AWD #099: Marine Mission Review April
Marine Mission Review - April
Summary: Petra reviews the action items that need Marine attention, with the new Intel Officer and the senior marine NCO and Officer.
Date: 15/04/2013 (OOC Date)
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Ward Room - Deck 2 - Battlestar Orion
The Ward Room's centerpiece is a finely crafted oak table built into a rectangle with sweeping curves towards each corner, matching chairs lining it like a ring. The far end of the room are the flags of each of the Twelve Colonies, the Colonial flag at the left end and the Fleet's flag at the right to flank. At the other end is a countertop built into the wall that has fresh coffee brewed in a pot, and another for ice water, when Command Staff is present.

So Petra had already told Elias to come hunt him down in the morning, so the Ward Room has already been claimed by the Tactical Officer, along with a chair, a large stack of folders, and the room full of the scent of coffee - he did sleep last night, right? Word was sent to the Marine commanders a short while ago, asking for whoever was not already engaged to come by the Ward Room at this hour to discuss action items. So at this particular moment, Petra's already camped out in his chair, leaning over a couple of topgraphical map shots of Picon, and a couple of Caprica City. Interesting.

What a difference one night's sleep can make. Elias arrives at the start of the morning shift, and he looks about ten years younger after a shave, hair trim, and scoring some clean 'blues'. Stepping inside, Elias greets Petra calmly. "Good morning, sir." His eyes go to the maps and photos on the table assessing what he can see even as he's greeting the TACCO.

Morgan opens the hatch cautiously and pokes his head inside. "Colonel?" he calls. "You need a marine officer?" He steps inside, glancing at the spread of recon photos and maps, some of which are familiar to him after the recent missions to Picon. His eyes travel to Elias. He studies the man for a moment, and then nods as if he recognizes the man, possibly from freeze-frames taken during his arrival in the raptor. "Lieutenant Morgan, sir," he offers.

Petra glances up from the pictures, lifting one brow as he looks, then offers a faint smile at Elias, "Morning, Lieutenant. You look much less worse for wear. Looks like the quartermaster found everything in your size as well. Have a seat - coffee is over there with the usual disclaimer." He doesn't have time to say much more before Morgan arrives as well, "And we have a Marine. Excellent. Lieutenant Morgan, Colonial Marines, Lieutenant Gray, Naval Intelligence. I…stole the Lieutenant from Spree's command - I attended his OCS graduation party so its one of the few faces I know has aged. He's going to be helping Captain Rozzen once she's back up to full strength. For right now? He's all of Intelligence. Have a seat, gentlemen. We have some things to go over."

Elias regards the Marine officer in return, and nods at the greeting. He steps towards Morgan to offer a handshake when Petra makes the introductions. "Nice to meet you, Morgan." Then the offer of coffee gets his full attention, and Elias makes his way around the table to secure a cup, responding to Petra's comments about his appearance with a careful nod. "Yes, sir. Much improveed." With coffee in hand he heads back towards the table, then pauses. "Do you mind if I smoke, sir?" They are in the wardroom, but it's also a formal meeting, and who knows what his new CO thinks of smoking.

"Welcome aboard Orion, Lieutenant," Morgan greets. He receives the new intel officer's hand in a firm and quick handshake before stepping back. He follows Gray to the pot and waits his turn to fill a cup full of the liquid rocket fuel. "Sergeant Stone should be here soon as well, sir," he reports. He returns to the table to find a settle into a chair and place his cup, notebook, and pencil on the desk.

And indeed, Morgan would be right about that. The arrival of Stone that is. As he steps into the ward eyes scanning the room and nodding his head to those inside. "Sirs." Hands clasping behind his back as he continues inside.

Petra glances up when Stone enters as well, "Good morning, Gunny. Coffee in the corner, grab a chair. We were just starting. Lieutenant Gray, Intel, Gunnery Sergeant Stone, Marine Corps. So a few days ago I had a meeting with Air Wing, took damned near all night, and went over all the Air Wing action items. Here. I've already given a copy of this to Elias." Sliding over a couple of pages to Morgan and Stone, "Some of those are going to be joint items with the Marine Corps, but I'll cover them again here as well."

Elias greets Stone with a tip of his chin when they're introduced, then settles in at the table with a mug of coffee in hand. But once he's given the green light to smoke, the coffee is all but forgotten. Securing an ash tray, Elias quickly taps out a cigarette and lights up. He's polite enough to send most of the smoke away from the table, at least, as he takes a few puffs while waiting for the briefing to begin.

Morgan takes the papers and glances over them quickly, first judging the patterns of text so that he knows where the likely breaking points between topics are, and how long each batch of details is. Then he sips some of his coffee, being careful not to spill any of it on the paper. He nods. "This is quite a handful, sir," he comments, glancing up from the last page. "We'll be ready," he assures.

Stone nods. "Lieutenant." He offers before moving to get coffee before finding a spot close to sit at. Looking at the files as they are handed over. His eyes going from the men to look at it. Nodding to Morgan's words, "I am quite certain that we can get it all ready quickly enough." More or less just confirming Morgan's words.

Petra mmms softly at the comments, "We'll see about that. This is a lot to act on. So, I'll start with the stuff that you can hit the ground running with, and then we'll move on to the things that are waiting on something else, but you could start planning around. Fair enough?" He pauses for a moment, then checks an item off of a handwritten list he has, "So first item: Commander Spree's Operational Commander is a Cylon. A 'One' like we just killed on the ship a few weeks ago. She wants him gone…dead or captured, she doesn't care, but she can't depend on her own people to do it, because the man apparently has inspired a lot of loyalty, and well, noone knows he's a Cylon. So we'll need an extraction or assassination plan that doesn't completely destroy her chain of command in the process."

Elias winces when the topic of Major Flynn comes up first, his expression shifting to distaste. But he covers it up with another drag on his cigarette, and a small cloud of smoke. His gaze shifts to the Marines present, to see what their reaction to the mission might be, then back to Petra. "Your briefing mentioned three other 'skinjobs' aboard the Orion, sir? I haven't had access to the intel on the Cylon agents planet-side, so I am not sure how practical questioning them may be … But if there's a chance we could get this Cylon to talk, perhaps it could be worth trying to bring him in alive?"

Stone nods as he listens about the major. "Yeah…" He offers and leans forward a bit. "Either we bring him in. For whatever reason. Though if he is the same as the last One we had here we really have to keep a close eye on him in that case. We lost too many last time. If we take him out then it needs to be well planned. Perhaps when he is out on a mission or whatever." Comes his own suggestions. Sipping from his coffee and studying the men.

Petra mmms, "Its possible the man is a defector that chose to simply not tell anyone, but there's no way of knowing and we can't take the risk. If we can capture him alive? We definitely bring him back here to be interrogated. Because if he dies here? He doesn't go back to the Collective, and that way we prevent anything he's learned from going back with him. But if we can't manage that? He dies. We cannot afford to leave him in place any longer. The details are up to the Marine Corps to work out - you know Marine ops better than anyone else, so work out a plan, apprise me of it and we'll inform Spree that we're ready to act. Good enough?" He pauses for a moment, then moves onward, "Spree handed us another present: She has regular contact with a Communication Command group on Caprica, and I've promised to send them a ninja raptor or two full of supplies, things that go 'boom' and a scout and sniper team. And before I say why, I need to hear that this does not leave this room. And I mean to anyone save Faulkner and Jameson. Are we clear on that?"

Elias's eyes drift over to the Marines as Petra assigns them planning responsibility. He's still getting up to speed on all this, and has no further suggestions, it would seem. Then he turns his attention back to Petra, listening keenly at the mention of a mission to Caprica. He gives an affrimative nod in answer to the Lt. Colonel's prompting. "Clear, sir."

"Aye, sir," Morgan answers with a crisp nod when Petra asks for confirmation on the secrecy. "Our lips will be sealed." He glances to Stone. Then, tapping the page that pertains to the possible mole on Spree's staff, he mentions, "We'll need as much intel as we can obtain on his movements and any habits that he has. Even when they are suspicious, some people follow predictable routines." Shifting his eyes to Elias, he adds, "The 'One' model seems to have a particularly ruthless, cold-blooded mentality. We'll return him alive if possible, but I can't make guarantees considering what we've seen."

Stone nods to Petra about both things. "Of course not, sir." He offers about Caprica. As for Flynn, he runs a hand over his head. "Extraction mission see to it that Flynn is there. Or perhaps just have him help out and do a silent extraction. Unless he would go as a friendly." He shrugs a bit at that. Looking to Morgan as he is the MP here. Nodding about habits and so on. "I do believe we need to make sure to catch him safely. Secure and bring down."

Petra nods slowly at the comments about the One, "It would be good to have him here alive to interrogate, but if that's not feasable, or if we're taking too much risk to do so? Just kill him. The bottom line there is: He needs to be gone." He takes a deep breath and sighs, "Adar, as I'm sure you've all heard now, is quite alive, and in charge as sort of a puppet government, in Caprica City. But he's not just in charge, he's using all of his knowledge of military operations to undermine the resistance, and encouraging anyone that will listen to him, to betray and turn in the resistance forces. He's a continuous, serious threat to our ability to wage war against the invaders." He waits for a moment to let that sink in, looking at faces to see who gets there before he says it, "We have to assassinate President Adar. Publicly, where his Cylon puppet masters cannot conceal the action. It will destabilize the control the Cylons have on the Caprican population and be a good prep for our own invasion. I need Marine Command and Intel to QUIETLY work together to develop a mission plan we can act on in about 2 months."

"I haven't been to Flynn's AO," Elias lowers his cigarette to address the two Marines. "But I was at ANVIL until yesterday. I'll write up what I know about the situation down there and get it to you ASAP. And if you want me in on your planning … " he looks aside at Petra. "I don't think I'm going anywhere." Elias falls silent, listening to the details of the Caprica mission. Those details don't seem to be a complete surprise to him, even though he again looks like he's swallowed something unpleasant. Elias nods along, indicating his understanding. "Yes sir," he accepts the assignment without comment.

When Petra reaches the word 'undermine," Morgan begins to drawing a slow, calming breath before a grim, dark frown dominates his face and his eyes meet those of the TACCO. When Petra pauses, the MP nods once, slightly, and he jots a quick note in his notepad. "Aye, sir," Morgan affirms. Looking to the others, he notes, "'Pulbic' means that, if possible, we need to know about his schedule of public appearances in two months, when he will be most visible."

Stone nods slowly, listening and looking between them. "IF we can send in a scout then they should be able to see to about getting a plan of attack. So that we know when he will appear and where. Take him out with a one shot. I do know some that wish to train on sharpshooting skills but I am not sure if we currently have anyone." He says and finally drains his coffee. "Thanks." He says to Elias about information from ANVIL. "If we know his routes we should be able to bring him in. The Caprica situation can be quite hard. Though I think these could be our best chances."

Petra nods slowly at Morgan, "We can get that. Talk to Spree. She has regular contact with the Comms Command on Caprica, several times a day, when their location is pointed at Picon (OOC Caprica and Picon are in the same solar system), they can use laser comms to directly talk without danger of being intercepted. They can get you the schedule, most likely. Any of you run into any roadblocks on any of these items, let me know. I'll make sure they get removed." He pauses for a moment and checks one more item off on his notepad, "Next then. The liberation of Picon. Gentlemen. We have a couple of things going on this week that, if they work out? We're turning this war around. The raid on the prison camp paid off: We found the Raptor ECO we were looking for, and he's given us a series of jump points and times and dates. If it works out, then we just found the super dreadnaught battlegroup Blackjack. Before the war began, there were three super deadnaughts. If even just one survived, we are forming an invasion plan for Picon. The first step is to take over AMARG, the aircraft boneyard on Picon, and turn it into a Colonial Airbase. the problem is: The Cylons know very well how valuable it is and have at least one Sabre system there. Airwing is already working on it, but I need Marine Command to talk to them, as a ground assault, to destroy the Sabre system, before we can attack with Raptors and Predators, might be the only way to go. It will be the first attack of our liberation force, and will be going on while we are blowing basestars out of orbit. So work with Air Wing and Intel to begin developing the campaign plans. What do we need to hit next after AMARG? How do we quickly foritfy our position, and so on."

Elias takes another drag on his cigarette, then stubs out the tiny bit that remains in the ash tray. Yes, he's milking each one for all it's worth. And he brightens up a little when talk turns to the possible liberation of Picon. Elias listens closely before offering some information on the Boneyard. "We've run some numbers at ANVIL, on getting the Boneyard operational, sir. I believe there are pilots available, the trick was figuring out how to re-fit the craft before the Cylons blew us to Hades. But if we can tackle those Basestars, time isn't as much of a problem." He considers for a moment. "We'll still need all the ground crew we can get, and last I heard a lot of the personnel from the Boneyard were taken prisoner. We may want to see about liberating them. As many as we can."

Morgan nods to Elias and adds, "We should liberate them but we can't count on 100 percent of them being ready to fight. Some will need medical attention. Do we know how many prisoners in total there are? Do we have any way to get a message to them, without disclosing too much? They should know that help is coming, and if they can tell us about wounded, and how many are ready to fight, we would be in a better position to help and to provide some toys for them to use against our enemy."

"I am sure that we can send in a group to take out the sabres. If we have to we could make HALO jumps. Several have skills on that." Stone offers and shrugs a bit. Nodding to the words between Morgan and Elias as well.

Petra shakes his head, "Those are all good questions, and unfortunately I dont know any of the answers. So hunt them down and lets talk in another month about what you've uncovered, and see what sort of a battle plan we can work out. Once we have some of the pieces assembled, we'll have an operational meeting between Marines, Air Group, Intel, and Command, both here and Picon, to coordinate our actions and make sure everyone is working off the same playbook." He leans forward again to check one more item off of his list, "Next up: Pallas. We have three thousand scientists and their families that need to be rescued, but the landing pad at the outpost has been destroyed. Air Group is going to need Engineering and some Marine Combat Engineers to work out a way to either fix the landing pad, or quickly build a new one, so the liners we have now, can land and pick people up. Complications: There's no atmosphere to note, and Cylon raiders apparently still swing through the system on a regular basis. We need to get these people SOON, as they are going to be running out of basic living supplies very very soon."

Morgan frowns. "If there's little or no atmosphere, our engineers will want to know as much about the condition of that landing area as possible, so that they can give us a plan that allows them to work with optimal efficiency," he warns. Then he queries, "How are we for recon photos and scans?"

"We would indeed need to know if there is any way we could try and get a hold of the landing pad safely. It is more or less a ship repair from the outside. I think they will have questions about the details. I think the air wing will have a lot to do as well." Is more or less all Stone offers right now. Tapping his fingers on the table.

Petra mmms, thumbing through the pile of folders, and sliding one across the table to Morgan, "We have everything from the original scout Raptor that paid them a visit two-three months ago. So we may need Air Group to send another Raptor out there to verify everything is as we left it last time, and get the scientists to start coordinating with us." He pauses again for a moment, then adds, "One last small thing: Start thinking about the space we've reserved for the Marine base down there on Piraeus. I want to talk about what the Marine Corps needs to have and wants to have so we can start thinking about plans there. As we get more civilians in, some of them are going to want to join the fight, and a Battlestar is not really a good place to train recruits. Any questions from you gentlemen about all of this? Otherwise I think we can call this done for now, and let you start digesting everything we've covered."

Morgan reaches across the table to accept the folder and then place the previous papers on top of it. "I believe that we've covered as much as we can for now, sir, if we can get the intel that I've requested," he answers. "As for the base, we can start with the records that the library has on colonial training bases, although I suspect that eventually, we will want something that will serve as more of a headquarters for military forces in case Colonel Spree needs to relocate."

"No questions. I would say that as far as the base go we can do as Lieutenant Morgan says. I am sure that we also can have areas set up to get the training in. All we need to do is clear it from the wildlife and all of that foremost. What we need most is a clearing for setting up training courses. Along with somewhere for the more theoretical. Well and firing range. As a basis at least."

Petra nods slowly, "I'll make sure Lieutenant Gray is on it, and that's a good point. Lets keep that in mind then." He trails off for a moment, considering, then offers both men a faint smile, "Good, excellent. Let me know how it goes, and cross your fingers that it works out for us with Blackjack. I need to go pay our prisoners a visit to ask them about something Spree mentioned was happening on the front lines, but otherwise I'll be up here if one of you needs me."

Morgan closes his notebook, slips it into a pocket, and then picks up the folder and loose papers. "Aye, sir," he acknowledges. "If you have further information on these assignments, we will be at your disposal. Thank you sir." He eases his chair back and takes another sip of the coffee.

Stone nods and gathers his own papers. "Thank you sir." He says and rises to his feet to take his own leave.

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