AWD #289: Medical Release
Medical Release
Summary: Dr. Samtara Nadir seeks out Sergeant Ynyr to talk to Lleufer. He is informed that he is being released from medical with strict orders to go down to Piraeus for a while but … absolutely NO DRINKING.
Date: 22/10/2013 (OOC Date)
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Samtara Lleufer 
Recovery Ward, Deck 3, Battlestar Orion.
About half the size of the Medical Center, the Recovery Ward has fewer beds to allow space for those who are going through recovery. Rather than the drab gray of most of the center, the walls in here have been done in a neutral creme color. The beds are a little thicker and the blankets are actually present. There are a few clocks and the only other decoration are a couple of flatscreens that show muted movies from the ship's library. A couple stacks of old magazines are available near the door for nurses to pass around, too.
October 22nd, 2005

The past several days Lleufer was moved from the sickbay and into the recovery ward. His PT in the pool and elsewise progresses slowly at first but now more rapidly. He has been getting around with the walker and now transitioned to using only a cane on his left side. His speech has improved though still challenging due to the left side of his face. The very slightest hints have begun to indicate that at least some nerves are regrowing. Lleu may in time regain some use of the left side. In other progress he struggles with but can read and write with continuing practice. Lleightner has the Sergeant working on several hand-eye coordination exercises including shuffling playing cards, flipping coins between his knuckles, and trying to balance objects.

Ynyr is not yet released to return to his own berthings. Every day he's venturing further out into the ship and returning to the ward in the evenings. Lleu's becoming antsy with lack of duties or usefulness. It seems he still has some memory gaps.

Armed with Ynyr's chart, a mug of coffee and the ubiquitous ballpoint pen, Dr. Nadir moves through the recovery ward with the usual air of 'things to do, places to be, schedule to keep'. Keeping appraised of Ynyr's treatment, his progress and his over all health has him being in the top tier of her most urgent cases, the ones she is most focused upon. "So, Sergeant, how are you feeling today?"

Lleufer is seated at the small table next to his recovery ward bed, trying to read a book to review Military Police procedures with regulation notes. It's still not easy for him to do, constantly running into words he doesn't remember or recognize the meanings of and having to look them up on his electronic notebook. He lifts his gaze at Samtara's voice, then at once moves to stand carefully. "Cahp-tain." Lleu is dressed in off duty clothes, having pushed to dress himself as soon as he was able last week. He considers her question, "Do-n allh-ight." Getting the hang of his lips not working so well on the left side.

Were it not vital to observe his coordination and, once on his feet, to observe his balance and equilibrium at play, Nadir would have waved off the standing-to and only once she's made notes does she reply: "At ease, Sergeant, and have a seat again if you will." She eyes the book and the e-book that he's using before she takes a seat in the chair alongside the bed, "Your progress thus far is apace and continuing within expected parameters. You're restless, and a restless marine is usually a dangerous thing to have contained." <r>

His left eyelid still droops a little, that side of his face for the most part slack. He gives her a nod and retakes his seat, watching Dr. Nadir. Lleufer still doesn't speak much but he faintly half frowns and tries, "I … " he hesitates and instead says, "Whe have rea-shed …" No, he knows he can't say that word, so he tugs out his small paper notepad and pencil to carefully write out, 'Piraus'. Then stares at a long moment knowing he left something out. His brow knits and a muscle in the right side of his jaw tightens before he types in the word on his notebook to check the spelling. Then corrects it to say 'Piraeus' on the paper before turing it to show her. Ynyr knows the look of that world from the Observation Deck and can hear the scuttle butt. "All-owhed to go?"

"Yes, we have, and yes, you may," Nadir confirms both bits of data with a measured nod. "I'll pass the word along to your commander, you're to be allowed as much liberty as possible to be planet side. The fresh air, the sunshine, the exercise, all of it is the best physical therapy that I can devise for you at present. You need to spend as much time in the fresh air as you do trying to rebuild muscle memory and filling in the missing pieces of your memory. Be aware that some of your memories simply will not fill back in, snynaptic relays allow for the replacement of but not necessarily the resurrection of damaged data. You're young, Sergeant, and you have a lot of years ahead of you to make new memories to work forward from." She fixes the marine with a silent look for a moment before continuing: "No alcohol. None. No recreational drug use. None. No smoking. I find either in your blood work and I'll have you locked down so fast you won't be able to spit without permission. Are we clear?"

Lleufer listens, his attention on her, "Nnot e-…" he doesn't finish that word or even the question, about to ask 'Not even a beer?' but he sees the look on her face. Glances away at the room, not liking it. After a breath or so, he makes himself look at her, shifting his jaw, "Yesh, ssir." Ynyr makes certain he makes the second 's' sound more clearly somehow. His gaze idly goes to the table before he runs a hand over his face, glances back to her. Thinks carefully about his next question. This one he'll write down, taking the pad back and taking care to try and make it readable. 'Am I to be medcal dis…' a pause to check his electronic tablet for spelling again before he finishes it 'discharged?' Ynyr turns it towards Sam and stares at her. He means, will he be forced out of the Corps and the military, discharged - but she might take it to mean will he be relased from medical on some level?

"I haven't made that determination as yet," Nadir replies, speaking the honest answer to the question that she would be asking were she in his position. "Your recovery, however, is progressing, as I said, and as long as it continues to progress and as long as you can pass all of the requirements for your position, then I don't see why you would need to be discharged. You're a marine, sergeant, and the corps - the military itself - invested rather a lot in your training. And you'll have noticed that there's a war on; we don't have time to throw away marines and retrain them from scratch."

This Marine braces himself but when the answer is given, his expression might be hard to read. Is he afraid he will be discharged? Or is he afraid of being sent back to the line and having to go through this all over again, or worse? Ynyr doesn't say, his mouth thinned slightly on the right side. But he gives Samtura a slow nod. Likely Captain Ommanney's pestered her for that answer himself. Lleu fingers the pencil and for the moment mulls over his own thoughts without saying anything.

Ynyr's expression may be hard to read, but Samtara is something of an expert on reading people - which is to say, reading the physical manifestation of their expressions and subtle cues that offer hints as to what the patients actually thinking, feeling, etc. Not, mind, that she invests a lot in the 'feeling' aspect of the equation, that's best left to the priests and the head shrinkers, but she's a student of the 'tells' all the same. "With this understanding, you're cleared planet side. I'll be speaking with your CO in the coming weeks to see you return to duty in stages. Meanwhile, go, get sunlight, fresh air. Avoid that which you're to avoid and try to stay out of serious trouble." She rises to her feet as she speaks, tucking the pen into one pocket as she does so, "Any questions?"

She has regained his full attention. Lleu's eyes track her as she rises. Muscles tense, about to rise as well but … he's not on duty. It's still a little bit reflextive. He keeps his seat, "Yesh-s ssir, Do-c-tor." Ynyr says it carefully, then when he's about to give a negative movement of his head, he rethinks that and adds, "Hhow l-ong?" L's are still difficult for him but he's putting extra effort into speaking clearly for her. Man's also probably been ashamed that he couldn't say his own name at first.

"Until I decide otherwise," Nadir replies, meeting Ynyr's eyes as she speaks, "anything that interferes with the ability of your body to repair and self-heal is Off the menu. Plain and simple. You, Sergeant, have just been issued a frequent flier pass to unlimited amount of time spent in fresh air and sunlight. Enjoy it while it lasts, because I won't last as long as it needs to. You're going to need to work you way back up to doing all of the things you knew how to do, muscle memory, by rote, and do so in incremental stages. Coordination is just one aspect, gun handling and aim is just another aspect, you know a great deal more about what's required to do the job that you do, Sergeant, and you need to re-learn the pieces that are missing. Your fellow marines will help fill in those blanks. But the blanks can't be processed if you muck it up with booze or anything else. So. Go." She waves one hand toward the hatch, "get out of my recovery ward, this place is for sick people, and you no longer qualify as such."

All right then. Those are clearly orders, which no doubt Dr Nadir will back up in writing. Lleufer studies her and then moves to get back to his feet, "Yesh, ssir!" He stands to and gives her a salute even if he is off duty, because well, he's been issued orders all the same and acknowledges them. The Sergeant holds that pose until she returns his salute, even with only a single finger whatever. Lleu will then begin to collect his things off of the table and glance for something to pack it up into.

Sketching a brief salute toward the sergeant, Nadir smooths one hand over the top of his chart before saying. "And Sergeant? Thank you for contributing to the group effort on Santos to help save all those civilians, and not just them - but myself as well. You marines, all of you, are the bravest fighting men and women I've ever known."

That stops him. Lleufer turns his head to study her, trying like hell to remember details of Santos Ridge. She got a blink out of him, digging for those elusive memories. Cold, bitter cold, and hunger, fear and other things, aye he can remember some bits. But dimly. Almost like it happened to someone else, washed away. Several more slow blinks but no, he can't make it clearer than that, and probably never will unless he can find out details, stories, tapes, reports. Maybe. Carefully Lleu says, "Do mmy du-ty, Doc." Still, it's a very rare compliment and maybe he appreciates it. The book and the computer are tucked under his right arm. Ynyr then smiles some on the right side, "Thha-nk yoou forr Hh-elp-ing mme." It is said carefully because he wants her to hear him clearly.

"I'm honored to do so, Sergeant," Nadir replies, rather quietly, offers a somewhat wry smile before she steps through the hatch into the main room beyond.

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