MD #005: Meet the CAG
Meet the CAG (A Jarhead in Airwing Country)
Summary: The Master at Arms goes to have a brief meeting with the CAG about a Raptor.
Date: 13/04/2017 (OOC Date)
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Niko Lleufer 
CAG's Office, Deck 2 - Battlestar Orion
This nine by nine space is largely dominated by filing cabinets and a desk. A coffee maker is perched atop one cabinet, but the others are rather barren of decor or personal items. There are a pair of uncomfortable, molded plastic chairs facing the desk. The last vestige of open space is occupied by a lounge chair. It's one of those old, well-loved beasts that was likely pulled off of somewhere on Piraeus.
Sun Oct 29 16:00:57 2028

The hatch to the CAG's office is wide open, showing Niko seated behind his desk. The Lieutenant Colonel is in a flight suit rather than blues, with a helmet perched on his desk, along with some paperwork he's working on. Or half-working on, as there is a Pyramid match playing on the holodisplay of his datapad. The announcer's voice can be heard calling the match — it's Picon versus Caprica in a game recorded sometime before they last stopped in Colonial space.

Someone stops outside of the hatch and looks in. Seeing Niko isn't busy speaking with someone else and Ynyr needs to wait, Lleu then steps on in and stops to stand at parade rest in patient silence like any veteran NCO would do, awaiting a high ranking officer's attention. The Master at Arms doesn't /say/ anything, no throat clearing, nothing as Lleufer quietly studies Niko.

Niko looks up from the match when someone enters, sees Lleufer, and offers the Marine a quick grin. He taps the holo-display, pausing the Pyramid match, and slides it aside. "I'm guessing you're Gunnery Sergeant Ynyr? I mean, we don't get many jarheads wandering into our neck of the woods. Stand at ease."

That eases the stoic Marine's face into a smile, "No sir, I bet you don't. I used to manage it now and then anyway, else I'd never have lured one of your own into marrying me." The bastard bares his teeth in a feral grin, then draws a slow breath. "I'm here about a Raptor, sir. I need at least one, maybe two. Or one that maybe can go back and forth might be better. The crew has to be hand picked with people we /absolutely/ trust, whom we are certain couldn't possibly be APF agents. Commander Petra has given the OK and told me to come speak with you about arranging it."

The Master at Arm's story causes Niko to blink, and then the mental connection is made. He laughs and points a fingers at Lleu. "Oh, frak! You're Nyx's man. That gene therapy stuff is a bitch. I mean, you don't even look as old as me." Then he sits back in his chair, listening to what the Marine needs. "Right. Commander Petra said give you a Raptor, so we'll give you one. Or two, if it's necessary. Any chance you can tell me what the cargo is, or how risky it's going to be?" He checks double checks his duty roster before suggesting a name. "We've got a Ynyr I could send, if you want some family time? I'm guessing you don't have any concerns about her loyalities."

The laugh and finger pointing, -and- the part about him being Nyx's man makes Lleufer grin, "Aye, sir. I'm older than I look. You would have been a young pup when I was in my 30's." The Master at Arms sobers right up and nods, "Yes, Shay would be fine. But I don't care who's going, I trust your judgement. I'm not going myself so it doesn't matter." That damn Jarhead with the Arpay mods just keeps standing there at parade rest as if it were his most comfortable preference. "I'm happy to fill you in. We still have explosives unaccounted for that were taken from the ship's Arms lockers, and detonators. More than could have been used in the hangar explosion. We do not in fact know if it is still on board, but it probably is. So, while it is a big ship and a nearly impossible task, we -do- need to try and find it. So I have requested a Raptor to jump back to Piraeus where, back in the war, I had set up K-9 breeding and training kennels. We need a crew to go pick up EOD sniffer dogs and their handlers, however many Major Penta is going to be able to get them to transfer to the Orion. And bring them back here, sir."

"I was," Niko admits with a nostalgic smile. "But somehow it's been twenty years, you know? How is Nyx?" Then his expression grows serious as he gets the skinny on the missing explosives, and how this mission plays into that. "Frak. Okay, let's expedite this. Phalanx usually handles the Raptor side of the house, but I will go put some boots to backsides and get two busses ready to fly ASAP. Any special instructions for the crews?"

Asking after his wife makes Lleu smile softly, "She's doing well. Our youngest boy is still at home but about to depart for Marine boot camp soon. Sean, Shay's twin brother is off on Picon doing some airwing training or another. Bennett herself stays busy doing private flying with the company she works for and is tending the ranch while I've accepted Recall back into Service, sir. Hard to believe all three of our kids are growing up." Ynyr is about to ask if Niko's got kids of his own but then he nods, "Yes, sir. This is definitely Priority Urgent. All they need to do is jump back to Piraeus and pick up the teams. I do not yet know how many we'll be getting so that's why I wasn't certain of how many trips or buses. Probably one bus, one trip but I should be able to get Major Penta to forward you that information as soon as we have it."

It seems a pleasant diversion for the CAG, getting to hear about Bennett and Lluefer's peace time family life. But there's also a sense of distance — it's not something he can directly relate to himself, which might answers Lleu's question without needing to ask. "Damn. Hard to picture that, you know? But congrats to you both, Gunnery Sergeant. Tell Nyx that Scythe says 'hi' if you get a chance." The mission is the main focus now, however. "Roger that. We'll plan it with two crews. They can shoot for it if we only need one bus. Mission time about …" he glances at his wrist watch and allows two hours, "… Sixteen hundred. That work for you?"

"Works for me, sir. I'll double check the paperwork is a go for the personnel transfer and they'll have the green light." Lleufer tilts his head slightly, "Bennett's on Piraeus so I'll pass on your message. But whenever you like you are welcome to record something and send it to her. She'd love to hear from you, I should think." The NCO looks ready to head back out but as the Lieutenant Colonel hasn't dismissed him, Lleu adds, "Anything else before I go, sir?"

There's a quick nod to confirm the final arrangements, and then Niko laughs at the suggestion that he record a message for Bennett. "Maybe. Not sure she wants to hear some old Viper jock making fun of how she's still driving a bus after all these years." Air Wing rivalry that never dies, apparently. Then he shakes his head at Lleufer's request. "No, that's all Gunnery Sergeant. We'll have your dogs here in a couple of hours."

"Thank you, sir. Aw, you might be surprised. If our youngest hadn't still been at home finishing school, she might have come back too. But, she loves the ranch and I think she's become loath to leave Piraeus." Lleufer smiles, then the Master at Arms turns and heads back out to return to his own duties.

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