AWD #030: Malingering
Summary: Ygraine talks to Agrippa about integrating into the Air Wing of Orion
Date: 05/02/2013
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Recovery Ward
About half the size of the Medical Center, the Recovery Ward has fewer beds to allow space for those who are going through recovery. Rather than the drab gray of most of the center, the walls in here have been done in a neutral creme color. The beds are a little thicker and the blankets are actually present. There are a few clocks and the only other decoration are a couple of flatscreens that show muted movies from the ship's library. A couple stacks of old magazines are available near the door for nurses to pass around, too.
AWD #30

Woken up from his possibly drug induced nap not too long ago, Agrippa is the model patient in the Recovery Ward. Quiet, calm, and generally boring, which means that the nurses and other medical staff does not have to worry about the young pilot too much. For now, he is just staring up at the ceiling, trying to find something to count to psas the time, the volumeless flatscreen TV having bored him the day before already.

So. Ygraine was brought in just the other day, along with several others, all suffering not from damage incurred in space battle, but were apparently attacked by giant wolves on Piraeus. Yep. Dire wolves. On Piraeus. Ygraine has been sacked out on morpha for most of her stay. Both of her arms have now been freed of bandages to allow her skin to breathe, but there are some impressive claw slashes stitched up on both arms, and her neck still has significant bandaging where a wolf almost tore out her throat. Her eyes flutter awake, and she yawns.

There had been quite a bit of activity in the Sickbay next door when the rescue/pick up mission returned from their Op, something that Agrippa is not exactly use to since during peacetime, there wasn't much of such activity of wounded. He had peered to the starboard doorway but didn't leave his bed to venture out and satisfy his curiosity.

However, between the option of counting imaginary cracks or lines in the ceiling to doing something else, even the Viper pilot would choose something else and he needs to move around. Slowly, Agrippa rolls to his side and then swings his legs off of the side of his bed, slowly sitting up, body protesting the vigorous activity.

Ygraine holds her arms out in front of her. Ever see someone who can't decide if they're going to laugh or cry? As she regards her scars, she seems to be on that knife edge.

After sitting up, Agrippa rolls his head around to stretch out whatever tense muscles have bunched up in his most recent nap session until he catches the sight of a pair of arms rising up like a mummy. Except instead of bandages, there are scars. The girl with the healing wounds looks very familiar, until he remembers her name, Milkshake. "Cat fights get pretty crazy on my old boat, but it never got that bad. You girls run a pretty tough outfit here." Whether or not he has heard about the wolf attack, Agrippa does not let on.

Ygraine looks over, lifting a brow. "I got attacked by a giant wolf. Nearly tore my frakkin' throat out, thanks. I don't have 'catfights'." She snorts.

The mention of giant, native wolves has Agrippa wincing as he tries to picture what that would be like. He does hold up his own hand in a surrendering gesture, "Was just kidding. I heard something went down when the Sickbay erupted in activity when you guys came back." It takes a moment for the Viper pilot to slowly push himself onto his feet, getting ready to shuffle over to Ygraine's bed so she doesn't have to irritate her wounded neck by speaking too loudly.

Ygraine grins at him as he comes closer. "Oh, that's better, thanks. So…you get your transfer papers yet?"

First stop is grabbing a nearby chair before it is half dragged, half carried by Agrippa next to Ygraine's bed. Luckily, the legs are padded on the bottom so there isn't the usual horrid, screeching aftermath. "Not yet, Docs haven't cleared me yet. Guess it takes more than a few days to recover from doing absolutely nothing for twenty days."

"You should speak to Colonel Petra." she says. "The Air Wing can always use good pilots." She grins at him. "You are a good pilot, right?"

The good natured question has Agrippa wincing instead of firing back with the usual brash response, the hesitation there and the smile that finally appears a little forced, "Once the staff here clears me, I guess I will seek the Colonel out and speak with him." In fact, he doesn't even know what the procedure would be, as their current situation was never exactly covered at the Academy or Flight School.

"Well, that's kinda jumpin' the gun for ya, maybe." says Ygraine thoughtfully. "Lucky you, the CAG's in here too, though now he's totally passed out."

Nodding his head, Agrippa is now able to connect the voice to the man who is resting peacefully now. "I think when I woke up, I might've heard his voice talking to someone." There is a pause as the Viper pilot looks down at his hands, "Things are just moving a little fast, after twenty days of nothing. Still… adjusting."

"Twenty days is enough, don't ya think?" she asks. "I mean, I'm goin' nuts and I've only been here a coupla days. You're perfectly mobile and you don't have any holes in ya that I can see…so no reason not to get back in the cockpit, cutie."

The compliment does have the edge of Agrippa's lips curling up slightly before he shakes his head, "No, I've only been in here a couple of days. I was stuck on the derelict transport, the Eleventh Hour, for twenty days. With some crazy egghead tech. In a small room when the emergency airlocks came down." He did almost go nuts on that ship, or is perhaps a little nuts.

Ygraine's brows go up. "Twenty days?" she echoes in disbelief. "Gods, how did you - okay, when we get out, I am totally takin' ya to a closet on Deck 2 somewhere."

When the closest is mentioned, Agrippa arches a brow before actually laughing though the laugh is a half croak, half cough sound. It is evident that he has not laughed like this in a while, most likely since before War Day. "I don't know how I handled either, though I guess my mind wasn't focused on being trapped but… elsewhere."

The adorable part is, she's so not kidding. Oh well. He'll figure it out when she's actually dragging him to a closet on deck 2. "Well, ya ain't anymore. So why are they keeping you, anyway? I mean, what's wrong with ya?" She reaches out and tries to poke his ribs, proddingly.

Agrippa doesn't bother trying to block the rib poking, most likely afraid that he would accidentally injure her some more, "I guess they are still evaluating my… mental capabilities. And it takes a little bit longer for the body to recover from all that inactivity, first thing I'll probably need to do is hit the gym to get back some of what I lost."

Ygraine grins. "Cool. Maybe I'll join you. I can toss ya around on the mat a bit." Agrippa, meet Ygraine: incorrigible (no, really) flirt.

He can't help but laugh at the rather carefree, flirtatious attitude that Ygraine has, something that Agrippa will have to adjust to if he is going to be living on this Battlestar. "I certainly wouldn't retract the invitation, but I don't want to hurt you, Milkshake."

Ygraine cocks her head. "Excuse me?" she asks. "I'm sorry, am I suddenly some kind of delicate little flower that's going to bust her petals if you throw a punch?" She smirks. "How about you worry about me hurting you?"

The grin remains as Agrippa looks down at Ygraine's arms, nodding to the wounds, "I mean those. But I am more than willing up for the challenge. Haven't lost to a girl yet who wasn't a frakking Marine. In anything sort of contest." The old Viper pilot's ego is slowly showing here, being drawn out without Agrippa's notice.

Ygraine considers her arms, peering down at them. "You think they still look alright? I mean, I was gonna try and find a sleeveless dress for Colonial Day, but now I'm not sure."

"I am sure your arms will be fine." Agrippa tries to say that in a reassuring manner, as there is no reason to worry her. "And these days, I am sure most will be sporting some sort of scar." Plus, he assumes that girls also have access to makeup which can cover up the scars rather easily. "Your date would be most likely focused on something else."

"If he's smart." she agrees with a leer. "Also, that is not the correct answer when a woman is seeking assurance of her looks. I can explain, if you want clarification."

Wincing as he is corrected, Agrippa holds up a hand, "A lesson is not needed, sorry, I'm still… out of it. You would look absolutely lovely, Ygraine, on Colonial Day."

Ygraine reaches out and pats him on the head, unless he ducks. "Very good, Grips. You're learning." She beams at him sunnily.

An amused smirk appears as he is patted, shaking his head slightly, "Those who don't learn usually get drummed out of the Academy and definitely out of Flight School." And they certainly wouldn't have survived War Day. "Do you need anything? I can use the excuse to exercise a bit to flag down one of the staff."

"I'm fine." she says reassuringly. "They've got me on liquids until tomorrow, so right now instead of being hungry, thirty, and horny, I'm just hungry and horny. I expect I'll get it all sorted out in a few days."

Having already adjusted to Ygraine's intriguing attitude, Agrippa leans back into his seat, more or less lounging now, "I'd be careful with the latter, don't want to land your butt back here for reopening any stitches because things get too rough."

Ygraine smirks at him. "So, are you condescending because you're kind of an ass, or because I'm a girl?" she asks. "You're lucky you're cute. And not boring. One or the other is fine, but suffering of both would knock you completely out of any hope of in my pants."

"The former, guilty as charged." Agrippa says as he didn't even realize that he was acting the way he was until Ygraine pointed it out to him, "Being stuck with that damn egghead for twenty-days, I was ready to either strangle him, strangle myself, or just find a way to open the airlocks and send us both into vacuum." He also had his sidearm so that was an option too. However, the Viper pilot's attitude does sober up a bit, "Things were different before that… day."

"No shit." she says, not unkindly. Ygraine is in her bed. They've taken the bandages off her arms, and the stitches are being allowed to breathe. Her neck bandage is still on though. Agrippa is next to her, and the pair are talking. "But you get a gold star for giving me the right answer." Because if he'd said it was because she was a girl, he would have been friend-zoned so fast!

The smirk reappears on Agrippa's lips, replacing what usually would be an amused grin as he continues to lounge in the seat he pulled up next to Ygraine's bed. He is out of his own recovery bed, deciding to stretch his legs and talk to Milkshake instead of just lying around, waiting. "My locker back on the Valkyrie was full of gold stars."

Petra slips into the recovery ward, sidestepping away from the hatch to keep out of the way of people in their way in and out. Spying one of the people he was looking for, he alters course to head for Yggy and Agrippa, clutching a clipboard to his side as he dodges Corpsmen and patient visitors.

"Ohhh," she says, and mock-flutters her eyelashes. "Were they given to you by your horde of admirers?"

"Of course, who else?" Agrippa quips right back to Ygraine as the slightly arrogant smirk remains. The entrance of the Lieutenant Colonel though catches the Viper pilot's attention and out of trained reaction, the young pilot rises to his feet. His rise though appears to be slower than most, almost a little ginger in his movements. However, he does stand to attention when Petra approaches. "Sir."

Samtara arrives from the Sickbay.

Petra levels a curious look at Agrippa when he approaches the two, keeping his voice down as he offers, "As you were, Ensign. No need to be getting up in Sickbay. Doctors would start having me strip my rank off at the door if that was the case." He eyes Ygraine for a moment and tilts his head, "You feeling any better, Ensign? They still had you some some pretty heavy stuff when I was in here earlier."

"I think I'll be out in a few days, sir." Ygraine grins at him, but points her thumb at Agrippa. "This guy's malingering though; you should transfer him to the Air Wing and make him put his cubits where his mouth is."

Nodding his head, Agrippa had done so without thought, "Understood sir." He then slowly lowers himself back onto his seat, falling silent as Petra speaks to Ygraine about her condition, not wanting to interupt. When Milkshake points him out though, Agrippa can't help but scowl and shake his head.

Petra chuckles softly when Yggy calls the other man out, "Actually, I came down here looking for him and…Edison? But since I dont see him awake, I guess you'll do, hmm?" He smiles brightly at Agrippa and reaches over to grab one of the chairs, to pull it closer to Ygraine's bed, "Well, if Shake likes you, thats a point in your favor. I'd be lying if I said we didn't need the pilots, and we have a choice of either trying to get you back to your unit, or I go upstairs and get the Admiral to sign a transfer order. Is your unit still AROUND, Ensign?"

Ygraine's evil plan is now put to fruition. She quiets so Agripp can answer Petra, sinking back into her pillows.

Afton arrives from the Sickbay.

The rather direct about his unit does somewhat pain the young Viper pilot though he tries to hide the reaction, his gaze hardenining and his face more or less losing emotion, trying to maintain an passive expression. "If my eyes did not deceive to me, sir, Battlestar Valkyrie fell to the first wave of Cylon's. The rest of my squadron… I had no way to contact anybody while stuck on the derelict transport for the twenty days I was onboard. The civilian ship jumped from Caprica to Virgon to warn the Seventh Fleet Anchorage." And everyone can tell how that would've went.

Petra winces a little at the description and shakes his head, "I was hoping you were going to have a different answer. I served on the Valkyrie for ten years. I heard she went down, but, well…you hope someone has something different to say." He takes a deep breath and lets it go, glancing over at Ygraine for a moment, then nodding and looking back to Agrippa, "We'll get you settled in then, son. This is a good crew, and we need everyone who can handle a Viper, Predator, or Raptor that we can get. Has Medical cleared you for duty yet?"

"Oh, Yggy says, "He's a viper pilot. Not as useful or as versatile as an ECO," she grins at Petra, "But he'll do in a pinch."

"Those bastards didn't even give us a chance. Sir." Agrippa almost forgetting to tack ont he formality of respect to the Lieutenant Colonel as a bit of hard emotion returns to his voice. It takes a second or two for the pilot to calm down a bit, Ygraine's teasing about what he flies perhaps helping softening the wall that had been erected again in his mind. "I have not been cleared yet, Sir. I'm not surprised, it's not everyday that they receive one or two survivors who were stuck in a small room for twenty days, surviving on emergency rations with nothing else to do but just wait." Where each passing day, rescue seems less and less likely.

The Tactical Officer eyes Ygraine at her teasing, amusement touching his voice for a moment, "I heard about you landing that Raptor last week. Trying to set an impossible standard for the rest, hmm?" His voice trails off as he turns his attention back to Agrippa, chewing on his lower lip for a moment as he watches the reaction, then finally offers, "Alright. There's no rush here. You're good when the doctors say you're good, then Im sure Shepard will want to talk at you a bit. I'll get the Admiral to sign things officially, then maybe you can help us find anyone else that might still be hiding out there."

"Predator, sir." Ygraine replies easily. "And I chucked on the deck afterward." She looks over. "He's a bit glum, but he'll do. He'll cheer up once he's flying again."

"I am sure I am flight capable, sir, and I will be glad to help out however I can." Agrippa is at least confident enough in that capacity, returning to be a top notch Viper pilot not long out of the Air Wing Flight School though, that may take a little work. "I'm… glad to be onboard." He does shoot Ygraine a thin lipped smile at her rather positive attitude, hoping that she is right and it will be that simple.

Petra shifts his look back to Ygraine, "Predator, my bad. You keep changing aircraft on me." To Agrippa, he listens for a moment and nods his head slowly in agreement, "I dont doubt that, Ensign. Im sure Ygraine has you well taken care of in this regard, but are there any questions you've been wanting to ask and dont have the answers for yet? There's a lot we still dont know, but some things are coming in, at least."

Ygraine lets out a small sigh, her hand absently straying to her neck bandage. She fingers it gingerly but doesn't remove it.

Agrippa was going to ask someone on the Orion who may be in the position to receive this knowledge if there were any survivors from the Valkyrie but since Petra had asked him instead, he knew the answer. "No sir… not yet at least. I just look forward to leaving the Recovery Ward and finishing my full recovery." Which includes some physical fitness to regain his lost strength as well. He also dares not ask about the ship that his parents had served on, not wanting to know the answer, already expecting the worst.

Petra considers that answer for a moment, glancing down at the floor, then nods and slowly rises to his feet, "Alright then, I'll leave you in Milkshake's hands then and I'll probably be back tomorrow to hand you your new papers. Send word up to CIC if something comes up." With that said, he scoots the chair back and flashes a small smile at Ygraine before stepping away from the two. He goes out of his way to stop at the foot of Afton's bed, arching one brow at the quiet woman and smiling very slightly, "Didn't like the one bit being shaved off after all?"

Ygraine grins. "My hands means ride 'im hard and put 'im away wet, sir." Ygraine advises Petra. Hey, that saying works both ways…doesn't it?

"Thank you sir." Agrippa says with a respectful nod of his head to the Lieutenant Colonel before he glances back to Ygraine, her words causing him to chuckle in amusement, unable to hold it back. "So where did you get your doctorate in psychology, Milkshake? It appears that troubled pilots are being pushed to you to mend their troubles."

At the moment, Agrippa has pulled a seat up next to Ygraine's bed and is once again speaking with her. Petra had also pulled a chair up earlier for a brief word with the both of them, and is now getting ready to depart though he does stop by Afton's bed to check in on her.

Zoned out from drugs, it takes Afton a moment to focus on the TACCO. Lifting her hand carefully so not to disturb the IV, she brushes her palm to it. Those nasty claw marks reach up along her head and are stitched closed at the deepest points. "Yeah…I thought I would make a fashion statement." she admits and then glances to the others. "Didn't have to take your time to come visit little ole me…"

Ygraine grins at Agrippa. "Common sense farm wisdom, that's all it is. We farmgirls know what we're talkin' about."

Petra sets his clipboard down on the foot of Afton's bed, linking his hands behind his back as he approaches up one side of it, "You say things like that like I dont care what happens to the Parajumper that keeps kicking my ass in sparring practice. I was told a wolf tried to use you and Knox as chewtoys. Hopefully he's in better shape than you are, hmm?" He smiles a little at the teasing, watching her face.

"Not Knox, sir." Afton says faintly. "I believe they attacked the DCAG, the young ECO over there and another marine. Knox is still recovering, sir. I am sorry I missed our meeting." She smiles at him faintly. "Guess I got to learn to dodge better." She admits with a faint sense of humor. "How do you like the new hair do? I thought about cutting designs in it but then they did it while I was out so I really had no say."

"Farmgirl, huh?" Agrippa says, sounding somewhat surprised at first though it does explain Ygraine's rather positive and outgoing attitude. "Certainly a drastic change going from agriculture to piloting Raptors and Predators."

Petra rumbles softly as he leans in closer to get a better look at Afton's new 'do', chuckling as he leans back, "Once it heals, you should keep it shaved in that exact pattern. So the next time you come in to the rescue of some poor wounded sap, they'll know they're dealing with a PJ that doesn't even take crap off of wild animals."

A light laugh and she sighs faintly. "I was going to ask for some others to go in on my new fad but you know, I think most are worried thay can't pull it off like I can." She grins even more, a flash of white teeth. "What about you, sir? Would you go bald?" She glances up at his fair hair and reaches up while he's leaning to brush at it a moment. "Bet you could do it."

Whether it's a shift change or no, Dr. Nadir steps into the recovery ward accompanying a crewman who'd had the fortune to need his appendix extracted on the spur of the moment. This being one of those things that can't wait, as simple as the surgery can be, it had pushed the crewman to the head of the line. Nadir is escorting the still unconscious crewman to the recovery ward while speaking to one of the nurses in a quiet voice regarding post-op care, stuff that they both know that the nurse knows, but it's form and function all the same.

Petra absently reaches up to touch his hair at his temple, hrming noncommitally, "When the grey starts to come in? Probably so. My father had two shocks of bright white hair at the temples before I ever got out of middle school, so I expect my days are numbered in that regard. You see me showing up in the fitness center with no hair? You know what happened." He glances over at the arrival of Samtara, offering the Doctor a small bow of his head if she looks that way.

"Well," Ygraine drawls to Agrippa, her arms now bandage free, but neck still thoroughly covered, "I'm rrrrrreeeeeally smart." She nods emphatically, which is then followed by, "…ow."

Afton looks a bit amused and then sighs, "Ahhh so you wouldn't do it to make me feel better. Well I will remember its entirely because you are afraid of grey hair." She admits and then settles her hand back to her stomach. "But perhaps I can get cleared in a day for at least a walk up to command center and be able to speak with you. Right now I think the doctors would tie me to my bed. Leave one day, back the next. Its not a good track record."

When the the drawling begins, Agrippa can't help but smirk in amusement, shaking his head. His attention is momentarily diverted though when the doctor comes in with a new patient, eyes looking to see who it is being escorted in.

Seeing the crewman, one of the men in charge of food prep in the mess hall, Dr. Nadir makes one more sweep of his vitals, another few notes on the chart before turning to the rest of the room to survey the rest of the wounded currently awake and in various stages of repair. She exchanges a nod with the Lt. Colonel, "Sir," she offers before her attention settles on Vashti for a moment, around to St. James the next, "and my wolf attack survivors, not chasing any flea bites, I trust?"

Petra chuckles softly at Afton, "And here I thought you were asking if I'd ever entertain it. We'll see, perhaps tomorrow I might come down and surprise you, you never know. The jokes will start that I finally pulled all my hair out, I'm sure." When the doctor approaches, he clams up with an amused smile, trying to avoid getting in the way of her rounds and checking on the patient.

"Surprises are nice, as long as they don't put me up in the sickbay longer..well as a patient. You know its hard to relax when you always relate the place with work." Afton smiles at him and then glances over to Nadir as she speaks. "Doctor Sunshine. Not so far, but then I can't feel too much right now." She taps the iv.

"Nope, I'm cool." Ygraine calls out to Samtara. And then, "Hey, Afton?" that's to the pararescue in the other bed, of course.

"Excellent," Dr. Nadir replies as she checks the charts on both of the wolf wounded, takes another 'read' on the status of both women before tucking the ball point pen into her pocket and eyeing Vashti for another thoughtful moment. "Lets have another look at those stitches, if you don't mind," she asks of Ygraine in a quieter voice.

Augie arrives from the Sickbay.

Petra mmms and winks at Afton, "I think I'll be heading back upstairs at this point. We SHOULD be getting word back from the marines here very shortly about the present Shepard and Ygraine over there found, and Im interested to hear what happened to everyone. I'll come back down a little later, alright?"

When the doctor begins making her rounds, Agrippa slowly rises to his feet once more and gives Doctor Nadir a respectful nod before looking back to Ygraine, "I'll head back to my bed and let the Doctor do her work." Not wanting to be in the way and perhaps ready to get a bit of rest again as changes are coming for him. Before leaving though, he does give Milkshake a brief smile, "Thanks for your help." With that, he grabs the chair and half drags, half carries it back to where he found it before shuffling back to his own assigned bed.

"Don't get in trouble on your way to see-eye-see, sir." Afton says and winks at him. "Thanks for stopping down." She glances up to Nadir and then once more to Ygraine. "Sir?" She says to the ECO, the PJ shifting a little in her bed to tilt her head and look at the young woman.

Speaking of presents and surprises, the first reports of the ship arriving into space come in, being piloted by the DCO of all the people. It's a sloppy jump in, but a successful one before all the Raptors come to it and eventually, wounded start to trickle in. Among the first is the very same DCO as Augustus gets carted in, having been treated for three bullet wounds across his arms and chest and a fourth that tore thorugh his neck. He's laying on his cot, toking that damn smelly cigar of his and grinning to beat the devil. Why? Because next to him on the bed is a Centurion's head.

"Thank you. I woulda said it earlier, but ya know, morpha'd my brains out." Ygraine says, beaming across to the other woman in the bed. Then dutifully she turns her attention to the doctor. Her arm stitches have been exposed to the air and allowed to breathe, but her neck is still covered so presuming those are what Dr. Nadir want to look at, she carefully tilts her head to the side.

A grin takes her lips as Afton touches her fingers to her head lightly. "It's my job, sir. Glad to help." The Jumper watches the Doctor with the ECO a moment and then her gaze slips to Agrippa, watching him. New face and all. "Hey…" The drugs be nice and she is feeling better for them even if she sin't all together whole.

Augie leaves, heading toward the Sickbay [SB].

Augie arrives from the Sickbay.

As the newest member gets moving into the ward, she is looking over because of the smell first and then she is staring for a good long while. She blinks and then taps her IV just to make sure. "DCO?"

Nadir aims another nod at the Ensign, one she doesn't actually recognize on sight alone, but focuses more on the stitches running along Ygraine's neck than anything else. "Good, the stitches aren't pulling oddly, tilt your head, please, side to side, let me see how they're holding when you move," she asks Ygraine.

Kalum arrives from the Sickbay.

A long draw and the release of fragrant smoke as Augie lifts the Centurion head. "The DCO says hello." he pantomines as he puts the head back down. "My new coffee mug." he grins as he is morpha'd to the moon right now.

Ygraine does as instructed, but her eyes are straining in the direction of the Cylon head. From the look on her face, she is soooooo jealous.

Raising his hand, Agrippa returns Afton's brief greeting with a wave of his own as for him, everyone is more or less a new face, some just not as new, having met them once or twice already. He does eventually return to his bed, slipping back onto the comfortable padding.

"Light duty," Nadir says after she examines Ygraine's stitches, watching the tug of the skin around the stitches, checking the resitual swelling before she nods. "Tomorrow," she adds, clarifying. "Light duty, no jumping out of raptors or anything else, no running laps around the hangar bay, no dueling wolves in the meadow planet side. Understood?"

"Understood." Yggy says eagerly. She relaxes into bed, and resolves to get some rack time.

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