Lieutenant Mara Rook
Mara1.jpg Rook, Mara
LT Navy
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Intelligence Officer
Age Sex
29 F
Hair Eyes
Brown Green


This is largely OOC information unless otherwise stated. You can also page me if you think your char would know things!! :)

Mara is an evacuee from Scorpia. She was born there approximately nine years before the start of the second war. She was evacuated to Picon when she was about 10. She completed her GED and enlisted in the Navy when she was 16. She completed an associates degree in Intelligence when she was about eighteen and then went on to OCS. She did two tours of duty with the Diplomatic Corps, and finally earned a commission aboard the Orion with the recall.

Some fun IC rumors…. because we all know how fast scutt travels aboard a ship…..

  • There are rumours that Lt Rook is a closet APF sympathizer. Or something like that… she seems to know an awful lot about them, and not just the same stuff that everybody knows….
  • She has a superiority complex second to none… thinks she's the frakking commander or something, can hardly give you the time of day, let alone a conversation. Probably wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire.
  • Apparently no one has ever seen her sleep. Ever. And considering we all share barracks, that's saying something.

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