AWD #058: Mess Hall Chatter 03-05-05
Mess Hall Chatter 03/05/05
Summary: Chatter in the Mess Hall
Date: 05/Mar/2005 (OOC Date)
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Mess Hall - Battlestar Orion
It's where you eat chow.
AWD #58: 5 March 2005

It's morning on the Orion. And it's time for the weekly guest chef on the ship. Taking up one of the stations, Zachary has fired up a large griddle top and is currently mixing the ingredients for pancake batter, the CAG wearing an apron over his off-duty togs and huming along with some internal song as he mixes.

Anderson isn't exactly on duty - although he's in uniform. Duty 'Blues' were something he gained quick access to after his discharge from sickbay. One can't run around a Battlestar in a chewed up flight suite. Besides, Dr. Nadir was ready for him to leave. The nurses were falling for that arrogant flyboy charm. So here he is: he has an early morning meeting with the CAG, leaving just a couple minutes for the Mess. He drops into line behind a few others, offering the 'cook' a pleasant little chin-nod of recognition. "Morning," the accent totally Caprican.

"Morning," the cook offers behind the counter. "How big a stack can I offer you, Jig?" he asks. With the apron on, and no rank tabs showing, it's probably only the off chance of a picture or two that exists around the ship that Zachary is a known quanity.

Word got out that a certain someone is making breakfast this morning, that giving Cassie enough of a reason to put off her turn in the sims and get some grub first. Tray gotten and place in line assumed, she waits her turn patiently.

"One flat stack of twins coming up!" the cook offers, flipping the two cakes and popping them on a plate. "The bloodapple syrup is particularly good. Doctor Sheperd found some delicious ones." he says as he glances up towards the other JiG hopping in line and waves her down with the spatula. "Morning, Shoes. How much of a stack you want?" he asks as he drops one plate onto Sniper's tray. "Haven't seen you around these parts before, new to the ship?" he asks and gives a glance towards Cassie.

Anderson slides down enough that Cassie can make her order without him being up in her business, although he gives her a glance that would suggest otherwise. Trademarked of course by that A-typical charming smile they teach 'sticks' in Advanced Viper training. All learn, few master - Anderson's got it in spades. The 'cook' draws him back however, and the Jig chuckles as he browses syrups. "Anderson," the introduction. "And I hadn't seen South of Med until last night. Doc had me locked down after Picon. Apparently I came in all frakked up." He chooses the bloodapple, raising it like a salute to Zachary before he starts the heap it on. "Hopefully that noise will change after this morning. With most of Reaper squadron microwaved, I'm lookin' greener pastures here aboard Orion." He smirks, adding, "Pray the Gods, the CAG's in a good mood."

Cassie looks from Zach to the new guy, the latter of whom gets an amused smirk from her. "I'll have four please," she politely requests of the chef, keeping his identity secret. Let Anderson figure out who the Major is on his own. "So Zach. They got you toiling away in the kitchen I see. Lucky for us. It's always a happy day when you're behind the griddle." Even as she speaks to him she looks at the other pilot, curious. "Glad you came out of that frakking hell alright."

"Four? Someone must've had a good night to work up that appetite." the 'cook' offers in amusement as Zachary starts to pour out the batter, as the chef listens to the conversation around him. "If Doctor Nadir kept you there, it was with good reason, I'm sure. And you know how I feel about the kitchen, Shoes, it's a second home to these old bones." there's a chuckle at that. "Anyway, Shoes, new guy. New guy, Shoes. Between you, me, and the flapjacks - don't ask how she got the callsign." There's an amused smile on Zachary's feaures. "And I heard the CAG lost at Triad last night. Not sure how that bodes for you, sir."

You have to love Pilots. A tight knit group that would take rounds for each other in a firefight. Battle raging around them and all that matters is the guy on your right or left. And that same group will smile brightly, sit back and watch just so they can laugh when one another falls on their face off duty. Comradery at its finest. "Alright is subject to interpretation," Anderson replies to Cassies with a green-eyed once over. "Though to be honest, if I don't get this transfer I might blow myself out an airlock. I've had it up the here," he even adds the gesture, "with water." There is a light chuckle, before he shifts his eyes off the woman and towards the cook. "Shoes huh?" A glance back and down - his mind full of unspoken ideas, then back at Zach again. "Hey, I'm a gambler myself. At least I got that, good looks and charm going for me, eh?" Oh he's - SO a stick. No doubt about it.

Cassie grins and shakes her head at Zach, missing the first once-over from Anderson at first. "They call him Buzzkill for a reason," she adds for the benefit of the ruse, her eyes rolling upward as she resists the urge to sigh. "As for my appetite this morning, I'm just hungry." That's right. Nothing happened last night. Or at least not that she's going to confess to. The second look from the new pilot is caught and she looks at him from over her shoulder as he seems to enjoy the view, that getting her to snort. "Hey, eyes up here, cupcake."

Flipping the flapjacks with finese born of years of practice, the cook chuckles. "Gal can get hungry, I will not argue with that." Zachary says with a laugh. There's a flash of a wedding ring between flips. "After all, my own girl would string me up by my toes if I were to suggest anything on her appetite. Gods bless her. But she works hard, so that's always a good thing. As for Buzzkill?" the chef looks utterly amused. "Well, I won't go guessing as to why they call him that. I'm sure that imaginations can run free." he shrugs. Setting the pancakes on the plate. "CAG should be down a bit later. You know he can't resist my cooking."

Cassie receives an, "Mmm, cupcakes," from Anderson before he chuckles and slides his tray down a tad further. Woman need their space after all. The rest of breakfast is collected, in moderate silence as Zachary and Cassie chat. However, when the CAG gets mentioned he glances back and nods, "Appreciate the heads up, Chef. I'll keep my eyes open." To Cassie, he nods before lifting his slop-tray and turning to consider seating. Oh look, and blonde… he starts to swagger over.

Anderson's allowed to get out of earshot before Cassie laughs, the sound as bright and warm as the amused gleam in her eyes is. "We are going to go to Hell for that," she whispers. "Thanks for the food, Zach. Appreciate it, as always." The CAG-turned-chef is given a wink and a smile before she moves to get a seat herself, following Anderson as she does.

"Cassiopeia, you need to learn to enjoy and savor the small moments." Zachary says with a chuckle. "Now comes the fun part." Turning from Cassie, he moves to make two more stacks. One he sets up on a travel tray with some other items and places a small note and hands it off. "..deliver this to Doctor Sheperd, she's in my bunk." he asks one of the enlisted before he removes his apron and reaches around behind the counter to pull on his fatigue jacket and grabs his own stack. "Shall we?" he asks Cassie as he walks with Shoes to go join Anderson and his latest target.

Oh, the blonde is just finishing up and ready to leave before the cocky Jig gets close enough to ply his charms. A shame too - Anderson really saw a future there. It was probably only a couple hours long, but a future none the less. He offers her a pleasant little bob of his head, electing to warm a seat at her table after she departs. Besides, he needs to get his head in the game if he wants this transfer off Picon. Frackking bathtub.

Cassie mock-pouts. "I have more than enough enjoyment in my life, thank you," she's all too happy to point out, the hurt tone she tries to have stick ruined as she's still laughing. "Yes, let's go and see if we can get the new pilot to shit himself." She lets the Major lead the way.

"And how is the Colonel these days?" Zachary asks with an amused lift of his brow as he walks out from behind the counter and grabs his plate. As he walks with Cassie, he blows out a breath, switching to his regular on-duty self. "So, I'm looking forward to seeing what Holtz is going to throw out there tonight for the Recons, and I believe there are a couple of support missions on the docket. I know you've been eager to itch your trigger finger." Coming up to Anderson's table, he gestures. "May we?" he asks Anderson from behind, already pulling out a chair for Cassie and moving to sit himself.

Just setting fot into the mess hall is none other than Luc. Slowly chewing on his tongue and looking around a bit. Stretching a bit and his hair is still damp from a recent shower it seems. Letting eyes wander a bit. Starting to head to get some food of his own. Nodding towards the CAG and company. "Heya people."

Well Hades nuts on a platter with pancakes. Anderson half rises as the situation dictates. He never expected that. Not for a minute. However, the young Jig's an alert and observant 'stick' so he can catch the flash of brass approaching a mile away. The jokes on him - and it was a good one. Luckily a quick mental recap of the conversation leaves him in a good enough mood to take it in stride. Could've been worse. He's managed to stick his foot in his mouth once or twice - normally with women though. This one's new on him. The other Jig - that'd be Cassie get an 'if looks could kill' glance which softens into shared amusement. "Sure thing Major." A little slower, and with a little mock incredulousness, "Shoes"

"Marc is fine," Cassie answers casually, "but I bet he's going to be busy as hell with all the big things that have been going on." The mention of the recons has her attention, of course and she changes conversational directions easily. "Damn straight I want to. Been wanting to get into something like that since we…" Luc's arrival has her pausing and she waves and then she smirks at Anderson. "Hello. So what's your name or do I have to call you 'new guy' the rest of our time flying together?"

"I don't often get to get the drop on a new guy, JiG Anderson, so forgive my indulgence." Zachary says with a laugh. Once Cassie is settled in her seat, he moves to drop into his own chair. "I dunno, I think Cupcake was a pretty appropriate name." There's an amused lit in his eyes as he makes introuctions. "Major Zachary Sheperd, Deputy CAG, technically, but seeing as I'm the only one left, I've been made CAG defacto." he shrugs at that. "This is JiG Cassiopeia Pietra…" As he hears Luc, there's a lift of his head towards the other pilot. "And that's JiG Raynor, callsign Crater." he offers. And wih that, he starts to eat on his pancakes.

Luc nods to all three as he continues to move to get some food. Which, as usual, is quite light. Bread, butter and some juice and then he is making his way towards the trio with his tray. "Buzz, Shoes. Newbie." Perhaps having caught the words from Cassie, or just assuming. "Mind if I crash the party?"

"Anderson Spade, Sniper in the cockpit and to friends, so /you/ call me Anderson," the 'new guy' says with a chuckle at Cassie. He being funny, obviously. Probably not as funny as the story behind that callsign, but funny still. "It isn't a problem sir. I completely understand. Hell, I'd have done the same thing in your place." His relaxes back into his chair, attention turning towards the other arrivals, each getting a curt nod in turn before he looks back to Zachary and Cassie.

"Sniper. Doesn't have the same ring as Cupcake. But I suppose we can suck it up." Cassie wastes no time in getting into her food and it isn't long before the first pancake out of the four are gone in less than thirty seconds. Someone is as hungry as she made herself out to be. "Zach, these are awesome. Just when I think you can't improve upon perfection, you somehow manage to." Luc is given a nod to. "Come join us. Make yourself comfortable."

The pilot group has taken over a table in the mess hall, large enough to accomodate more, because once the rumors get out that Zachary is cooking, it tends to happen. Today, however, the CAG went pretty simple - pancakes. There's a large stack of them left to stay warm while he's enjoying his own meal while discussing things with the others. "I'm surprised you can even taste it as fast as you're scarfing them down." there's an amused smile for a moment, before he nods towards Anderson. "Saw the Picon stuff, first hand. Shit's bad there, we're going back to do what we can help soon. Spree's looking forward to it." he comments. "Welcome to Orion."

Ygraine looks sleepy and faintly confused as she walks into the mess. Her braids are a mess, but she's got her flight suit on, though it's unzipped and the arms are tied around her waist. She squints her freckled face at everyone, sniffs the air, and looks momentarily torn between coffee and pancakes.

Luc grins and listens a bit as he has taken a seat even before anyone answers and does let a smirk creep onto his lips as he sits next to Anderson. Nodding to Cassie as he hear her agreeing for him to take a seat. Getting a smell of the pancakes and he breathes in. "Damn, perhaps I should had gotten some." He offers before briefly ruffling the newbie's hair. "Sniper, eh?" He asks with that smirk still present. One could think that Luc might be in the mood to find distractions on the day, but mostly still keeping happy and quite joyful expression. Or he is finally getting comfortable. "Indeed, welcome." He offers a bit more genuine as the hazing passes. For now seeming to miss the arrival of Ygraine.Luc grins and listens a bit as he has taken a seat even before anyone answers and does let a smirk creep onto his lips as he sits next to Anderson. Nodding to Cassie as he hear her agreeing for him to take a seat. Getting a smell of the pancakes and he breathes in. "Damn, perhaps I should had gotten some." He offers before briefly ruffling the newbie's hair. "Sniper, eh?" He asks with that smirk still present. One could think that Luc might be in the mood to find distractions on the day, but mostly still keeping happy and quite joyful expression. Or he is finally getting comfortable. "Indeed, welcome." He offers a bit more genuine as the hazing passes. For now seeming to miss the arrival of Ygraine.

Anderson's eating, languidly. No rush needed seeing as his morning appointment with the CAG turned into a sneak attack. "My aims improved, so maybe you're right Shoes. Maybe Cupcake ull' stick," he replies to Cassie, and hints at how he got the callsign to Luc. He shifts his eyes from the Jig, back to the CAG, brow arching slightly. "If that's a prequel to reassignment, Major; I'm cocked locked and ready to rock so to speak." He notices Ygraine out of the corner of his eye, tracking her a moment before turning back to his table-mates.

"Take it as a compliment, Zach. I normally don't eat this quickly," that being when the food is not as appetitizing as the fare their CAG gifts them with. The banter is taken in for awhile before she looks over to Luc, a brow arched at how he ruffles Anderson. "Aww. Look. You guys are buddies already. How sweet!" Cassie returns to her breakfast although this time she doesn't eat quite as fast as moments ago, her hunger sated enough to get her to slow down.

"Mmhmm." Zachary looks amused for a moment, as he lifts his mug to take a sip off of it. Noticing the freckled blonde making her way in, he offers her a salute with the cup. "You're looking rough, Milkshake." he offers to her. "Grab a stack and pull up a seat, meet the latest pilot we dug off of Picon."

Coffee first. It's a moral imperative. Once she has her mug of sweet liquid darkness, she loads up on pancakes. "Met him last night. Are we changing his callsign to Cupcake? Because that's adorable." Despite Yggy's frazzled air, she beams with full on wattage and comes to take a seat. "Ngh, people." she greets everyone amicably.

Luc chuckles at Cassie's words and nods, "Of course!" Taking note of the words from Anderson as well though. Eyes shifting to look over to Ygraine as she is addressed. "Hi there Shakes." He offers easily enough, grinning a bit at her greeting.

Pleased with himself (which isn't a stretch for Anderson), he pushes back from the table straightening out his left leg. Doctor Nadir isn't around to 'asses' him, so giving the old Pyramid injury a rest won't get him tossed back into sickbay. Although - truth be told he does have a penchant for Nurses. Or at least the uniform. Or better yet, the uniform all crumpled up on the floor besides a gurney. He chuckles casually at Ygraine, "Maybe. I was just telling Shoes here how sweet I am, iced or plain."

Cassie pivots her head to look at Ygraine, her shoulders coming up in a shrug. "Seems like someone's kind of full of himself, huh?" The rest of her food is eaten and then she rises so she can put her plate away, her fork angled at the very pilot they're discussing as if in threat. "Keep your eyes above my waist when I'm walking away," she 'gently' orders, her tone serious.

"I fear what our callsigns would be were you to be the one assigning them all, Ygraine." Zachary offers the ECO a grin as he continues to work on his stack of pancakes and lifts his brow at Cassie. "Leaving so soon?" he asks as he continues to eat.

"Don't shake your hips if ya don't want your ass checked out, Shoes." Ygraine replies. "Maybe he's as good as he says he is. If ya want, I'll try him out and give ya a full report." She chugs some coffee, and looks around. "Syrup, please?" she begs plaintively.

Ygraine adds, "Also, Crater, your dance moves, what the hades? That was awesome the other night."

That's like telling a child to put a cake on the table, but don't taste the icing. Is it even possible? "I'd never," Anderson counters to Cassie: wounded. Then as soon as she turns her back - he does. Just a curious glance. It had to happen. He smiles at Ygraine, offering her bravado a chuckle before he begin to eat again. Pancakes, cupcakes, lots of estrogen… Anderson's going to fit right in on Orion.

"If you do don't tell me." Cassie heads to where dirty trays and such are put so they can be washed, there being great pains taken in making sure there's not too much wriggle added to her ass when she moves. Means she walks a bit funny but it just might get the point across. No lookie! By the time she returns she has coffee in hand.

Luc chuckles and nods agreeingly with Ygraine. "And you know saying that will only make us look closer." He teases and has no idea where the syrup is, looking to the others in hope that they know. As for the compliment, he grins. "I know, but thanks. It's too bad you decided to leave the dance floor." Starting to chuckle at Zachary as well, but not pitching in if he would mind Ygraine picking the callsigns.

"Here, bloodapple syrup, Ygraine." Zachary slides over the container. "Eden brought them up last night when she was visiting." he offers a little shrug of his shoulders as he continues to work on his stack. "All the fun I missed after I left the party and came back to one helluva tab?"

"I keeping hearing I left sickbay a day too late. Or at least after seeing Dolly last night, I suspecting it. Must have been one helluva shindig." Anderson smirks, polishing off the last of his morning meal before lifting his coffee cup for a sip.

Ygraine peers at Cassie like she's grown another head. "And when did you suddenly decide you're a Hestian?" she asks in bafflement. "I wish ya'd make up your mind, Shoes. Either be all prim about shit or stop worryin' 'bout what other people think and enjoy yourself. Men checkin' out your ass don't harm ya none unless they think ya start and stop with your curves. Then ya break their noses with your flight helmet." Further thoughts from the Tao of Yggy. She then grins at Luc. "Maybe, but ya know how it is. The siren call of ambrosia sour." She then beams t zach. "Janitor became our morale officer for th'evening." Just imagine what that means, Zach! JUST IMAGINE.

Cassie shakes her head. "I'll explain it later, Yggy." Not that it's really anything lengty or complicated. It's just one of those things best left for girl talk later on. Coffee is sipped while she listens quietly, her expression amused.

Luc grins at the CAG before shrugging. "I am not sure. I only know that I ended up naked in the water." Grinning towards Anderson as well, with a bit of a shrug. As for Ygraine's words to Cassie, he does not join in. Just grinning at the two, although he does chuckle as she addresses him. "That might be right. I suppose you will just have to feel out the moves some other time." Glancing towards Cassie and offering a pleasant enough smile to her as well.

"Well, since I arrived like an unloved, redheaded stepchild, I should probably see the Quartermaster for a few requisitions. Maybe see about getting my personals aboard, find a rack." Anderson's mulling his options over to himself - inner monolog seeping out in a mummer towards Luc more so than the others. He glances at Zachary, adding politely, "And course making sure I'm on the duty roster."

Zachary looks amused for a moment. "Skinnydipping? Indeed, I heard the rumors. And Sergeant Knox is supposed to be delivering some pictures soon." he sips at his coffee. "You're all adults, I trust you to all act like one." With that, the CAG sets aside his mug and works on finishing off his stack. "I'm sure someone will volunteer to gladly let you take their CAP."

"Always more comfortable with another Viper and a Raptor on my six, Major," Anderson replies with a smirk about taking a CAP. "Been that way since my days as a nugget. Only thing I like better is seeing toasters get opened."

Cassie rises. "Well, I should get back and get some sims time in. See you guys later. Zach, thanks for breakfast." Her coffee brought with her, the older pilot heads out of the messhall.

"And sometimes being an adult involves skinnydipping." says Ygraine without a trace of regret or shame.

"Did I say that it wasn't?" Zachary asks as he lifts up his plate to get rid of it and starts on his way out. "Good to meet you, JiG. Welcome to the Strikes."

"Oh, that as well. I just meant that I took a shower after it all." Luc says with a smirk to the CAG. "And of course we behave right." He offers with a grin, nodding as he agrees with Ygraine.

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