MD #004: Marine CO
Marine CO
Summary: Lleufer stops by the Marine CO's office in the Battalion HQ to chat with Penta about the bombing investigation progress.
Date: 12/04/2017 (OOC Date)
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Penta Lleufer 
Battalion HQ, Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
The headquarters room is the primary command location for all Marines associated with the battlestar or accompanying fleet ships. The walls and desks are covered with maps, photos, and satellite imagery - as well as clocks indicating the current time in each colonial capital city and Site Anvil. Along the back wall are large touchscreens with holographic capability, able to bring up fleet intelligence if the user has proper access. Secure phones are bolted to each bulkhead, and for added insurance, each desk possesses its own encrypted wireless unit with its own independent wiring. The small room is always manned by a wireless operator and a duty sergeant, at a minimum, though it tends to be a hive of activity during duty hours.
Sat Oct 28 17:21:03 2028

Lleufer hasn't had much sleep since the bombing. He goes when he must and otherwise is working almost round the clock. Yet the newly returned Master at Arms is makig progress. Ynyr makes a fresh pot of coffee in his own office, then brings a cup out with him as he cruises through the Security Hub to check on several things. He chats with a few MPs and Marines, picks up a folder that is handed to him, and then wanders over to stick his nose into the HQ. His large, dark pupiled Arpay eyes glance around the chamber looking for someone in particular but he doesn't see Clara in here. Ynyr is about to head back out but catches a glimpse of Penta, so he changes his mind and swings on by, "Sir. Any developements concering the bombing investigation I should know about that weren't already in my update?"

Penta is at his desk, but the hatchway to his office is open - it's his one concession to the non-trivial number of Marines who have grown worried over their CO's eerie calm and flat affect since the bombing, since it was no secret that he'd considered Amos a friend and mentor. At Ynyr's words, he gestures the Master at Arms in before replying. "None that I know of. Thought on your ideas regarding sniffer dogs: The Marine Corps actually gives me…I don't want to call it a slush fund, but money that I'm given that can be spent more or less at my discretion, though it's audited. It isn't a *large* amount in budget terms, but it raises a few questions: How long would it take us to get those sniffer dogs through normal appropriations, do we have *any* medical personnel aboard who could act as veterinarians, and how much would each dog cost us, *if* we could find and train handlers?"

Lleufer comes on in and stops by Penta's desk. He sips the coffee as he listens, then blinks. "The dogs belong to the Fleet. They don't cost /us/ anything. I set up the program on Piraeus myself so we breed and train them ourselves. Problem is I haven't actually checked on the program to know if it's still running. After the war ended, it may have been cut for all I know. Picon probably has similar programs by now well underway but we'd have to find out. It's only a matter of requesting the dogs, filing out the forms, and transfering the personnel who handle them. What takes time is training our own people, if we were to keep any of the K-9's on board rather than borrow them for a temporary assignment. The CMC considers K-9 dogs to /be/ Marines so they aren't bought and sold. They are trained and serve and retired like any other Marine, sir. They aren't pets." Ynyr considers the last question, "I'm certain Doctor Nadir could find someone but I doubt we have any vets on board. There are some on Piraeus of course."

Penta nods. "OK, fair enough, I thought you were talking about procuring brand-new dogs. As it happens, I would *prefer* we take on dogs via temporary duty assignments. I'll poke around to see if the program on Piraeus is still operating and if we can get some teams assigned here for the duration of the investigation."

"Sounds good, sir. We don't really have anywhere to kennel them so that'd have to be set up, and we'd need handlers to come with them. None of my people among my MP's are K-9 certified that I'm aware of yet." Lleu lifts a hand to rub the back of his neck, "Not mind you that I've had time to go through personnel files in detail, yet." He gets another sip of his coffee, "We have started to search every nook and cranny of Deck 4. Commander Petra has given permission to seal off the deck and search -every- single person who comes and goes into and out of Deck 4. Then we'll move onto Deck 1 to do the same. So we can seal off and secure the engines and reactors first as being most critical targets for sabetouge."

Penta nods. "Wise ideas. Obviously, if you actually wind up detaining anybody, that's a matter to wake me up for if I'm off-duty," he comments. As if he sleeps much these days, as busy as he is. "Kenneling and vet care…Ideas on how to handle that, or the berthing of the temporarily-additional personnel, well, I'm all ears."

Lleufer nods, "Can do." Then he shrugs, "I would suggest finding out if we can get any dogs first, then how many, and how fast. And how long they can be lent. -Then- we can consult with their handlers as to what they require. There's regs for everything. If any of them can transfer to the Orion and stay, we can just as easily see who might want to transfer back to Piraeus to make the space. Kennels could be set up almost anywhere as long as there's space for cages and wouldn't interfer with ships ops. A supply room down on Deck 4, maybe. Keep some MP's posted to guard them when the dogs aren't in use so nobody poisons them."

Penta nods again. "Sure. Though whether they'll go for dog teams aboard a Battlestar is anyone's guess. I haven't heard of it before, but I suspect we're in uncharted territory here."

Lleufer smiles and leans on Penta's desk, "We used to have one right here on the Orion durring the war. I got Lance Corporal Brina O'Connell set up and trained and our K-9 bomb sniffer was named Odysseus." Ynyr grimaces, "Of course that was more than 2 decades ago."

Penta nods. "How do I not remember having a dog team on this ship?"

"Because most of that happened before your arrival, sir. But Brina O'Connell was still here when you did first come aboard even if you didn't meet her. We only had the one MP K-9 and there wasn't much need for the pair at the end of the war. Generally we weren't in a position to need a K-9 explosives sniffer though I'm sure our EOD teams were kept appraised that we did have one at their disposal, sir." Lleu finds a chair and picks it up to move it where he likes before he takes a seat by Penta's desk. "I was also trying to find out if we could access any electronic chemical sniffers or already had any on board. Commander Petra was concerned that our putting in requests for them Fleet wide might draw APF attention but jumping a Raptor to Piraeus was less obvious and perhaps faster."

Penta nods. "I have a feeling that Medical, strictly from a sanitation point of view, would prefer the electronic version," he notes wryly. "However, you and I both know that the dogs are *still* the gold standard." Pause. "I remember Brina, don't ever remember Odysseus. I'd remember a dog, I remember occasionally wishing during the more difficult moments that we had a puppy aboard." About the closest you'll come to an admission of vulnerability from the guy.

Lleufer smiles, "Odysseus wasn't a pet. Being a working K-9 there was no touching allowed, sir. Only by his handler, and initially myself as I helped to train him in the early stages." A slow nod about Doctor Nadir, machine chemical sniffers and dogs in general. Ynyr finishes off his coffee and moves to stand, "I better get back to work and find Lieutenant Mercier, sir. Please do let me know if you think of anything we haven't yet covered or anything you need from me."

Penta nods. "Will do. Dismissed."

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