AWD #543: Marine Housekeeping
Marine Housekeeping
Summary: Angelis has a request of Amos, then the Major and SSgt do some housekeeping. Both of them it turns out, are thinking along similar lines.
Date: 16/12/2013
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Battalion HQ - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
The headquarters room is the primary command location for all Marines associated with the battlestar or accompanying fleet ships. The walls and desks are covered with maps, photos, and satellite imagery - as well as clocks indicating the current time in each colonial capital city. Secure phones are bolted to each bulkhead, and for added insurance, each desk possesses its own encrypted wireless unit with its own independent wiring. The small room is always manned by a wireless operator and a duty sergeant, at a minimum, though it tends to be a hive of activity during duty hours.
AWD #543

So it's taken Tabi a bit to get up the wherewithall to come see the Major. And it's clear, when she steps carefully into the HQ that there's been a bit of effort made, second best uniform. Well, the one with the least amount of bullet holes or blood stains. Her hair has been tidily braided into its usual style, and in general, the Lance Corporal is looking pretty well squared away. Despite all that, Angelis still looks just a /little/ uncomfortable as she steps in, uncomfortable, but determined as her eyes scan the room, seeking out the Major, then waiting quietly to attention while she waits for acknowledgement.

Amos is, as it turns out, in the main open plan area of the HQ section. He and a few other officers are stood over a map of Lumiere on the chart table and are clearly discussing options for something or other. Once he notes Angelis though he pauses incase it's another officer she's wanting to speak to, then, onc eit's clear it's him, he steps away from teh planning. "At ease Corporal. What is it?"

It's with a barely perceptible breath escaping, Tabi eases and tucks her hands behind her back, watching the Major for a moment before fixing her gaze some point beyond his shoulder. "Thank you, Sir.. Ah… Major…" She starts, then stops, then takes a breath. "Sir, I'd like permission to go back to Leonis to find the pilot that went down." Angelis stops, blinks back to Amos, then away again. "Because I think I can do a better job of finding her than the Marines that originally went down." Well, straight and to the point. Hopefully she won't die. To her credit, she doesn't flinch. Yet.

Amos listens, although his face remains passive throughout. "It's not the 3/8th handling that operation," he notes, "so personel changes aren't quite as easy as just swopping rosters round." It's not a no, he just wants her to understand what she's asking. "Firstly, make your case, explain why you think you can do a better job and I'll listen. Second, explain how your absense onboard if the 3/8th are called into action won't hurt the unit. You manage both of those, I'll see what I can do."

Knox steps into the office and heads for the Major's office. He's got a file folder with him, but the guy is otherwise dressed in his normal fatigues. The guy has a casual gait, if only a little still from the abdominal wound. There's still a bandage on his neck too. But hearing the brief bit of exchange, he stops in the doorway and sneaks in. Hopefully without interrupting.

<FS3> Knox rolls Stealth: Good Success.

Blink-blink. That was /clearly/ not the response Tabi was expecting. She's silent for a minute or two, and one hand reaches up, unconsciously tugging on the end of her ponytail as she considers her answer. "Sir, because I'm sneakier than anyone else I know, I'm a /very/ good hunter, and I'm a /very/ good tracker. Hunting down the people that took our pilot, tracking them to wherever they took her. Well, that's not much different from tracking wild game through a jungle. And most people are generally more obvious in leaving traces behind than animals are. Also, I'm really sneaky." There's a pause, while she considers the second half of the question. "Well," Another pause, Tabi wrinkles her nose and tugs on her ponytail a bit more. "It won't hurt the unit because there's plenty of folk who can shoot a gun just as well as I can. I'm not any kind of team leader or person in charge, or anything like that. I'm a team member, yes. But the team still be able to function solidly without me."

Amos spots Knox's approach, but keeps his attention on Angelis for now, so he can give her reasoning the consideration it deserves. And consider he does, for a moment or two, before asking simply, "what do you think Staff Seargeant? Does the Lance here have a decent shot at finding the Ghost's missing pilot?" Having now acknowledged the Six's presence he turns to the man,notes the file and raises an eyebrow in silent, 'is that something for me?'

Coop listens and seems to size up Tabitha for a moment, thinking. The folder taps his leg several times while considering. But the look from Amos gets a quick shake of his head. Not to be handed over. "It is possible, sir. Angelis is a pretty stout tracker. The pilot, as I recall, was found in the city." He looks back to Amos. "Tabi's specialty is wilderness. Strike against. But there are also a lot of things in common with it." He looks down, shaking his head. In the end, he shrugs and looks back. "Here's the thing, sir. That place is secured, more or less. We're about to go on 24 hour leave for a lot of the crews. Its unlikely we'll see a deployment while we're at the festival." He looks to the Lance, then back. "Give her six hours from the time she arrives on site. Not a second more. If she doesn't have leads in six hours, back to the unit. But that's just my suggestion, sir."

Angelis stiffens as Amos addresses Knox, who she didn't know was there. Her hand drops from her ponytail, tucking back behind her back as she can't quite stop herself from glancing over her shoulder at the Staff Sergeant, her eyes widen a fraction before she forces her attention back to the Major, keeping her mouth firmly shut as the two men talk. It's kind of hard for her to stand so completely still, though, and her weight shifts ever so slightly from one foot to the other while she waits.

Amos gives Knox a faint up nod to show he's understood the reply regarding the filder, then focus back onto the matter at hand. "Six hours it is then Lance, see if you can bring that Ensign home." As he speaks it's clear another thought occurs to him and he adds, "we have a new liason from the Air Wing, Wescott, another of the Raptor pilots. Liaise with her to get it sorted logistically, it'll be a good test of what she can and can't manage for now." With that apparently settled he asks, "was there anything else?" before turning his head slightly to Knox, "I could do with a few minutes of your time Sergeant, if you don't mind staying on."

Angelis blinks and actually, now she does flinch ever so slightly at the mention of the new 'liaison', but she's not saying anything about that and instead just nods, "Yes, sir. Thank you sir. No… nothing else, Sir." And then she's backing away, not really waiting for a dismissal, but taking the fact that the Major turns his attention to Knox as a good enough reason to remove herself from the HQ forthwith.

Knox seems to listen impassively. He only looks back to Angelis when she looks at him. Nope, no quarter given. "Push your skills, Lance. I hope you find her." he recognizes Wescotts name, though. "She's good. Been here since the start, managed to survive. I know her from close air on the radio. She's probably one of the best we've got at the moment. She should make a good liaison officer if she can hack training. But that's something I've passed on to the Sergeants, sir." Seems about all he has to say on the topic. He watches Angelis go without another word before stepping casually forward. "No problem, Major. I'm just here on some housekeeping." The file just taps lazily by his side, the Staff Sergeant seemingly unconcerned with his own business being too important.

Once Angelis has cleared the room Amos tilts his head towards the coffee pot, then turns and heads iinthat direction. His need is not entirely formal. "It likely hasn't escaped your notice that we have somewhat of a glut of NCOs, and somewhat of a dearth of junior officers. Now, there's those I'm keeping my eye on, for this and future promotion in general, but I'd be intersted to hear your thoughts and ideas as you them all better than I do. Who could cope with getting booted upstairs, who'd thrive, who could keep their head?"

"I won't turn down some brew, Major," Knox chuckles, closing the door behind him. "Mind if I sit, sir?" Assuming approval, he will, crossing an ankle over a knee. The folder goes to rest in his lap. He listens, though. "I see we're on the same page, sir. I actually wanted to talk about a few things that direction since I've ended up de facto platoon leader a few times now." He leans back a little. "Flynn. Kapali is a decent NCO but doesn't have the leadership experience yet. I'll get to my intents with Kappa in a few, though. Here's the thing, though." A long breath taken, a thumb taps on the folder. "Flynn was friends with the el-tee when they grew up. There was a lot of emotion around that. On top of it, she's close friends with that missing Ensign we were just discussing. She took two major losses to her coping in about six hours." The Staff Sergeant is a professional so he keeps it analytical. "She's been a wreck the last week. I spoke to her last night about it and gave her a few truths. I gave her until next Friday to get her ass in order before she and I have a talk I don't like. Between you and I, that talk would include yanking her squad from her for 90 days. In the meantime Kappa and I would be covering it." There's a lot going on in his head, so his next words are chosen carefully. Very. "If you are talking about promoting her to Ensign and platoon leader, I think that would instill some confidence lost in herself. Flynn is a natural leader and has a lot of experience. Situations like what she just hit are so rare that I can't think of another time it has happened since Warday. I don't think it should be held against her in that respect, sir."

Amos has no quarms with Knox sitting, he's still sore himself from wounds. Bringing two mugs over he take shi sown seat and enjoys a few sips as the Six talks. "Flynn was on my list," he notes with a slight nod, "Stone seems settled where he is, Kapali and Fisher are both newly in rank so I would want them to get more experience really." Looks like their thoughts are matching so far. At the mention of the deadline given to Randy he considers then nods slowly. "Very well. Keep me informed as to her progress through the week, and if she can start to pull herself out then I will get the paperwork cleared." Then, given the concerns raised he asks, "how are the others taking it? I know he had not been with us long, but he was platoon officer. Is there any more support you need for them, or that HQ can give directly?"

"Stone is a static display, sir." Spoken flatly. He doesn't elaborate. The rest has him nod slowly. "Fair enough, sir. If she can't pull it out of the fire, I'll submit a list of my own. And no, my name will not be on it, Major. And I don't want it, sir." The Staff does seem to be better in with the mix. "Most are doing alright. The el-tee had some questionable calls, but that wasn't his fault. He came to us from behind-the-lines service. Commanding this platoon is going to require someone who has combat chops, Major. You know well what it takes. You've lead the crew enough times." No small truth. "I don't think we need any more direct support from Battalion. I can lead until we have someone available. Which kind of leads into what I wanted to discuss. One of a few points, actually, sir."

"I will confess that I had wondered if your name would appear in your lists Sergeant," Amos replies with a faint smile, "as you wish though. I need a solid platoon sergeant and you will do," the smile turns wry, "I guess." Frivolity behind him he cradles his mug between his hands an dleans back in his chari, a signal for Knox to have his say.

Knox nods his appreciation to leaving him in place. "Thank you, sir." Its chuckled out. but he continues, "Alright, considering the last action, I'm establishing a firm chain of command. If both myself and the prospective Ensign are knocked out, Kapali then Anderson." If Norway isn't present. Now, to that end, the point of Sergeant Kapali." He points to the folder. "I'm going to start pushing her, sir. I want her to show leadership and I intend to put her in positions that demand it. She's been operating under the shadow of Flynn and that's stopping now. Kappa will sink or swim. I need a solid backup if we are losing Flynn to Ensign anyway." Assuming Amos has no questions, he continues, "Promotions. I would like to see Anderson moved up to full Corporal as well as Angelis. I have more confidence in Anderson, but I think we should evaluate Angelis also. As with her being in her earlier, she has tenacity. Anderson is more steady and a known quantity. Angelis should be tested, sir."

"Anderson I was considering for full corporal," Amos notes, pretty much sealing that one, "my concern with Angelis is the same as you have with Kapali, although I'm not sure to exactly what extent. As it's the jump to Corporal then I think she should be fine, but I need her to lead and take initiative as required, rather than meekly follow." Pulling a small note pad from the breast pocket of his greens he makes a couple of notes of what's been discussed so far so he doesn't forget then adds a point himself. "Our corpsmen. I've recommended both for medals based on our last deployments, and all have been cleared by command. Mercia's is a bit special, and I want as many of the platoon together as possible for that, but as their seargeant would you prefer to present Zahav with hers when the opportunity arises?"

"Absolutely, sir. As a Corporal, she will be have to take charge sometimes. If she demonstrates an inability, then that's on her. My intent is to see a few exercises run where both Corporals are put in charge. The NCO's can put themselves under for evaluation purposes, sir." Knox certainly knows how to affect training on the juniors. He may never have actually seen boot, but he likely had some very good NCO's over him prior to the war. "Makes sense, sir. I'm especially in support of Zahav. From what I heard about her action at Mitterrand, she was trying to patch people while she was being shot and someone else was trying to patch her. If you want to give her an Asklepios, I'd suggest potentially also a Silver Cluster with V." Valor. In close combat. "At a minimum a Bronze with V." He looks at Amos directly. Amos knows he saw Knox's endorsement on the medal for Mercier. The big one. "I'm having trouble with the rest, sir. Everyone performed above and beyond during Blue Axe, sir. I'm afraid that if we blanket award then it loses focus. A unit citation isn't the same either. My only suggestion is a Marine Expeditionary Medal just for Twin Rocks. But I'm not sure that says enough, Major."

"I have an Asklepios with her name on it," Amos replies, "if you want to push for a cluster then write me a citation and I will see what I can do." He's not disinclined to the idea apparently. As for the rest though, he takes that under consideration. "I am not sure I have the man power to be designing new medals at a time like this. I will however see if I can get something through as a campaign medal or such. We won't have minimal deployment time and such, but this was outside colonial space so we have a chance of getting away with setting a prescident. I will look into it and let you know when we reconveen to discuss Sergeant Flynn."

Knox listens like a good Sergeant. There's no visible objection to anything on his face, though. At the last, he unpacks his crossed legs and rises, lifting the folder to go back to his left hand. A signal that he has nothing further. "Copy that, sir. As long as it carries the weight we need to intend. Its one thing to put boots on Colonial soil while its occupied. Its another to put a boot down on The Rocks." He taps the folder twice. "Last piece. The Piraeans guys. They're requesting transfer to a front line unit, Major. They're special warfare for recon. I told them I would talk to you. I was thinking, given the reports, Caprica might be good for them, sir."

Amos had been about to dismiss Knox and get back to his work when the subject of the Piraeans is brought up. "That is a shame," he notes regretfully, although he is not noticibly surprised. "I had hoped we might add them to our ranks, but I can not say I blame them. As soon as Intel tell me they are happy with the debrief I will sign the paperwork. I know a few people on Capricax from the 55th, they owe me enough favours collectively that I can get things sorted with minimal fuss."

"Aye, sir. Hate to lose them but they've made their wishes clear." Coop looks at the Major, and in those few seconds the Major can tell this is a little more off the record. "Sir, they know we can't properly bury them. They're both pretty messed up given what's happened. I don't even understand it. They want to go out in a gunfight, not a naval engagement. They want terra under their feet, sir." Spoken quietly. "I'll get the paperwork started and on your desk tomorrow. That's all, though. Thank you, sir." He makes a gesture to leave.

Amos nods solumnly. "I suspected they might make that choice once their situation became apparent, and once we lost Kamma and Noonen. I will let upstairs know they're on a timeline, and ask the pair of them if there are any messages they want taking back to Piraeus. Or anything else they need." It's a rather somber end to the conversation from his side, and as Knox appears to be ready to do he dismisses him with a quick nod as he cradles the remains of his coffee in his hands.

"Copy that, sir." It will all be done. Coop has a knack for it. He stands there for a moment and looks to Amos. "I know it out of line, but we should get a beer sometime, sir. No uniforms. No bullshit. It might make a difference, sir." All said quietly. He taps the folder twice on his leg and nods. "Thank you, sir." He then moves for the door.

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