Private First Class Anthony Mallas
mallas2.jpg Mallas, Anthony
PFC Marines
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Heavy Weapons
Age Sex
19 M
Hair Eyes
Black Brown


Anthony Xeno Mallas was born and raised on Sagittaron. His family were Sagittaran fundamentalist farmers, and as a child Tony just assumed he was going to spend his life going to temple and working the fields. But during his teen years Tony began to question the more extreme tenants of his faith, and this lead to arguments with his parents. Arguments that eventually escalated into a declaration that he wanted nothing to do with farming, the faith, or Sagittaron itself. He spent the rest of his teen years fighting with his parents and avoiding his chores. When he turned 18 his father finally delivered an ultimatum - Get with the program or get out. Tony got out. Desperate to get the hell off Sagittaron, he signed up with Colonial Marine Corps. Tony did his basic and advanced infantry training at CMF Alastor on Caprica, and then promptly volunteered for duty with Project NOMAD.

Private Mallas' early service on the Orion wasn't particularly noteworthy. He wasn't a bad Marine but he was not a great one either, doing enough to get by and shirking when he can get away with it. He was, and still is, known primarily for his grumbling and bitching, a fact that has not endeared him to his squad leaders or platoon sergeants.

Despite a professed lack of interest, Mallas was transferred to the Heavy Weapons MOS during the initial fighting for Leonis. At least the officers can't complain that he's not carrying his own weight (literally) in the field anymore.

NOTE: PFC Mallas was killed in action 15 Sep 2006

Service Record & Medals

Year Rank Station Notes
2003 PVT CMF Alastor Basic and Advanced training, Rifleman
2004 PVT BS-114 Orion Rifleman
DEC 2005 PFC BS-114 Orion Rifleman
JUL 2006 PFC BS-114 Orion Heavy Weapons

Recent Logs


[Paint it Black -- The Rolling Stones]
[Goodnight Saigon -- Billy Joel]
[The Pantheon -- Bastion OST]
[Burning Bridges -- Mike Curb Congregation]


[Mallas Tactical Hand Signals]

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