AWD #646: Medical Aftermath
Medical Aftermath
Summary: Marines return to the Orion and pile into Medical with their wounded and dead after an Aerilon mission went South.
Date: 29/03/2017 (OOC Date)
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Miri Randy Lleufer Angelis 
Samtara Jimenez Clara 
Sickbay, Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
Serving as the ship's primary care facility, the Medical Center is a rather large, single room structure that has the same load-bearing structures to the walls that the halls do, as well as the same heavy hatch. There is a desk at the entrance staffed by a nurse as well as a small locker for single dose drugs like aspirin. Beds are lined up along each wall with EKG's and hangers for IVs in case of triage. Large cabinets at the rear provide ready access to lifesaving medicines and gear, as well as a ready supply of defibrillators. Not far from the primary entrance is the Chief Medical Officer's office and on the other side is a small hatch to the recovery ward. Towards the rear is a sectioned-off examination area. Opposite the hatch to recovery is a sealed doorway leading down a hallway to the ship's morgue.
Sat Oct 14 21:36:22 2006

Wearing a fresh set of sage green surgical scrubs, that - like on every one else - don't quite fit right and are creased from being folded in the supply locker, Sam is standing with the rest of the waiting medical staff to work on the marines once they roll in.

Angelis is rolled in, blood everywhere, as best as it was tried to staunch. She's missing most of her left foot and left hand, a gloriously gaping hole in her stomach, no doubt made worse from being dropped to the ground, and then hefted upwards again and jostled around. Not to mention the injury to her head… she's a mess, and still blissfully unconscious.

Miri is wide awake, pale, and looking like she's about to puke. Her stims are wearing off. Speaking of things that are off, her right arm is very nearly off. It looks like some bullets went straight through her upper arm, shattering the bone and turning her muscles into pulled long-pork. It's strapped to her side. She raises her blood-crusted left hand to wave weakly to Dr. Nadir.

Clara is just getting herself scrubbed up when injured begin to roll in. For whatever reason, she wasn't tapped for the mission tonight; that's either displeasure with the outcome, written on her features, or possibly just her standard resting bitch face. Hard to say. As this is Sam's ward though, she goes nowhere and does nothing until ordered to.

Lleufer loaded Angelis into the Raptor and by God he can come up with her gurney and see she is safely delivered, what with Knox also being wounded and needing medical. "I got this, Coop! Get your neck seen to!" He's still shouting a bit, hearing dulled from so many loud concussive noises. Ynyr stays by Angelis and holds her less mangled hand until medical will be taking her elsewhere. As for himself? He's dusty and has bruises and small injuries but nothing serious.

Exhaling a single breath of sound, Sam glances sidelong to Clara and shares a look that is both understanding and her best offer of silent support without putting the words to it. "Lets do this," she then waves everyone into motion, dividing medical personnel into teams to triage and treat the wounded. She arrows for Angelis immediately, sorting the wounded by sight alone at first and gestures to have Miri lined up alongside where she's treating Angelis. "You are not supposed to get broken while in the field, Specialist. I'm sure that's in the rules, right?" she glances up to Clara with a quick flick of her eyes, "Back me up on this, Clara?" working rapidly, hands steady, mind clear.

"Morphaleftthighpocketstickme," Miri chokes out, taking a few difficult breaths. A medic who speaks Miri-ese fishes around in her pocket, finds the injector, and sticks her. She exhales slowly, her face visibly relieved. "Yeah, forgot that rule," she says weakly. "Gonna get written up for this bullshit."

Clara's sole reply to Sam is a terse nod. She wastes no effort on unnecessary words; her focus is going into mentally going over the triage groups, and then figuring out whom she can best help with, while the CMO prioritises Angelis. "I've got it," she murmurs to the medic helping Miri out. "Go help prep OR one and two." No pleases, and no smiles. She pats the closest exam table for Miri. "Sit down. Gotta make sure you don't crack your head open, in case you pass out from shock." Nothing Miri doesn't already know, but she's not known for her bedside manner.

Glancing up at Lleu once she has Angelis's wounds sorted for order of urgency, "Hearing going in and out or just muffled?" is wondered and nods to one of the nurses working with her and sends the nurse over to take a look at Leu while others are working on Kane and Knox accordingly.

Samtara gets zero reaction from Lleufer to her question of his hearing. He gets out of her way though once she's looking over Angelis. Ynyr gives her hand a squeese, loath to let her go but he's looking for somebody and asks much too loud, "Where is Kapali?!" A hand reaches up to pull off his ballistic shades, leaving a rim of grime, dust, and spots of blood on his face but nothing around his Arpay eyes. He spots where Flynn is and goes to her, "Where's Kapali?" He's looking for her, "They take her into surgery already?" THat would be good, right?

Miri sits down slowly on the stretcher, laying back carefully. It's weird to feel the air on your muscles. She looks over to Lleufer when he's asking about Penny, face streaked with blood and dust. Her large Arpay eyes meet his and she shakes her head.

"Hey," Clara addresses Lleu, loudly enough that it may just get through his muffled hearing. "I have sedatives and I'm not afraid to use them. Step back and sit your ass down." Her hands continue working, meanwhile, to make sure bleeding is under control, and she proceeds to try to get a better look at the damage to Miri's arm. "Sorry, sir," she tells Samtara, "This one's gonna need surgery too. I'll bandage and splint it for now though. Wiggle your fingers for me, Zahav?"

With as much done already that can be done before she has Angelis rolled into the OR to be prepped for surgery, Sam pulls off the gloves that she's wearing and looks from Lleu's expression to Miri then around to Clara and realization hits her hard. "Ahh," comes quietly from her before Clara's words tug a surprised smile from her. "No, absolutely do not apologize," she waits until the gurney that Angelis is on is rolled into one of the ORs that are prepped and walks over to Lleu and guides him to a chair, whether he's really wanting one or not. "Explosions coupled with the increased hearing, recovery time on that is going to be a learning curve," it's a theory and turns the same curious / worried look at Miri, "yours too? Hearing going in and out?"

Nope. Currently deaf as a rock, Clara gets no reaction from Ynyr either. He's looking at Miri for some reason and his face is a bit tense, brows furrowed. Then Lleu's looking around more sharply, "Kapali?" Somebody (Samtara) takes his arm and he shakes that off hard! Hands go up to remove his helmet which he hadn't even taken off yet. His leg is bleeding but it's nothing serious and Lleu doesn't even limp as he starts looking for Penny. "Dear Gods, no. Please no."

Miri lays on her left side, curling her blood-soaked knees toward her chest. She takes a few slow breaths, before looking up at Sam. "What? I didn't hear you—" aaaand her attention is all on Lleufer. She watches helplessly, saying to Clara, "Sedate him before he breaks something." She is deadly serious.

Getting Randy to let go of Kapali's body and to get out of the Raptor took some doing, but Randy was rolled in at some point. Someone had to sedate her, which is relayed off along with a report of her injuries which looks like mostly shrapnel and a rifle wound in her chest.

Clara is right on the same page with Miri. The thing about her having sedatives.. probably wasn't a bluff. One of the medics is called over to finish up bandaging Miri's arm, and evaluate whether she needs more morpha, while the Three glides off toward Lleufer. A prepackaged syringe is grabbed out of the 'precedex' bin on her way over, though she does look to Samtara for the final say. Scrawny she may be, but those present likely know better than to assume she's not capable of subduing the bigger marine.

In the middle of trying to coax Lleu down out of the rafters, hand on his arm to try to get his attention, Sam flinches back when he shakes her off and lifts his hands. Logic has her following the move as he's reaching for his helmet, but she steps back fast enough that she almost smacks into Clara in her haste. She shares a single nod with Clara and runs one hand lightly over her face before she moves to the side and listens with a frown as the nurse in charge of Randy's care gives the overview while Sam re-gloves to do a quick check before tagging the next surgeon available and having the third OR prepped, sending Randy to that one as soon as it's set up and the surgeon is standing by.

Clara hasn't yet drawn his attention. Lleufer has removed his helmet and glances at Sam's sudden movement when she backpeddles away from him, attracted by the movement. He lifts a finger up to his ear and sticks in there like he did more than once on the Aerilon but this time he grimaces and it comes away with blood on the tip. Ynyr starts walking again, looking around and trying to find their missing Marine. He looks upset and worried, then sees Randy and moves to intercept as she's brought in, still speaking way too loud, "Where's Kapali?! Flynn, damn it." But Randy's out of it. Ynyr looks like he's about to head back out into the hall to go looking. Maybe they just didn't unload her yet.

Clara steps nimbly enough out of Sam's way, and waits for that nod before moving in. Rather than make a big production about it, she simply aims to approach the panicked marine from behind and to the side, slightly out of his peripheral vision. If there were an MP handy (other than Lleufer himself), she'd get them to hold him down. But there isn't, so she has to manage on her own; a hand on his shoulder, needle goes into his other arm. And if he tries to struggle, the hand on his shoulder becomes a headlock. Easy peasy.

With Randy slated to roll out as soon as the OR is prepped, and one of the free nurses ably lending a hand to keep Lleu from going kersplat once Clara has him sedated, Sam heads to the waiting OR to continue work on Angelis. The body that had remained on the Raptor long enough to get Randy off it and into sickbay has been loaded into a body bag and will be taken into the morgue as soon as it arrives.

It's a little-known fact that medics are clever girls who hunt in packs. Miri watches the flawless execution of sergeant wrangling with a pained expression. Tears well up in her eyes, leaving wet trails through the grime on her face. She turns her face toward the thin mattress of the stretcher, burying her face in her free hand.

What the frak!? Lleufer starts to turn but feels the needle and sees Clara of all people jabbing him! He looks startled and yes, he starts to try to get her off of him. He doesn't start to freak though, merely confused until she suddenly puts him into a headlock. That DOES panic him and he reaches up and starts to lean foward, rolling his shoulder to try and THROW HER by flipping her! But … but .. it doesn't quite follow through because before he can toss her, the sedative makes his legs crumple and fold out from under him. Clara gets a nice big, 220 lb Marine with all his combat gear collapsing on the floor of the Sick bay with a loud thump. Oih.

Clara may have inhuman strength, but she's not immune to being tossed about like a ragdoll if Lleu were to gain the upper hand. She hangs on tight though, long enough to depress the plunger and inject its contents into the man's bloodstream. Her forearm across his throat is just insuring the primary tenet of all medical personnel is met: ensure your own safety first. When he starts to go down, she jerks her head toward the nurse. Between the two of them, Lleu is kept from smacking his head on the floor, and is hoisted up onto a gurney to have his injuries checked over - and, most importantly, his breathing monitored while sedated. "Okay, who's next," Clara says to nobody in particular, tossing the used syringe into a nearby sharpscan.

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