AWD #464: Med Check In
Med Check In
Summary: A new intelligence officer checks into the Orion.
Date: 28/09/2016 (OOC Date)
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Jaxon Lise 
Serving as the ship's primary care facility, the Medical Center is a rather large, single room structure that has the same load-bearing structures to the walls that the halls do, as well as the same heavy hatch. There is a desk at the entrance staffed by a nurse as well as a small locker for single dose drugs like aspirin. Beds are lined up along each wall with EKG's and hangers for IVs in case of triage. Large cabinets at the rear provide ready access to lifesaving medicines and gear, as well as a ready supply of defibrillators. Not far from the primary entrance is the Chief Medical Officer's office and on the other side is a small hatch to the recovery ward. Towards the rear is a sectioned-off examination area. Opposite the hatch to recovery is a sealed doorway leading down a hallway to the ship's morgue.
15 April 2006 AWD #464

Sick bay is generally quiet after the morning rush of those that suffered slight strains and cramps during PT. Dressed in his blues from his transfer from 'Black Harbour', PO2 Jaxon Swick knows he has to go through the intake physical, and he made sure there was hardly anyone around for his arrival. Carrying his file under his arm, the heavily scarred Intelligence Officer makes his way to the check in and offers a slight smile that does little to off-set his looks. "I have an appointment for a transfer physical."

Lise just happens to be pulling shift today, though in a few hours her shift will come to an end and she'll be off. For sleep and food. The great things in life. The woman is seated next to the intake desk, a nurse sitting there as Lise takes up space beside her, thumbing through files of folks who are due in, "Balls, this is going to be a pain in the ass." Muttered, the nurse laughing softly as she continues her own paper work. Lise, meanwhile, lets out a heavy sigh, hunched over the file, the arrival of Jaxon giving her a moment of reprieve, "Good morning, Petty Officer." Sitting up her back will creak a little, though it's a feeling of relief that floods through her, "I assume you're my next examination?" A flicker of her gaze back down to the file in hand - nope, not that one, the file set on the edge of the desk as she lifts out of her seat, fingertips sorting through files, "Swick. Or are you Henson." Dark brown eyes lift to eye the scarred man, "I have a few transfer physicals."

He doesn't flinch away from the look, to his credit, as Jaxon offers his file to Lise. "Swick, Doctor." he offers as he lets out the breath that he was holding and remains at a position of 'at ease'. "I suppose I'm not too late then, since I'm not the last one." There's a hint of a chuckle there, but it's only a fleeting thing before he returns to wait for Lise to look over the file. Medically, he should have been retired. A bombing on the Black Harbor left his face, head and both arms with nearly 80% 2nd and 3rd degree burns and he's on a program of medication to keep down the pain.

Lise doesn't seem to pay mind to his scars; given her profession it's not as if she'd have a reason to gawk. She'll take the file from Jaxon, "There we go, the information I needed. And no, not too late. Come on." No smiles from the woman though she's not rude, thumbing through his file to eye his history as she leads the way towards a bed against the wall, "All right, so I see we have you on a regimen of hydrocodone-acetaminophin, how's that working out for you so far?" Asked as eyes flicker up to take in the man once more, one eyebrow raising, "Do you feel it's managing the pain and allowing you to function? Hop up on the bed. Tracy, can you come and take his vitals for me?" Lise will ask over her shoulder to a nurse who is currently sanitizing another bed, the man nodding his head, "Sure thing, Lieutenant, just give me a second."

"It's keeping me sane, Doctor." Jaxon admits as he moves to take a seat on the bed as requested. "I have a feeling if I was in the Marines, it'd be a little harder to handle, but being in front of a computer for most of my shift means I don't really have to do much heavy lifting." he admits with a smile finally offered. At least his teeth are still nice. Slipping off the jacket of the uniform, the heavy scarring easily continues down his arms and over his hands, leaving the skin wrinkled and creased as he nods. "I can handle the blood pressure cuff with no problem." he forewarns.

"I don't think with this medical history you'd be clear to be on the front lines at any rate. Not unless you volunteered for some suicide mission." Lise will murmur with clear appreciation for the man in her voice, though she doesn't offer more than that, "Intelligence though, you must have an incredible amount of patience, Petty Officer, beyond your handling of your pain." Something like a smile will touch her lips, a thinning of the thick flesh that pairs will with the natural upward turn of her mouth, "Okay, good-" Tracy is there to pop on a little monitor to Jaxons' finger and get that pressure cuff around his bicep and running. A thermometer will also get held up by Tracy as the cuff swells, "Open your mouth, just gonna slip this under your tongue." And if/when Jaxon complies Tracy will hold out his hand for the file from Lise who hands it over easily, and begin to enter in the numbers.

His readings are all normal, his O2 is a little high, as expected to be with a burn victim, but still within reason and his temperature and blood pressure seem to be normal as he chuckles once the depressor is removed. "Patience comes in spades in my line of work, yes." he admits as he settles his hands over each other. "So, what do you think, Doc? Am I gonna live?" It's an attempt at humour, considering that for a while there, he had little chance at such.

"Thanks, Tracy." Lise will murmur to the male nurse who will nod his head and offer up a 'no problem, Lieutenant' before he goes back to his other duties, leaving Lise to finish out the examination, "I think you're going to be fine, we'll just have to do some blood—" Her eyes will partially close, a glance given to Tracy who's already walked to another area in the sickbay out of sight, "/I/ will draw some blood." Lips press together tightly as she reaches down into a scrub pocket on her right hip, a fresh pair of purple neoprene gloves taken out, the dusky woman tugging them onto long slender hands, "Sorry about this, I'm not usually doing the physicals, but end of shift, people are on breaks, and I am out of practice." Her voice will raise up to carry back to Jaxon as Lise heads to gather the necessary supplies, four vials, the sealed needle and a rubber tie, coming back with her little tray sorted, "Okay …" A glance to the file where stickers are printed off with Jaxons info on it, "I need your full name, ID number, and date of birth." Stickers are peeled off the front of the file and pressed onto the vials, "And right or left arm."

"Swick, Jaxon, 286-43-5967, 20 August 1981." the intelligence Petty Officer offers as he watches the Doctor prepare the needle and tubes. "As many times as I've been poked and prodded, it's not a major issue, Doc." he offers with a grin as he turns his left arm over to offer. It's the one that still has clear patches of skin. "Go for it." he says as he looks around. "A lot more up to date than what I'm used to. The Solaria and Black Harbor were downright draconian compared to this.

"All right, good. Thank you." The inside of her bottom lip is bitten then as she moves to his left side, a quick tie of the rubber band around his upper arm done, "Just clench for me. I know you know the drill." Said with a glance up at the mans face, her eyes dropping back down as left hand takes his forearm to cradle it along her own, right hand poking at the fleshy bit of the inside of his elbow, plumping up a vein, "So, what sort of intelligence work do you do." First tentative probing, the needle taken up and she will murmur, "Quick poke-" Quickly the vials will follow, crimson pooling into the small vessels as she listens.

"Cyrptography, code.." Jaxon winces as he feels the pinch of the needle in his arm as he gives a little wince and makes wiggly fingers with his other hand. "Spook work." he says. There is a certain stigma attached to those that work on computers and code - too close to the idea of the Cylons, it's not that big of a leap, really as the officer shrugs. "You'd find out either way, but it's not something I generally advertise doing. I'd rather people just think I crunch numbers and tactical reports."

Lise unfurls the rubber length and flicks it to the bed beside Jaxon, filling up the last vial. Reaching to her tray she'll grab a cotton ball with her left hand, letting his arm look, pushing said ball down on the vein and needle so she can draw the needle out, "Hold it a sec-" Needle is slipped back into its protective case and shucked to the tray, and a length of tape is taken and slipped over the ball to secure against his skin, "Really." A soft huhn reverberates in her throat, the vials given a small shake before they're all set on the tray for processing, "So ..nothing then to do with say ..missing persons or ..the like." Her lips will purse minutely, a twitch, really, the tray picked up and walked over to the nursing desk, "Just send these through, thanks." Back towards Jaxon Lise'll walk, gloves yanked off and tossed into a nearby bin as she rejoins Jaxon, "All right, well." Hands rub down along her hips momentarily, "You're good to go, for now. We'll contact you if anything of concern, outside what's already been approved, pops up." His folder will find its way under her arm, and she'll nod, "Okay."

"If I were in missing persons.. I'm afraid my caseload would last me from now until the time that the Gods pass on." Jaxon admits with a little sigh as he gives a little shake of his head, and glances at the woman as she runs her hands over her hips. It's an appreciative glance as he moves to rise and rub at the bandage on his arm. "Sounds good." he says as he gives a smile. "I'll be around if you need me, Doc." And with that, he moves to slip out of sick bay and back towards Tactical.

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