Lieutenant, JG Melissa "Billboard" Wescott
idcard.png Wescott, Melissa Mae
LTJG Air Wing
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Raptor Pilot
Age Sex
29 Female
Hair Eyes
Brown Blue/Green


Melissa never really knew her mother. She knows that Mom joined the Navy and then she never really saw much of her after that. The war kicked off and Melissa had to walk herself to her great grandmothers house, only to be captured by Cylons. Mels spent the first part of the war in a prison, then Piraeus. For awhile it was the most she had consistently seen her mother since she was very young. Happy days. And then it trickled to nothing as the war chewed her mother to pieces. The last time Melissa saw her mother was more than six months before the cease fire was declared. Seven years old and aware that her mother had abandoned her, Lydia, her great grandmother and a CAG from the first war took her back to Picon. The last anyone saw or heard of Melissa Wescott was at her mother's funeral.

Twelve years later her face was on television and radio, recruiting. "Hi, I'm Melissa Wescott. I'm a daughter of the Sixty and I'm doing my part. Like many of you, I'm a refugee of the war but I've found a place with the Fleet. So many of us were devastated by the war but want to do something about it. Don't wake up in the morning and wonder if you're making a difference, join the Fleet and know that you are. Every day." She ended up right where her mother had been, flying Raptors. The voice on radio may have even given vets pause because she sounds exactly like her mother. She even looks a lot like her, albeit these days several years older and more mature. The Navy made sure they did what they could to retain Melissa, but they have never needed to try very hard. Eventually she got a recruiting partner, the daughter of her mother's squadron commander, and the two have made several tours to meet and greet.

Her career has been pretty standard otherwise. She's seen a deployment to both Libran and Leonis, one each, and has extensive strike experience. A few people over the years have pointed out that she seems to be walking her mother's path but nobody could really explain that very well beyond flight experience. Still unsure what it means to be that person, Melissa has learned to not judge her mother for the abandonment, instead pursuing some truth for closure. Her great grandmother made sure the girl never grew up a spiteful person, fearing such a judgment. Its hard some days. Melissa is well adjusted and has a lot of skill both in and out of the Raptors, definitely an individual deserving of Captains pins, but there's that ghost following her, casting its shadow. Is it real or mental? Her mother's body was never found, after all.

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