AWD #005: Mess Hall Chatter
Mess Hall Chatter
Summary: Various snippets of RP while Zachary works on the promotion cakes.
Date: 10/01/2013 (OOC Date)
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Mess Hall
The Crew Mess on the Orion is one of the larger rooms meant for occupation. The room is far longer than it is wide with the classic stainless steel tables that can be seen anywhere else on the ship, standard to all navy ships. Most of the chairs match, their padding on the seats worn down after several years. Towards the rear of the room is the food prep area and serving lines. During the time in between meals the Mess will serve midrats, or 'mid-shift rations', such as sandwiches and drinks. Coffee pots are left to run at all hours to keep people going as needed.
10 January 2005

Cakes and cakes. Apparently cakes that need to be cut down. Zachary is using a knife to cut down the cakes and rearrange them. There's chocolate truffle cakes and lemon cake, and he's just busy at work.

And into the Mess hall comes a slender, dark-eyed man with an almost diffident, quiet sort of air about him. The ECO immediately makes his way over to Zachary and his cakes, pausing to tilt his head. "Need some help, Major?" He asks, wryly looking over the bounty of cakes.

"You know, I have gotten so many offers for assistance since I started this project." Zachary says wryly as he dusts his hands off on his apron. "I wonder where all of you people are when I need grunt work done. Maybe next time I'll start baking a cake I want to set up training." he teases lightly.

Sebastian snickers, flashing a quick, slightly mischievous grin. "Considering my fiance bakes a mean Gemenon Baklava, it's not as much of a lure as you'd think." Sebastian notes, chuckling as he looks for a knife. "Besides, I like training. I use to help run training my post before last. Section lead on the Triton." He cocks his head at the aproned Major. "Lt. Teague, by the by. Or Booboo if you prefer callsigns."

Cake. Its like saying fresh fruit and people come running. The smell of fresh baked goods and tasty ones at that are a rarity and Redux gives up going for her tray for food in favor of rounding the counter and getting a look at what's going on. "I had no clue you could bake…doesn't seem a skill that pilots should have…" Ceres draws closer, "Didn't think we would have anything to spare either to make cakes."

"Pleasure to meet you, Lieutenant Teague. I'm Major Sheperd. Or Pie for the callsign set. Depends on my mood on which I use." A smile at that as Zachary continues to work. The sheets of the truffle cake are starting to take the rough shape of a raptor as he works. "I was a CSAR driver for the ten years before at Leonis. So you probably know how much I love training." Because CSAR drivers train. A lot. For everything. Oi.

"Hello, Captain. Eh, I was able to scratch up some scraps and beg and borrow for some other things, and some is from my own personal stash planet side." Zachary offers as he continues to shape the cake. "That and as a morale booster, it doesn't hurt either." He takes a scrap shaving from each cake, sets it on a paper towel and offers it to the two. "So, anything I can help you with?"

"Thaddo bakes all the time." Sebastian wryly points out to Ceres, "Us Raptor folk are a wily and unusual bunch." He considers the cake. "If you need any help, let me know. I know where Dub keeps his cigarettes. Considering civilization as we know it is destroyed, cigarettes are worth their weight in gold to addicts." That added to Zachary, helpfully. He wrinkles his nose. "Or, hopefully, their weight in sugar. As the case may be."

"So you both must have little Suzie Bake Ovens on your buses," Ceres quips back and takes the paper towel with the offered smattering of cake on it. Hardly refusing, she picks up portions and placing it in her mouth. There is a silence while she tastes it, licking her fingers. "Not bad, sir." She tells Zachary an then smiles faintly. "Aye, I heard we are amping up the sim program. Not sure if there is anyway to help other than to put in our past sim data readouts in to help out the programmers. Besides, who is programming it?"

The comment about civilization ending only darkens the DCAG's mood a little as he lets out a breath. "I'll keep it in mind. My wife's a horticulturist planetside, so I'm hoping she has an accounting of what's in the seed vaults soon." he points out as Zachary gives Ceres a pleased smile. "Glad to tickle what sounds like a picky pallet. Virgoron?" he asks curiously, and then adds, "I assigned JG Sava to assist Storm and Nags with the project. I figured a month would give them time to have it prepared." With that, he continues to shave down on the rough Raptor shape.

Sebastian cocks his head, eying the Raptor shape as Zachary carves. He also accepts a piece of the cake, popping it in his mouth. The three Airwingers are standing to the side talking. Zachary is making a cake, carving it to resemble a Raptor while Sebastian, an infrequent visitor to the more public sections of the ship, and Ceres chat with him. And eat the scraps. Following Ceres' lead, Sebastian also shamelessly licks his fingers, nodding in approval. He wrinkles his nose. "Predator training too? The CO is one of the biggest predator fanatics in the fleet."

Ekho, for once, doesn't seem to wandering the halls regailing her fellow inmates with colourful stories. Actually, she almost looks mostly official, in blues, with a packet of papers in hand. She also looks to be hunting rabbits. Or air wing members, whichever present themselves first. A half step, as she gets out of the way of the open door and catching at least one familiar face, if only by reputation, she heads towards the pair. A glance at the papers, before she pulls up a few steps away from the carving board.

"Virgan, aye, sir. But I am a woman, fan of chocolate any day." At the mention of Sava, she gives a slow nod of her head. "I will catch up with him then, offer him what I gave Bumper.." That has her hesitate before she clears her throat and glances at the shaping of the cakes. "Wait a moment..a Raptor and Viper.." That makes her laugh. Actually laugh.

"Go to Holtz, he's the team lead for the project." Zachary makes sure to point out. "I don't want Buttons to be distracted from his assigned task." Someone is in Zach's doghouse. "I'm sure they'll cook up something for the Predators too. That is going to be a hugs pain when I have to start to rotating the sticks on the refreshing on those archaic things." A smile is offered to the doctor, welcoming her to the corner of the mess hall that he has claimed as his. "Evening, Doctor. Welcome to cake sampling one-on-one." he comments lightly. "I have lemon and chocolate truffle."

"My suggestion to Butch was to break the squadrons down into sections." Sebastian suggests to Zach as he nibbles on his cake, "Use senior officers or even the more experienced lieutenants as section heads. It'd allow for more individualized, accelerated training, and let us keep a closer eye on the people with little or no experience to avoid burnout or breakdowns." He snags another piece of cake. "Mmm. Moist."

"What you need, is more flight-qualified personnel who have experience running Predators. The Air Wing's only the set that have a flight billet. Find a few who have the skill and experience, see if you can work out arrangements for training. It'll lessen the load on your current personnel, and get your people up to speed faster." A dip of her head to the DCAG, "Thank you for the offer, but my pants are protesting my recent indulgences. A few bites of that and it'll be a rebroadcast of Military MILFs volume Seven. Actually, I had a favour to ask."

"Storm then, very well. I will get him the results and hopefully he will be able to work it in with Sava." Ceres finishes off what is left of the cake on her napkin and then crumbles it up into a ball. Wiping the edge to the corner of her mouth, dark eyes land on Sebastian and hmmms over his suggestion. "Senior officers don't always have the skills. Senior means been around longer, doesn't always mean we have more skill than the young ones." She nod to Ekho in regards. "Those that qualify with more adept skill knowledge should be put into place over seniority."

Zachary nods slowly, taking in the suggestions. "I'll get a notice posted to have the former Pred drivers give me a ring to see what I can set up." he says thoughtfully. He's still getting used to the position and is not about to bristle against what he percieves as legitament help. "Does everyone know everyone here?" he asks finally. "Just in case, I'm Major Zachary Sheperd, acting DCAG. Before this assignment, I was a CSAR driver for CFA Leonis. And apparently, as you can plainly see, I like to bake." Offering up his introduction, he continues to work on the cake and listens to the small debate around him, not quite jumping in yet.

"Sure, doctor, I'm all ears." Zachary offers, waiting to hear what Ekho needs to ask him about. "Price of a question is an introduction, though."

"I've done a little Pred driving, but never actual launches." Sebastian offers to Zachary. "I was working on dual certification as pilot/ECO, post before this." He then shakes his head slowly at Ceres. "It's not just a matter of skill. It's also creating a support structure that people can depend on, so that if something happens, people know who to look towards. I'm not saying all senior staff are excellent and experienced; At least one of the more senior staff in the Raptor squadron has never been stationed on a Battlestar before." He doesn't name any names. How political. "But it gives the CAG and SL team a smaller pool of people to assess for leadership potential than an entire squadron. And most of us that have a decade plus in the Fleet have been in high pressure situations and know what to look for in someone about to crack and how to handle it."

He shrugs. "It's not a perfect system, but I've personally dealt with a least one junior officer completely breaking down to the point of nearly being brigged." He nibbles the inside of his cheek. "I don't want to see it happen again."

"Good to meet you, Major. Captain Ekho Lin. I usually stick my head in the sand down in Sciences. Before that, worked Sciences at CFA Caprica. Before that I toured the fleet as a viper pilot. Did my flight training back when most of your Rooks were trying to decide which idea they liked better: crapping in their pants or sitting on the pot. Predators were standard issue back then." A beat. "In my spare time, I like knitting and I've been known to occassionally launch miniature humans from my womb, but that's on hold for the time being." She shifts her paperwork from one hand to the other, "Sciences is trying to get started on radiological analysis of the damage to the Colonies. I'd like to see about getting access to your raptor recon footage, as well as your gun camera footage. I'm also meeting with CIC as soon as I can get a window, to see about getting theirs." She pauses, listening to Sebastian, and nodding, "It's also about making use of all of your resources. Departments get so competitive, they sometimes forget that the first part of our job, no matter what our billet, is to look out for each other."

"Granted, Booboo, you can have the rank and command still, but those instructing should be those with a better understanding. No reason a lower ranked officer can't lead a training session when needed. Perhaps you misunderstood me," Offers Redux, her dark eyes shifting to the group at large before she offers an introduction as well, "Captain Ceres Delacroix, a pleasure, sir." She offers to Ekho, lifting a brow at the mention of Viper training. "Would be interested to know where you stationed and what changed your mind about flying." Her eyes follow that request for information on the colonies with a slide of her gaze.

"I have Holtz and Jess pulling the camera footage for another project, but you're welcome to talk to them about it." Zachary offers in response to Ekho. "See them about securing a copy for yourself for the briefing." then he pauses. "The two pilots who haven't introduced themselves are Captain Ceres Delacroix, a Viper stick like you were and the soon-to-be married Lieutenant Sebastian Teague, an ECO. By the way, are you taking his name, or is he taking yours?" he asks curiously.

"CIC has the initial recon footage I took." Sebastian notes, "It won't over much. They were still bombing when I jumped in, took my stills and vid, then jumped out." He rubs the back of his neck. "And I wasn't there long." That is added apologetically.

He then shrugs at Zachary. "I don't know. I've toyed with using my father's surname. With everything that's happened, all that's going on… I feel more of a responsibility to uphold the Archleone legacy. Even if I've never been more than my father's biggest booboo." Thus the callsign. Clever, no? He squints at Ceres. "I'm not discounting abilities or holding to the old saw that seniority is key, sir. But at the same time, there is a system and if you shake the system too much, it'll break. Especially when everything else is in turmoil. I honestly can't think of a JIG in the Raptor squadron that could run training. Most of them are only just beginning to figure out their identities as a pilot or ECO, much less ensigns." He shakes his head. "Sorry if I'm coming off argumentative, sir." He shamelessly begins to pile bits of cake on a napkin.

"Good to finally meet you in the flesh, as it were, Captain." She considers a moment, then nodded, "My first posting was to the Bay of Rezaei. From there I went to the Battlestars Triton and Deimos. And…then I met a boy. And we wanted a family." And pregnant pilots are grounded pilots. "So I made the choice to leave the cockpit. Some things were more important than flying." A smile, but a faint one, "But flying is not all that easy to let go of, as you likely well know. And I'm still flight qualified as a viper pilot, recert on schedule every year. Just haven't been billeted for it in a dog's age." Ekho nods, listening and making note of names on her paperwork, "I'll try to track them down then." Ekho's tone doesn't change a whit, "And there's no need to look so sorry, El-Tee. Even a few minutes of footage will be helpful. Especially footage that will give us some indication of how they deploy their ordinance. Congratulations on your wedding."

Sebastian scrubs his face. "I still need to try and find a ring. But thanks." That to Ekho, since he's a nasty, evil pose jumper.

"You have me at a disadvantage, sir," Ceres returns to Ekho with her comment about meeting in the flesh. Dark eyes study her with a renewed interest. "No, flying is not easy to give up." A bit of a sour sound to that before she glances to Sebastian. "Nothing wrong with voicing your opinion but I have a feeling most of those younger pilots that held up under pressure might surprise you. Argumentative or not, there is nothing wrong with speaking out." Rubbing at her neck, the Captain considers, "May want to check with some of the techs, might be able to machine you something or the like." She plucks at the coin around her neck to show the the metal ring sautered to it so it can hang from a chain.

Zachary nods slowly, taking in what's being said and exchanged, and considers for a moment. "We'll rotate them through training as we can. If any of them show a natural ability for a Predator stick, we'll see about offering them a bird. But lets deal with the issues at hand of being ready for the next round with the Cylons. Doctor, I flew taxi for the Avery Hall mission. I'll get you that footage as soon as possible, since I already backed up and made copies of the footage." Tough he pauses again at Ceres' comment and starts on the cake carving again.

Sebastian neatly begins to fold his treasure trove of cake bits up in the napkin, creating a little care package. "If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go see if the Chaplain is free and make sure she's eaten." He pats his care pack. "She's a fairly popular person for some reason." That's said wryly, and he picks the package up to go carry it off. "Nice chatting with you, sir. Sir. Sir." That to all three ranking officers.

Ekho laughs, a light, almost rueful sound, "I work quite a bit with Lieutenant Garrida. Occasionally, his tongue is hinged in the middle. And no need for the sir. Most people just call me Doc, Doctor or, on occasion, when they want to remind me of how far I've fallen, Shortbus." A nod follows Ceres suggestion of making rings to suit. "The Captain's on to something. Come down to Four. Between the machine shop and the viper foundry, if they can't find some nice metal and the equipment to make you a couple of rings, then they're doing it wrong, and I'll gladly put my boot in an inappropriate part of their anatomies. Can't think of a person down there, though, who wouldn't be willing to put their hands to helping a couple of kids celebrate right and proper. Plus, you'll know those rings were completely unique." A nod to Zachary, "I'm sure the Marines appreciated the ride. And the work you did to get them all back." Whether they lived or not. "They don't always like to admit it, but my Galen used to say that most missions are make or break and it all comes down to the team you have flying you in and pulling you out." She offers a nod of acknowledgement to Sebastian, "Good night to you, El-Tee."

Anyone who's anyone on Orion is sure to know the voice coming down the corridor and into the mess hall…but how many have seen the person to whom it belongs? If they haven't seen her, they might be surprised to find that she's…a perfectly normal-looking woman. Who is singing. And air-bassing (definitely not air-guitaring) her way through the main corridors for a snack. The song is anyone's guess. "Ain't nothing wrong with this chemistry…ain't nothing wrong with this place for meeee," Melpomene jams as she comes to the mess for post-shift chow.

The name of the Lieutenant in association with Ekho draws a look of recognition. "Oh I see, does he now?" There is a sort of wry amusement upon her lips. "That might explain some things." Pause. "I don't think I have to ask if they were good or bad, I am certain I have already been painted." That said, she looks to Sebastian as he makes to leave and the extra cake is handed out. Unballing her paper towel, she holds out her hand and gives the DCAG an imploring, possibly pleading look. "More sir?" Said with that posh Virgan accent. And now there is music, air-guitar and all as dark eyes flit over to Melponeme. "Lietuenant," she says to Sebastian, "Good luck with your ring, I am certain someone will machine you something as the Doctor says."

"I'll keep that in mind." Sebastian murmurs to the suggestions on rings. "I don't think Thaddo minds the lack of a ring, but it doesn't seem right to me." He shrugs, "Then again, I was born out of wedlock so I tend to be a little funny like that." He then hefts the care package, added to be Zach with a quick smile of appreciation… Only to see the Chaplain. "Ah. Speak a name, and here they come."

He flashes a quick grin towards the Chaplain. "Hello, Sister. I was just about to bring you another little snack." And he nods towards the cake piled on a napkin, lifting it and making his way over.

Zachary slices off just a little more off the cockpit section that's forming on the Raptor, and places it on a paper towel. "Okay, but I'm going to have to cut you off soon." he comments. And with that, he returns to work on the multi-layered chocolate truffle cake that's slowly taking shape as a Raptor. Nearby sits a second lemon cake, shaped like a Viper. The DCAG concentrates on his work, letting everyone else gossip as he uses his own anti-anxiety action.

Talk of talk of a wedding brightens Gen up considerably, as does the mountain of cake that Seb presents her. "That is a great deal of frosting." Something in her tone suggests approval.

"I think you'd be surprised, Captain. I like to let people speak for themselves. They're never quite the way other people make them out to be." Ekho does give a longing look at the cake, "No, if I take a bite, I'll pop a button." A grin as she steps back, "I think I need to get myself out of the way of temptation, and see if I can rustle up someone in CIC. The sooner we get this analysis underway, the sooner we'll be in the recovery phase. Major, if you need to find me, I'm almost always down on four. As for the rest of you….my door is always open." That said, the science officer turns to sneak off and find her next victim.

"What's this then? Were you all talking about me?" Melpomene asks of Sebastian. Not a second after that, the chaplain comes in behind and she just gives a knowing nod. "Or, yeah…that makes sense." She nods all around. "Sir. Sir. Sir. Sir. Sir. Sir. Sister." Probably a few more sirs than is strictly necessary, but better to cover you ass anyway.

Iphigenia flashes a grin at Ceres; was it her the Captain was 'sir'-ing? She gives her LT tabs a little taptap and then notes to Sebastian, "I think I'd quite like that. We'll talk about the wedding while we're engaged in the assault, shall we?" She moves to sit down, inquiring, "For one thing, do you want it on board, or planet-side if it can be coordinated?"

"Not unless you're getting married." Zachary offers to Melpomene as he continues to work on the cake. "I figured we may have a few of those considering the situation as it stands."

"Cake, you say? Is this cake for everyone? Or is this cake for officers and their plus ones?" Mel sorta frumps there a moment, before yanking on the collar of her uniform and looking. "I mean, petty officer is a kind of officer, right. But, you know petty. And there's nobody pettier than me…I mean. Wait. No, that's not right." She cocks her lips to the side and strokes an imaginary moustache. "Ah, whatever. Even if the worlds are gone to shit, you still shouldn't eat dessert first. Unless you have a bigger dessert for dessert." She doesn't appear to be speaking to anyone in particular, merely talking aloud as she crosses the mess for some fleet-issue nomming equipment.

"I'll requisition us the proper equipment, sister." Sebastian says solemnly, nodding towards her to find herself a comfortable place to sit. He pauses on his way, though, "I think Thaddo would prefer outdoor. He was raised on a farm." He grins, slightly, the expression warming his dark eyes. "I'm also attempting to find some dress clothes that would fit him, since I would prefer to do it out of uniform, but so far, no luck. No one packed any cravats and spats, alas."

"Indeed." Iphigenia seats herself before eyeing Mel in amusement. "Well, I think your dress blues would be quite fine, and I've peacock feathers I've yet to be able to use for just this sort of occasion. I do believe you'll be my first wedding, Lieutenant. I hope you don't mind that I'm quite excited about it." She is eyeing the cake a bit like a tiger eyes a fat little baby who's wandered into the jungle. Nummy.

If this keeps up there will be cake for the party. But one more tiny slice is cut off for the comms girl and set aside. Then he finally starts to wrap them with celophane for storage, leaving a tidy pile of cake cuttings and crumbs on the table.

Zachary smiles in satisfaction and offers it Mel. "Here. And no more. I have to save these for the promotion celebration." he offers in way of apology as he listens to wedding talk, and chuckles. Sebastian is so the bride.

"Thaddo is nervous." Sebastian's smile is small, and fond, eyes warm. "I'm the only serious relationship he's really ever been in. But every time I tell him he doesn't have to do this, he insists. Even wants to give each other tattoos." He shakes his head, and then shrugs one shoulder at Geni. "I'll be the first, but I won't be the last. Like I said last time, in these kinds of situations, marriage, birth, and suicide statistics rise. Still, I think both of us want to keep it small. I'm a reasonably private person, and Thaddo gets embarrassed when people see past the grumble-bear routine."

Iphigenia bites into her cake, and has to briefly close her eyes, because she is having an Experience. Opening them again, she notes, "I see. You, Thaddeus, myself, and one or two close friends to stand with you, then? People will want to celebrate. And this cake is too magnificient. Who's been promoted?"

"Oh, hey, thanks!" Mel says cheerily as she adds the slice of cake to her stainless tray on her way back from the chow line. One compartment for meat, one for veggies, one for cake. Sounds about right. Heading back towards the tables, she can't but overhear the talk of a lack of wedding clothes; it practically screams for her to interject, complete with the stereotypical, "Psssst! I know most folks around here can put buttons and stuff back on, but I'm a little better at stitching stuff than that. Might be I could try and work some fabrics together into something like you want."

"Major St. Clair and Captain Cole." Zachary uses their new ranks to get used to them himself. "St. Clair became the new Squadron Lead for the one-two-one and Cole is the current pro-temp lead for the Lucky Strikes." he offers as he starts to wheel the cakes back into the cooler. Once he returns, he takes the plate of scraps and sets them down where anyone can get to them.

"St. Clair made Major." Sebastian says wryly, "I'm a little bias that Thaddo didn't get it, but also relieved; It means I won't have to transfer. Besides, I like Butch. She's a good pilot, and quite a bit easier to work with than Dub." Which is putting it lightly. Bennett's never left anyone in tears like Thaddeus. He sits down and begins to help Geni with the cake. He squints at Mel, and shrugs. "I'll keep it in mind, if Thaddo is completely against wedding in uniform."

"Oh, that's quite marvelous for them both." Iphigenia says, sounding pleased on their behalf. "I'll have to make sure to convey my congratulations to them both. Sebastian, would you prefer the ceremony in liturgical language or Colonial Standard?" She can't help but add to Zachary, "Major, you've quite outdone yourself."

"If you've supplies, I wouldn't mind a cake for Thaddo and I, sir." Sebastian says to Zachary, "I can probably get a fair bit of what you'd need if you don't, too. Like I said, Thaddo has a large collection of cigarettes for currency." He chuckles, wickedly, and glances at the clock with a grimace. "If you'll excuse me, I've got CAP. Since I got off light duty, they've been rotating me on pilots for lack of anyone without a ECO." He rolls his eyes skyward at that.

"I can see what I can get Eden to scare up." Zachary offers. "For both the cake and the wedding. This was supposed to be my retirement cruise." the DCAG chuckles as he considers. "We were going to live down there together. And now I'm defending it for her. I guess it's still the same." He finally removes the apron and shakes it out to put away.

"An admirable thing, sir," Ceres says in regards to defending. "If things are as bad as we suppose, this could be where humanity relocates. We all need to get in the mindset of defending Piraeus." She says and thanks Debbie Downer.

"We need to get into the mindset of nurturing Piraeus." Iphigenia murmurs, and then advises Ceres, "Pick up a spoon. You need some frosting."

Zachary glances over at Melopmene and just looks confused for a moment. "Huh." he offers and then looks to Iphigenia. "Well, Eden's a horticulturist, so she's all about nurturing. Even has a greenhouse set up to get a jump start on the spring planting."

While the Major isn't looking and rather speaking instead, Ceres slips in and steals another extra piece of the chocolate cake, giving Gen and Melp a look that says 'shhhhh'. She turns quickly and adds as she heads for the exit. "Nurturing can start once we know we are safe."

"I mean to debate that point with you another time, my friend." Gen replies good-natruredly, and seems well pleased enough to have her cake bits to herself. She does look over at Zachary though, and asks innocuously, "Will we need an appointment for jacket reviews at some point, sir?"

"I'm sure we will, but this is a no business night, Sister." Zachary says with a chuckle. "It's a cake night, it seems." he shrugs his shoulders and lets out a slow breath. "I should get ready to retire for the night myself, I have the early CAP."

Still sitting quietly but animated at her own table, Melpomene seems blissfully unawares of the comings and goings. It's a lot easier to sit and talk with yourself afterall! But as folks start to drift out, she doesn't seem to mind chowing down. Zachary, though, can leave knowing that the slice of chocolate cake on her tray looks twice as big given the wolfish grin she gives it, and the child-like exuberance with which she begins to annihilate it with death-gripped fork.

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