MD #184: Man Eating Elves
Man Eating Elves
Summary: Miri visits the PoW in medical, she brings gifts and conversation
Date: 09/10/2017
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Miri Atticus 
Recovery Ward - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
About half the size of the Medical Centre, the Recovery Ward has fewer beds to allow space for those who are going through recovery. Rather than the drab gray of most of the centre, the walls in here have been done in a neutral creme colour. The beds are a little thicker and the blankets are actually present. There are a few clocks and the only other decoration are a couple of flat screens that show muted movies from the ship's library, though tablets are common. Behind each bed is a small touchscreen for tracking vitals and is linked to Medical personnel tablets. A couple stacks of recent magazines are available near the door for nurses to pass around, too.

Miri has been caring for the prisoner since she helped bring him back from Picon. She's back in the recovery ward, dressed in her scrubs, and this time, no effort is made to hide her oversized, unnaturally green eyes and her pointed ears. She's got her little cart and she rolls it up into the curtained "private" space where Atticus is, presumably, resting. "Knock knock," she says to the MP guarding him. "It's time for me to take your blood pressure, Sir Atticus."

Atticus may or may not be resting, but he's certainly been quiet since his last visitors left. Silent even. He tried an approximation of curling up into a ball, but the restraints on his wrist put scupper to that plan and so now he's on his back again, alternating between starring at the ceiling, and doing very much the same only with his eyes closed. It's not sleep though, and not particularly restful, there’s too much churning over in his head and his gut. He doesn't immediately respond to Miri's arrival, he's too caught up in his own head, but he does startle slightly when she enters his peripheral vision and he clocks the eyes and ears. It's only a momentary flinch though, apparently the appearance of another flash eating elf deamon isn't quite the shock it was yesterday. He says nothing in return, just lets her get on with whatever it is she's up to. He's getting used to being poked and prodded now.

"How are you doing today, Sir?" Miri asks, erring on the side of formality. "I don't know what kind of music you like and you look incredibly bored, so I loaded up this old player with an assortment of stuff, including a few audiobooks. Do you know how to use it?" She pulls a small pocket music player and earbuds out of her pocket, offering it to the MP for inspection before laying it on Atticus' lap. She puts the cuff around his arm and gets her stethoscope in place.

Atticus watches Miri silently, moving just his eyes, not his head. He looks down at the player for a moment, then back to her, blinking once before he manages to get his head together enough to actually speak. "No, sorry." His voice is quiet, withdrawn, sad. It could be mistaken for disinterest were it not for the fact that it's clearly taking effort to remain focused on Miri.

"You can read, right? Basically, use your finger to touch the thing on the screen that you want, and then the triangle makes it start. Those parallel lines will make it stop. Press the triangle again and it'll start again. You can go back and forth between whatever you want without losing your place," Miri explains, making note of his blood pressure and showing him how to turn the thing on. "You stick these things in your ears so you can hear it. I know, it sounds really weird, but trust me, it works."

Atticus nods once, to indicate that yes, he can read, then gently lifts his hands as far as he can, to show the limitations of the restraints that prevent him from doing what she just described. There's no anger in it though, it's just simpler to show than to speak more than absolutely necessary. He continues to watch her work, eyes flicking about to follow her movements as he lies there otherwise unmoving before he asks simply, "why?"

"Your dad was a good man and you seem pretty solid, too. You were doing what you thought was right to protect Lady Emily. I can't fault you for that." Miri sticks the earbud in his ear and presses play. "I'm sure tall, quiet and ornery over there will help you out with this if you ask nicely."

Atticus flinches as the music starts in his ear. It's one thing being told it'll happen, and another entirely for it to actually happen. He lasts for maybe ten or fifteen seconds before it weirds him out too much and he looks down to find that pause button she mentioned. "My father was a tyrant," he says quietly, a lot of the conviction and anger of yesterday gone from him but he knows the words on reflex, for every time his family is mentioned.

"I don't pretend to know what he was like at home, and I'm sure what makes someone a good soldier doesn't necessarily make them a good father," Miri admits. She pulls over a chair. "So I'm not going to make excuses or anything. I'm sorry he was difficult when you were a kid. That sucks. A lot."

"He was never home," Atticus replies listlessly, letting his head roll over so it's easier to look at Miri as she sits, "he was too busy enforcing the oppression of the people by the corrupt colonial government." More words, but still no real feeling behind them, just words. He seems to have nothing more to add on that subject and falls silent for a while, then something Emily said earlier occurs to him and so he asks, with no real hint of emotion, "why did you fix my knee? We're enemies. What good does it do you?"

"I didn't just fix your knee. I'm the reason you still have a leg. You're welcome." Those words are delivered more pleasantly than one would expect, but there's still a hint of sarcasm. There's always a hint of sarcasm with Miri. "Maybe things aren't as clear-cut as you've been led to believe. Do you remember what life was like before the Skath came?"

"Thank you," Atticus replies as she explains her role, and this time there is a touch of some actual feeling there, a hint of sincerity. "I fear your efforts are likely in vain though, for it seems that I am a dead man." He looks away at that, closing his eyes for a while, until her question sinks in and he blinks at her a moment. Still, no harm in talking, it kills the time at least. "Only patches. The violence, the chaos, everything the Machines fixed for us."

"Give it a few days. We're really not all that bad." Miri leans forward, resting one elbow on a side table. "Lady Emily is okay. We are not going to hurt her, or let her get hurt. That's the last thing we would ever want. I want you to know that. No one told me to come and say this. This is all from me. My name is Miri, by the way. Lieutenant Junior Grade Miri Zahav."

The mention of Emily causes an intake of breath the he then lets out slowly. "Lady Emily has.. chosen her own path," he says, rolling his head away so he's looking over the other side of the bed at the privacy screen that limits his world to just this bed. He doesn't move for a while, but does eventually acknowledge the introduction and return it, "Atticus, but you already know that." He doesn't use his father's surname it seems, nor any other, "Sir Atticus, for now at least."

"Give it some time. I know you don't think you have time, but have a little faith, Sir Atticus." Miri looks at him with those unnerving, green eyes. "You had some good moves out there. I was impressed."

"I have as long as it takes for your commanders to take what information it is they want from me," Atticus replies, his tone still flat, emotionless. "If they use your Clerics then I am under no illusion on how long it will take. If not? I might be able to buy myself a little more time at least." He just seems to accept that he's either going ot have his mind ripped apart, or be beaten til he talks, there appears to be no other options in his head. "I don't remember much of it," he notes, blinking a couple of times to stop his eyes drying out, "just the gunshots, and heading out to investigate. I'm told Aetes was killed though."

"If they really wanted to just extract information and then dispose of you, we could have done that while you were sleeping and, theoretically, made it so you never woke up. We're expending time, manpower and resources on fixing you up, so maybe we're not here to turn you into meat pies or whatever. Yes, Emily told me that they tell you that folks like me are man-eating elves. Nah. I was born on Canceron." Miri pushes an errant curl behind one pointed ear.

That is something that had puzzled him, why the effort into fixing him, but then with Emily's betrayal it's clearer at least. "It is Lady Emily that has killed me," he notes for her benefit, although saying it out loud is clearly an effort that drains even more of his emotional strength than he has already clearly lost. "I hunted people like you, you know," he admits, "deamons, intent on wrecking everything we'd worked for. Very few were though, mostly just people others didn't like, so started passing it about they were tainted."

"Slow down, killer. We don't just execute people for no reason, especially when there are extenuating circumstances. Give it a few days." Miri nods when he tells her about hunting people like her. "Yeah, we've heard about that. Makes some of the people here afraid for their kids' wellbeing. Hopefully we find them all." Her face betrays her suspicion that they will not, in fact, find them.

"I am a dead man, either way," Atticus replies, in the calm manner of someone who has accepted that there is no escaping their fate, "the only uncertainty is when it will come." He clutches the music player in one hand though, as a link to something that isn't this tiny corner of medical. "Thank you though, for this, and for my leg. I would rather be able to stand when the time arrives."

"We're all dead on a long enough timeline. Might as well listen to some good music in the meantime." Miri stands up, gathering up the blood pressure cuff. "I'll be back before the end of my shift. I need to go check on my other patients. I hope you're not offended by a woman elf fixing you up."

Atticus may or may not be brave enough to sample more of the music, it'll likely depend in part on if anyone turns up with things for him to read or not. He can still feel the bud in his ear though, so it won't be too much hassle to should he decide that way. "I will see you later then," he replies, still with his head rolled towards her. Then, at her final point he considers for a moment then asks, "would it make a difference if I was?"

"Yeah, it would. I'd send Specialist Flynn in for you instead. He's all elfy, but he's a he. I care about my patients being comfortable." Miri gets ready to push her cart off. "Wouldn't hurt my feelings or anything."

"Oh," Atticus replies quietly, apparently accepting her answer at face value without the need for further question or comment. As she prepares to move off he watches her for a few moments, then rolls his head back and closes his eyes. The sleep perhaps, or maybe just rest, it doesn't really matter which.

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