PWD #07: Man of Science, Woman of Faith

An internal mail sent from within Orion. Handwritten.

Man of Science, Woman of Faith
Summary: An internal mail sent from within Orion. Handwritten.
Date: 29/12/2012
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Iphigenia Khrysos 
Officer's Berths
PWD #7

Dr. Pindar,

I hope, upon realizing whom this missive is from, you do not automatically cast it aside or dismiss what I am going to say. Our previous interactions have been a bafflement to me, for we have no history previous to meeting on board the Orion for you to have formed such a distaste for my presence.

I can only assume then, that your animosity has less to do with me as a person, and more to do with my calling. You are not the first person I have met who is uncomfortable with members of the priesthood, but the first to display their contempt in an open fashion. I wish you to know that before I am a priestess, I am also a person. And alongside being a priestess, I am also a member of the Colonial Navy. I would ask that if you cannot respect my position within the temple, then my position as an officer and a fellow human being may at least allow me to receive basic, common courtesy. I have the greatest respect for the sciences and do not view it as my role to impose faith upon those who do not truck with it. To do so would be a great violation of the freedoms we enjoy in our society.

I feel perhaps, that if you knew something of my background, you might permit yourself to consider this allowance of courtesy. I was born and raised on Virgon, with a younger brother and sister. I attended university on Caprica, graduating cum laude with a degree in Psychology and a certification for counseling from Delphi U. I attended seminary on my home colony of Virgon. While every priest or priestess has of course made pilgrimage to Gemenon, the bulk of my education and approach to the Twelve Lords of Kobol on Virgon.

I believe in the power and comfort that prayer provides. I also believe in the brutal truth of science. I believe that faith is for the faithful, and that my role as "friend to all" while in service to the Colonial Fleet does not mean I have the right to impose faith on those who do not wish to receive it, while at the same time, those who do wish to invest in it deserve the freedom to do so without mockery or contempt.

I do not know the source of your contempt, Dr. Pindar, and I would not presume to imply that I am able to help you find a solution to it. But I can and do offer both formal secular counseling to those who seek it on board the Orion as well as a friendly ear to others. While pastoral counseling is part of my purview, it is only given to those who expressly seek it out. If you ever wish to have a dialogue with me, you have only to ask.

That being said, I respectfully request that when we encounter each other, you allot me the same courtesy I shall endeavor to show you as human beings, and respectful distance if you are in the presence of those seeking my assistance in the purpose of faith as I am only seeking to comfort those who accept and share it rather than forcing it upon those who do not.

With sincerity,
Lt. Sister Iphigenia Arden

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