ALT #394: Managing Via Gunfire
Managing Via Gunfire
Summary: Pilots take to the firing range for tips on non-plane-based gunnery.
Date: 04/02/2014 (OOC Date)
Related Logs: None directly, though a few odds and ends are referenced.
Phin Warren Ygraine 
Firing Range — Deck 3 — Battlestar Orion
With ten different bays, the firing range can accommodate quite a few shooters with about two dozen spectators or trainees behind them. At 25 yards, the targets can be brought forward or pushed back up to the stops before the inclined plating designed to deflect rounds up. The lighting can be dimmed down to nothing for use with night vision or flashlights, also. A large sign overhead denotes the requirement of both eye and ear protection, as well as the prohibition of all ammunition except rubber or frangible. However, there are no firearms stored here. All firearms and ammunition must be checked out from the Marine Armory in the Security Hub.
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"Fair enough." she says. "Just makin' sure I'm still solid enough for me t'be th'one folks go to for qualifyin'. Ya doing a'right?"

Warren nods at that as he hooks up the paper target at his station, "Always good to practice." With the paper target hung, he slides the magazine out of the pistol and opens the box of rounds to begin loading it, "At shooting or in general?" He does look a bit tired but that could have just been an earlier shift.

Phin makes his way onto the firing range, in greens, service pistol on his hip. Ready for action. Well, the practice of action. He gets himself some rubber ammo and heads back to the lanes. "Hey," he calls to Ygraine and Warren when he sees them, slotting himself in an adjacent lane.

"I was askin t'the latter, but th'former is as applicable as any." Ygraine remarks to Warren, and brightens when she says Phin. "Hey." she says. "Checkin' ya shootin' for qualifyin'?"

Warren finished loading the magazine he shrugs a moment, "Not terrible at shooting. As for in general? Well…" He reaches over pressing the button to send the target down range, "I'm managing alright." He glances over at Phin giving the man a nod, "Hey Dolly."

"Yeah," Phin answers an affirmative to Ygraine's question. "With the way the CAG was talking I figured I should practice…more." He loads the clip of practice ammunition into his pistol, admitting while doing it, "I've still never fired my weapon in combat before. Even after like a year into this."

"Managin' seems about what everyone's at." Ygraine agrees. To Phin, I had to, a couple of times. But I get on th'ground more than ya do, so it makes sense. A viper pilot on th'ground is trouble anyway." There's an edge to her smile. No, a viper pilot on the ground is a ting that should not be.

Warren pulls up his earmuffs again before loading the magazine in his pistol. "Yeah viper pilots should only be on the ground on the tarmac. Anywhere else and shits all fraked up," comments Warren as he looks down range. He rolls his shoulders a moment, "Goin' hot." He pauses a moment or two to let people put on their earmuffs before he raises his firearm and fires. He takes his time between shots, not too long, but he's not rushing emptying the mag either.

Phin makes a low "Heh" sound. It's a chuckle, if not a merry one. "No kidding. If my Viper ends up ground-pounding, something's gone FUBAR. Always a chance you have to bail out, though, especially fighting in atmo. The anti-air over Aerilon's a bitch, little I remember of it." There's a click as he knocks his clip into place. He is locked and loaded. "And…I mean…I guess after the thing in the sims…" He trails off and puts his ear protection on when Warren fires. Not like he really wants to finish that thought, anyway.

Ygraine puts her protectors on, watching Warren's shots critically. She doesn't seem to have any advice to offer though, and when he's finished firing, she admits, "I ain't entirely sure re-qualifyin' is necessary. But I'm thinkin' it might be about keepin' us all sharp and focused right now."

Finished firing Warren pulls the magazine and places it and the pistol down before hitting the recall button for the target. He nods a bit at that, "Keep us focused, in practice, blow off any steam, distract us…probably all of the above really. And ofcourse team building. So how'm I doing Milkshake?" He finishes talking as the target gets back and he pulls it down looking at it and the grouping he made with a little frown.

"Probably," Phin agrees. Not that he sounds like he finds the idea terribly relaxing. He doesn't start popping off shots right away, but turns his head to observe Warren's form. And Ygraine's comments on it.

Ygraine furrows her brow. "Ain't much t'complain about there. Your stance is solid and ya got decent grip. I prefer cup and saucer m'self, but that's a preference thing, not necessarily a recommendation." She huhs. "Not sure how it's team buildin'. We all qualify individually. Hey Phinny, remember paintball?" There's a sudden flash of a smile, wistful.

Warren is still looking over his target and hmms as he listens to Ygraine's assesment. He still frowns though not happy about something with it but he doesn't say anything, "Thanks Milkshake. As for team building, well thats easy. Get us together, live ammo, an instructor. Have to work together, trust each other. Sure its going through the motions in some regards but still. May be individuals qualifying but…work as a team to do so."

Phin cracks a grin at mention of paint ball. "Yeah. That was fun. We kicked ass, too." To Warren, he explains, "It was this practice competition thing between the wing and the Marines, way back when on Pireaus. We actually won, which was…kind of stunning. I mean, all the pilots playing got wiped out but us before we did, but still. Victory. You thinking of doing something like that again? I'd be seriously down."

Ygraine mms at Warren. "Were ya lookin' for me t'be more critical? I can take a few shots if ya want t'see what's advantageous 'bout cup and saucer but I reckon ya already knew." Then she smiles faintly. "Only ones left were me, Phinny, and Holtz."

Warren shrugs at Ygraine's comment, "Nah, just think I can do better. Probably put a few more rounds down range at the target in a bit." He smirks a moment at himself putting the target off to the side, "So paintball eh? Milkshake you should probably set that up again at some point. Give people a way to blow off steam and possibly relax for a moment."

Phin squares his shoulders and makes ready to shoot his target. His stance is kind of stuff, for his part. There's a highly technically correct posture out it. Like he's clicking a checklist of how he should hold it in his brain. He fires off a couple of quick rounds. They hit, but on the outer rim.

"Maybe." Ygraine seems a little skeptical right now. They're all battling their demons and she's no exception. "I mean, I'll see what I can do. Th'marines are doin' lotta maneuvers right now so who knows when there'll be time." She takes notice of Phin, moving to just behind him. "Relax your shoulders." she says, lifting her hand to just the underside of his biceps. "And bend your elbows just a bit."

Warren glances at his target again a moment and the firearm on the bench before he shakes his head at it. He glances over at Phin and smirks a bit, "Take her advice, relax a bit. Like flying a viper…you don't, or shouldn't be flying those all stiff and rigid either." As he says that he starts packing his things up slowly.

"You kind of can't be rigid when you're flying. You have to do everything so quick that if you tense up, you're frakked." Which seems to work for Phin just fine when actually in a Viper, though he doesn't so much apply that logic to…anything else he does. He takes a deep breath, letting it out slow, taking a second to relax his uncoil a few notches. His elbows bend a little, following Ygraine's instructions. "This OK?" It's better, at least.

"Better." she says agreeably, reaching for her ear protectors. "Try again." she encourages, "But remember t'account for the slack in your elbows when ya target. Don't gotta rush."

"Same thing with a gun, you're just not sitting down when you shoot," offers Warren as he picks up his things giving a nod to the pair. "Well I'm going to go grab a coffee. Forgot I have some reports to file. Remember Dolly, relax, and you'll do fine. Milkshake'll show you," he says before he starts heading for the door.

Warren leaves, heading toward the Aft Corridor [AC].

"Cannons are different," Phin says. Which, technically they certainly are, but he doesn't offer any details on why he finds them different. He just sounds vaguely stubborn about it. He offers Warren a "Later" without taking his eyes off the target. Another second to correct his aim and…bang, bang, bang! He's closer to the center on those shots. None of them are perfect, but his target would have gaping chest wounds if it was a person, at least.

"Definitely better." She considers. "Ya might want t'try shiftin' your stance? Put th'lead foot a bit more forward, your body will compensate naturally as far as ya grip goes. Ygraine's trying to find his sweetspot, in terms of firing stances.

Phin's stance is definitely more workmanlike than comfortable. He can probably pass his quals without any big problems, but his scores wouldn't be anything to write home about. He takes a moment just to shift, trying to find a position that seems more natural. "Congrats on getting picked for the instructor thing, if I didn't say it before," he says, as he situates himself.

"Thanks. "But it ain't no big deal, really." she says, plucking up her ear pieces again. "Once you're comfy, go ahead. Just keep from bein' too rigid."

"It's not a big deal, but it's a deal," Phin says. "Years of killing big game on the wild Leonis frontier finally paid off for you." He's teasing, kind of, but he's also sort of proud. He gives his shoulders one more roll, and then steadies himself fire. Bang! Bang! Bang! Loosening up does seem to be improving him. He makes a few more holes in the near-center rings.

Ygraine lets out a laugh. "Did I ever tell ya 'bout th'time Kelsey took me up in a raptor and I hung from one of th' safety rings and some suspension cord halfway outta th'open door and shot down a boar for a party?" When he hits the near center, she claps her hands. "There ya go!"

Phin laughs. "I remember you talking about ganking the boar. Were you seriously hanging out of the Raptor?" It's hard to tense up too much thinking of that, and he pops off another couple respectable shots. He's emptied his clip at this point, and he sets his pistol down, examining his target. "Huh. Cool."

"Yep." says Ygraine proudly. "It was kinda exhiliratin', actually. I mean, th'only difference between doin' it in atmo and doin' it in space is, ya know, gravity."

"Sounds kinda like paragliding, only you'd be going faster. And you can't exactly control what you're flying in at the same time." Phin checks his pistol, to make sure the clip's really and truly been emptied, and that there isn't a rubber bullet lingering in the chamber. He nods, once he's assured himself it's cleared. "I should head over to the library before my shift's over. Thanks for your help with this."

"Whatcha researchin' now?" she asks, adding, "Any time. Loads of stuff you're better than me at. Ya got a crazy tactical brain." She in turn sounds rather proud of that fact, too.

"The CAG asked me to look up some First War stuff. Well, Armistice, I guess, really," Phin says. "About the planets we surrendered to the Cylons, that're on their side of the line now. See if there's maybe something there we can exploit, or at least maybe get a better lead on anymore strikes in their territory." The compliment makes him flush. "I don't know about that. I think it's interesting, but I think it's just a matter of…kind of stepping back and trying to look at stuff a different way. I bet you'd be good at it if you wanted to. Anyway. Lates."

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