AWD #020: May I Have This Dance?
May I Have This Dance?
Summary: Ceres and Augie have a breakthrough.
Date: 26/Jan/2013 (OOC Date)
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Ceres Augie 
Observation Deck - Battlestar Orion
The Obs Deck is one of the more quiet areas on the Orion where people can come to get away from the hustle and bustle that goes with of the rest of duty on the ship. The front of the room is a very large armored glass window to allow a dominating view of whatever is out ahead of the battlestar. Seats rise up at even levels, plush chairs and couches provided for the crew to relax in. During Condition One an armored plate is lowered down to cover the view and prevent the room from becoming a hazard and seal tight.
26 January 2005

Walking away from the mess, arm still held by the DCO, Ceres looks down at the file in her hand and holds it up. There is a frown on her face and she eyes him. "Really, Augustus. I have to give this back to the DCAG. I do not need to explain this." She wages the folder at him in explanation and then hmms faintly, her lips still faintly in a line before she smiles up at him. A sigh and she pushes him to thes side a little and snakes her arms free.

"So just mark it through." Augie says with a chuckle before she starts to pull away and looks towards her. "Or just tell him that some random guy tried to proposition you. Or yer boyfriend hasn't seen you in a week."

That last has her stop and she turns back over her shoulder. Eyes lif to his and she sighs faintly, rubbing at her neck. "Aye, Augustus. It has been that long, hasn't it? I am sorry, Augustus. I have been scarce." She walks back towards him and setting the solder aside on a crate, she reaches up to put her left hand at his shoulder and offer her right to him. There is an unasked question.

"I know ya've been busy, Ducks. I can't fault ya fer it." Augie starts to say. "Just nice to see ya now and again." he starts to say when she steps into him and he considers her for a moment. His right hand slips around her waist, and his left twines with her right as he looks into her eyes and falls quiet, offering a small and warm smile.

Her voice is a hushed tone as she studies his face. "You must lead me, Augustus. This is one case where you must take completely control. It is the way of dancing. I will follow you." Trust. Ceres is offering him trust here, completely and utterly. "Someone told me I should cultivate my anger, but also my love." Her face draws closer. "I am trying."

He has to lead? Augie looks confused for a moment as he worries on his bottom lip. "But I do not know how to dance, Ceres." he says quietly to her, looking into her eyes as she closes that distance and he remains in place, accepting her words and his smile grows fonder for her.

"Do not give me that, Augustus. We danced once before and you seemed to grasp on quite well. Better than I thought even." She tells him with a light poke to his shoulder. Ceres is a patient woman though and her right foot slips back, her hip shifting and draws him with her. "Now left back.." And she urges him to step back and follows with her foot. The forward with his right, back with her own in a small waltzing circle.

And as she pokes him, Augie lets out a laugh. "I just followed your lead, Ceres." he points out to her, but he lets her lead for only a moment before he draws her in close, his fingers tighten on her hand, and he takes over the lead. She trusts him with her. And he rises to the occassion easily, following the simple waltz. As he does so, he hums quietly, five chords, and then again, letting them guide his steps.

"You must learn to start on your own, Augustus." Ceres says lightly but allows herself to be drawn close. her eyes close when he begins to hum and her body lets herself flow into fluid movement. Her head tilts back and she hums with him. She is a little off key but sh emanages to keep her voice some. Following his steps easily, she opens her eyes to meet his gaze. Each step slides easily with her.

"I did start on my own, Ceres." Augie retorts quietly, turning her in those circles as they become closer by degrees, eyes locked on each other. "I have been waitin for ya to come dance with me all this time. We know the song, and lyrics - it's about time ya started to catch up with my steps." he says, turning her, and steps back for a moment, using their joined hands to spin her out before bringing her back to him. His hand falls from hers, and instead settles with his other hand on the small of her back, pulling her closer still.

Ceres twists out and then back in as she remains speechless in reply. Her dark eyes meet his and she waits for him to continue moving as she is pressed close. Her lips part and then close once more as she lets her hands rest at the top of his chest near his shoulders. She lingers there, moving with him as he does. "I am still unsteady on my feet, Augustus. I am not sure I can dance without stepping on your toes. I don't want to make you regret waiting for me should I fail to be able to follow you lead."

He studies her dark eyes with those light blues of his. "…do you remember the lyrics?" Augustus asks her as they move and twirl. The pads of his fingers press gently against the small of her back, before he quietly sings to her. "Holding you, I hold everything.. in this moment, aren't I the king…" he says quietly, swaying with her. "..but if I were to know how the king would fall, who's to say, I might have changed it all." His forehead presses gently against hers. "Our lives are better left to chance. I could miss the pain, but I'd never had this dance." he finishes and looks at her. "I will never regret waiting for you, Ceres Delacroix. I will wait as long as you need to take to come join me. And if you are not ready? Stand on my feet and I shall carry you, my love."

If one could say her walls weaken, they might just do so now. Ceres tries to follow the words, some remembred, others she stumbles but she trusts in him so keeps each step with his. The brush of his forehead brings her eyes to his and then they fall to his chest. She lets out a breath and can feel the tension draw up her spine and then flee her. "I was told that no two people can ever be measured against the other. That a love for one is never the same as love for another but neither are they less than each other. Love is love, it can not be measured. I am here, Augustus, trying is just my fear, but I have not left. So maybe its just the fear of losing what I touch…" She slows and stops dancing as she just remains close to him, as if trying to gain the courage to say something.

And true to his word, when she stops, his grip tightens and he lifts her off the ground. Bringing her eyes to his level as he continues to dance with her as he looks into those beautifully dark eyes of her. "Love is different for every person, Ceres. What you may love for one, you may find a different love in another. But in the end… what love is is that drive to be with one person. The passion to love her and only her. The want to grow old with her. The need to know that she is part of your life." he says quietly, then silences, letting her have the floor. "You have touched me, Ceres. And I will not be lost so easily."

"Gods…" She breathes and gets a foolish smile to her lips that quickly fades. Her head bows and her dark bangs brush his chin as she stares at his chest. A tensing tremble runs through her, down her spine and she can not help the heavy breath she draws and the sound it makes. Quiet. SHe is so quiet after but in a very small voice, she speaks. "I love you, Augustus Garrido." Her eyes close and she gasps out, breathing heavily as she feels a soft laugh leave her lips. Its nervous, perhaps filled with all her worries about saying such things.

Three little words. It only takes three little words to bring Augustus Garrido to a halt. And it's easy to know why. It's the first time ever that a woman has spoken those words to him. His eyes study hers, as if he can verify what she just said with a look as his breath hitches in his throat and he stares up into her eyes. He's so very quiet for several moments, maybe he'll be the one to bolt. Instead, he lifts and presses a kiss against her mouth. Soft, sweet, completely loving and he holds it for several moments before he breaks away. "I love you, Ceres Delacroix." he murmurs, his eyes crinkling, and just a hint of moisture forming in the crevaces of those deep blues.

Slowly her eyes open as he hesitates and there is perhaps worry, "Augus…" But then he's kissing her and his name dies. Her hands open and then tense before they lift to wrap around his shoulders and keep them close. She joins that kiss, lingering as she breathes heavily when parts them to speak. Dark eyes open once more as she meets his gaze. A smile touches her lips, soft, nervous ands he notes the moisture there. To express such like this. It takes a lot from her and she is thrown completely off balance, left holding him not knowing what to do next. She looks lost. He better lead.

He sets her gently on the ground, and then he smiles, tears pulling at the corners of his eyes, and he whispers. "Ceres. Back side together, front side together." The words are gentle, loving. And he starts to speak to himself, "Front, side, together. Back, side, together." And he leads her in a waltz - a wedding waltz, if he ever thought about it as they start to twirl again.

Ceres falls into step with his words, being lead for once instead of leading. Instead of running. She stumbles a little in her nervousness, buts he never steps on his feet. Her feet slide into position, one after the other. One, two, one two. She continues through each and lifts her gaze to his, staring into his eyes. She may not recognize the waltz for what it may mean, but she follows. That is something in and of itself.

"Relax, Ceres.. I didn't go away." He gives her side a little pinch to remind her, and then chuckles. "You know, I was going to say.. Ekho was just telling me there's a couple of labs that aren't being used. They're pretty roomy." he teases her. "And have cots." Another light kiss to her lips, and a small sigh of relief. "Oh, Ceres.." he whispers against her skin.

Jumping slightly at the pinch, she smirks some and stares up at him, "Augustus Garrido, are you so neglected that you would offer that up now?" But there is a softening of her face, an unusual gentleness that consumes her before he kisses her. She sighs and leans into him, slowing their waltz so her lips can find his and offer him a slow, searching kiss.

He melts into her. The idea of a good frakking is shelved as he kisses her in return, his hands lifting from her hips to cradle her cheeks as he settles into kissing her back, searching, exploring, learning this new side of the woman he loves.

Perhaps its a bit much for the obs deck, the way they kiss, but it seems to bring happiness to at least two people in a time of such crippling devastation. The pilot breaks the kiss only in so far to whisper to the DCO and then she draws back, drawing him to one of couches and content to curl up with him, wrapped in a comforting embrace as they watch the one hope for humanity hold the Orion in orbit. Piraeus. Maybe a future home. Maybe the future birthplace to two girls. Three silly little words.

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