AWD #389: Medical House Rules
Medical House Rules
Summary: Ariadne is about to meet Knox and brief him on the rules (expectations) considering his visit with Lleufer when surgery on some Marines deters Ariadne and Sam
Date: 16/07/2016
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Serving as the ship's primary care facility, the Medical Center is a rather large, single room structure that has the same load-bearing structures to the walls that the halls do, as well as the same heavy hatch. There is a desk at the entrance staffed by a nurse as well as a small locker for single dose drugs like aspirin. Beds are lined up along each wall with EKG's and hangers for IVs in case of triage. Large cabinets at the rear provide ready access to lifesaving medicines and gear, as well as a ready supply of defibrillators. Not far from the primary entrance is the Chief Medical Officer's office and on the other side is a small hatch to the recovery ward. Towards the rear is a sectioned-off examination area. Opposite the hatch to recovery is a sealed doorway leading down a hallway to the ship's morgue.

There's already rumors. They spread like wildfire on a ship like the Orion. When there's a Cylon aboard, everyone is alerted to it through official or unofficial means. But this one, supposedly, is claiming to be Sergeant Cooper Knox. He's not wearing Marine duds, though. He packed a bag rapidly before leaving and didn't have much time for a change. Dressed in jeans and a plain black t-shirt, the Six is sitting off to the side of Sickbay by the entrance. Some people have peeked in to gawk. But the four MP's guarding him are -not- from the Orion. The patches on their shoulders says CFAS Crandall. All of them are fully armed and armored. Knox wasn't going to come back without them and they rather strongly insisted that nobody object to them coming along. Sitting quietly, the five Marines are staring at each other idly but Knox has his head leaned back against the wall with his eyes closed, a small red duffel by his feet.

"What ever the colonel does to make the coffee so strong is probably illegal or should require a prescription," Samtara announces as she sweeps back into sickbay at a brisk pace. She rocks to a stop upon arrival, eyeing the Mp's that are eyeing each other and Knox and back around again. "We have marines away that are due back any minute. There's going to be wounded and it's going to be noisy and and it's going to look like chaos. It won't actually be chaos, but trust me, that's what it will look like." This is said as she is shrugging out of her uniform jacket and turns to head into her office long enough to hang it on a peg set aside for this exact purpose, pulls on a clean scrub top over her undershirt and emerges again to head toward the handwash station while more of the medical personnel who are on watch are showing up. The quintet of marines are eyed with marked surprise, some suspicion, some wariness, a mixed collection of that and more and it prompts Samtara to bring her hands together in a sharp clap of sound. "Attention! We have marines that are over due and will likely be returning with wounded. Our guest here and his escort will be remaining in medical for the time being. Please move to your stations and prepare to triage." This said, and sufficient to get her staff moving, Sam dries her hands off and walks back over to share a nod with Knox. "I've spoken to Major Gray, he's agreed that you'll be remaining here in medical for the time being until he's had a chance to have a conversation with the colonel. I'm responsible for your actions while you're here," and she almost smiles but doesn't quite pull it off, a look aimed toward the door, "which was a given, honestly, from the moment we lifted off of Crandall. I'll be introducing you to Dr. Forrester rather shortly, I believe."

A woman with a freshly steaming pink mug of tea materializes out of the detritus of hospital busy-human-foot-traffic as it sets up for triage. She's dressed in scrubs though her hair has been pulled back hastily. "Well, boys. I believe there's not enough room for all of us where we're going." Her tell-tale beep sequence for when her memos arrive beeps at a nurse's station somewhere behind her. "Just one moment." She turns to walk briskly back to the terminal and sighs. "Got a serious GSW to the head coming in boss!" she calls back towards the CMO, her eyes stuck to the screen, before returning swiftly. "I should go prep for surgery."

Knox opens his eyes when he hears Samtara's voice. The guy watches her, but when she mentions that the Marines are returning and with wounded, Cooper rises. His face looks grim, but he nudges the red duffel out the way and to the corner by the entrance. He moves that way himself. Nobody needs the distraction of seeing his mug here when there are wounded coming in. Sam's news to him, though, has him look rather unhappy. "I'm sorry, Doctor, did you say I'm being kept in Sickbay? I should be in the brig, sir. Really. You can't keep me around people who are in here. They're the most vulnerable people on the ship. There's no way to verify who I am." As always, that voice barely lifts above a whisper. Just loud enough to be heard. But when Ari appears, then runs off again, it does divert his attention. But only for a moment.

Samtara is in the processing of pulling on a surgical cap, tucking her hair beneath it in a quick twist as she does so, sharing a nod with Ariadne as she watches the incoming traffic. "You get theatre one," she agrees with a nod. "I'll take theatre two if need be and we'll shuffle from there. Anyone that we can't treat here that can be moved to the Kildare will need to be allocated accordingly." She takes a moment to divide the medical staff into teams before assigning them in groups working with herself or Forrester. This accomplished she turns back to Knox and holds up one hand, "Yes," answering his question, in order. "No. Yes, again. Further, yes, I an, because this is where I need you. Lastly you know who you are, I know who you are, and unless you've decided to be someone else between our shouting match on planet, you're still the same You that you were when I wanted to shake you until your teeth clack together. Thus, the issue is tabled." She waves Ariadne over at that point, "Dr Forrester, allow me to introduce Cooper Knox. He'll be helping us with the Sergeant when you've judged that the sergeant is ready for that conversation."

"Of course," Ariadne says. She's been through a few thick triages with Sam already since she's been transferred, and there's a reason she was recruited into a team trial setting. She moves quickly, grabbing a surgical cap from where she's stashed it at the nurse's station as she coordinates with her boss, for the most part maintaining eye contact as she approaches back to the group for the final time, introductions. "Really sorry. It's nice to meet you." She has a bit of a bounce in her step now. She left her tea at the nursing station for them to find. "I'm sorry it's under these circumstances." She offers her hand. It's now or after surgery. "I'm afraid it will have to be a little longer. These first parts of the timeline for a patient with head trauma are vital. I'll have to go directly into surgery, but I will be available afterwards." She takes one foot back to snag a passing nurse soundlessly, pinching the flare of his sleeve. "Hey, can you let Lleu know I'm heading into surgery please? Just pass it on to Miller. He's on duty with him already."

Knox just stares. Again. He's getting very good at this. Clearly the guy has changed at least a little because he looks a few years younger, but he also seems to be a bit more intense. "Much like what I told Major Gray a few weeks ago, consider this a formal objection to your orders, Doctor. I will follow them but I am only doing-so because of the reason I'm here. Otherwise I'd just act out and ensure there is a superceding reason to keep me in the brig. It's not what you or I know, the only thing that matters is what can be proven. Sir." No, Knox seems to think he definitely belongs elsewhere. Sam probably still wants to shake him by the neck. The guy then looks back to Ariadne and dips his head. "Marines often meet Doctors for the first time when someone is having the worst day of their life. Though for some of us, we have a sliding scale of suck." Knox has been wounded a lot. Over and over. "So, when can I see Lleu? I know what I want to say to him but what is it that you're looking for from me?" But she's heading off. Knox looks back to Samtara is she may be able to provide an answer.

Keeping a weather eye on the traffic flowing past the hatch to the central corridor, Sam is as much listening for the sound of incoming wound as she is paying attention to the conversation at hand. While Ari and Knox are exchanging introductions, Sam makes it a point to learn the names of the four MP's from Crandall, adding their names to the introductory round robin being exchanged. She almost, almost, doesn't ask but she loses that fight almost at the gate. "How is he?" asked in a quiet voice before she turns toward Knox and shares a look rather reminiscent to one that suggests a measure of weary acceptance. "You are welcome to object to my orders. But as I've deemed your presence medically necessary for the continued health and well being of the sergeant, I'm requesting that you do what ever you need to do to remain here for the duration of that necessity." She waits a beat, something occurring to her somewhere mid-sentence before she turns subtly and notes. "I may have neglected to mention that Knox is a cylon," not exactly a quiet aside, because everyone in the conversation round robin is or is about to be entirely in the loop. "You met Elle," she reminds, "and at some point I'll introduce you to Tamsin. Which are, by extrapolating the supplied data, Six then Nine and eleven in model numbers. We briefly had a four, that was Catriona Boyd, but that's a conversation for another day."

"Cy-" Ariadne stops dead in her tracks and does a double take. It's as if her whirlwind of activity comes to a complete halt around her. "Ah, Six. Knox, Six," She shuffles the designation and name around in her head out loud as if weighing them on her tongue for natural significance. "As soon as I'm out of surgery I'm afraid. Sam, he's safe," she asides to the woman assuredly. "If you would like to see him, I can let him know," she offers between ordering that operating theatre 1 be prepped.

Knox nods slowly. "You got it, Doctor. I'm here for him. I'm not sure about the medical necessity, but I sure as hell want to see him." With no forthcoming answer from Samtara about the plans for him, he looks back to Ariadne. Yes. He's an artificial person. Sort of. "That's correct, Doctor. Sergeant Cooper Knox, Colonial Marine Corps. Model Line Six."

"Excellent," Sam notes before she exhales a sigh of relief at Ariadne's words. "Thank you," she says in a voice that is quiet but laden with a measure of gratitude that makes those two words mean what they're really supposed to mean. "You'll let me know when or if he's ready to let me visit as well," this said as the first arrivals begin rolling in. The medical teams, already divided, move immediately into position. The GSW is tasked to Dr Forrester and her team while the Leg wound, which is no simple scratch, is tasked to Sam and she moves with her team to theatre 2 and sets to work. The yelling about friendlies and something about corporals only fades when the doors close behind Sam and her team, and patient.

Ariadne disappears as quickly as she materialized. This time off to scrub in. She told the staff where she wanted the head GSW and hours later, she finally emerges, reaching up with her now bare hands to untie the top of her surgical mask and let it fall loose down around her neck. "Hey. Sorry about that." There's something effortlessly polite about her, whether it rubs the wrong way or not. "I have been with him, save for this surgery, since he was originally sedated and I was called down. Please follow me and bring your buddies." She is, of course, referring to the MPs. She takes him back to where they've built a temporary isolation chamber and blocked off the dead end that leads to one of the Recovery Ward bathrooms. It's Lleu's for now! She speaks in a hushed voice, "I do not know what Dr. Nadir has said to you or what she has briefed you on. I would suggest that you only allow him to make physical contact as I'm not sure if he still might be sensitive to possible projection scenarios, which I think would be less than wise. What was Dr. Nadir able to share with you?"

Cooper, it would appear, needs to get used to waiting around Sickbay. So for the moment, that's where he is. Hours pass, his eye closed, the guy not even moving a single inch - as if he were dead and popped against the wall. Once the Doctor returns, he rises and follows. The other Marines move with him as well, never letting him out of their sight. As they walk and she talks, Knox listed with his eyes ahead. The duffel in his left hand, he seems very focused. "The Doctor didn't say many specifics. I know he's been hospitalized, that he's in a lot of distress, and that he needs help. Somehow I can help him." He also keep his voice very low, but he glances over before saying more. "I've got orders against performing projections. That's from the Colonel. Don't worry about that. But I'd appreciate it if someone gave me the straight story. What happened?"

"He got into a fight at Charlie's down on planet," Ariadne speaks quickly, but softly. "He tried to pre-empt a sucker punch from someoone he's gotten into alteracations with before. He resisted detainment and was found to have a suicide note on him. Ultimately, he was sedated for his own protection until I could be contacted. I've had him transported to a temporary isolation room that has been constructed instead of sending him to the Kildare to brave this with strangers." She watches the Six, waiting and giving him time to take it in just as she would a human, but too tired to give a frak whehter Cylons need it.

A long sigh leaves the guy and he runs a hand over his buzzed hair. Godsdamnit. Cooper looks down and lets his eyes search there before drifting further along the floor and towards the isolation room. "Doctor, he's been on this ship since day one. He's seen action in some of the worst battles we've participated in." The hand hangs from the back of his neck as he stares at nothing. "So he picked a fight and resisted arrest. And there was a note on him. Has he said anything to anyone else? Or has he been out since he was brought in?"

"I've spoken with him. There is a lot I cannot tell you due to doctor-client confidentiallity. Suffice to say, he mistook a theory for a fact and was ready to end his life based on something he believed was true at the time, that he inadvertantly transferred sensitive information to the Eleven when she projected to him. I have told him this is only a theory and not a fact. He's been on suicide watch so no, I haven't allowed any visitors as per standard protocol. He didn't react well to being restrained when I first brought him up from sedation, so I had him transported here once we had it together for the rest of the observation period. I have not had a chance to dig into everything at great length. I'm allowing him to speak about things as he's ready. He has some deep issues that have driven him here," though the doctor stops herself from saying more. "He's still under evaluation, but I'm hoping that you meeting with him will be cathartic if at least beneficial. Still, be advised, he's unrestrained and unmedicated. If he should get violent, he will be sedated. He's aware of this. The room is kind of small. Would you be fine with two and the rest stattioned outside with our staff? Indded there are two men there who belong to the medical staff.

Coop looks down at the floor again, hand still holding the back of his neck. "Well if he resisted arrest then I imagine that he wasn't going to react well to be restrained. I'd honestly probably try to get him out of the room, too, Doctor. Combat does things to you. You're always looking for the exit. When you don't have one, like room to maneuver, it puts you into a fighting mood. Back to the wall. No retreat. No surrender." He looks back to her. "I'll want to talk to him alone. If you've got cameras in there, I'm also going to ask you to shut them off. What I talk to him about needs to be between us, Doctor. I'm not worried about him being unmedicated or un restrained, either. I'm a skinjob. I can rip a cell door off from the brig if I have to. He'll be fine." The four Marines with Knox seem to have overheard enough to know. They get it. Someone needs help and Knox isn't here to try to escape or cause sabotage. "Is there anything you want me to do for him? To say? …Would you let him out with me, just a short walk, if we keep the Marine guards close by?"

Ariadne takes a deep breath and closes her eyes briefly when Knox speak about what combat does to people. "I have no way to ensure his safety or others outside of that room right now. I have no doubt of your strength nor capability. I want him to be comfortable. I don't want him to be embarrassed. We have kept the nature of him being here under wraps except for with command thus far. You can walk with him, but you will not subdue him under any circumstance. If he should need to be subdued, please call for Joshua or Miller." Ariadne gestures to the two men who have been on watch, trained not as MPs. "They're trained in this kind of care. If I hear that you've in any way violated any of these rules, your privacy will be revoked. If I hear he has had cuffs, ties, or has been restrained by anyone other than Joshua or Miller. There will be consequences. Also, there are no cameras, so there is nothing to turn off. I don't believe in that." Whatever /that/ means, she doesn't clarify right off, but does offer, "I've been monitoring him personally. The last thing he needed was to be alone and inspected."

"You can take a walk if he feels up to it," Dr. Forrester says with a small frown, not liking how much trust she's having to place in this one stranger, cylon or not.

"Yeah, okay, Doctor." It isn't a patronizing reply or one worded with an intent to get her to just get to her answer. The inflection is everything and the words are spoken slowly and with understanding. "Joshua or Miller. I'll make sure they come with us. My intent with him isn't to try and get a reaction. I just want to hear what he has to say. Sergeant to Sergeant. Talk over what it is that prompted all this. The fact that he's being kept here without anyone else knowing about it will help a lot. That kind of discretion will go a long way, Doctor. Thanks. And I also appreciate the permission. I'll respect the spirit of your efforts, if not the words." He lets the hand drop and shows her a low thumbs up.

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