AWD #296: Old Friends
Old Friends, Future Plans
Summary: Ensign Kostas and Cpl Cassidy run into one another again
Date: 29/10/2013
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Kostas Reed 
Fitness Center
Smelling of sweat and grease, the Fitness Center is a place where individuals can come to work out or just work off stress. The area closest to the entrance is taken up by two very large sparring pads with a pathway down the center, each pad removable to reveal a Pyramid court beneath. The walls beside the pads hold lockers for everything from pugilist sticks to boxing gloves to rubber guns, though deadly weapons are strictly prohibited in here except by authorized personnel such as on-duty Military Police. Standing goalposts for Pyramid are also kept against the wall. Past the pads are a vast number of nautilus machines as well as free weights to lift. At the back of the room are workout bikes, rowing machines, treadmills, and stairclimbers. There is an entrance to the pool at the rear as well as a locker room to the side.
Sat Oct 29 14:42:17 2005

The fitness Center is not very busy this morning. There are a few of the sailors working at the free weights, obviously going for bulk more than strength and endurance judging by the weights they are using. A few others are using the various nautilus machines. At the back there comes a rhythmic tread of feet pounding on the treadmill which has been programmed to mimic various terrains as it elevates and lowers at times. Reed appears to have been at it for some time if the sweat on his work out clothes are any indication. Dark stains run down the front and the back of his sweats, the jacket has been tossed aside, a towel and a bottle of water are nearby.

Kostas comes in from the locker room, perhaps after a trip to the pool. Her tanned skin is flushed a bit from some kind of workout, but she's got the fresh-scrubbed look around her, and a damp towel around her neck, her jacket tossed over one shoulder. She's sporting a myriad of old scars and new across her shoulders, and a new-ish particularly nasty one right alongside though missing the jugular. There's a bit of swagger in her step, however, coiled and pent of energy—as a couple of weeks of enforced leave time is wont to do to a marine more suited to being out in the field. Dark eyes scan the center, a half grin forming as she sees Reed going through his paces. Her path will take her near the treadmills, though she waits until she's close enough to not have to shout before offering a "Hey."

Lost in his own world, eyes fixed at some distant point, Reed doesn't notice Kostas approach. That is till the "Hey" is heard. He turns his head and spots the Ensign, which causes him to stumble a step. On a treadmill that's unforgiving. He has to reach quickly for the hand holds to keep from falling before he gets off it. "Sir!" he says once his feet are safely on the deck and off the device. Sweat runs down his face which is wiped off on his sleeve "Good to see you again, Sir. I mean, up and about. Saw you in the Med Bay but you were kind of out of it." Ok, he's babbling. A chuckle "Let me start over. It's good to see you again, Sir."

Kostas raises a brow at the scramble, though the grin strengthens a bit, impressed that he manages to hold it together. "Good t' see ya too, Cassidy. You settlin' in ok?" She tosses her towel in the discard bin nearby, shrugging in to her jacket, and scrubbing one hand through her close cropped hair. "Guess we got some down time for a bit. Not a bad time t' get yer bearin'." She leans up against the bulkhead. "Went ahead an' forwarded your request to the appropriate folks, about th' training. I agree, good time t' get started, while things ain't heated up yet."

Taking up his water bottle, Reed takes a good drink, wiping his mouth with the back of his arm. His eyes can't stop from looking over the newer scars before they find her eyes once again. "Hate to say it, but it does look like some down time. Truth is, Sir, kinda of bored," he chuckles and has a mischievous look "And that's not a good thing for me, Sir." His single brow rises at the mention of the training "That would be great Sir. I do appreciate it. Any idea /when/ it will happen?" Not an if, but a when. Taking up the towel that is with his jacket, he pauses a moment, his face grows a bit serious "Permission to speak freely Sir?" He gives a pause, though not really waiting to receive an answer to the question "Word is that you guys have been kicking ass, Sir. Word is that Dog has been taking a lot of injuries as well." He takes a breath "I just wanted you to know that it's good to be with the best, Sir."

"Injuries come with kicking ass territory," Kostas shakes her head. "Gotta say, some folks I met here seem t' have some kinda weird ideas 'bout how them two things shouldn't go together." She frowns a little, scratching at the back of her head. Her scarred body's the evidence, live fast, live hard, die young, Marine. She shrugs though. "Guess they toughen up sooner'r later. Hope it's th' sooner. Things ain't gonna get easier—we got more colonies t' roll." She softens it with a flash of white teeth in a wolfish grin. "Thinkin' 'f a training spar 'r shootout, marines vs. the flyboys. Or just between us, t' keep things sharp." Kostas shakes her head. "Pretty amazin' though. Genocidal war, an' still bein' a Marine is still mostly hurry up an' wait." She winks at him. "As for th' trainin', not sure. Lemme see what I c'n scare up, with who we got."

There is a smirk on Reed as he hears about the kicking ass and injuries. "Well Sir, you got a real Marine here now. Not saying them MP types aren't. Just that, well," he just gives a shrug. A shake of his head is next to come "We'll get them back, the other colonies that is. Those tin cans just got the jump on us." He looks at her like she just grew two heads and then comes a laugh "Us? Against the Flyboys, really sir?" A hand runs over his head and short hair, forcing some of the sweat out "Might have to make it four of them to one if you want it to be fair, Sir. But I'm your man, we would kick their ass like was done on," here Reed pauses, shakes his head, not bringing up the past. He looks at Kostas, sharing unspoken memories. A quick change of subjects "The training sounds great, Sir."

"They learnin'." Kostas grins at the mention of the MPs. "Guess we all got t' do everything now." She continues to prop up her bulkhead. "Hopin' that th' ones that didn't get glassed got resistance th' caliber of Picon on 'em. It'll make it easier t' take an' hold - and we eventually got ta get replacements from somewhere." There's remarkably little emotion and more pragmatism in her tone than not. She grins at him. "Really. An' don't worry, they used ta goin' around in groups, yeah? An seems like more've 'em than us anyway. Somebody gots t' keep 'em in shape. And it wouldn't be borin', probably." She doesn't bring up the past either, though there's a grimness behind the bravado - and a discomfort of a bootstrap field commander needing to be a Real Officer during the shipboard downtime. Torture. There might even be a little evidence of scratching around where that pesky officer collar sits, when she's on-duty. "When you get th' chance, once it starts, you pick up any interestin' tricks, show 'em to the rest, yeah? It'll learn you quicker, an' help everyone. Some 'f these folks don't got a whole lot of outside th' box trainin, some do—but we only get stronger if we share what we know an' what we learn. Goes for me too."

"Meaning no disrespect to the fine officers in the Navy that do such a fine job flying those ships of theirs, Sir, but I fear those fly boys have spent way to much time in vacuum. It's affected their judgment. Besides, no Navy type could ever hope to out shoot a Marine, Sir." Another sip of the water "How we looking in the Platoon, Sir? Any weak spots, any places that need watching? What can I do to help?" When she brings up the training and sharing he holds out his hands "Sir, I said I'm your man. I learn something, the rest will know it as fast as I can make it happen." He can't help but laugh "You know me sir, always out of the box," but he does nod seriously for a moment "What ever I know, the team will know, you got my word on it, Sir."

Kostas frowns a bit, but it's in thought, not anger or annoyance. "I'd say most've us 'r decent shots. We got a little EOD, from my rusty-ass trainin' and Ynyr's had t' learn it on th' fly too. But…just like down on Picon, man, it's th' attrition, and who's available t' go when. We should probably all brush up a bit on gunnery and first aid - we do got some heavy weapons folk and a corpsman but been caught with our pants down around our asses a few times when they ain't there. I'm thinkin' 'f holdin' some regular tactical practice when we can. Get some discipline on what ya do an' don't do when you in live combat that some of them MPs don't got th' trainin' on, or some of our new folks don't got the experience on." She chews at her lower lip for a moment. "Most've my trainin' before was close quarters, but that don't do shit on a canner. Wonder if there ain't folks in th' same boat. Truth be told, I need folks willin t' do some squad manuevers t' train some of th' less experienced folks in - an' while I can and will do that sometimes, ya know th' boys sometimes do better if they don't gotta worry about no sir breathin' down their collar."

Reed leans on the hand rails of the treadmill as he listens. Taking small sips of water now and then as well as nodding to her thoughts. "Be a good time to do some of that, Sir. I picked up the basic first aid, not much more than that. I do have some heavy weapons, but the rifle is my mainstay." Still listening "Might be good to see if we can get the teams planet side, work out in the country, set up attack scenarios?" He shrugs "Sir, the troops know your background. Sure you are a Sir, but we all know where you came from. But if you wish to hold back, be glad to help out any way I can. Sir."

Kostas smiles. "Some 'f 'em do, some 'f 'em don't. Though I'm thinkin' I hope most be able ta *guess*," she grins. "And yeah, I'm thinkin' th' same thing. Even givin' folks a turn with heavy weapons and bein' a patcher if you gotta. Not sure we got enough folks t' run adversarial scenarios, but maybe we scavenge up some interested parties. Rather my folks get practice shootin' at stuff w' brains than make believe, neh?" She's quiet for a moment and then shakes her head. "I'll have a hand, Cassidy. Truth be told, don't matter what I got on my collar, it's with th' boys and girls is where I *am*. But…well. Y'know 's well as I do, that you always gotta have folks ready t' step in. If I have my way, there'll be more 'n one, for when my number's called." She grins at him, apparently at peace with that. "You see others lookin' promisin', value your input there too."

Reed listens intently, again nodding at the right places. "Well if you want brains, that cuts out the fly boys, Sir," He has that half grin of his, as well as a shrug. "He stands up from his propped position "Sir, with all due respect, everyone knows you are the real deal. There isn't any mistaking that. Besides, when I was offered my choice of duty stations, a man of my caliber, had to come to serve with the best." There is just the smallest of eye flinch when she talks about buying it. "Aint gonna happen while I'm here, Sir." Said matter of factually, yet there still is conviction that leaves no doubt that he means it. He nods "Will do Sir, will do." Then he grins "Oh, Sir, did you hear that some one from the planet sent Admiral Jameson that bear I shot? I heard it showed up in the shipment supplies. Even heard it has a CMC patch on it."

"Oh, did it now?" Kostas laughs, at the bear story. "Wonder what th' old man gonna do w' it? Bear jerky in th' mess soon, I bet," she grins. "He ain't half bad, for th' brass. Had th' good sense t' marry one-a our Sergeant Majors, an' he still mostly in one piece. Might be he's a tough ol' bastard, yeah?" The wolfish grin settles to a warmer smile. "Good 'f ya t' say so, Corporal. Here's hopin' I don't disappoint ya." She sighs, as she glances up to the clock. "Time t' go put on th' frackin' collar an' report in though. I'll let ya know ASAP what I find out about th' trainin', and what we kin get set up down planetside."

Reed just smirks as Kostas speaks of the bear. "A Sargent Major…now that," he just shudders "Sargent Majors, no way," A mock shudder and a laugh. He gives a mock salute, two fingers at his brow "Good talking with you, Sir, good to see you again. I'll see about getting some ground time for the team and then send it to you for approval." He takes his towel, flips it around his neck and nods. "I think that would give us so flexibility in deployments, Sir. Why I asked for it, the training." Holds out his hands to his side "I'm all yours to abuse, Ensign," he laughs and waits for her to lead the way out of the fitness center.

Kostas laughs out loud at that. "Anythin' better 'n sittin' on your ass in a flying bucket, yeah?" She winks at Reed, returning the two finger salute. Hey, at least it wasn't a one-finger. "And aye, flexibility's a good thing. Don't get too fat 'n sassy while we waitin' for some action, now," is her called reminder as she moves down the corridor, towards the officers' barracks, though there's a bit of a lighter step in her stride now, and she's just shaking her head rather than doing the walk of dread towards the fancy officer uniform she knows is waiting for her.

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