AWD #312: Marines, Not Pirates
Marines, Not Pirates
Summary: The marines are issued an objective for Aerilon.
Date: 30/04/2016 (OOC Date)
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Fairfax Skyler 
Battalion HQ
The headquarters room is the primary command location for all Marines associated with the battlestar or accompanying fleet ships. The walls and desks are covered with maps, photos, and satellite imagery - as well as clocks indicating the current time in each colonial capital city. Secure phones are bolted to each bulkhead, and for added insurance, each desk possesses its own encrypted wireless unit with its own independent wiring. The small room is always manned by a wireless operator and a duty sergeant, at a minimum, though it tends to be a hive of activity during duty hours.
Mon Nov 14 2005 (AWD #312)

It's early afternoon and Marine HQ is mostly quiet. The XO is here, though, seated behind his desk working on paperwork. Lots and lots of paperwork.

It's not often that Skyler gets to venture out from the CIC, Map Room, and surrounding areas. Mostly due to workload, but partially due to her own physical limitations. Today, however, her duties bring her down to Deck 3 and Marine Country. Or at least the Security portion of the ship. Being on a crutch, sans-service pistol, and those LTJG pips… Well, she's given little more than a glance. Maybe folks have heard word of the new spook. Or maybe she's just not worth hassling. The woman has a crutch under her right arm, supporting the brace-covered leg on that side. Under her left is her constant companion: a clipboard. Skyler will surely be heard before she is near enough to gently clear her throat.

Skyler is indeed heard, and Fairfax looks up. Paperwork is pushed to one side with a smile, and he greets the woman with a relieved "How can I help you, Lt Almaeda?"

"Captain," Skyler greets. She doesn't quite wait for an invitation. She just claims a nearby chair and settles into it with a slightly relieved expression. Battlestars have stairs. It's a long walk to get here, for her. The woman balances her clipboard on her knee. "So, word is getting out that there will be operations on Aerilon. I have a specific target for your men."

Fairfax sits down, leaning across the desk with interest. "A specific target. Sounds interesting." A grin, then. "Go on, Lieutenant."

The pages on the clipboard are flipped and soon a small printout is revealed. Skyler offers it out to Fairfax. It details a 'Calabar Bean,' a bean native to Aerilon. "We are attempting to isolate specific locations of warehouses or trucks that may contain shipments. We need your marines to bring back as many crates of these as possible." Yes. A bean.

The page is taken and looked over. "Calabar Bean." He muses out loud. There's a pause. "Are you allowed to tell me why you want me to raid warehouses and trucks to bring you back crates of produce?" He seems just a tiny bit offended. "We're not pirates, Lieutenant. We're Marines."

"It's a vital ingredient in a counter-agent. We have no more in supply and Aerilon is the only planet which produces the beans and thus the only known source." Skyler doesn't seem bothered by Fairfax's reaction. If anything, it seems the young intel officer might have been expecting it. "Marines or pilots, Captain, most of our operations involve scavenging of some kind. The upkeep of the fleet is important. So I suggest getting past any issues you have with making use of what we can find."

Fairfax seems mollified by the fact Skyler was expecting his reaction, and takes it seriously

Fairfax seems mollified by the fact Skyler was expecting his reaction, and takes it seriously. "It's not scavenging I have any issue with, Lt. It's raiding convoys and warehouses. Taking from civilians. Which is how this sounded." There's a pause, and then a grin. "For a counter-agent? My Marines will drown you in beans. We'll fill your office till you regret ever asking for the damn things." His tone is playful, but he's evidently serious.

"The land on Aerilon seems largely intact, Captain. Once we free those people, they'll be able to grow things to their heart's content. It's only beans we're after. If the Colonial Fleet is coming in to free them from the Cylons, I'm fairly certain they'll be more than happy to provide us with the Calabar beans we need." Skyler seems relatively certain of this fact. "The Fleet is the only way this war will be won. Sometimes that may mean requisitioning items." There is a slight hint of 'practice' to her words. As if they're things she's had to tell herself. "Fill the stores as you wish. There are uses beyond the counter-agent that may lead to improved weapons against the Centurions. Your men will be quite happy for the final product."

Fairfax nods as he listens to Skyler's comforting prepared stories. "Hrm." is all he says. War used to be a lot simpler. "I'll get you all the beans I can. Probably just designate an entire squad to bean grabbing duty. Anything else you want me to have them pick up?"

Life used to be a lot simpler. Heck, Skyler used to just be another bus driver. If her last recon had gone according to plan, she'd be preparing to do either medevacs or combat drops, if not right in the front seat of a Predator. The woman watches Fairfax and gives a small shake of her head finally. "Nothing other than the usual, at this time." 'Usual' being just standard needed supplies that recon teams are sent out with. "We'd like to get as many beans as possible, or a foothold on a warehouse. But even if they only return with a bag or two off a grocery shelf, we'll make do." The woman reaches for her crutch, seemingly preparing to go.

"Grocery stores. Warehouses. Trucks. I'll requisition some maps, find out where all those places would be." Marines don't do things by half measures. There's a pause. "You smoke, Lieutenant?"

"Hopefully the initial teams sent out," Air Wing, really, "will be able to collect some good information for you, as well. Like I said, we're attempting to gather intel on some specific sites to hit." At the last question, Skyler hesitates in pushing to her feet. She looks, sidelong, towards Fairfax. For a brief second, suspicion is in those dark eyes. But hey, a lot of people smoke. "I've been known to do so."

Fairfax digs around in his desk for a moment and then tosses a pack of cigarettes down. It's at least half empty. "Take a couple." is all he says, followed by "you look like you could use them." That and he knows it's easier for him to get more than it probably is for hers.

There's a store of sorts down on Piraeus, but Skyler isn't about to do much shopping. The woman looks to the pack and leans forward, grabbing it. A couple are taken out and tucked into the breast pocket of her blues. There's already the faint shape of a lighter there. "Thank you, sir." Her clearance may be higher, but he does outrank her. "If anything else comes up, we'll let you know." Intel is an unending circus of picking at pieces and parts. Now, she does grab her crutch and leverage herself upright, clipboard tucked back beneath her arm.

"You're welcome." Fairfax smiles, before nodding as she stands to leave. "I appreciate it. Good to be kept in the loop."

"As much as I can, Captain, but don't be expecting any special favors. I spend too much time under the eye of the Major and Colonel." You get extra-paranoid, too, knowing the Admiral could be lurking anywhere nearby. The low rank stops protecting you once you're in their territory all the time. Skyler gives a sort-of salute with the clipboard before departing.

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