AWD #622: Mawwiage
Summary: Mawwiage. Mawwiage is what bwings us togethew today. Mawwiage, that bwessed awwangement, that dweam within a dweam. And wove, twue wove, wiww fowwow you fowevah and evah… So tweasuwe youw wove. (Lleu and Bennett's Wedding)
Date: 05/03/2017 (OOC Date)
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Lleufer Bennett 
Piraeus, Mountain Meadow
A high mountain meadow on Piraeus with a frolicing stream and trees near to hand where the newly wedded couple will stay the night beneath the stars.
Wed Sep 20 12:31:06 2006

Lleufer would have been hand delivered a note, some nights before, asking him to meet Bennett in the hangar bay at oh nine hundred hours this morning. And to prepare to be away for at least a night. When he arrives, there's a raptor prepped and ready to go, with orders to fly them out to Piraeus. It likely took a bit of wheeling and dealing on Bennett's part, but once they're on board, no questions are asked. If he'll permit her, the pilot will clasp her hand in his for the trip down, shoulder to shoulder with the big marine in their bus's cargo compartment. But she's otherwise rather quiet. She's wearing a flight suit and helmet, and has a duffle bag slung across her shoulder, but the former seems.. a little bulkier than usual. Hmm.

As soon as he knew when they were going down, Ynyr got his things together. /Both/ Amos and Knox can't get leave to come down with him and there ceremony is to be private due to Bennett's religious considerations, so Major Ommanney was asked to go over Lleufer's Marine Dress in the place of his absent father to make sure his attire is in order. A brief chat with Amos and Knox as his Best Man who will also be absent, well wishes, encouragements expressed to himself and Ynyr's gratitude quietly expressed to each of them in turn for all of their support. Then it's time to go board the Raptor.

Lleu also has a carry bag, but he arrives in his Marine Dress 'A' for the most formal of occasions. Everything crisp, inspected by the Major, wearing his medals on his left breast, campaign ribbons on his right, and someone has even lent him an NCO's sabre to wear off of his left side of his dress belt. Not nearly as fancy as an officer's but it will do. More than likely Lleu also has his sidearm if the small bulge on his right side beneath the dress coat. He boards with a crisp nod to their pilot and takes his seat, using a cane to assist his walking.

Once strapped in, Lleu gives Bennett a warm and reassuring smile. Is it her imagination or is the left side of his face subtly more mobile than it has been? There is no trace of bandages at his left wrist, only shirt cuff.

Bennett's eyes were riveted on the Staff Sergeant from the moment he entered the 'bay in his dress grays. To say that he cleans up well would be an understatement. She spends the entirety of the trip down with a faint smile on her lips, and at some point leans in to tell him in quiet tones, "Your father would be proud." Just that; nothing more, until the raptor touches down on the surface and the engines begin to spool down. Outside, the day is just beginning on Piraeus: the sky is a warm cornflower blue shot through with ribboned clouds, and once the hatch is cranked open, the scent of ozone assails them. It's sprinkled recently, but the rest of the day looks to be clear.

"I will be out in a moment," Bennett tells Lleufer with a squeeze to his upper arm. The pilot seems to have been expecting this, as he turns to catch her helmet when she tosses it his way, revealing the fact that she's done her hair up in an artful updo of braids and coils, pinned in place with a pearl-studded comb that she fusses with presently. Damn helmet.

Knox even went to the trouble to make certain Lleu's uniform was freshly pressed and everything shined to perfection. Lleu gives her a faint nod, his own voice low, "I wish he was here. He was a Marine himself, in his youth." The hatch opens and Ynyr undogs himself from the straps to take back up his cane and carry bag. He steps off and offers Bennett a hand to step down, even though he knows perfectly well the Major does not require any assistance. Aerilons are very traditional after all.

For an instant, Lleu is left staring at her lovely hair, all done up under her now removed helmet. "Oh my." He smiles, "Certainly. I've brought the blood urn, the scythe, and the seed for us to prepare the ground when the Priest is ready." Or Priestess if that was Bennett's preference. He'll go to see where the ground is prepared for the ceremony up here in the high mountain meadow and to await Bennett.

Indeed, they've touched down not at the standard LZ used for military operations, but in a small clearing amidst the Piraean foothills. It doesn't look like the first time a raptor's landed here, but the overgrowth suggests it's not a frequent occurrence either. They are on the edge of a grove of sycamore trees, and bordered on the east by a lazy stream upon which a few ducks bob, looking for bugs to eat. Wildflowers and clover dot the stream's banks, and crop up here and there in the meadow grass.

It appears the priestess has arrived in advance; a tall woman in plain robes with a leather bound book held in both arms. It likely contains the official paperwork they'll need to sign.

Bennett, meanwhile, is tugging off her flight suit and boots, and changing into a pair of heels she brought in her bag. The rucksack itself is left behind, and she climbs out onto the hatch in something out of a Caprican magazine. It's a shade or two off from white, flowing and traditional in some respects save for one faintly freckled shoulder left entirely bare. Embroidered flowers decorate the other shoulder, her her hair is twisted to one side so that the sunlight glints off the symbol of Dionysus in her other ear.

Lleufer greets the Priestess and produces his own paperwork: Permission to Marry forms, signed by Major Ommanney as required. Presumably Bennett has brought her own, likewise signed off on by her CAG, Lt. CMDR Robin Io. Then Lleu goes to setting out the scythe, blood urn, and the small leather bag that contains several other small silk bags with other items within them where the Priestess indicates is to be the place they'll exchange their vows. With his hands lightly clasped over the head of the cane, Ynyr then waits for Bennett. He does not have to wait long, his head to turn when she exits the Raptor once more. With his Marine Cover to shade his eyes, wearing his reflective sunglasses while out here in the bright sunlight, only the barest hint of his slightly pointed Arpay ears are visible. Lleu studies her in her off white gown, elegant with it's bare shoulder and the other sashed with silken flowers and pearl lacy bead work. Wow. What a lucky man he is indeed. Bennett is truly even more lovely today than he could have ever imagined.

Bennett's gown:

Gods only know how or where she procured such a piece from. But she's certainly had a lot of time to do so, with how long it took them to take this leap. The dress's train trails along the grass as she carefully steps down off the hatch, spots Lleufer, and marks a path toward him with a coy little smile. She does have a couple of folded papers in one hand, bound with an elastic, which are handed off to the priestess as well. A bottle of what looks like whiskey and two glasses have already been set up by the chaplain atop a small folding table, along with a delicate looking switch made from grape vines knotted together, dotted with leaves.

It's Lleufer that the pilot's far more interested in, however. Once she's near enough, she'll give him a wink, but otherwise does not touch him. There'll be plenty of time for that once the ceremony is complete.

When she comes to stand by his side before the Priestess, Lleu removes his sun glasses and slips them into a pocket. The cane is retained by his left and should standing fatigue his left leg that is still remodeling. The Priestess then begins by asking them to hold hands as she begins the ceremony with a blessing of the Gods. There are no other guests, no other witnesses to ask if anyone has any objection to the marriage and the paperwork is all in order. The words are a widely used traditional marriage ceremonial opening, not specific to any particular God or Goddess among the Lords of Kobol. Once that part has been recited over their joined hands, she motions to Lleufer.

A faint smile to Bennett, then he hands her his cane so that he may carefully take up the scythe blade without a handle. Lleu begins to cut the spring damp sod slowly in a circle to encompass himself and Bennett in a ring while the Priestess chants a ritual to honor Demeter. The narrow cut Ynyr makes then completed, he lays the scythe at his and Bennett's feet. The leather bag is taken next and his cane returned, Lleu opens it up. A small silk pouch is removed and opened and within it is Rye seed. Some of this is poured into Bennett's hands and some into his own bare palm, "Let us sow this seed into the circle to symbolize fertility of the earth and promise of a fruitful marriage with our union." The last of the rye is given to the Priestess and as the bride and groom dribble the seed into the cut circle, she sprinkles the last grains over both Lleu's and Bennett's head.

When that is completed, Lleu removes a second tiny silk bag which is presented to the Priestess. The contents of that is spilled into their joined hands as well, tiny black seeds. She says, "Blood red poppies for Demeter to grow and mingle among the Rye." These are to be sprinkled where they stand within the circle. And lastly, the blood urn is picked up and the wax seal breached. The small ladle is produced and handed to Lleu first, "Each of you are to soak the seed with sacrificial blood born of the meat that will be supped upon for your consummation." Lleu takes care to intentionally get a few drops of blood on his shiny black dress uniform shoes /and/ to lightly splatter the lower edges of Bennett's gown with the blood as well. Aerilon's have some strange traditions, don't they?

It isn't the first, and likely won't be the last marriage the priestess must perform in a multi-denominational manner to appease multiple gods. Bennett, too, is watching carefully as the circle is drawn around them, her hand held out palm up for the sprinkling of grains and seeds. A few specks from her hair tumble to her shoulders, and the ground, and her lips curve in a small smile; it's a privilege to be part of his tradition, one that may be passed on to their children as well. As for the blood, it doesn't bother her in the slightest. Strange it may be to some, but it pales in comparison to what Dionysus demands of his adherents. She accepts the ladle if and when it's passed to her, taking care to soak the seeds as instructed.

"Wanderers of field and forest," the priestess continues, returning to the little table to pour the whiskey into each of the two glasses. "Long grasses and wiry shrubs. As the sacred wine is within jeweled cups, so are you within all things wild.." The glasses are offered up to each, once the ritual with the seeds is completed. The expectation is that the drink should be consumed in one shot. Yes, the entire glass.

Of course Bennett too is to take her turn ladling the blood. There is only the scythe to cut the earth that she does not have to share. The long curved blade of steel is left bare, lying upon the grass with droplets of blood and a few scattered seeds at their feet.

Lleufer accepts the whiskey glass, surprised maybe that it's not wine. He smiles faintly, silent and attentive except for those parts he's indicated to perform. Knocking back the whiskey all at once is not any problem at all for this Marine who has a reputation for being a hard drinker, when he can get his hands on a decent bottle.

Maybe the priestess couldn't find any wine. Bennett doesn't seem to care either way, and nor would most of her faith: booze is booze is booze. She too knocks the glass back, and sucks in a breath after she swallows. Yep, that burned a little going down.

"Dionysus," the priestess recites, "is the reality of nature hidden deep within the body. Blood-lust, desire and naked fear. Love and hatred based on instinct. Drunkenness barring true direction." Oh, the fun's just about to begin: she retrieves the grapevine switch from her little table, and hands it to Lleu, expressionless. She's clearly been privy to much worse.

"Violence showing man's true home. Dizziness causing veering footsteps, to find the true path once again. Within the grasp of his powerful hands is the secret of change and sudden awareness. He looses chains and breaks down walls; he opens the vast unknown potential of the human soul." And the poor man is left to do what he will with it.

Bennett senses: Lleufer accepts the switch and then arches a brow at her to look for a clue … is he /really/ supposed to give her some lashes across her bared back with this thing?

You sense: Bennett gives him an infintessimal nod and a flicker of a smile. Not much help from her, but the indication seems to be that he may do with it as he wishes. The vines, in truth, are far too slender to do any real damage if he were to use them for their intended purpose, unless he were to really whale on her with it.

No self respecting Aerilon will refuse a glass of whiskey or any other /grain/ alcohol. The burn is anticipated and very welcome, warming his belly. A slow, deep contented breath when he hands the glass back to the Priestess and is given the … grapevine whip. It's just as well Lleu had a good shot of whiskey to relax nerves before he's handed the switch. A brow is arched at Bennett, looking for a clue. Her look and her hint of smile aren't /entirely/ helpful so Ynyr leans back and gives Bennett a few whacks with the grapevine - not hard across her back but across her lovely rump! It's supposed to be a fertility rite among other things, right? He can whack her bottom with his sabre in the Marine Corps tradition too, later. At the reception, in front of lots of witnesses. Won't the Major just -love- that?

Soon as his gesture is made, Lleu uses the green, pliable grapevine to loosely bind his left to her right, looping it around and around in a spiral and leaving the rest to hang down between them. When the Priestess indicates it's time, the last silken bag is presented and opened and two rings produced. One is plain yellow gold set with no stones in a simple pattern of vines the same hue as Bennett's altered Arpay eyes. The other is a plain silvery band that could be silver, white gold, or platinum but it's anyone's guess which. Lleu takes the golden ring from the Priestess's hand to slip onto Bennett's left ring finger and the second ring is left for her to put upon his own left hand that is bound to her by the vine.

Bennett is prepared, ostensibly, for a few quick snaps of the switch across her shoulders, as is her tradition. But when Lleu switches it up and swats her backside.. there's a little arch of her brows in surprise. She has far too much composure to startle or make any sudden moves, however. Going with the flow is her way in all things, though she's smirking at him ever so slightly when she turns around again.

By the time they are bound, arm to arm, and the rings have been presented, her bemused expression has melted into something markedly more sombre. Chin up a fraction, her golden eyes meet his blue-grays with a singular focus; even the priestess's presence fades into the background of rustling leaves stirred up by a faint breeze, and the more distant chuckling of the stream. A shiver prickles her skin when the ring is slid onto her finger, and she seals the deal as it were by taking his hand and placing her own claim upon it.

"For I have brought them," speaks the priestess softly, "torches for my wedding night, leaping light and dancing flame. Hera, queen of Olympos, bride of thundering Zeus, protector of marriage, of the joining of hearts and the creation of bonds, of the building of home and the finding of family. May these children of yours grow old together, merry and content; may their words be honey-sweet, may their love be ever strong. Shining Hera, we ask your blessing." The priestess steps back to prepare the paperwork, and Bennett - being Bennett - takes the liberty of leaning forward to kiss the man standing mere inches away from her. It isn't chaste or demure, either.

Oorah, and so they are married, to officially be bound as man and wife here upon the soil of Piraeus. Hell yes, Lleufer will kiss Bennett. He lets his cane be tossed aside for the moment so he can put his good arm now bound by the grapevine around her and kiss her properly. They have but one night's leave to stay on Piraeus, and you can bet they are going to make the best of it.

A nice, long memorable kiss. Then Lleu loos at her and touches her hair, "You, Major, have got to be the most beautiful mortal woman I've ever laid eyes on. And you certainly confirmed that today. Thank you, Mrs. Ynyr." Whether she choose to append his family name to her own or not, she is Mrs. Ynyr to an old fashioned Aerilon. He smiles warmly and caresses the side of her face and jaw, mindful not to touch Bennett's Arpay ears. "Will you walk with me for a while? I hear the stream. Or … do you have other religious obligations to be seen to first?"

"I believe we have some paperwork to complete first, to appease the Fleet," Bennett notes, sotto voce, as she spots the priestess patiently waiting with a spread of official looking papers and a pen. Bennett turns her gaze back to Lleufer, seeming a little overwhelmed by something of a sudden. The prolonged contact, perhaps, and the limited empathic abilities the procedure incurred. She draws a deep breath, and then nods to him. "But yes, of course I will walk with you." Leaning in close, she intimates something in a much softer tone.

You sense: Bennett is smiling as she murmurs, "There is more whiskey, scotch, and a couple of bottles of wine waiting on the raptor. Once the sister unloads them and departs, I will fulfill the remainder of my.. religious obligations with you."

Bennett gets a deep throated soft chuckle out of him, "I like this idea. You, me, the mountains and stream, and nothing but the moon and stars to watch over us tonight." The grapevine he unwinds enough to hook his arm with hers, then very lightly drapes the vine back over. Lleu does not need his cane with her to steady his left side. He will walk with her over to where they need to sign the last of the papers. Behind them the grass is soaked with blood, a circle cut into the earth that will in time grow into a lush stand of tall rye grass mixed with red poppies long after they are departed. A circle that may eventually spread slowly through the meadow to mingle with the wild flowers already here.

If he had realized the naked, drunk and disorderly religious parts of Bennett's marriage obligations could be put off until after the formal ceremony, Lleu could have invited friends and had his Best Man here. But it's no problem. They'll still have the wedding reception, later at Charlies!

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