ALT #493: Many Battlefields to Cross
Many Battlefields to Cross
Summary: Phin and Ygraine talk about the future, and the many occupied planets to come.
Date: 14/05/2014
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Phin Ygraine 
Observation Deck — Battestar Orion
A view of peaceful Piraeus
May 14 21:00:49 2006

The days are long and hard, but the days have been long and hard for a long time now. What's been going on for weeks now is an astonishingly quiet thing, and everyone's so used to seeing Yggy and Phin virtually attached to the hip on their off time that no one seems to catch on that their dynamic has changed.

They've got a bit of spare time tonight, not enough to merit a trip down to P, but at least enough to enjoy a leisurely rest on the obs deck, watching the outline of the planet as the sun appears to set its edge on fire.

And yet, it has changed, even if in just an acknowledgment of what's been there between them for a long time. And occasional PDA. So far, Phin has managed to treat this like a relationship without freaking out. He seems more relaxed, truth be told, even if he's still feeling out what it means to be with her like this. Tonight, it mainly means sitting with his arm around her on an Obs Deck couch, watching the planet turn and the blazing light show it creates with the sun. "It's so weird, y'know? To think something that big was just…totally undiscovered for centuries before the military found it and set up Piraeus. I mean, space is big but…I don't know it. It still hits me sometimes, if I stop to think about it."

"Except it wasn't, not really." Ygraine points out. "There's an entire city buried under layers of mountain in that valley outside of th'town. Someone got here before us. Way before us. But we'll never know who, not exactly." Her head rests on his shoulder. She's been treating him like a skittish colt, to be honest. Letting him find his way, not pushing too much until she detects some instinctive indication that he's comfortable being affectionate.

"Yeah, right," Phin muttes, when she mentions the buried city. "I almost forget about that sometimes, with everything else going on. I mean, it seems like it might be important. Guess we've got bigger things to worry about what with the whole…killer robots taking over our former home planets and everything." He turns a little, to brush a quick kiss against her temples. In part, it's a signal to indicate that comfort. In part, he just wants to. "Maybe they'll figure out where it came from someday."

"Maybe they will." she agrees, lapsing into silence for a moment before asking softly, "Are ya thinkin' ya wanna be around when they do?" She knows he's been mulling over his place here on Orion.

"I've got a life here, Yggs," Phin says. Which doesn't answer her question, really. She's not wrong. After a pause, he says. "My brother put in for a transfer from Picon to Scorpia. I guess Spree set up some contacts with their resistance there and they needed men. He said his superiors on Picon OK'd it so…he's out of there, in another month."

"Scorpia." she nods thoughtfully, looking out the window with an unreadable expression. "Tell me what you're thinkin', Phinny." She can't look at him when she says it, maybe because she doesn't want whatever might come across her face to influence her answer.

"Hey." Phin reaches over a thumb to touch her chin. Flicking it semi-playfully when she looks away, like that'll turn her face back toward him. "I'm not looking for an excuse to bail, if that's what you're thinking. I love you, Yggy V." Which also doesn't really answer her question. "I'm thinking it's going to be rough for him back there. I mean, not like it's been easy out here, or on Picon but…that's different. Not like this is an active warzone every day."

"I know ya don't wanna bail." she says, smiling when he turns her head toward him. "But I also think that part of ya," she presses a finger on his chest, against his heart, "Wants t'take back ya home. Especially because unlike for some, it seems possible."

Phin looks down at the finger she pressed to his chest, reaching out to clasp that hand in his, then flicks his eyes back up to her. "I never thought it was possible before but now…" He nods a litlte. "It's different, knowing it might be. I'm not sure if I want to go back, exactly. I mean, I've got friends here. I've got a place for myself, I think. But…I don't know. Part of me does feel like…I bailed on Scorpia when I was eighteen. I guess I feel like…it's still where I came from. Maybe I owe it something."

"Ya don't exactly have th'best track record when it comes t'listenin' t'your heart." she tells him with a faint smile. "I am by no means tryin' t'get ya off this ship, but I think you oughtta think about when it comes t'defendin' ourselves, the claim ya want t'stake when it comes to takin' our home back. In a way, Piraeus is home, and it's important, and if it satisfies ya t'be here, all th'better." After all, she's here too. Right?

Her smile draws a smirk from him, but Phin can't really deny that. "Piraeus feels more like home sometimes than a lot of places I've lived," he admits. "It also feels like…we're supposed to be fighter pilots in the Colonial Navy, what's left of it, and…I might not always like what we have to do, but we can do something. And I wonder how much we're really accomplishing out there, when we do have humans fighting back on the colonies."

Ygraine says, "Alright," she says, shifting so she's facing him, turning profile in her seat. "Pros and cons. Stayin' on Orion versus transfer t'Scorpia. Go." She means list them, not go to Scorpia, of course."

"OK…" There's something about the logic of a list like that that appeals to Phin, so he gives it some thought and gets right into it. "Cons of going to Scorpia…I'd be living in a warzone that was like Picon under Cylon occupation all day, every day, except worse. I wouldn't be flying with the Strikes anymore. I wouldn't have Jameson as my CO anymore. The planet wasn't exactly stable even before the Cylon attacks, frak knows what it's like now. And…" This one's hard for him. "…well, you're here…and look. It's not just…I mean, it's a lot of things, but bottom line, I don't think I could've gotten through the last year without you. Even before the frakking. Which, totally nice, but…I mean, you get what I'm saying." Maybe.

Ygraine can't help herself, she grins at that. "No, no. I getcha. But if ya took me out of th'equation…well, let's table that. Pros?"

"But you're not out of the equation," Phin says. He does table it though. The pros are a bit harder for him to quantify, and he's quiet for a beat. "There aren't any, really, except…I feel like I should be there. Maybe not forever, but right now, with what's going on. I feel like, if I don't, I'm never going to get right with myself about Scorpia, and where I came from, y'know?"

"I'm a person, and th'beautiful thing about people is that they're mobile." she points out matter-of-factly. "It may be only one thing, but it's got a lotta weight. Maybe ya oughtta sleep on it."

"Mobile?" It takes Phin a second to get that. He blinks at her like she's suggesting she's grown wheels or something. It does eventually dawn on him, though. "Yggs…I mean…that wouldn't be fair, you've got a life here, too. What about the Ghosts?"

She frowns a moment. "What about the Ghosts?" she counters. "Have ya seen the kind of turn around the Air Wing has? These are all people I care about, but th'truth is, we gotta be where we're needed and in a military career ya don't always stay in the same place. Let me ask ya a question - if I went t'Scorpia and helped ya there, and sometime down th'line th'call went out t'liberate Leonis…would ya go with me?" Turnabout is fair play.

"Of course I would," Phin answers, without hesitation, without even seeming to really think about it. Which seems to at least give him some perspective on how 'fair' she might actually feel going would be. He takes a deep breath and asks, straight out, "Would you come with me to Scorpia? I mean, if we could even get transfers approved, but that's where the fighting is now. Bear didn't seem to have any trouble getting a ticket."

"If that's the deal." Ygraine replies frankly. "I help ya do your part liberatin' Scorpia. When th'call comes for Leonis, ya help me. If ya can make that promise t'me, barrin' what we can and can't do by way of where command will send us? 'Course I'd go with ya." She smirks. "Probably need strong ECOs for their raptor teams anyway."

"That's the deal," Phin says firmly. There's great comfort in that, even if what the war allows might not always make it so simple as that. He half opens his mouth like he's going to say more, but he either can't come up with the words or just finds them inadequate. So, he leans in to kiss her instead.

Kissing Phin? Ygraine will do that. Some people might shake hands, but this is so much better. Living in the war zone will be hard, but they will have each other…and it puts Phin closer to Bear.

Going back to Scorpia - particularly of course war zone Scorpia - will be hard for Phin in a myriad of ways. But he'll have his family with him. The one he was born with and the one he made for himself. So, he's doing pretty well as things go in the Cylon Apocalypse. He kisses Ygraine for a long time, in front of that window, in the strange light of the sun against Piraeus beyond them reflected back into the battlestar's observation deck.

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