MD #153: Marine to Commander
Marine to Commander
Summary: After Flynn's and Diaz's fiasco on the Resurrection ship, Lleufer Ynyr goes to speak with Commander Petra. The Gunny is not happy.
Date: 08/09/2017 (OOC Date)
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Petra Lleufer 
XO Stateroom, Deck 2 - Battlestar Orion
The XO's Stateroom is not nearly the size of the Admiral's, but the allowance of personal space is not taken for granted. There is a small couch that has been pushed against the wall by the bed at the rear of the room. To the side are several lockers next to the entrance to the personal head and on the other is a desk against the wall.
Mon Mar 26 18:16:25 2049

Petra probably responded to LLeu's note within an hour or so to say he was done in CIC for the shift and if he wanted to come by the stateroom, he's just working on paperwork for the moment. Indeed, the hatch has been left halfway open and the Commander is slightly hunched over the desk, using some papers as a reference while he taps away on the battered datapad he's lugging around, occassionally murmuring to himself, "No, no, not that…yes, that frakker…"

Lleufer arrives outside of the XO's stateroom. A fancy place to get his ass invited to for an NCO. Being no commissioned officer, and a man who had attempted OCS but didn't get quite all the way through it.. Ynyr hesitates as he hears the voice. It takes him a second to make sure via his sharp Arpay hearing that the XO isn't already busy with someone else. Then he knocks lightly. Soon as he's told to enter, the Gunnery Sergeant goes on in and then stops to stand at attention and await Petra's pleasure in silence.

Petra says automatically without even looking up, "C'min." Its not until he finally glances up that he blinks and offers a faint smile, "Hunny. Yeah, cmon in, close it behind you?" With that said, he sits up and takes the stack of papers, straightening them a bit to set to the side, "Just trying to send an update to Mara so she doesn't go stircrazy in her bubble wanting to work."

The Master-at-Arms turns and closes the hatch softly but makes sure it seals. Then he turns back and stands at his ease with his hands loosely clasped behind his back, "Yes, Sir. I know it'd be driving me nuts, to be stuck in there. I hope the Doc can clear her soon." But, some things just can't be rushed and take time to wait and see. Ynyr takes a step or two closer, "I bet you know why I'm here. It's about Flynn. I haven't been told anything /officially/ but I'm pretty sure I know exactly what happened. So, I would like to know what's going on. Especially as right now, I don't have a Marine CO with Major Penta transferred, Lieutenant Flynn perhaps coming up on charges for a Court Martial, and Lieutenant Piers … ?"

Petra takes a deep breath and lets it go with a soft, "…yeah…" He considers the hatch for a moment, then guestures to one of the basic chairs haphazardly sitting on the other side of the desk, "Have a seat. I got coffee over to your right if you want some, just don't plan on sleeping for a few hours after. I have a feeling you didn't get told by the folks that told me, because that would have made it all official, and once its reported to you, things kinda happen like a train you can't stop. Its just how the CMC and the CDF are. I don't know that I agree with them choosing not to involve you, but then all I've done so far is go down to the brig and demand those two tell me their side of the catastrophe." He pauses and offers a terse little smile.

"So apparently they conspired to sneak Flynn onto the hub so they could resurrect Piers, believing that her download would degrade the longer she was stored in the ship, and thinking they were going to lose her. When Cooper and Ambrose caught Flynn trying to rewire part of the hub to make that happen, they ordered her to stand down, and she refused. They had to forcibly sedate them. Dumped them in the brig, and then came to tell me the happy news."

Lleufer doesn't really want to take a seat. Not if Petra is standing. "Yeah, that's about what I figured when I realized it happened as soon as the team came back from the Resurrection Hub. Nobody had to tell me that Flynn went after Clara, because I know Randy way too well, Sir." He grimaces, "I'll be honest. I'm really, really pissed off with her. To the point that I don't know if I can work under her orders now, on missions. Up to this point, Flynn and I worked very well together for a long time. Made a damn good team. But now.. " Lleu takes a few idle steps to ease tension in his back. "She's broken her CMC oaths, Sir. It's going to be real hard for any Marine to follow her orders. And if you all decide /not/ to Court Martial her, it's going to be bad for discipline when we really need it most."

Petra turns a little so he can park his butt on the corner of the desk, and fold his arms across his chest. He listens and nods his head slowly, "Flynn has a history of doing her own thing. When she stood up to Penta's order, I admit I gave her props for that. But this isn't that. And I couldnt stand for a Private disobeying a direct order and circumventing Operations, and I sure as frak can't let someone in Command do it." With that said, he takes a deep breath and sighs and lifts his hands up to rub his face, "That's the other problem. Convening an actual court martial right now…isn't going to happen, for a large multitude of reasons, which means her punishment has to be harsh. I hate to lose a Marine, especially one that looked so promising as a leader, but she took that card off of the table all on her own. So tell me, Gunny. What if we bust her back to a recruit enlisted and let her keep the uniform? Would thaat work? She'll never be able to take a leadership role again, but the question now is, can she be trusted to follow orders? Because if that answer is 'no', then I DONT have a choice. She's out."

This is all kinds of uncomfortable and unhappy for Ynyr. He shifts his weight and slips his hands down to the back of his hips. "Personally, I want to kick her ass and then strangle her, and I'm worried about her at the same time. She's kind of like a pain in the ass little sister to me." Serious pain in his ass, atm. Lleu licks his lips and looks down at the Deck at Petra's feet for a second. "I can't answer the question, is she going to follow orders?" The Gunny lifts his eyes back to Petra, "You are going to have to ask her that directly, then go with your gut instinct, I suppose. I sure as hell don't want to loose her as a Marine. But, officer is definitely a problem. And we badly /need/ good Marine officers right now. I sure hope you have a candidate or two." Or three. "What to do with her, that's a question I might put to Knox. He also knows her real well."

Petra takes a deep breath and sighs and nods his head, "I hate to lose an officer too, but that's gone. If she kept an officer rank, even just an Ensign, after that? It would send a clear message that you can get away with Mutiny here. And I'll be blunt, technically she SHOULD be on trial and possibly facing a firing squad." He shakes his head lightly, "I'll ask Coop for his opinion on her as a Marine. I know this was because a woman she feels for deeply, she thought she was going to lose. It doesn't excuse her actions, but it does at least offer an explanation that this is likely not to happen again and not something she did flippantly." He sets his jaw for a moment then raps his knuckles on the desk, "As for other officer candidates, I dont know that I have any promising news for you. If you or Coop or anyone else see someone doing a good job, pass that word along and we'll ease them into a little more responsibility and see how they do. I sure as frak don't want to break anyone by dumping Captains bars on them from the get go. Fair enough?" He pauses for a moment, and smirks, "Unless YOU like the idea of Captain's pins, but frak, that's kind of an insult after you've busted your ass long enough to make it to Gunnery Sergeant. Just don't get killed, Lleu. Can't frakkin afford to lose you."

Lleufer listens and then nods to the flippantly part, "I agree. I don't think it'll happen again. Especially if it's taken seriously, Sir. She was under a great deal of emotional stress, to which I can personally vouche. Not that it excuses her actions." He looks thoughtful, trying to sort through their various Marine officers in his mind as to who might be up to a challenge. Lleufer suddenly looks back up, surprised. "Me? I'm only an NCO. I don't think … even you can jump me up that far without causing problems, Sir. If nobody else suits, I could Mustang up and go officer. But you'd need to start me well below Captain. And then you'd need a new Master-at-Arms, too. I don't really want to get saddled with a desk and not be able to go on missions. I'm not /that/ old yet." Ynyr skims a hand over his shorn hair, "I'll do whatever you all need. It's a war, after all, not a party. But hopefully you have better options than myself."

Petra chuckles low under his breath and nods, "I know. To be honest, I think you're more effective right where you are than another commander would be. You're part of the glue keeping the corps together. I've told the Lines to try resurrecting Piers, and if its her, and REALLY her, then we at least get a dependable officer back, and that will help." He thinks about that a moment and nods to himself, before redirecting, "Alright. Is there anything I can do for you, Gunny? Anything you need in Marine Land that I can expedite?"

That gets another nod from the Gunny, "Piers has always struck me as having her head screwed on right, all of the time. Even if she's damned unsocial, I always got along fine with her professionally. I hope we can get her back." Lleu thins his mouth for a second then shrugs, "No, I'm good. Aside from being angry and felt a bit out on a limb without a clue what was going to happen. So, I appreciate your letting me come up and speak with you, Commander." After a minute, Ynyr smiles and adds low, "I admit, I'm pretty happy where I am in things, Sir."

Petra rumbles softly, "Any time you need to chat about something, just knock. Im trying to get my replacement up to speed on Tactical so I don't have to do that anymore, then I can just focus on THIS job. Which, lets be honest, I think I've been doing both positions for so long I'm forgetting which is which." He smirks for a moment and rises to his feet, unfolding his arms, "Alright. I'll let you get back to work and I'm gonna go pay Mara a visit in quarantine while Im at it and make sure she got everything I sent her. I'll let you know BEFORE I announce the decision on Flynn and Diaz. I suspect if Coop has good things to say to her, I'll give her the option of being reduced to Private with the caveat of if she so much as farts in parade rest, she's gone."

"Understood, Sir. Don't forget though, if there is /anything/ we can do for you, that's our job too. It goes both ways." Lleufer nods and taking that as being dismissed, he turns to go and open up the hatch, about to leave. Only he stops and looks back, "Oh. What about Crewman Shackleton, Sir? He's putting in for a transfer from Deck to the CMC, only … we've no Marine CO to handle the paperwork on this side of it. He's really way too old to be an active duty Marine and won't do the gene therapy, but Doctor Stone has conditionally cleared him medically. At least until we can monitor him under heavy PT stress."

Lleufer adds low, "If you like, I can sign off on it myself and kick it up. Unless Command is going to nix the transfer."

Petra arches a brow, "He did? Well, frak me. I knew I was behind on paperwork, but…Alright, I'll hunt his paperwork down. If you want to give him a try, I'll approve it, and then just let me know your assessment after a month or so. If he wants to be a Marine and he can hack it, then I wont tell him no. We have enough civilians we can work on training folks on being new mechanics and electricians and flight techs. Might as well give some folks the opportunity to contribute to the effort if they want."

"Yes, Sir. Seems Shackleton says he can't get his head around the Arpay tech anyway, so maybe it's good to bring in younger, eager minds. Thank you." With that, the Master-at-Arms steps on out and latches the hatch quietly behind him.

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