ALT #301: Marines Meet
A Meeting of Marines
Summary: It's always serious when you get a group of Marines in the same room.
Date: 3/11/2013
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Marine Enlisted Berthings - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
Housing for a whole company of Marines plus headquarters support staff requires more than one hundred bunks for the Marines' enlisted personnel. Divided into two primary bunkhouses, each one holds sixty bunks, one bunk stacked over another against the wall with a table between each row and a thin bulkhead between the sections. Rather than the blue curtains of the naval enlisted, each bunk has a dark green barrier with the crest of the CMC done in black. The lockers for the Marines are triple the size of the Navy's allowances, each locker holding a Marine's personal bodyarmor and several different sets of uniforms plus combat webbing and helmet. The space physically provided in the lockers might be larger, but the allowance for personal space is less, though the drawers beneath each bunk help alleviate the problem somewhat.
Thu Nov 2005

Notes have been passed to each member of Dog Platoon, though they're of the informal kind, not the official kind; perhaps a notice posted in the gathering places as well. The platoon officer has asked for an informal meeting of the platoon, in the little bit of time before the exciting pyramid event shaping up on the Orion in the next couple of hours. Kostas waits in the space where most of Dog is bunked, looking probably more at ease here in her fatigues and amongst the enlisted than she ever does in an officer's uniform. No notes, no maps, no nothing like any kind of official briefing. Just Silvia, her body language relaxed, even if her face is somewhat grim.

Laying back on his bunk, Reed is reading a very dog-eared book. He is fully dressed, boots are off the bunk by resting on the frame of the bunk. He gives the hatch a glance now and then, having received the notice that the Ensign was going to be showing up. He spots Kostas entering, swings his legs off his bunk and calls out "Officer on Deck." To which he comes to attention.

Knox is sitting on his bunk in jeans and a black t-shirt. He's planning to hit the dance after this but apparently isn't going to be going in anything formal. There's a ballcap on the bed beside him and otherwise he looks fairly squared away and just waits for Kostas to start speaking.

Lleufer comes in from a run around the ship, literally, even if it was only around parts of deck 3. This Marine isn't up for long endurance runs yet but he's working towards it once more. Ynyr's sweaty, dressed in tanks with tags jingling as he makes way through the hatch on the opportunitisic heels of someone else happening to open it to walk through, "Thankz!" he huffs, out of breath. A drop in his pace to walk the rest of the way towards his own bunk, glancing over those who are already here.

Neko is a fairly fresh face around Marine country, between finalizing her transfer from the forces on Picon and getting some lingering Medical issues from her time on that fine planet seen to. It's unclear if she's managed to pick out a bunk of her yet. But she's located an empty one to park in for the purposes of this little get together. She stands for said officer, even stopping her gum-chewing for a moment. She'd been kind of smacking it previously.

Pulling away the curtains from his bunk as he hears the words now, Fischer rubs at his eyes a bit slowly, before he looks around at the people present now. Keeping quiet as he does.

Brina comes in from walking Odysseus who has become a constant presence in her life. She's dressed in her off-duty set of clothing, her hair pulled up into a hastily-made pony tail that has allowed a lot of whisps of hair to escape the elastic band. The dog wags upon seeing new faces, still an excitable young dog. "Hey…"

Mallas is sitting and waiting around, though he has a small chunk of wood in one hand and a pocket knife in the other. Almost idly he is whittling bits off the piece of wood, shaping it into some sort of smaller disk-shape. Shavings are starting to pile up on the floor by his feet. Reed's call to attention brings Mallas reluctantly to his feet, and when he sees that it's their platoon leader who's arrived, the Private gives Reed an odd look and a poorly-disguised eye roll.

"As you were," is Silvia's response to Reed's calling, though it's said with a slight smile and a nod. "I won't take up too much've yer time, I know people got ball t' play and eyecandy t' ogle, maybe. Most've what I got t' say applies t' Dog Platoon, and how we gonna be running things for th' forseeable future. Though those that often come on missions with us, it'll impact yas too, and if ya want t' join in then as far as I'm concerned you welcome to."

Sergeant Ynyr goes to his locker and gets out a small towel to wipe sweat from his face. Lleu then wipes the rest of himself down as he's able before he tosses the hand towel into his laundry bag. He snags a half full bottle of water and closes his locker as he listens to what Kostas is saying. A glance to Brina with Odysessus brings a half smile to his mouth before he takes a drink and makes his way over to where Mallas is bunked.

Reed tries not to smirk, he really does. But he fails when he see's Mallas's roll of his eyes. He sits back on his bunk, listening to Kostas, saying nothing right at the moment, content to hear the Ensign out.

Neko flops back down into wherever bunk at the 'As you were.' Brina - more specifically, Brina's companion - is noted with a grin. Oooo, dog! She's distracted by that, but at least she keeps quiet, which might pass for listening.

Did Brina miss a call to attention? Wincing slightly, she gives the officer a quickly mouthed 'sorry' before heading to her bunk, the MP-in-Training wagging and bumping his tail against Kostas' leg as they hurry past the Ensign. She winds up somwhere between her bunk and where the others are, giving the signal to her companion to sit which he does once he's by her side.

Fischer keeps quiet, and still in his bunk as he listens, expression unreadable at the moment. Looking between the others as he does, a glance to the dog as well, studying the animal a bit carefully for the moment.

Mallas gives Lleufer a nod of acknowledgement as the Sergeant nears, then slumps back down as soon they're put 'at ease' again. The Private sizes up the carving he's been working on, blows on it a few times, and then goes back to work. with his knife. He's still got an ear cocked towards Kostas, and glances up occassionally to show he really is listening. Honest.

"As y'all know, we a year in t' the War. Ain't nobody here that ain't lost a shitton of family, what they used ta know. And we gonna keep losin' th' way Things Used Ta Be." Kostas continues. "The days when y' could just park your ass to get time in grade are probably over. To that end, startin' today every single man and woman in Dog, and any marine who comes along with us regularly an' wants it is gonna get groomed for combat command. Don't mean that all of ya ever will take on a mission. But I'll be frakkin' damned if before I bite it, there'll be anyone under my command who couldn't pick it up in the field and lead the under them t' complete the mission." She doesn't seem to mind the dog tailwag, though it doesn't distract her either. "An' you'll be prepared t' move up the chain, to protect an' serve others who'll come after, or after transfer. We can't wait for th' top to realize it, we gotta be ready for when they finally do."

Cooper leans forwards, elbows resting on his knees as he listens to the Ensign speak. He nods along in agreement and doesn't seem to have any additions. Though towards the end his eyes survey the group to make sure people are paying attention. And looking for those paying more.

Listening to the Ensign and then glancing around at the other's, Reed seems to be wondering who will be next to be promoted. His attention returns to Kostas, waiting for the other shoe to drop. Doesn't it always when there's talk about promotions?

Neko gets a slightly more alert look in her eyes at all the talk of being prepared to move up the chain and grooming and such. How much any of it sinks in is questionable, but at least she's not just gawking at the cute dog anymore.

The phrase 'groomed for combat command' gets Mallas' attention as well, though he looks more surprised by it than interested. Instead of listening close to the rest of Kostas' speech, the Private is now looking around a the other Marines, trying to figure out what new NCOs he's going to end up taking orders from.

Lleufer stops by Mallas's bunk and takes another drink of water from his bottle. He's got his breath back and cooling down. In the brief pause, Ynyr glances at Mallas to see what he's whittling. The question he has can wait until after their meeting rather than interrupt it. He's an MP and not in Dog Platoon but Lleu's still paying attention to all that's said.

Brina is fully attentive despite having the dog with her, his very good behavior for a canine still hovering on puppyhood making that easy. She leans back against the frame of the bunks she's standing next to, putting a shoulder against it. A bit of an akward position as Odysseus is between her and the bed but it's somehow managed. As Kostas continues she lifts a brow, the subject of field command not exactly what she was expecting to be brought up today. A slow nod is given, showing she understands and is in fact listening, her attention held tightly now.

"It sounds fun an' shit, but it gonna be hard. You gonna see folks with less time get mustanged. Might mean that you take orders from an MP or someone who's lesser ranking for a mission, if I make that call. Think that's easy? It ain't. Think because we marines we don't got egos a mile wide an' skulls five inch thick? We do. And takin' orders from some upjumped 25 year old sargeant who now your commanding officer when you got 15 years in and more stripes? It chafes." Kostas looks around the room. "But I don't see nobody here that either ain't proved or don't got potential. I am askin', though, for you t' trust me a bit, before I've earned it. An' I'm gonna do th' same t' you. Don't mean you gonna like my decisions all the time. An' my door's always open…privately, an' off th' field…for any Marine."

Letting out a bit of a breath as he listens now, Fischer's expression never changes as he listens. He glances around at the others for a few moments before his attention goes back to Kostas.

Neko nods dutifully along, but it must be said that her expression isn't terribly interested when it comes to talk of rank or command. She's semi-focused on Kostas now, though, at least. So that's something. She keeps gum-chewing and, for a moment, starts blowing a bubble. But she has the (belated) presence of mind to suck it back in.

Neko is studied. Lleufer either doesn't know her face or he can't recall a name to put to it. Instinct makes up for lack of memory to suggest she's somebody new transfered in, or someone he's just not bumped into much. He lifts a hand to scratch idly at stubble along his cheek before he glances to Mallas and asks very, very low, "Do I really owe you 40 cubits?"

"At least we don't have the ego's of those Viper types," Reed says, matter of factly. "We just know we are better and don't have to go around telling everyone," he adds, still with that dry tone. He doesn't look around, not this time, his eyes remain on Kostas with neutral features. That is till he catches parts of Lleufer's question to Mallas. A grin comes, but he says nothing about it.

Mallas's carving is far from finished; so far he's shaped it into a rough disk, about the size of a large wristwatch, with two notches cut into opposite edges. The disk itself is rough on both sides, and he starts to slice away at one facin as he listens. As Kostas starts to explain her open door policy, Private Mallas looks up and prepares to spout off, only to be interrupted by Lleufer's question. He glances up at the Sergeant, baffled at first and then chuckling to himself as he recalls their conversation from the other day. "Nah," Mallas mutters, "I was just giving you shit, Sarge."

PFC Halieus sits on the edge of his bed, dressed in his tan fatigue pants and tank-top, listening carefully to the meeting going on around him. In his hand rests his lighter, which he spins around in an idle fashion, lights every so often, and closes quietly. He chuckles quietly to himself at the comment about the Viper jocks, and just shakes his head ever so slightly.

Kostas offers a half smile to Reed's remark, but her eyes keep moving through the group, and she checks the timepiece briefly. "If there's anyone here who don't want t' paricipate in command exercises…an' at the beginning, that'll be what they are, training exercises unless you got experience already…then feel free t' speak up 'r let me know privately. As it is though, y'all got an hour t' make yerselves pretty for the thing, gods help ya. I don't got much else, unless one of ya has somethin'. I ain't much for campfire circles, but we are gonna have a briefing once a month an' as needed."

Neko has neither any objections to upcoming exercises nor questions about them.. She starts scanning the bunks, occasionally squinting at one or another. Maybe the one she's in doesn't suit her wants for a permanent home.

Reed puts his book slowly down on his bunk right before he stands "Yes Sir, I got something." He waits for a moment "Exercises are great, all for them, Sir. But I was just wondering when we go on the offense and get off the defense we have been on? The canner's are being pushed back in a number of places, shouldn't we be pushing them harder?" Then he looks to the other Marines "And Sir," he says holding up a hand "All the other commands I have been involved with have a motto either at the company level or at least at the platoon level. Sir, what is /our/ motto?"

"Bas-tard." Says Ynyr to Mallas, quite low. Lleufer's smiling when he says it, amused. His gaze goes to the fella who walks in late, not knowing him either, does he? Halieus is watched, making note of details about the man and especially his face. The MP Sergeant then lifts up his baritone, "I'm do-ing some train-ing my-self. If any of you need to brush up on fire-arms, demo-li-tions, or hand to hand, come see me. As-sum-ing I'm clear-ed to return to du-ty soon, I'll be sett'n up exer-cises in the Kill-house soon." He looks to Kostas and adds, "I'll co-or-dinate with you 'n Cap-tain Om-man-ney once I'm clear-ed." Cleared not just for his duties but also to run his hoped for exercises. The once a month thing gets his nod as a very good idea.

Mallas flashes a grin at LLeufer when the Sergeant curses at him. Then he's just listening and hanging out. But Reed's notion about a unit motto gets an immediate reaction from the Private. "Kill Cylons 'till you die!" Private Mallas' suggestion is shouted out promptly. "That'll be awesome on the recruiting posters, sir."

"I'll help out any way I can," Brina pipes up eventually, addressing Sergeant Ynyr and Ensign Kostas both. "My time might be a bit limited because of training our newest recruit -" that being Odysseus, "- but if I can balance my time right I might be able to volunteer…"

No questions or anything coming from Fischer at the moment, as he just listens to the others impassively. Eyes narrowing a bit for some reason at something, but he doesn't say anything for now.

Neko gets a laugh out of Mallas' suggestion. "Frakkin' ay." Not seeming quite to have meant to speak aloud, she kind of blinks, and keeps talking. Like elaborating will make her seem more eloquent. "I mean, it's descriptive. And brief. Which is, like…how you get to be witty. Or something."

Cooper speaks up, looking around. "As far as I know, I am the only JTAC in this fleet. The only living Terminal Attack Controllers still out there are fighting on Picon and there's only a handful left. This is about to become a dead art. Anyone who is interested in picking up the skills, let me know. You'd make a lot of people in the Air Wing very happy. …Not that their opinions matter. But some free drinks are nice. See me if you're interested." A pause. "That's it."

Kostas considers. "As I understand it, we clearin' planets. Like what we got goin' on on Picon. Th' canners are on th' run there, and we moppin' up. Got a mission of our own in that department soon. I ain't sure where we goin' next an' when - but we can do more on Picon in th' meantime until Spree kicks our asses out the door." There's a bit of a grin there. She looks thoughtful for a moment. "The motto 'f the 3rd Battalion, 8th Marines is 'Fortuna Favet Fortibus: Fortune Favors the Strong.' And everyone here's a leatherneck, no matter what platoon they from." She nods once to Ynyr. "Look forward t' coordinatin' with ya, Ynyr. We could all use th' practice and technique sharin'." Mallas' contribution is given a nod. "Guess we c'n take that under consideration for Dog. Make Captain Ommanney jealous." She glances around. "Any more questions? Good thing we all hot and shit, only got half an hour left." She glances to Coop. "Aye. We need what a good JTAC c'n do. If there're those present who want t' learn more, I'd appreciate it. Air Wing 'r no, we stand 'r fall together."

Halieus listens passively to the talk of various mottos for the Marine Unit, smiles faintly, and shakes his head. The Combat Engineer then flicks his lighter open, lights its, and then shuts it again. "So, are you saying the Cylons are retreating from all the planets, Sir?" Halieus asks for clarification on the Officer's statement.

The book that Reed was reading is quickly snatched up and sent flying, frisbee style, at Mallas "Ain't no dying, Private," Reed says with a grin. Though when Coop speaks up, Reed gets a bit thoughtful "Might want to talk to you about that, Coop." Then he quickly looks to Kostas "If that's alright with you, Sir." As she talks about the future operations he grins, for he has already proposed something. Surely that's in the works too. Just a fishing expedition by the Marine, more than likely "I like that Motto, Fortune Favors the Strong, yea, that fits. But we do need one for the Platoon as well, Sir." He looks at both Neko and Mallas "And one with out dying on it, perhaps." There is a pause "How about I get the troops to submit some, we get the results and you, Sir, settle on the final one?" The words of jump training makes him smile as well. He seems to about to say more but stops, no sense in pushing his luck and besides, that dance thing. He does look at Halieus as he speaks up, looking to Kostas for the answer.

The book arcs across the barracks and hits Mallas in the shoulder, pages flapping as it bounces off him and flops to the floor. The Private shoots an indignant look around, trying to figure out who's throwing books at him, and focuses it on Reed once he hears the Corporal's comment. Hrmph. Mallas smirks at the non-com but keeps his mouth shut, for once. He turns to listen to the CO laugh off his idea, only to see Kostas nod and appear to take it seriously. Yeah, he's really shutting up now. No questions.

Kostas shakes her head. "No. The only planet I seen info for is Picon. Not sure we know what's up on t' others. Or if someone does, they sure as shit ain't shared with with me yet," she replies to Halieus. She considers Reed's request, and then nods. "Sure thing." She glances around. "Any other questions, before we break?" She asks, rocking back on her heels. "Hope t' see some of yas havin' fun at the Pyramid Courts Bash. Don't start too many fights with the airjockeys, now. What kin' go wrong with some homebrew?" she shrugs innocently.

The Combat Engineer nods his head at the clarification, and seems pleased to hear the war isn't over yet — a faint smile touching his lips once more. The lighter in his hand spins a little more quickly, and then he stuffs it into his pants pocket. As soon as he withdraws his hand his leg starts to bounce, and Halieus just watches the interplay amongst the other marines.

Lleufer is content to lean against the nearest bunk, empty water bottle in hand and in need of a shower before he goes down to Piraeus. Alas, still no drinking for him. The Sergeant looks reasonably in good spirits as he listens, faintly smiling with the good right side of his face.

"Have fun…" Fischer remarks, words coming a bit quietly now at the mention of that Bash. Shaking his head a little bit as he listens to the others once more now.

Brina starts to get changed into something more comfortable now, chucking off her tanks for a tee-shirt, her fatigue pants swapped out for a comfy pair of sweat pants. Even her boots get swapped out for athletic-type footwear. "Come on, Fischer. Stop being a stick in the mud. Come down with us."

Reed smiles, not a bad toss if he thinks so himself. He sits back on his bunk after the Ensign gave him the go-ahead. But the words from Coop, JTAC, interesting, and it's clear that it does as he absently is looking to the man.

If Ynyr is going to hit the head before hitting dirt, he best get started. Lleu pushes off and heads back to his own bunk. Locker is opened and a clean change of off-duty clothes pulled out to stuff into a carry bag along with his bathing kit.

Kostas nods. "All right," Kostas says. "'S far as I'm concerned, th' meetin's over. Thanks for your time. If anyone has any questions 'r concerns t' ask about later, y'all know where t' find me. See ya laters, Marines." And if nothing's further coming, she'll flash a grin, and then turn to go.

"I needs me some protein," Neko announces, to no one and everyone, and hops out of not-her bunk to wander off. To the mess, presumably, from that comment. But she doesn't specify.

Brina slides over to Lleufer once she's dressed, her smile widening a bit. "Come hang out with me once we hit dirt, Sarge." She turns and looks at the others. "We all should keep together," she adds. "Show we're united… or something." A shoulder lifts and she laughs.

Mallas snorts at the 'what could go wrong' comment from the CO, then picks up Reed's book and checks it out, deciding if he wants to throw it back or not. Seeing that it's some sort of spy novel, the Private waits only long enough for Kostas to call an end to the meeting before he hucks it back at Reed. He grumbles to himself and goes back to work on his carving…

Loking to Brina for a few moments, Fischer sighs a little. "Why? So that there'll be someone there to ruin the mood for everyone? I'm not really much of a party person," he points out.

Reed still sits there, thinking before he stands and begins changing. Not a whole lot of choices to choose from, BDUs or fatigues apparently. As he bends to get out a clean set of fatigues the book smacks him on the head, falls to the deck. He turns, glares at Mallas, then laughs as it's picked up and put into his locker.

Brina moves to Fischer and smiles, resting a hand on his shoulder. "Don't be like that, huh? Just go, try to have some enjoyment." At that she goes to get her dog onto his paws so they can start making their way towards where the party will be, pausing only long enough to get a warm jacket to wear.

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