AWD #321: Mass Hallucination Report
Mass Hallucination Report
Summary: Half afraid the Colonel will say he's nuts and toss him into medical for a shrink exam, Sergeant Lleufer Ynyr goes to give a private report to Petra on the happenings on Piraeus and to hand over Zachary's recovered journal.
Date: 08/05/2016 (OOC Date)
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Petra Lleufer 
Map Room
Dominating the room is the large bottom-lit map table in the very center. Ten feet across and eight feet the other way, the table can gather a large number of people around it while still accommodating enlisted and support personnel in the small riser seating behind the table. The risers are done in single-piece desk sections that run the width of the seating area and have small reporting displays built into them along with communications ports for headphones. At the head of the room are two very large LED displays that can have almost anything put on them, including projections of what is on the map table. A single computer at the support seating controls this and in the rear of the room is a large, locked case that holds maps and table models.
Wed Nov 23 18:04:25 2005

Its getting late in the 'evening', but a question or two and the current Watch will indicate the TACCO has certainly not called it a night. Still camped out in the map room with the hatch cracked open and a single MP on duty outside, Petra leans with both hands on the edge of the map table, blues vest tugged open while he stares with intent at the map of the Helios systems and a scattering of notes, papers, and pictures. His ever present monster mug of coffee sits half-killed close by his right hand.

Lleufer arrives and stops briefly outside. He shares a nod and a low word with his fellow MP, having stood his own watches outside of Petra's door many times himself. Just now however, the Sergeant isn't dressed in his MP uniform. Ynyr's wearing his combat fatigues from his trip down to Piraeus though he's checked his rifle in at the Security Hub when he came back aboard. He steps just inside of the open hatch and waits, standing at attention, silent until his presence is acknowledged. He'd have sent word to request a moment of Petra's time, not just shown up unexpectedly.

Petra jerks his head up at the sound of someone at the hatch, as if jolting him out of whatever reverie he might have been in. He blinks and focuses, "Sergeant. Sorry, thoughts running away with me. Come in. Kick the hatch shut behind you if you would." Slowly he straightens up and takes in a deep breath, using both hands to smooth the vest back in place and reclose it, "Watch Officer said you just got back. I appreciate the speed…"

Lleufer takes a step further in and pulls the hatch closed, "Yes sir, Colonel." Once it latches closed, he turns to stand attentive, "We just came back. But .. we ran into a serious anomaly that I think …" Petra might notice that Ynyr has a recently healed bullet wound scar up at his right temple where he was struct in the head. The left side of his face is somewhat slack from the head wound damage and while he's trying to be careful and speak clearly, there is a hint of slur to his Aerilon baritone. "Well, I'm not really sure how you want it noted in my /written/ report, Sir. It's as if we, all of the team, had a mass hallucination."

One brow slowly goes up when Lleu talks about a hallucination. His arms fold slowly across his chest and his hip leans against the table while he studies the Marine a little more closely, "When we started this, Sergeant, I never thought I would see human beings with jacks in their neck that Cylons could download themselves in to, so I'm pretty flexible on what I might entertain as a wild idea. Why dont you have a sit and tell me what in Hades happened? Need some coffee? And did medical already look at your head?"

The Marine lifts a hand to his head but it's recently healed, "Eh, yes Sir. It happened at Santos Ridge." Ynyr moves to to the seat but doesn't take it at once, "Coffee would be good, but shouldn't I serve you?" Petra's office but he's a Colonel! The Sergeant will take his cue one way or the other before he'll take the seat.

"We went to the location Zachary's Raptor was found. It appears that it took some damage, busted up wind shield. And that he must have lived out of it for some weeks at least. One of the Deck technicians, Shackleton I think it was, found a journal that seems to have belonged to the former CAG that you and Intel will want to go over personally, Sir." Said item is produced from Lleu's combat vest and put onto Petra's desk. "He left the Raptor wide open and left his kit, everything. There was a trail, a path, that led gently up through the trees and up to the top of the ridge. Some of us swore we thought we'd seen or heard something but when we looked there was no one around, no tracks. So, we want up the ridge to have a look."

Petra doesn't answer the question about serving, he simply crosses the room to grab one of the remaining mugs and pours another, placing it down within Lleu's reach, which is also where he stops and leans a hip against the table again, "Weeks. Frak." He eyes the journal but leaves it where the Sergeant put it for now, his attention shifting back to the Marine's face, returning to listening. He doesn't ask any questions yet, just nods slowly and murmurs, "Id ask if you want cream or sugar on that, but instead I'll just warn, drink it slowly. Go on?"

"No sir, I take it black, thanks." Now settled into the chair, Lleu gets back on track so not to waste the Colonel's time, "As we went up, it was like before. We kept thinking we heard things. /All/ of us, whispers. Up top there was a huge flat clearing. I'm not talking about something Zachary could have done himself. And at the far edge a building sunk low. It's old, Sir. I mean really old. Ruins, no roof, made of some kind of brick but really hard. Looked like it took a beating. Pock marked with shelling and small arms fire. We dug down and it was more of the same, buried half way up or more, like it was …. -thousands- of years old." This is where Ynyr watches Petra real carefully. "Only sign we found of the former CAG was some spent rounds and that journal with a drawing of this very building. Nothing of him. And that's when it started. The hallucination."

The Sergeant takes a deep breath, "It sounded like wind in the trees, then became screaming. Of people, sir. We could see them. It was as if we /were/ there when they fought and died. Couldn't see who or what was attacking them. Shelling, rifle or machine gun fire. Men and women in uniforms much like ours, but different. /Humans/ in military combat. Like a dream, but -all- of us on the team had the same dream. It wasn't just me."

Petra sets his jaw lightly while he listens, shifting his expression to suck lightly on a canine tooth while Lleufer goes into more detail. But from all the expressions the Colonel is showing? Surprise and Confusion are not among them. Like maybe this isn't some abrupt departure from what he might know already, "I see. And you have the crash location and the ridge marked down, location wise, in the AAR, right?" He pauses for a moment, lips pursing, before he adds, "My apologize. Go on. Were you witness to anything else? How long did this go on?"

"Yes sir, and I had the Raptor crew do a fly over before we departed to get you footage of the ridge." Ynyr confirms, "It only went on … less than a minute. Then it all got very quiet. We were in the middle of the building and all these people were standing around us, watching us. As if they were /really/ there, sir. They deferred to a woman who came up and spoke as if in another language but we could understand her. She said 'They' had stood guard a long time. Lots of them, every where. Waiting. They'd not like Zachary's heart, she'd said. But in /us/ she said they saw themselves. Something about it had all happened before and would happen again. Then she said we all had different beliefs but all that mattered was us fighting for the 'right to pursue it freely'. They wished us luck and 'Godspeed' then they faded away, gone like ghosts."

By Lleu's tone, the MP Sergeant doesn't really expect Petra to believe a word he's just said.

At some point, Petra stopped focusing on Lleufer's face, and instead on the wall and floor behind him, filing what the Sergeant is describing away, or maybe trying to visualize it himself. Softly he breathes, "I swear, this frakking planet." He sighs then takes in a deep breath and refocuses on the MPs face, "Alright, Sergeant. I'll be clear on this: I don't think you're crazy. However, I might /suggest/, that if you haven't told others about this, you not start. That is not an order, just an effort to keep the rumor mill from suddenly going into overdrive. We're going to quarantine that area off, and when I check the maps, I have a suspicion its going to coincide with one of the ruins CIDSR had already discovered back when our mission first started here. Suffice it to say, we aren't the first boots to ever hit P, and we aren't quite sure what that means yet. Until we figure that out, Keep doing an outstanding job and being a credit to the corps. I and Intel might need to call you back up here to ask a few more questions, but we'll see what comes up when I get the Major and the Lieutenant in here and discuss it. Needless to say, we're going to be looking over that AAR and the camera files a few times."

Lleufer clears his throat, "Thank you, Sir." About his not being crazy. What with the head wound he'd suffered, Ynyr already has a lot on his plate trying to prove he's fit for duty. A little of the tension remains but eases, "I haven't written the AAR yet, sir. I didn't dare actually put any of that in there until I'd had a chance to speak with you … and find out what you … actually wanted me to put down."

Incidentally, Lleu hasn't touched his coffee he'd asked for.

Petra shakes his head lightly, "Put down exactly what happened and what you saw and experienced. If Marine Command has problems, then they can come talk to me about them, but the short answer is: I don't think you're crazy, and I believe that's what you heard and saw. There are a few members of this crew that have seen things they can't explain, so no one is going to be looking at you like you grew an extra head. I just don't want a bunch of lookie loos taking Raptors to go see if they can see what you saw, because we still aren't sure what in Hades we are dealing with yet. Fair enough?"

"Yes, Colonel. I'll do it just like you say, and go speak with the others to keep their tongues in their heads." He draws a slow breath and finally tastes the cup of coffee. After a moment he adds low, "I don't think any of us really want to talk about it anyway." Ynyr moves to stand, "Anything else before I go, Sir? We still didn't find out what became of the former CAG. Didn't find him or his remains and the 'ghosts' or whatever they were, didn't say."

Petra shakes his head slowly, "No Sergeant. You're good. Check in with the rest of your team and make sure they're okay. If someone has concerns, send them up and we can talk about it." With that said, he rises up straight, "Glad to see you back, relatively intact. Keep up the good work."

"Thank you, sir." He'd salute except that you know, they are on board ship and 'indoors'. Lleu's also not a new guy fresh out of boot. He's been on the Orion since before the War. The cup of coffee is finished off and Ynyr sets the cup down on the tray that Petra had taken it from. "I'm available if Intel or anyone needs to speak with me. Goodnight, sir." The MP opens the hatch back up and leaves it propped open just the same as when he'd come in. Lleu gives his fellow MP a nod and heads on out to check on Dreyer, then change out of his combat kit.

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