AWD #335: May Induce Disrobing

After spending 4 days at the most recent Piraeus excavation site, Dr. Thanos gives her presentation of findings to Jameson, Petra, Grey, Arrington, and Fairfax; more questions arise than answers, but a decision about further excavation is made.

AWD #335: May Induce Disrobing
Summary: After spending 4 days at the most recent Piraeus excavation site, Dr. Thanos gives her presentation of findings to Jameson, Petra, Grey, Arrington, and Fairfax; more questions arise than answers, but a decision about further excavation is made.
Date: 22/05/2016
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Ward Room
The Ward Room's centerpiece is a finely crafted oak table built into a rectangle with sweeping curves towards each corner, matching chairs lining it like a ring. The far end of the room are the flags of each of the Twelve Colonies, the Colonial flag at the left end and the Fleet's flag at the right to flank. At the other end is a countertop built into the wall that has fresh coffee brewed in a pot, and another for ice water, when Command Staff is present.
AWD #335

The Ward Room is set up for a meeting; there's a folder at each place for Petra, Jameson, Fairfax, Elias, and Samtara; standing without overmuch fidgeting is a tall willowy blond scientist, in only a little rumpled civilian clothing, her hair neatly gathered into a bun. There's a glass of water near where she stands, and for the moment she studies a small journal as she waits for other attendees to arrive.

Fairfax arrives at the last possible moment, in his dress blues. He looks rather worn and tense, and there's an apologetic nod to the presenter as he arrives. "Sorry if I'm late. I've been in HQ monitoring a rather dicey op." He's quick to move to stand behind the seat indicated by his folder.

Petra really has no excuse for being late. Hell, he and Elias pretty much live right across the corridor. But trailing a few steps behind Fairfax, the colonel ducks his head, massive mug of coffee in one hand, clipboard tucked under the other arm. He pauses for a step just inside, glancing around the room, offering a murmured, "G'morning" to Thanos and a "Captain" to Fairfax before claiming a designated chair.

Elias arrives in his usual rumpled blues, the scent of cigarette smoke still hanging about him. Likely due to the one he just finished out in the passageway, to tide him over for the meeting. "Sir," he greets Petra, and echoes the TACCO to Fairfax, "Captain." Thanos, as a civilian, is given a moment of study before Elias offers her a nod. "Doctor." And then he's off to collect the materials she's provided, flipping open the folder for a quick preview.

Jameson knows that no matter what, the meeting doesn't start without him. He's takn his time and made sure the blues were on straight before leaving CIC with a mug of coffee and heading for the Ward Room. Once there he waves everybody to stay seated. "As- as you were. Enough of it for today. Up and down. Think I'll just park for a bit." He eases himself into the big, comfortable chair at the head of the table. The opposite side from Thanos. There's a pad of paper in front of him and a pen. It's been there for years. He's never touched either - or so the rumors go. He just sips his coffee and looks around, then to Thanos. "Doctor. I've been hearing rumors of ghosts and gunfights. You had four days. I know that wasn't exactly a lot of time, but let's hit the skinny." He also doesn't reach for the folder. Nope, the guy leans back in the chair and regards the Doctor at the podium at the head of the table.

Since returning from Aerilon, Epiphany has done that thing she'd only just begun to stop… Working too much. The new CAG had just recently begun to actually acclimate herself with her wing and whatever happened on that planet caused her to distance herself further. She's even been prone to falling asleep in her office. So what if someone's review comes back with a bit of ink smudged. These things happen. The woman arrives in pressed blues, hair in a braid, but looking a bit tired overall. She just stares at the folder at her seat for a moment before turning for the coffee instead. Only once she ahs a proper cup does she sit.

Thanos looks up from her journal, placing it on the table in front of her as the others start to filter in. "Not at all," she assures Fairfax. "Captain Nadir was called away on an emergency—she may be joining us if she can, but otherwise I'll ensure she has the briefing information if she cannot." Her voice is calm, just what one might expect of a professorial or begging-for-research-funds type. Others arrive, Jameson given a nod of respect, though there is a courteous non-verbal greeting to each one that arrives, until they're all settled. "Indeed, sir," she replies easily to Jameson. "Good evening, everyone, and thank you for your attendance." There’s a confident nod from the scientist, clearly not a military bone in her body, her tone collegial, almost as if she were addressing a faculty meeting of sorts. Perhaps even irritatingly so, to those preferential to more rigid hierarchy, or refreshing to others not so. "My name is Dr. Xanthe Thanos. At each of your places, you'll find a written assessment of what's covered in full, along with a basic map."

"Upon our initial landing at the site, almost immediately we began to see 'apparitions' of sorts, that at first seemed to be ghostlike or possibly holographic, in that they seemed to be only observable at indirect gaze, and vanished under direct view. Once we were at the site itself, these illusions grew stronger in nature, in that eventually they became apparent to all even under direct view, and seemed to be reacting to the actions of the team itself. Eventually we were approached by one figure in particular, named in the written report, who appeared to be wearing a military uniform. It’s possible other members of the team have visual documentation directly, but you’ll see my sketches of the basic appearance as part of figure 1.a."

Thanos pauses for a moment, to allow others to catch up, perhaps. "While I have not found evidence of this level of sophisticated sentry programs previously, due to the nature of the activation, and the earlier report of similar circumstance, including direct address, by the previous team on site, I think it may be reasonable that this event is triggered, and potentially a searchable program, meant for informational purposes for future visitors to the site. The image that addressed us mentioned that the guise was chosen to be 'familiar', without further explanation. That seems to be well in line with an information repository for others. The images also seem to have some thermal activity in addition to visual, as evidenced by other scans during subsequent appearances."

"Sir. Sir. Sir." Fairfax greets each superior officer in turn, only sitting once they do. Epiphany gets a friendly smile. "Grey." And then he's all attention for the briefing. There's a frown as it goes on, and it deepens quite a bit when words like 'program' 'triggered' and 'searchable' are used.

Petra glance around the room as everyone else is seated, offering the Admiral a nod of his head, but remains quiet as the presentation starts. One brow slowly arches as Thanos gets into the details, as his gaze glances down at the pictures then back up to Thanos' face. For the moment, he doesn't say anything, he just continues to listen, but clearly he's already wondering a couple of things.

Elias does not mind not having to call attention for the Admirals entrance, and then he glances towards the CAG as she enters, offering Epiphany a polite nod as he finds his seat. folder open, the Intel officer is reading and listening as Thanos begins the briefing, only glancing up occasionally when the scientist's words catch his attention. The suggestion that the 'ghosts' may be part of some 'program' is definitely one of those points. Elias' lips compress as he thinks this over, then he glances around the room to see the reaction of the others present.

"I tested air samples at numerous places and times at the site, as well as a baseline sample at Sheridan. I was able to isolate a unique trace xenochemical compound at the site, isomorphic schizonite. It is not what I would expect to be an effective dose, but as there was no time or tools to study in depth, it's not outside the realm of possibility, if doubtful. I've enclose a list of expected effects: mild inebriation effects as well as mild euphoria and elevated internal temperatures that may induce disrobing. Since none of these things seemed to be in evidence and haven't made it into other reports, I'm going to guess that it may not be related to the 'ghost soldiers' at all. However, I've included the formula for potential comparison if there's anyone who begins to exhibit those symptoms." Thanos tucks a stray lock of blonde hair behind one ear.

"As to the movement around the site itself, in your documents you will find a baseline map of the area, with indicators where every tracked incident occurred. The apparitions seem to be moving in patterns that would indicate a conscious patrol around the surrounding area, and do not appear to be behaving as automatons. Given the short time period, I was unable to locate a power source or anything to indicate a technological device relevant to them, but this may change once the site is better excavated and explored. It's for this reason that I'd ask further explorations adhere to standard archeological site protocol, which is in the index of the report. Are there any questions before I move on to the details of the site itself?" Thanos pauses for a moment, her gaze moving to each person present.

Jameson doesn't do a lot except sip the coffee. The folder still remains unopened, though. When people speak up, he only glances to them for a moment before looking back at the Doctor. he's clearly not ignoring what's going on or taking it lightly, but the man seems to ken something from just keeping his eyes on Thanos. Poor lady.

Petra glances at Jameson, then Elias. He considers for a moment then clears his throat softly, "So…Doctor…to grossly oversimplify what you just said…this appears to be an advanced technology answering machine? Its not really registering WHO is there, just that SOMEONE is?"

"Yes. I have a question or two." Fairfax looks like he's been struggling to keep quiet throughout the briefing. "Are you aware of the work done by Lt Almaeda at the site, including a recording of one of these beings? The recording lacked, amongst other things, sound. Ruling out an electronic playback device, I would have thought." A pause. "Furthermore, do you not think it a tad unwise to continue excavation until we can be certain of the nature of these beings? This was their home and still clearly means a great deal to them. Should we really be digging it up?"

The CAG tilts her head to Fairfax in greeting, opting to not offer similar around the room. Especially not with them just diving into the thick of things. Nods work and nods are totally given. Unlike the Admiral, Epiphany does open the folder. She references more the things specifically mentioned than trying to read it all. It does lead to more than a bit of page-flipping. Lingering on the map, the Viper jock does lean in a bit to look closer; angling herself in such a way as to be able to drink her coffee in the process. The woman opts to process what she's reading while others delve into questioning. There is a moment of reaching up with right hand to rub at left shoulder, but she seems content to await the answers to the first round of queries.

Thanos shakes her head to Petra. "I think the trigger may very much be similar," she says to Petra. "But it is…very much more sophisticated. Having interacted with what seemed to be the primary apparition myself, it is responsive, claimed to choose a guise that would be familiar to us. And when questioned did not give standard answers, but seemed to be genuinely interactive. Yes, I'm quite aware, having been present at the time some of the recordings were made," she says, of Almaeda's involvement. "I don't believe we can ascertain if this was a household dwelling, not yet. But as to whether we should disturb it, why that rather depends upon what the end goals are, sir."

Elias quirks a brow at Petra when the Colonel looks his way, having nothing to offer to the discussion yet himself. Fairfax's input earns the Marine XO a moment of thoughtful study from the young Major, and then Elias turns to hear Thanos' response. The question goals? That turns his gaze towards the TACCO and the Admiral.

Petra mms softly and nods his head at the answers Thanos gives, pursing his lips and picking up his pen to start scribbling on that notepad and clipboard. He pauses to listen to the answer, then scoots the clipboard a little to the side to show the Major, while his own attention raises back to the Doctor.

It would seem that if Epiphany had anything to pipe up with, it was already voiced by someone else. Thus, she leans back with her coffee and goes to drinking it while waiting for the Good Doctor to continue. There is a glance, somewhat, in Elias and Petra's direction. Curious, perhaps, but Arrington doesn't pry further. Intel gonna do what intel does. The folder before her is dragged a little nearer to the edge of the table, so that she can glance or page-flip as needed, but Thanos' breakdowns are comprehensive enough for a briefing.

"You're also aware, then, that each listener hears the words spoken in the language and accent of their own people?" Fairfax asks, once his question has been answered. "As if it were being spoken directly into their head?" A pause. "In the face of all of this, are you really certain that this is just some sort of highly advanced 'system'?"

Jameson clears his throat and lifts his free hand after Fairfax speaks. "Alastor," he says quietly, maybe even diplomatically. "Let's let her speak before we sideline too far. Once she tells us what science has told her, we can debate the rest of it. I don't want to get too far off on a dogleg. It might be important, but hold that thought." The guy tips the coffee to him before looking back to Thanos. "Doctor, please continue. We'll circle back around."

There is a quick glance down at the paper the TACCO shows him, and Elias makes a cautiously interested sound in response. "Mmmm." The questions asked by Fairfax draw his attention away, and the Major listens to the following discussion with a detached sort of interest. The thing that does seem to surprise him? Jameson being diplomatic. Of couse Elias is quick to school his features and turn back towards Thanos, but the expression was plain for a moment.

The scientist too, gazes at the room patiently and attentively, perhaps gauging for further questions. "Thank you, sir," she says after Jameson intervenes. "I will remind the gathering, that my speculations are simply that, based on limited information gathered over a period of four days. In no way do I present them as 'fact', and this is a very vital thing to keep in mind." There is perhaps a gaze meant to be reassuring to Fairfax. "I've collected all data that those in the field have deigned to share with me, sir. As that body increases, as well as any further research I'm permitted to do as well, my speculations will become more in focus. I am a tool, I have specialized skills, but I am in no way omniscient, and can only work with what information is shared."

Thanos reaches for her water, taking a brief sip before continuing. "The 'flat' area at the top of the ridge seems to be some sort of above ground staging area, like a parking lot or tarmac, though I did not note any tracks. The ruin of the building itself seems to have been constructed much like an above ground bunker with walls at least two feet thick in the areas I was able to measure, and there was a partial collapse of the walls in some areas, which you will see noted in the map. The outside of the walls appeared to have pockmarked damage inconsistent with natural wear and tear similar to thousands of large explosive blasts, though I believe Captain Tremaine can give a more exact and educated opinion of type and strength than mine. In figure 1.b. you will see several examples and measurements of impact craters. Radioactive dating seems to place the time of abandonment as well as the damage at approximately 2500 years ago. My speculation is that either it was attacked and sustained too much damage to be useable and thus was abandoned, or there was an attempt to destroy it when the decision to abandon it was by the original inhabitants."

Thanos steeples her hands in thought. "Were this a standard field operation, I would now seek the following information: What fuels the apparitions and is it necessarily located at this particular site? Might there be a network of sorts? I would seek to find evidence or artifacts within the site that could be a likely source. In addition, /why/ was this site abandoned? Was it an attack? Or a scuttling, and if it is the latter, why? I'd also like to find DNA evidence of the original inhabitants. Though they game in humanoid guise, we certainly cannot know for certain what they actually looked like without further evidence.

"Yes Sir." Fairfax may be excitable about this topic, but he's nothing if not military disciplined. Jameson is able to quiet him instantly, and the marine sits in attentive silence. His jaw is set, but he is silent in obedience to his superior officer.

Petra taps the point of his pen on his clipboard and purses his lips again, staring at Thanos, then finally spurs himself into a question, "Doctor, an earlier site we were working on had shown prohibitively high levels of radiation. Lethal, even. You saw no evidence of anything of that intensity at this site? In your professional opinion just from the information you have available, would you consider this a safe location to begin excavation? None of your scans revealed signs that there may be a radioactive source beneath the plateau?"

There's a lofted brow directed Fairfax's way from Epiphany. The woman doesn't interject, herself, but there is query in her gaze. She does shift through a few pages of the folder to the maps. Aerial maps are of more interest to a CAG than talk of excavations and DNA. When Petra, however, speaks of a site with high levels of radiation… that expression shifts to more focused. Curious, still, but in a more concerned light. Not something to be asked here, but she does spend a moment staring at the TACCO before looking to Thanos for the doctor's answer.

"I do believe it to be safe /currently/, sir," Thanos replies to Petra. "Whenever you breech a site, however, there's always a risk. If not from radiation, then potentially bacteria and viruses that we currently have no immunity to, or other xenobiological agents. In addition, if the interactive 'ghosts' are technology based, I should….well. I should think that such advanced society should also be capable of constructing some jolly good traps as well. Even primitive ones can quite take you by surprise." Rather cheerfully spoken caution, that. "What I would recommend is more specialized equipment and scans be done at each stage, as well as monitoring stations for any changes in contamination. Frankly I'd recommend it at any excavation site you currently have operational, if they're not already in place."

Fairfax returns Epiphany's look with one that speaks volumes. He'll tell her later. Still, he remains silent and listens to Thanos. Sit. Stay. Shut Up. Good Marine.

Another unexpected turn comes as Petra mentions a second site. Unexpected to Elias, but perhaps not a surprise per se. "So," the Intel officer finally chimes in. "Are there any other phenomena we've encountered that are remotely like these … ghost experiences?" A definite note of skepticism from the young officer, but then he has not experienced it himself. A quick look is cast towards Colonel Petra at the tail end of this question.

Jameson looks over to Petra, then to the others around the table. His eyes once again settle on Thanos. "Doctor, I know this stuff must be pretty astounding for you but I need to ask a more strategic-level question here. Especially in light of what Petra just mentioned about the radioactive dig site." The man has an epic frown. "How likely is it that we're going to find more sites like this and have ghost-like figures, whatever they are, talking to my people on the planet? I've heard rumors that this is a potentially religious moment for some. Could you in any way characterize anything you found as hostile to our people or our presence on this planet? If there was a gunfight at this location, I don't care how long ago, knowing nothing about it and only talking to one 'side' sorta makes me uneasy." He then looks over at Elias and deadpans his delivery: "You mean like what happened with your new Intel Lieutenant and the unexplained jump that saved their lives?" It's clear Jameson doesn't like the implications of what he is hearing.

Petra nods and murmurs a soft, "Thank you, Doctor," at the answers she provides. He furrows his brows again as he listens to Elias' and then Jameson's questions. He leans back a little more in his chair, the pen scribbling again while he simply focuses on Thanos' face, intent on the answers she might provide to the multiple queries.

Fairfax sits a little straighter in his chair, looking like something is on the tip of his tongue in response to Jameson's question. But it was posed to Thanos, and so he continues his obedient silence.

"Not that I am aware of, sir," Thanos shakes her head to Elias. "I have had rather limited experiences with your crew, and so far I've not found any similar references in the research notes I've managed to preserve over the last year. She is silent for a long moment, considering Jameson's words. "I haven't seen any evidence as of yet; though bear in mind, this is the early stages. When I spoke with the main apparition that seems to have played a major role in communication at this site in particular, she did ask that we respect their home, and seemed to accept my answer that it was certainly my intent to do so. It is a delicate balance, sir. I understand the need for speed and efficacy, especially now. But I would argue, as my own 'religious' type calling—that it seems to me to be of particular important especially now to proceed with both respect and caution in this place."

Unexplained jump? See, Epiphany's just becoming Frown Central. This is a breakdown of things happening at this dig site, but it's also showcasing a clear breakdown in a number of areas. Communication, primarily. "What unexplained jump?" Her voice is a bit flat and she looks directly to Elias and Petra with this. And then, an index finger is lofted, "You know what? Tell me later. I'll need time to find out why something went awry with someone in my Wing and I don't recall seeing the report." A long drink of coffee and a glance towards Thanos as she continues, especially in regard to the religious experiences.

"I see," Elias offers Thanos a nod for her response. Then he twists around a bit of face Jameson. "Possibly sir," The old man asked him a direction question, and the usually reticent Intel Officer is unusually straightforward in his answer. "I don't have much faith in ghosts, or acts of he Gods, sir. But things we can't explain /are/ happening. If someone or something has the ability to manipulate events, or at least our perception of events, at that level … we clearly need to understand it. The question I have is, how does this help us with the war?" He then takes a quick stab at Epiphany's question, offering some answer at least. "I believe the mission was arranged before you were appointed as CAG, Captain. The details are a separate issue and one we can discuss at a later date?"

Its when Elias asks about winning the war that Petra stops watching Thanos andsits up slowly. He opens his mouth to speak, then stops. Right! Admiral in the room. He shoots a look at Jameson and considers for a moment, watching the Old Man's face before he asks in a lower voice, "If you don't mind, sir, I can partially answer the Major's last without going into dangerous detail."

The tension in the ranks seems to cause a momentary blip of discomfort in the scientist's expression, though it's quickly smoothed away into professional neutrality. At Petra's words, though her attention shifts to him, and she remains silent.

Jameson listens to the answer but it doesn't seem to make him any happier. He looks at the mug of coffee in his left hand and swills the liquid around the interior a moment while he thinks. "So lemme just brass-tacks this for everyone in this room on how I see this: We've been warned by a group of potentially intelligence beings on this planet that we need to walk softly and respect someplace they call their own. It's pretty clear that at one time that someone or something actually lived here and got into a pretty ugly gunfight. And there's potential nukes involved. 2500 years ago." He finally looks around the table, taking into account Elias' concerns. The silence lingers while he thinks. "Two options. Option One, these are holograms from a race that was intelligent enough to imitate us and how we look and be able to make something that would respond to human vision and focus and be smart enough to interact in a way we might confuse it for ghosts." He huffs a long breath. "Option Two. These are ghosts, the Gods are trying to tell us something, and we're getting a garbled message. They've not only interfered with this dig operation, but they've saved a Raptor crew and possibly Piraeus from discovery, and a Cylon Model Twelve in our brig is tossing around numbers like forty-trillion to one." He settles his head side to side as he looks up and down the line. "What frakking way is Occam's Razor supposed to fall on this one? Neither one of these sounds particularly appetizing. Anyone want to make a comment here or toss some light on a course of action because I'm about to get unilateral on this shit unless I hear something otherwise."

Fairfax raises his hand at that. "Permission to speak, Sir?" It's a suprisingly meek tone for someone who was going at the scientist like a tough as nails prosecutor in a big murder case earlier.

"I would like," opines Thanos, "To continue the excavation using standard practices, which do very much keep in mind that these places are not treasure troves but the repository and song of other lives. If for no other reason these people deserve to have their story recorded, and we have lost so much. History isn't oft appreciated by those in the moment, but it's vital to humanity itself." There's a weight and weariness to her tone, however, as if she expects she knows what the answer and reaction shall be.

Jameson tilts the mug to Fairfax. "Keep it to what we know for sure for right now, Cap. Go ahead."

"I would appreciate that, Major." And it does mollify Epiphany. It's not like those who occupied her office before her kept the best records, after all. Or any records, in some cases. As for the other question, well. It is curious enough one. "The pursuit of knowledge isn't something we should abandon, right? Haven't some technologies that aid in war come from utterly mundane studies?" Arrington does quiet as Petra speaks, lifting her coffee as she leans back again. It's Jameson, however, that initially speaks up. The CAG reaches right hand across to left shoulder again. "If the two events are intertwined, this jump," cue glance to Elias, "and these ghosts, I think we can remove advanced technology from the equation. Our Raptors are our Raptors. Any change to their systems, Deck would know. What we have regarding the Gods' interference in our past is little more than fairy tales, but so is a lot of our concrete history until we dug up enough to understand it better. Perhaps in addition to simply measuring what our sensors and the like can pick up at this place, we should be transcribing what these… people or ghosts or whatever tell us. At the very least, something here killed them. We should make sure whatever that thing was doesn't come for us, right? The last thing we need is two wars."

"Thank you Sir. Just what we know for sure." Fairfax nods a confirmation. "In answer to your question about the liklihood of this happening elsewhere on planet…their Captain I spoke told me they have people all over. That they can choose to be seen or not. And that some see them but disregard them. So I definitely got the impression it could and may happen elsewhere." A pause. "Some of the other things they told me…I can expand if you like…certainly lead me to belief that whoeever their opponents were in this old gunfight, that these people…were good people, Sir. Similar in a lot of ways to us. This is, I stress, just things she told me, Sir. I can't verify the truth of her words." He clearly has some deep beliefs about that topic, but he's doing his very best to stay within the lines laid out for him. "My advice, sir, is to proceed with caution. Treat Pireaus, or at least that part of it, as a sacred site and try and find out more about them, Sir."

Petra sits back again to listen, chewing on the side of his cheek while his gaze falls to the middle of the table, rather than following the questions and comments around the room. A couple of moments, he shifts his weight and lifts his pen as if he was going to comment to a specific question, then the brow furrows and the words don't surface. Finally, he lets the rest of his breath go and simply offers, "With specific orders and parameters to it, I believe we need to proceed with an excavation, sir. We should suspend all military ops on Pireaus - when we started this, P was the only ground surface we had at our disposal. Now we have Picon as a relative safe zone, and Aerilon as a hot combat area. We don't have to use P, and risk running armed combatants into more of this."

After listening to Thanos' point, Elias turns towards Epiphany. "I didn't claim any direct connection," He clarifies. "Only that they are both events we cannot yet explain." This sounds more 'for the record' than designed to provoke further discussion, as he is already shifting towards Fairfax, waiting to see what the Marine Captain has to say. Elias' reaction to this is a thoughtful frown, and no comment.

Despite what Thanos may consider her chances are, the Admiral seems to listen closely. But as each person does, he seems to really put weight to each one. A wrong decision or step on something like this and they're looking at a disaster - possibly of spiritual proportions. Finally, he sips the mug and puts it on the table. "Majority concensus around the table seems to be what I'm thinking. I'm not about to order everyone into Chapel, though. As far as I am concerned, we serve the people. Articles of Colonization state that we are all afforded the right to believe whatever the hell we want until it deprives or infringes-upon someone else of their rights." He lowers his chin, looking at each of them in turn as he leans forward, hands clasping on the table. "I would rather these beings be holograms and laugh at us for treating this like a religious issue than get a legitimate religious sign wrong. Are we clear? We are hedging our bets in an official capacity. Personal beliefs will not influence your departments or how you run them. Period. However, you tell your people what you think they need to know. I'll leave each of you to handle this how you will." He takes a long breath and looks between Fairfax and Pip. "Tell your JTACs I am suspending all air to ground munitions expenditures on Piraeus effective immediately. The next pilot to so much as loose a round over P is going ot find themselves brigged for one week, minimum. Marines, continue training for now and coordinate with Spree for setting up a training facility at Crandall on Picon. Good suggestion, Mark." There's a glance to the TACCO quickly. "Doctor," he says, addressing Thanos. "Continue your dig. Coordinate with Engineering and Marines to pull people as you need for labor and technical skill." He stares at her head-on. "You will treat this location as if you were excavating Zeus' tomb. If these beings or holograms tell you to stop, you don't wait for permission from anyone. Cease everything and leave if they tell you to. If it feels hostile, walk away. I'll make sure CIDSR is appraised of their new partial tasking." He looks around the table. "Any questions at all?"

There is a hint of relief in Epiphany's mien at the orders from the Admiral. Some eschew religion. Some are overt about it. Others keep it personal. The woman's shoulders sag a measure and she lifts her coffee to drain the rest of the mug. "Aye, sir," Epiphany follows to the orders regarding both ceasing munitions over Piraeus and what will happen to any in the Wing who allow them to be dropped. She pushes to her feet to head for the coffee pot and pour a refill. When Jameson asks for questions, she stops mid-pour and turns. Marginally. "Actually, yes." The CAG's gaze, however, goes to Thanos. "Was there anything identified so far in the dig that a Raptor's sensors could be attuned with, to allow us to perhaps identify more of these sites?"

"Of course," Thanos replies evenly. "I have, from the start. Scientific tools do not preclude ethical and spiritual duty, but are given to us so that we may carry it out more fully. It isn't always understood by others. Thank you, sir." She shakes her head briefly to Epiphany. "Not yet. I do have multiple material samples from this one. Perhaps if there have been some collected at others, there's something that can be refined from that. But I shall put that on the hit list as it were."

Elias listens to Jameson's instructions with a resigned air. But there's no complaint or argument from the Intelligence officer. "Yes sir," he says. And then, "No questions sir." The Major is already starting to gather his papers as if the meeting is over, in fact. The CAG's question causes him to pause, however. At least long enough to hear it and the scientist's answer.

"No questions, Sir. I'll make sure those orders are passed on." Fairfax looks very pleased with the outcome, beginning to gather the paperwork in front of him. He's not going to leave quite yet though, waiting on the rest of the question and answer.

Petra mmms softly again with the comment from Jameson, and returns his attention to idly watching the Doctor while the other questions and answers go back and forth. He taps his pen lightly on the table while he listens, though he does shoot a curious look over at Elias when he finally responds, watching the man for a moment, then looking away. He doesn't look like he's moving just yet, either.

Jameson stays behind while others begin to file out. He sips at his coffee and looks at a face or two that are hanging around, waiting. "Anything else we need ot address or does it need to wait for a closed door?"

The doctor starts gathering her things as well. "Thank you all for coming. If there's any further questions for me, or questions you'd like to see the research go in, please don't hesitate to contact me." There's a warmth in the politeness, however, even though there's an exhaustion there as well. "I shall update Dr. Nadir as soon as possible, personally," she promises. "And get her thoughts for research as well." But unless someone stops her, she'll make her exit as well.

Petra glances up at the Admiral as if snapping out of a thought process to do so, then lightly shakes his head, slowly rising to his feet, "Nothing here. We're good, sir." His brow furrows a bit as he tucks that clipboard away and retrieves his coffee mug, finally turning to follow the exodus out.

The Intel officer departs before Epiphany can stop him, so she just stares after his back for a moment. There may very well be a sort of target there. Perhaps. Maybe. Hey, things happened in her Wing and before Her Time or not, the woman would like to Know. There's a shake of her head at Jameson's query and she gathers up her things to depart as well.

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