The room is far longer than it is wide with the classic stainless steel tables that can be seen anywhere else on the ship, standard to all navy ships. Most of the chairs match, their padding on the seats worn down after several years. Towards the rear of the room is the food prep area and serving lines. During the time in between meals the Mess will serve midrats, or 'mid-shift rations', such as sandwiches and drinks. Coffee pots are left to run at all hours to keep people going as needed.
12 February 2005

By now, the mess hall has gotten used to the CAG coming down and commandering part of the kitchen for his own mad experiments. Today, he's been down here since the morning, fresh from a recon mission. And Zachary is baking. A lot. There's a few cakes and pies already and he's working on a steady stream of cookies.

Even so there is at least someone daring to approach the experimenting CAG. Luc let a brow raise as he watches towards there the baking is happening. "Sir?" Comes his voice, hinted with a slight amusement. Watching for a moment and smirking as he watches then. Running a hand through his hair. "Might I take a cookie?" He asks, already feeling a need to keep his mouth busy.

"Oatmeal, peanut butter, chocolate chip?" Zachary offers as he turns his attention to the person asking and his eyes move to study him over, curiosity tugging at the Major's features. "'re a member of the Hadescats, right?" he asks as he offers a smile. "Always good to meet a pilot I have under my command."

Luc grins and nods, "Correct. I arrived here with Orion with those of the latest group of arrivals. It is pleasure to meet you more personally, sir." He offers. Even if his words seem a bit serious his appearance is a bit relaxed. Smiling and nodding still, "As well as it is good to see the superiors out and about." Shifting a bit he does straighten a bit, "LTJG, Gabriel Luc Raynor." He introduces himself. "I was with them although I was told to see you about a transfer." He explains himself. Looking for a moment at the cookies, "Oatmeal."

Handing over the cookie, Zachary offers his hand as well. "Major Zachary Shepherd. Used to be called Pie, but the wing is whispering Buzzkill behind my back, so I suppose I'll let it stick." he chuckles, but when Luc introduces himself, he frowns faintly. "Aha." he says and lets out a breath. "Well, this could be interesting." he says in mild admission as he washes his hands to get back to baking. "Your wife transferred into the Squadron I handle with my CAG duties yesterday." he explains. "Is there going to be an issues I need to know about, Lieutenant Raynor?" Might as well cut to the chase. "I have enough on my plate without domestic issues."

Luc chuckles and nods, "I know what that is like. I had a few things I've been called. But at the end of flight school I got stuck with Crater. It's with me still." He says and smirks. "That's what happens with the combo of a picture, flirting and a lot of eating." He shrugs and grins. Taking the hand offered hand and then the cookie. Chewing on it a bit. As his wife is mentioned, he blinks. Apparantly not met her or seen that she was around. "We'll be fine." He assures. A bit of mixed emotions upon his face showing briefly, but soon enough smiling. "I will handle my duty and if there is any other issues it will be dealt with off duty and nothing too much, I assure you."

"Good, good." Zachary says with a slow nod of his head. "Maia flew under me when I commanded the Tophatters and I trust that she will keep things professional as well." Which means he probably had this exact same talk with her a while back and reiterated it recently. "You'll be in the Strikes, Crater. They are on their third commander, Captain Holtz." he explains. "They've taken some losses, and they need the reinforcement. You'll find that they are a pretty good group of kids. And they get some of the more unique missions."

Zachary is currently baking away in the kitchen again, his knuckles battered and bruised as he works on baking. Cakes, pies, cookies, and talking to Luc about his new assignment.

Cassie stumbles in, looking either like she just woke up from a bout of horrible sleep or hasn't been to sleep at all, her steps heavy-footed shuffling and her hair a mess. She's even got the stereotypical dark circles under her eyes to further the impression that she could stand a good twelve hour long nap. Her path leads her to the coffee urn so she can get herself a cup of the blessed brew, not yet noticing that there's something that smells good in the air and that Zach is in the galley with someone else.

Luc listens and nods, keeping silent and just chewing on a cookie for now. "Sounds great. I am sure I could use the challenge of some… Interesting missions." He offers and seems to be quite alright with all of it. Shifting his stance as he eats the rest of the cookie. "And truly, no need to worry. I always am professional when needed. Even if I'm not when off duty. Then again, that is why it is called off duty. These cookies is great by the way."

As he finishes the sentence he takes a look around the area. Noticing the stumbling Cassie. Watching her for a moment as he studies her. Soon enough letting her be and looking back to Zachary.

"I don't doubt that. And good. I'm probably going to have them handling a recon of the asteroid belts soon, a piece at a time. With multiple DRADIS, I'm hoping it will give us better readings than trying to scan wide." Zachary comments and notices the shambling Cassie. "You're looking rough, Redeye. Late night on the CAP?" he asks her with a small grin and sets a fresh muffin on a plate to slide to her. Banana nut.

Ygraine follows her nose. It always knows. Freckled skin still pink from the shower and unabashedly wearing her tee and tank (which means the claw scars on her biceps and the bite scars at her throat are visible once one is close enough), she is tying off one of the two braid on either side of her head that make her look like a milkmaid gone military. Which well, she is. "Pie!" she calls out, and with that backwoods Leonis accent, it sounds more like 'Pah!' "I know you're back there! Baking!"

Cassie only really wanted coffee but as soon as the muffin's pushed in front of her it's snatched off of the plate and all but devoured by the hungry pilot. Each bite is followed by a sip of java. "Hmmmmmm," she intones between mouthfuls, each moan of pleasure almost lewd, the kind of sound that just screams 'throes of passion'. "Soooo good." The treat is gone in no time flat much to her disappointment but she's distracted from asking if there's another by Milkshake's arrival. To Zach's question about CAP she nods belatedly. "Too late."

Luc watches Redeye for a moment. Grinning as well. "It does sound quite pleasant. You make me somewhat curious to trying it as well." He offers before letting them talk and hearing Ygraine's call soon enough. "Well what do we have here?" He says with a smirk, a short chuckle leaving him. "So Redeye and pumpkin." Not really knowing who Ygraine is at the moment. "Either of you going to be someone I'll be working with?" Chewing on something, although his cookie is gone. So it's hard to tell what he is chewing on.

Zachary's nose crinkles up at the siren call of the demanding milkmaid. "Gods damned, Milkshake, I just got going this morning, don't go screeching at me!" Half-order, half-fond teasing between relations as he sets down a tray of muffins and takes a couple of chocolate chip ones to place between him and the raging blonde. Sacrifice two muffins to appease the mighty Milkshake. "And I think you're the only one in the squadron that still calls me Pie, everyone else is calling me Buzzkill, since it seems I ruin everyone's fun." a snort at that as he nods to Luc. "Redeye, Crater. She's a Viper stick, just like you. That's Milkshake, she's one of the ECOs." he comments as he shakes his head. "Damn, Redeye, I think you may need a cold shower after that one, sure you want a second?" he teases her, but is getting another muffin set aside for her.

Ygraine's brows go up as she looks over at Luc. "You a Lucky Strike, or a Gentleman Ghost? If you're a Ghost, we'll be in the same squadron. If you're a Strike, I'm one of the people who keep toaster targetting systems off your sorry ass," she smiles, "So ya might wanna be nice to me, sweet cheeks." she adds merrily, "Like he said, I'm Milkshake." She snags a muffin. OM NOM NOM.

Oh. There's someone she doesn't know here! Color Cassie a bit embarrassed for her little display of muffin enjoyment. Clearing her throat, Cassie nods to Luc at the same time she takes a drink, using the mug to hide how red her face is. "Nice to meet you," she eventually manages to get out, her blush lingering. "Always good to have fresh blood." Ygrain is bumped against playfully if she can, hip to hip. "Good to see you in a position that isn't flat on your back." The second muffin is snagged before Zach can change his mind and take it back, this one held onto instead of inhaled. "Thanks, Zach. You're a doll."

Luc listens to Zach and nods, "I see. Pleasure." He offers to both. Studying Redeye for a moment and the cooring on her face makes his grin grow, "Ah, no reason to be blushing for me, Red." He offers but his tone of voice sounding quite teasing. "I mean, I don't mind it. But there is so much other things to do than that." He shrugs and just smiles as he looks back over to the other two. Keeping his usual joyful tone. Grinning both at Cassie's words for Ygraine as well as Ygraine's for himself. "Oh, I am always nice Shakes." He offers with a wink. "As you heard, I'm Crater."

As everyone seems to be appeased at the moment, Zachary comments to Ygraine, "I'm going to get with Command later, see if we can get some teams to those ships we found yesterday." he comments to her. "If we can get them running, we can jump them over to Pallas for evacuation, once we're sure it's not a trap." he says to her, a frown briefly finding his features, but he doesn't say anything else, instead turning his attention back to baking.

"I don't know," says Ygraine blithely, "I know a few folk who think I look mighty fine flat on my back." She beams, and adds helpfully to Crater, "You got somethin' in your eye." Zach's frown is noted, and she nods. "Three thousand people ain't an easy evac even without being under hostile eyes, but we'll figure it out."

Cassie's attention gets divided a minute bit when Zach and Ygraine begin to talk but she's only listening to what is being said by them with half an ear and she misses a lot of what goes between them. The rest of her attention is solely on Luc. "I don't do the kind of thing that'd make me blush with strange men," she teases right back. "So tell me a bit about yourself, huh? Where did you come from?" The muffin starts to sing its siren's song and soon Cassie's starting to pick off little bites off of the top, the blissed out expression returning to her face as soon as she starts to eat it.

"I think I could agree with those people actually." Luc says to Ygraine. As for getting something in his eye. He shifts again and feel his lip pulling into a wider grin. "I could go with the obvious one and say, you. But I think I would prefer going with distractions." As for the evacuation, he mostly listens. Paying attention to Cassie as well. "So you want to know more so it will be alright to blush?" He asks a bit amused. "Aquarius. Then Caprica. Luc Raynor and I'll be one of the better pilots you'll fly with." Cocky perhaps. Then again, a pilot perhaps needs to be cocky. Glancing a bit to Zachary at his words still. But most attention on Cassie.

"We will. And we can use the cover to get the livestock off of Virgon. This isn't going to be easy at all, but it can be done." Zachary lets out a breath. "I just know we're going to be on a tight schedule when we get there. We may have time for one.. perhaps two loads. We need to tell them to find a way to clear us a spot to land a ship for the onload.." he's already juggling it all in his head. Finally, he remembers to breath and goes back to mixing things. "Luc's one of our new guys, Milkshake. Came over when we got Maia for the Ghosts - she used to be one of my pilots from the Tophatters, he's from the Hadescats." he comments, for some reason grouping the two together. "I'm also going to talk to Delacroix about transferring over and learning the Raptors - I need more officer buffer for the squadron."

"Oh, don't let the blushing fooly ya. Shoes knows what she's doing." Ygraine grins at Cassie before noting to Zach, "Dolly talked t'me about his idea." Then she oh's, "The cattle won't be so bad. Herding's easy, though I wish w had a few dogs t'help. It's the transit I'm worried about. Ain't ever seen how bovines handle jumpin', much less the kinda containment a ship has. I'd hate t'do all that work and wind up with more burger than milk, if ya know what I mean."

"I don't blush for just any man," Cassie points out with a chuckle but the cheerfulness is gone when she realizes just what's being spoken about. "I really want to help with that if I can," she reminds Zach for probably the fifth time since the round-up's been discussed the first time. "I don't know anything about cows but… well…" Her nose wrinkles as she looks at Ygraine, clearly confused. "Shoes? Why are you calling me that, Yggy?"

"Just throw me in if you need any help, Buzz." Luc offers. Nodding about coming from Hadescats. "Oh, is that so. Well, I still can't complain. It is actually sort of cute." He offers with a grin as he looks to Cassie. "Well, I am not just any man." He says and still a bit amused. Though it doesn't last long as attention soon shifts back to the planning from Zachary. Glancing between both women about the nickname though.

Zachary nods, listening to the assessment from Ygraine as he lets out a slow breath. "Can you check with the Juniper Halo and see if you can help them with the conversion to cattle hauler?" he asks her, and then glances at the other, "It's no longer just about the cattle," he explains, "..we went to Hibernia, Virgon's moon. While we were there, we discovered an abandoned convoy of six ships. We're hoping to get them up and running. We also discovered what was reported to be three thousand survivors on Pallas." he lets that settle in to them. "To tell you how fast I want this worked on.." he says quietly.

"…Dub and Buttons did their recon of Virgon six days before the convoy was taken. We could have done more, but we.. but I didn't. That's my burden to bear, but I will not let any other survivor down if I can help it."

Ygraine's mouth twitches, but rather than explain aloud, she leans forward and murmurs to Cassie quietly.
Ygraine whispers, "First time I saw ya Redeye, ya were doin' ya level best to crawl into Marcus Petra's lap while tryin' to be coy and blushin' about it at the same time. Ain't fair, this bit ya pull with guys. Ya know what ya want, and ya don't gotta be afraid or act bashful about it neither." to Cassie.
After the murmur, Yggy looks Cassie right in the eye and says aloud with a grin, "Nice Shoes, Wanna Frak?"

If looks could kill! Yggy gets glared at for a bit over what was said quietly, that blush that Luc has been teasing her about comes back full force. "I did not," she exclaims, her protest perhaps made too strongly to be sincere? Whatever, it's easy to tell she's embarrassed if not being entirely truthful, her face aglow from hairline clear down to well below the neck of her uniform. "Frak it all, Zac, rein her in," she wails before throwing her hands before her face, Cassie succumbing to the urge to laugh.

Luc grins as he looks between Yggy and Cassie. "Sounds interesting." IS all he offers for now. Seemingly keeping it in mind for later though. Looking to Zachary a bit more serious and nodding. "I see. Well, I am here if needed for the escort in any way."

"Oh for frak's sake, Milkshake." Zachary says with a frustrated noise as he moves towards the kitchen to retrieve more muffins. "If you're worried that Shoes is honing in on your prime hunting territory, I wouldn't sweat that too much." he comments to them both. Yes, he adopted the callsign as well as he looks towards Luc. "Careful, once they find out you're not married, they hunt to kill. Sometimes in packs." he offers to him as he nods. "But yes, we're going to need escort. I wish this was just a simple gas and go mission, but this one may take a while, especially if the ships we found are bone dry."

Ygraine wags a finger at Cassie, trying not to giggle herself. "The Lords of Kobol don't lik fibbers, Shoes." She's having a super hard time keeping a straight face, before adding blithely to Zachary, "It's only competition if I felt particularly possessive about any of 'em, which I don't. But it's one of those things where you're gonna think what ya like no matter what I say, so." She doesn't seem particularly upset about it as she notes to Luc, "Ya want a piece of unsolicited advice?" Because as they all can see, Yggy is super good at that!

Oh for frak's sake! Is it going to stick? Not that Cassie minds the idea of a new callsign as the one she's had since flight school has kind of rubbed at her a bit since she got it but Shoes? Really. "I am not that bad," she sighs once composure's regained, her protest followed by a slight sigh and a warm smile. When Ygraine offers Luc advice she laughs a bit more, looking at Zach. "This is too much, isn't it?"

A nod if given as Ygraine wants to offer some advice, "Of course. It's never wrong to take advice from pretty girls." Turning towards Cassie at her words as well. "Ye seem quite fine in my opinion." Luc tells Cassie with a small grin. "I don't mind a bit moree challenging missions. We do what we can to help, no matter the circumstance, right?"

"At this rate, I think I'm going to have to set up a seperate scoreboard." Zachary rolls his eyes at the women. "Which one can get more marks on their lipstick case." And with that, he pops in the last set of muffins and nods to Luc. "You'd think that, but sometimes you have to realize that the circumstance is one that cannot be handled. And you can only curse at the wind and continue on."

Ygraine notes mildly to Zach, "You can do that as soon as you put up a scoreboard for the men, too." Then she turns to Luc, practically purring when she speaks, "When you're up there in your viper and pewpewpewing away at the toasters, and ya get in a dogfight and they're firin' at ya and missin' like bitches? The person to t'thank over the com is the ECO." She dimples at him, all freckles and big blue eyes. "Got it?" She glances sidelong. "Goes for you too, Shoes." she adds firmly.

A little odd for a time to grab a meal, but then thats why munchies are left out at all hours, right? Petra pushes the hatch open and slips inside with a clipboard full of papers tucked under one arm. Considering how he immediately focuses for the food…someone must have skipped breakfast. A terse smile and nod of his head is offered to a couple of orange jumpsuits on their way out, then he starts for the line, not yet noticing the others chatting.

Luc chuckles at Ygraine's words, "Oh, no worries. I am always good with thanking people. And I promise to be nice." He tells her. Glancing over towards Cassie with another grin. "Indeed. Do remember to be grateful." Keeping a bit busy but he does offer a glance towards Petra if perhaps not saying much more. Raising a bit of a brow to her words. Though as there is silence he looks to Zachary, "Perhaps. Though it doesn't mean I won't try. Curse of being cocky I suppose. I don't do well with being told that I can't do it."

Ygraine tilts her head back in surprise. "Enjoyin' yourself ain't 'bad', Cassie." Her gaze drifts briefly sidelong to Zach as she adds, "No matter what some people may say." she looks back at the other woman. "Just be honest 'bout what ya want." She snorts. "Trust me, if we had dicks, no one would care."

"Why not, I'll always be at one." Zachary smirks at that as he chuckles and shakes his head. "Alright, alright, calm it down kids." he says, as he notices Marcus. "Morning, TACCO." he comments flatly, gaining the attention of his pilots. It's one thing to good off in front of their commander, but with his commander here, the rules change slightly. "Want a muffin, Marcus. Before Ygraine and Cassie stuff their mouths with them?"

Petra finally glances over at the familiar voices halfway there and perks up a brow, "Hey there…Zach, Cassie, Shake." The offer of a muffin…an actual fresh one seems to have stolen his attention, "If you're asking for my first born in payment, I have news for you about me and children, but if you;'re offering, I'm accepting. Thank you." He alters course and slowly gravitates over to the small group, "Good to see you both back here without any extra holes in you."

Okay. Time to stow it. Leaning in against the JRTACCO a second, Cassie takes a deep breath, giving herself a bit of time to recover. "How are you doing, sir," she asks once she straightens, her hand drifting down the front of her uniform to brush off a few crumbs. "You'll want more than one," she adds to him with a wry tone, eyes alight. "They're better than sex."

Luc is mostly just continuing to chew. Though realizing about the muffins and gives Zach an almost pleading look. He does grin a bit to Ygraine as well. "Oh, I don't think anyone is complaining either way." Though then the TACCO is addressed and he turns to greet him. "Morning." Grinning at the quality of the muffins, "I have to wonder about that. OR who you've been with if the muffins do not live up to that. Not that I doubt your baking skills, major." Turning to Zach at that last one. "I mean you do seem skillful enough to make that sort of effect."

"Hey, sir." Yggy greets Marcus sunnily. "Nice to see ya when I ain't stoned on morpha." She then widens her eyes, shaking her head at Marcus and mouthing 'no they're not' authoritatively to him before laughing aloud and admitting, "They are pretty damn good. I wonder if the Major's tryin' t'make people too fat for cockpits, but we kinda are the luckiest Air Wing ever as far as chow goes." She turns and nudges Luc, like she has a right to be nudging him to begin with. "Find a table, would ya, Crater?"

"Well, sir, as you can tell, my kids apparently are a little hot under their collars, so I may have to give them some extra work, though last night was more than willing to provide." Zachary says as he gestures to the tray of muffins for Marcus to choose from. Poppy seed, banana nut, chocolate chip, and raspberry. "Did you get a chance to read up on the report I submitted yet?" A smirk is given towards Ygraine. "If you get too fat for an ECO chair, I will have you doing pee-tee until you're ninety-three."

Petra chuckles softy, giving Cassie a brief hug of one arm when she leans before murmuring with a small smirk, "If they're better than sex then I should take one slowly and savor it. Never know when I'll get another, right?" He eyes Luc for a moment, familiarizing the face before nodding his head in greeting to him and Yggy, though Ygraine's comment earns another chuckle, "I think you're actually happier OFF of the morpha, Ensign. And…yes, I was just reading over that. I thought I was getting ahead of the game with the announcement Im about to make, but leave it to timing and Fate to stick its tongue out at me."

"Sorry, Marc. You know that idle hands are Hades playground. So, I did a bit of nosing around. Do you have some grand plan on how we can evacuate 3000 civilians without drawing the entire population of basestars to us?" Zachary asks as he glances towards Petra and lifts a brow. "The six abandoned ships and the cattle are easy by contrast."

At the nudge from Ygraine he grins and nods. Taking a muffin and heading to find a table. "Eager." He teases Yggy. "Oh, no need to worry about fat. There is enough activity to keep that from happening, I am sure." As for the studying eyes of Petra, he nods his head, "Luc Raynor, sir. They call me Crater." Continuing to sit. Not minding anyone joining really. Taking a bite of muffin and giving a pat to his leg. Brushing off his hand a bit rather it would seem.

Ygraine goes to sit with Luc, since the view is nice. "What's the announcement, sir?" she asks of Petra, because why yes, she does think they're all entitled to a sneak peak.

Petra selects a chocolate chip muffin, again murmuring his thank you before following the group's gravitation to a table. The clipboard is set down and a cup of milk…or whatever its being called…is acquired before he actually claims a seat. Luc's introduction is returned with a nod of his head, "Marcus Petra, Tactical. Good to meet you, Crater. The rest of these crazy people scaring you off yet?" He flips a few pages up on the mass attached to the clipboard before glancing over at Yggy and Zachary, "Well, they aren't starving, so we have some time to make a careful decision, AND be ready for them here. Clearly the Cylons have been there already and left them, so there's not much reason to suspect they will suddenly come back…though we should be expediting the preparation. I was going to announce that we need to step up construction on Piraeus to be ready for a flood of refugees."

Cassie would have asked herself but Ygraine beats her to it, causing her to come up short. What she does allow herself to do is raise a brow, poising the curiosity she's feeling, the gesture given just as Marc ansers. "I'll help where I can," she vows. "Not a construction monkey but I got a strong back. Can help haul materials and stuff."

Kelsey, fresh from her transfer to the Air Wing, looks dazed and a little tired. Someone didn't sleep much last night. She is walking through the Mess in a flightsuit after a morning in the sims. There are two cups of coffee on her plate and a very large sandwich that looks like she cannibalized the interior of another to create a megameal. Fries, too. She looks over at the group of orange-clad Deckies and then over towards Ygraine. 'You're focusing on the Wing now.' echoes in her mind. She ends up walking over towards Milk and the rest of the crowd. "Hey. Can I sit with you guys, sirs?" she asks, looking at the officers.

"True but those ships could be damn helpful. Even if we got them here and put them down on the planet, they'd be easy to convert over to the use of billets or warehouses or what have you." Zachary responds. "Keep one of the liners as a transport, though." he agrees as he considers. "We should at least get them supplies. They may have sounded brave on the radio, but that may have just been out of worry that we were scavengers instead of actual help."

"I think they need more than pretty girls and good baking to scare me off. Actually, I think that might make me stay." Luc explains with a grin before looking to Yggy. "Hello there." He offers as she joins him. "Indeed. I am capable as well. to help with carrying and so on. Though I might be of more help with escort or so." Spotting another tired looking woman he does grin as she comes over. "Rough night?"

"Course, Knuckles." Yggy says cheerfully. "This is Crater, he's just transferred over," she indicates Luc, and "Do you know Shoes?" she indicates Cassie. "This Knuckles." Points to Kelsey. "She's a Raptor Pilot nugget, ransferred from Deck. If you try to poach I'll stab you with my fork." Cue beaming smile. And oh hey Kelsey, guess what you can see now? Ygraine's rather fabulous and gradually more infamous direwolf attack scars. Long slashing claw marks indented into her upper arms, and fanged teeth making their mark dangerous close to her artery.

Petra glances up and over, smiling faintly at Kelsey, "'Lo Wescott," before turning his attention back to the others at the table, "I think we'll have enough warm bodies on the planet already without having to get military personell to pull double duty, ESPECIALLY the pilots and ECOs we need to be running the scouting and rescue runs." He tears off a piece of muffin and tosses it into his mouth, chewing for a moment while he considers Zachary's comment, "We need to pounce on the ships you both found. Jump them to a neutral point and completely check them out. If they are clear and not tagged with something Cylon? Then we can use them to rescue the scientists. Guess we'll have some PhDs and their families learning construction for a while."

"Something like that, sir," Kelsey says to Luc. The girl, too young to be flying by normal standards, is wearing Petty Officer 3rd pins on her flightsuit. Trainee, apparently. She settles her tray down beside Ygraine and looks over everyone. Callsigns. There's a lot of them to memorize and she just blinks. "Hi." She takes up a mug of coffee and takes a big gulp of it, turning to look over the scars. "That was either a lot of fun or no fun at all, Milk," Kels observes. "If I was going to get hickeys like that I'd at least demand some cuddlin time. Or an autograph." Another big sip of her coffee and she looks to Petra, giving him a small wave. To Cassie she shakes her head. "Not yet, sir. Just signed up yesterday. Major Sheperd already had me sit on a recon." That was probably a nice introduction. Nuclear craters and all.

Ygraine turns to look at Marcus now, curiously. "Sir, won't it be pretty obvious if there's Cylons? I mean, it's kinda hard to miss a Centurion, much less a whole unit of 'em."

"And even if it had transmitters, it would be centuries before any idea of a radio signal got to them." Zachary adds. Like Ygraine, the idea of waiting seems to be a foul one in his mind. "We already waited too long and they did warn that Raiders are still searching them out. Short of planting our own ack-ack units there to cover us while we evacuate the area, I can't see us taking too much time with this."

She hasn't been a part of any of the recon attempts but she's of a like mind. "Waiting any longer would be folly," comes Cassie's input, the pilot not afraid of speaking her mind. "Look, let's just go in, get as many people as we can out of wherever and bring them home." Leaning closer to Kelsey, then, she whispers to her, "We will talk about your first experience in a bird later, alright?"

Kelsey falls quiet as the starts plowing through her sandwich. Gal is hungry. Bites are washed down with coffee and she gives a quiet nod to Cassie.

Petra mmms softly and stops at Ygraine's question, staring at his muffin for a moment with pursed lips. He thinks for a moment, then offers to Ygraine first, "That isn't…something we can count on anymore, Shake. You'll understand when you hear my sitrep report this evening. The Cylons have evolved." Well, that was frakking ominous. He lets his breath go in a sigh and offers a wan smile at Zachary, "The fact of the matter is that we cannot effectively evac three thousand bodies without a huge undertaking, and we will not be rushing into this. They said they are fine. If you have some volunteers that want to run a care package run out to them, make certain you remove all indicators off of the materials we leave with them, and go right ahead. But nothing about Piraeus or the Orion."

Ygraine grins wryly at Kelsey. "These are my lesson in the meaning of irony. Because I survived a Cylon ambush, a split hairs to the second jump, a bail out over Piraeus, almost 48 hours with minimal supplies in the Piraean wild forests with the CAG," she thumbs in Zach's direction, "who has a piece of raptor impaled through the middle of his foot, only to have a pack of direwolves attack us just as pararescue arrives! So of course I get through all that without a hair outta place only to become some frakkin' wolf's chew toy." She snorts, but then Petra's words catch her attention. "…evolved? I do not like the sound of that."

Zachary goes quiet at Petra's words. The look is simple. He already knows what that's about. Damn brass hiding stuff from the kids. "..right, I'll see what I can get ships stores to offer up for now, Marcus." he lets out a breath. "But they aren't under attack and the area is mostly clear - clear enough that we're going after the ships and the cattle on Virgon." he says. "But I'll agree for now, sir."

Kelsey makes a face. "Evolved?" She mutters something about a garbage disposal and a cuisinart to follow and continues eating. She looks over at Ygraine with the story and lofts her brow. "Well that sucks. I didn't realize there were dogs down there. Isn't that weird? Finding dogs and stuff." Kels makes a soft sound and goes back to eating. And listening.

"Like I keep saying, just let me know when you guys need me. I've got to get some sleep, though. Talk to everyone later, huh?" A couple more of those better-than-sex muffins are snagged by the newly-dubbed Shoes. "And no waking me up unless it's a frakking emergency," she orders on the way to her bed.

Petra mmms at Ygraine and nods, "I didnt like the sound of it myself, and noone else is, but there it is. Forty years, you leave a machine to work all by itself, it eventually comes up with a Mark 2." Another bit of muffin is torn off and tossed into his mouth, chewing thoughtfully for a few moments while he listens to the others talk. He nods slightly at Zachary's agreement, then murmurs, "If we're grabbing them, we are DEFINITELY going to need the livestock, so please do." He glances up at Cassie as she leaves, and murmurs, "Have a good nap, Cassie," before making another bit of muffin disappear.

Continuing to listen Luc does seem quite interested in the talk between Petra and the others. Finishing his muffin before looking over to Ygraine with an apologetic look. "Sorry shakes, perhaps I will catch you later. Rephrase. I will catch you later." Nodding to Kelsey as well and offering his seat to her. "I could think of trying to fly in if a viper would be needed. Just send for me. For now, I have a few other things to attend." He offers before saluting a bit. "Until later." Out from his pocket comes some gum that he puts in his mouth and starts chewing while heading off.

"I'll have Ygraine get with the Juniper Halo's crew on how to secure down that cargo." Zachary says before he lets out a breath. "Would it be alright to load some deckies and engineers on board a Raptor and take them out to the convoy to determine what we can and can't salvage?" he asks finally. "I was thinking Rutlii, Torres and that Civilian. The DCO, if we need to."

Kelsey she listens, eyes flitting between everyone while she eats. There's a few waves to departing people, but food is apparently too important to her right now.

Petra grunts softly as he considers, and devours another hunk of muffin, then eyes Zachary, "Try not to dump all of our critical personell into one mission, if you can though, eh?" A small grin escapes him for a moment, but he adds, "I'm sure whatever you come up with will be fine, just give me a heads up before you light the fire on the candle and go. I'm going to be the first person that has to answer 'what the frak is going on' from Jameson."

"Yes, the cattle, Milkshake." Zachary says towards Ygraine and then nods towards Petra. "Maybe just Torres, then. She's got experience in that field. And I want to get her out there as soon as possible."

Cows? Kelsey's eyes perk up. "Is there a cattle rustle to be had?" she asks around a big bite of sandwich. Stay classy. "Is there anything I can do, you know, while I'm still worthless?" she asks with a toothy grin.

Petra nods once at Zachary, "Your crew, whatever you choose to go with should be fine." Then a more amused look at Kelsey, "Among other things, yes, cows. Chickens too if we're lucky. Might have a supply of real eggs around here…"

"Yes, it was on the list of things to check out last night before we got distracted by intact ships." Zachary says with a slow nod of his head, and finally starts to make his own meal, and brings a pack of cookies to Kelsey. "You're part of the wing now, you get the perks, too." he says with a thin smile. "I can have Torres check the stuff on Hibernia while Milkshake handles the rustling."

Kelsey drinks down another gulp of coffee. "Real eggs? Sir, now you're just whispering sweet nothings. Ohhhhh my gods, what I wouldn't give for a fried egg sandwich. Little bit of ketchup. Dash of garlic. Real butter on a toasted roll." Her eyes roll back like she might be about to drool. But no, there are now cookies. She reaches out verrrra slowly to take them. "This is a trap, isn't it? Like your cookies are baked with supervitamins that will make me freeze in place in a cockpit seat for four hours. I knew it." Another big bite of the sandwich, but the cookies get tucked into her flightsuit, tyvm.

Petra eyes Kelsey for a moment, chuckling as he scarfs down the last of the muffin. It takes him a moment to finish it, but he finally murmurs to Zachary, "Thats good stuff, man. I can see how you get the rest of the Wing motivated, with cooking like that."

"It's why my wife keeps me around." Zachary says with a grin towards Marcus. "Anyway, I'll get the plans on the table, we can probably roll both missions into one, honestly. Have a team to check the ships while we're handling the rustling." he comments and yawns, and rubs at his bruised knuckles. "I think I'm finally going to get some downtime, though."

The Petty Officer continues munching and looks over at Petra. "So how are things in CIC, sir? Is it as exciting as everyone imagines it? When I went up there a few weeks ago it was kinda like going into this funhouse when I was fourteen. Crazy mirrors and glass and stuff, lots of adults looking busy after their charges. I was just busy trying to find a place to hide with my boyfriend, sir." Kelsey nods several times as if this were important. "But I bet you don't get a lot of boy-crazy girls swooping around dark corners in CIC, huh?" she asks before drinking more coffee. Looking back at Zach, her brow lofts. "Is it true you once punched a cow in the face, sir? Because there's a rumor on the deck. Which makes sense now that you put into context the mission to Virgon, sir." Kelsey shakes a finger at him.

Petra nods slowly at Zachary first, "Fair enough, man. I think you've certainly put in enough work for a bit of rest." He takes a drink, lingering a second before turning his attention over to the younger member of the table, smirking a bit at Kelsey, "Its usually about 10 minutes of panic and the other seven hours and fifty minutes of slow boredom. And no, there arent many places to hide to make out in THAT room of all places. I dont think anyone has actually tried."

"Don't say that too loud, Marcus - Shoes or Milkshake may rise to the challenge." Zachary says with a grin towards the TACCO and then Kelsey speaks. And his brow raises towards the cieling. Has Eden been sharing stories again? "Look, I didn't realize that the pasture that we were picnicking in was an active field, and I was just trying to distract it away from Eden and this really nice summer salad I made. I didn't expect it to try to run me down and I ended up riding it backwards for a good ten count before it threw me off. But if anyone asks," he adds with a small smirk. "I let the cow win."

"Ten minutes of panic? Geez, sir. Combat in CIC sounds like being eight months pregnant. Do you get interrupted sleep? Frantic trips to the head? More doctors appointments than you have time for? People trying to feed you? …Are there mixed-blessings of relief and fear when its over, Colonel?" Kelsey sips more at her coffee, the sandwich already demolished. Its probably been a long day for her and caffienating her for the rest is only just beginning. Back at Zach, her eyes widen a bit. "Sir, that's awesome. But there's no way I'm telling such nonsense. I'm gonna tell people you actually put in in a headlock and made it cite the officers oath in Old Gemenese before you finally allowed it to get away. Bruised, but defeated."

Ygraine giggles. "Dolly got chased by a bull once." she announces as if it were particularly important or relevant.

Petra smirks at Zachary, eyeing Ygraine for a moment as if considering whether she'd actually try, then decides to let it go, in lieu of Kelsey's comment about Zach's story. He just grins and takes another drink, flipping up a couple of pages on his clipboard to read something else while he listens to the two talk.

"Don't ever tell Eden your pregnancy stories, Kelsey. This is our first and we're having to go about this in some of the old-fashioned ways." Zachary chuckles, and shakes his head. "Anyway.. I'm gonna rest." he shakes his head in amusement, before he tosses a salute. "I'll see you later."

"Oh /did/ he?" Milkshake suddenly tugs at Kelsey with that magic name. "Well look, I don't know who is throwing /that/ gossip around, sir, but I'm totally not a bull." She flashes a daring smile. Back to Zachary, her eyes widen. "Oh I should totally, sir. Trust me, its not too terrible if everything goes okay. Besides, the payoff is totally worth it." She's a little more serious about that. "Have good sleeps, sir." Back to Petra, she watches him while drinking her coffee. Evaluating. Waiting. "Have you ever done something you weren't sure was the smartest idea, sir, but went through with it anyway because of someone else?"

Petra offers Zach a slight salute when the man makes to leave, getting his attention drawn back to Kelsey when she addresses him. One brow slowly gets arched upwards, amusement playing back across his face, "This sounds like Im being set up for something, but…yes, I've done that before. Sometimes you make a promise and even if you change your mind on things, you need to follow through to have the other person's back. Now…why are you asking me that?"

"Sure." Ygraine says easily. "He used to come to the farm for holidays during Academy. Bull got out this one time and he decided he'd help my brothers to get it back behind the fence. More like the bull was chasing him, and that ain't half as funny as him trying to milk a heifer." She snickers.

Kelsey grins at Milkshake. "That's a mental image I need to treasure forever. That man is disgustingly hot. I heard he's got a twin, too. Looks a little different in like hair and stuff, but otherwise identical. Care to comment on this, sir?" she offers to the ECO before looking back at Petra. She shrugs. "Just askin. I went on that recon last night and saw this big nuclear crater. I get paranoid thoughts, thinkin maybe I made a mistake with going wing. But this is nothing new for me. I second guess myself all the time, sir. Its really annoying. I'm pretty sure I'm just trying to acclimate, but my brain is latching on. Makes me feel better that senior people do the same kinda stuff. For others, I mean."

Petra grins at Ygraine, "There's a joke in there somewhere, Im just not sure Im man enough to take it." At Kelsey's concern, he rolls his shoulder and lowers his voice, "You have to go with what excites you. Do what you enjoy, not what you feel you have to do. You'll be better in the long run, and everything else will fall into place. Dont resign yourself to a life you'll hate when you look back on it."

"Ya mean Bear? He's a little more built than Phinny, luggin' around the heavy weapons for the Dogs." Yggy replies. " She nods in affirmative to Marcus' sound counsel.

Kelsey shrugs a little at Petra. "I think seein my little girl again? That hope excites me. I think flying is my best chance to do that and then my best chance to die and miss that. But I'll admit, sir, after things got bombed? I was in a real bad place. Suddenly I'm just another Deckie, 'cept I missed out on being a teenager and had a kid. No hope, no prospects. Its all I'd ever be. Colleges got nuked, no more dreams or plans. Best I could hope for was maybe getting promoted and if I survive the war, then maybe trying to start a new family and still just being stuck on Deck wondering what coulda been. I guess I'm just sayin that I'm nervous, sir. Do you think I made a smart choice?" she asks, hiding a little behind her mug. Milkshake gets a more subdued nod, though. There Are Things To Be Discussed.

Petra mms softly and shakes his head at Kelsey, "Your choices aren't mine, so I cant tell you much if it was smart or not. You're still alive, and I'm betting your little girl is too. And right now? Just sitting on this ship could get you killed, so you might as well go pilot…you and I talked about how much you wanted to fly before all of this started, so if you REALLY want my opinion? YOu did what I woulda done." He winks at Ygraine, "Just let the Ensign here give you relationship advice and you'll be a force to be reckoned with on the deck."

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