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These are the personal logs and memories of those personnel involved with BSG-114

Memoir: The Fallacy of Granite- Emily meets her grandfather, Rance Hood.

The First Day- > Emily gathers her things and heads to her bunk for the first time.

The First Day
Summary: Emily gathers her things and heads to her bunk for the first time.
Date: 13/10/2017 (OOC Date)
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Emily [[include logPlayerBottom]]

Last Night on Piraeus- Yari Sawyer's liberation from Skath-controlled Piraeus comes as a surprise and at a cost.

Rule of Thumb- An excerpt of Yari's life on post-Skath invasion Piraeus. The powers that be make a lesson of Yari, for her crime of domestic disobedience. Spoiler - it ain't pretty.

Wedding Night Fright- An excerpt from Yari's life on Piraeus, post-Skath invasion. Yari Sawyer becomes Mrs Titos Baltus to Dr Baltus, loyalist elite.

The End to Cottage Bliss- An excerpt of post Skath-invasion life on Piraeus. Melissa Sawyer is widowed and Yari is harvested.

A year in the life- A year spent on Bominaire, a world behind the battle lines of the war the Arpay are fighting with the Machines.

I swore and oath- When in doubt, be bold.

No Room For Another Scar- The war finally ends for Petra. At least, he thinks so.

Necessary Lies- There are lies, damned lies, and then there are necessary lies. All have different reasons for application. But a lie is still a lie. Until it isn't.

Welcome to Bominaire- Sometimes it is the journey, not the destination, that matters. Sometimes it's all of the above.

Something's Wrong- Something goes on in the mind of Fischer after he takes a bullet to the head.

Minos, Day 1- >A record of the first day of Holtz's lone watch on the Minos settlement.

Mister Wescott- >Kelsey has a really bad night, but doesn't remember the good samaritan.

Sidelined- >Actual log entry

Battlestars and Crowns- >Reflections on remains

Hardly a Prayer- >Maddox is really bad at praying, so he asks for help…on different angles.

Blood Sacrifice- >Holtz's prayer to Ares on the eve of battle evokes ancient customs mostly forgotten.

The Odd Duck Out- >Iron-clad, Kelsey is not. It comes down to the Picon Invasion and there are things to be said.

A Confessor's Prayer- >The oft-proud, perhaps even haughty, CAG confesses her failings to one of the Ladies of Kobol in a penitent's humble prayer.

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