Sergeant Maxwell James Knight
qpoYj9S.jpg Knight, Maxwell James
Sergeant Marines
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Heavy Weapons
Age Sex
35 M
Hair Eyes
Brown Blue


Maxwell started out on a farm. Leonis capital outskirts to be exact. His father, Byrant Maxwell Knight, was a good farmer and provided well for his family. When the war broke out, he left Max and his mother and brother to run the farm and enlisted. It was a hard life for him to leave his family to. The war left many places decimated and war-torn, but despite this, his family endured. Bryant's education and history made him a shoe-in for an officer candidate slot, however, he declined to apply. He told his recruiting officer he wanted to lead men. Not lead the men leading them. He enlisted and was deployed. In combat his unit was one of the finest available for tasking in hard-to-crack missions. With his actions in combat and sadly, combat losses, Bryant advanced quickly to Corporal. His unit was nearly wiped out during one assault and Command decided to reassign the remaining men, instead of rebuilding the decimated unit. His father was promoted and reassigned. Sergeant Knight moved on his next unit, within a year was promoted to Staff Sergeant. While assigned to destroy an enemy ammunition production plant, he was gravely wounded and told his squad leaders to get the rest of their men clear and he would detonate the facility himself. His actions saved the lives of most of the men in his section and earned him a Silver Cluster medal for valor. It was that bravery and selflessness that also served to inspire Max when he decided to enlist.

Recent Events

-Commendation for valor. Embassy Defense Unit 11, Picon
-Promotion to Sergeant
-Assignment to BSG-114 approx. 5 days prior to the Jump.

Service Record & Medals

-Commendation for valor. Embassy Defense Unit 11, Picon

Recent Logs


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