AWD #017: Making Omelettes and Plans
Making Omelettes and Plans
Summary: Mess Hall Chatter
Date: 24/Jan/2013 (OOC Date)
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Mess Hall - Battlestar Orion
The Crew Mess on the Orion is one of the larger rooms meant for occupation. The room is far longer than it is wide with the classic stainless steel tables that can be seen anywhere else on the ship, standard to all navy ships. Most of the chairs match, their padding on the seats worn down after several years. Towards the rear of the room is the food prep area and serving lines. During the time in between meals the Mess will serve midrats, or 'mid-shift rations', such as sandwiches and drinks. Coffee pots are left to run at all hours to keep people going as needed.
24 January 2005

The invitation to Zander was a pretty simple one. Chow hall. Morning. Come see me, I have a project. - Zach.

Having taken over part of the mess hall, Zachary is currently working on his own project. Namely chopping onions and peppers down. He has a well-trained hand that is able to handle the delicate dicing without slicing off his fingers or such.

Another project. Because Zander Sava doesn't have enough on his plate. But the ECO Geek is not about to show that he can't handle anything or the workload or whatever. That would just make him a bigger failure. And he doesn't need to feel like that on top of everything else. "Apologies, Sir. I would've been here sooner but" He holds up his tablet. "it needed to charge." He won't say that he was sleeping also. Sleep is for the weak! And the Viper pilots! Because they don't have to do anything but shoot lasers.

Jess is in the chow line, sliding a tray along in front of her. Fruit. Yogurt. Granola. It's a pretty boring breakfast that she is in the process of acquiring. Despite being a viper pilot, she looks just a little bit sleepless around the edges, a little tight around the eyes, faint shadows beneath them that can't be attributed to smudged make-up or bruises from playing with marines. "Sir," she greets Zachary as her place in the line passes his place in the kitchen. "Buttons," she adds as Zander arrives.

"As I said, Zander, it is no rush." Using his first name? Zachary is trying to get to know his unit better - and to gauge the young man he knows had plenty of work on his shoulders lately on how he can handle a little more pressure, ready to pass off the projects if he needs to. "I find that I think better on a full stomach. Would you enjoy an omelette?" he asks. "I make to order. My personal favorite is one I make with carmalized onions, roasted red peppers, portabellas and chorizo covered with a mix of feta and parmesean and sprinkled with fresh basil chiffonade. But seeing as a battlestar doesn't really carry about half of what I want, I'm making due." he chuckles. "Though I have put in a request to the Ag Center to plant some of the items if they have the seed stock." Noticing Jess, the D-CAG offers a smile. "Jess, morning. Omelette?"

Zander is only semi-listening to the words coming out of the DCAG's mouth at this moment. He's a bit busy trying to get the tablet to boot up. "I just need like a half a second. She takes a little longer to boot up when she's been charging. S'why I never turn her off, heh." Zander doesn't even realize he's being asked anything until he looks back up from pushing buttons on the tablet. "Um. I uh— sure? I mean, I usually just grab a can of liquid sugar and I'm good for the day but um… yeah?" Zander does not know how to react to this getting made food stuff. Oh man, Jess is here too. Sweet? "Hey." is offered to Nags with a humble nod. "You can make hers first, though. While you brief me or whatevs." Zander is really going to have to work on this nervous thing.

Omelette? Jess was going to keep moving past, but that has her stopping and side-stepping back towards the major. "Yes, please," she replies, "Love one, thanks. Hey," she adds to Zander, perhaps forgetting that she already greeted him. She shakes her head and gestures vaguely with a hand, saying, "You were here first."

"What would you like on it, Jess?" Zachary asks. He takes half of the onions and dumps them into a skillet, setting them to cooking. "How goes the training with the Marines?" he asks as he glances towards the woman. "You look beat." he comments as he starts mixing the eggs.

Zander finds the closest solid thing to lean up against and does so. He's got his eyes on the tablet and she's finally starting to speak to him and that's all good. He starts flipping around the touch screen to get to his assignments and task manager stuff, before looking up and peering at the conversation. "Training with marines?" It's mostly a comment to himself.

Options? Jess seems a bit nonplussed by options, and shrugs, smile crooked as she replies, "Whatever you've got, sir. I think I used to not be a fan of mushrooms once upon a time, but after ten years in I'll eat just about anything you put in front of me. Training's alright," she goes on, finding a spot for her tray and a counter's edge to lean back against, "I don't get beat that often." She flashes a grin, and then explains aside to Zander, "Hand to hand and stuff."

"Alright, then you get the same style I want. I'm lazy like that." Zachary says as he works on setting up the omelettes. Carmalized onions, peppers, ham, cheeses, and folds it over neatly to slide it on a plate and offers it to Jess. "I'm going to put a couple of more projects on Zander here - think he can handle it?" She's been working with Zander closer than he has - and she's a better judge of his condition than what Zander would tell him.

Hey! Zander is honest! There are no lies or whatever in the cards! Zander's eyes narrow a little bit, because he's STANDING RIGHT THERE, but then he's deciding to not open his mouth about anything lest he end up with a Sequel to the first Mess Hall of Hell that he went through. Frown. But silence. "Cool. Good luck with it, Nags." is muttered about the whole marine hand-to-hand foolishness. He's not exactly sure how punching a Cylon is going to do anything but hey, he doesn't have to learn it so… whatever.

"Sounds good," Jess says, watching Zachary's omelette assembly. She drums thumbs on the counter she's leaning on, and glances at Zander for his mutter, shrugging, "Orders." At the mention of further projects, brows tick up. "I mean, I'm sure he can handle it, sir," she says, "But to be honest, I'd really like to keep as much of his time as possible on the sim upgrade project just now. We've been making some really good progress, and I think we can get a pretty decent first go banged out in the next week or so, but if you start loading him up with other stuff we're going to have to push that back. Only so many hours in the day, you know? So I guess it really depends on how you want to prioritize." She turns both hands outward as she shrugs.

"I agree. I actually plan on having Deck do most of the work, I just wanted to see if he'd be willing to oversee the project." Zachary explains as he works on the next omelette, "So he won't be on it all the time - just something for him to check on." Oooh, a possibility of minions, Zander. "During our run on Picon, Sebastian suggested that we try to emp-out the ground forces there to buy them some time. Problem is, our signal isn't strong enough or they use something different on the ground forces. I want to see if Deck can work with the ALQS rigs and see about setting them up to shut down Cylon ground units. Of course, the best way to do that is to capture a Cylon. That won't be easy, so this is more of a theory than a practicality."

"I can do it." Zander pipes up, stepping closer as if not wanting to be left out of the conversation about his own abilities. "I mean, we're at war, right? So who cares about sleep? If I gotta' not sleep to have a chance at putting a dent in the Cylon crapulation, then I just don't gotta' sleep." Zander shrugs a bit. "Ain't been sleepin' well anyhow." And then he's working on changing the subject once more, twirling the tablet around and showing the final designs for the Raiders and such. "By the way, I'm all done with the designs for the Sims. Soon as we finish going through all the footage and stuff, I can work on inputting them with my Rough Draft program. Bad news? Sims'll be down for a few hours while I'm installing everything." At least the Raider designs look like they're supposed to finally.

"Capture a Cylon?" Jess is ignoring Zander for the moment, stuck on that part. She rubs at the side of her face, and then reaches to take the omelette-plate when it's finished, finding a fork and taking a couple bites before saying, "You think that's a good idea, sir? I mean, we've got no idea how the things communicate, bringing one back here could let them know where we are. Couldn't the Raptors rig up something to get readings on them instead? Figure out their wavelengths or frequencies or what sort of electromagnetic signals they're giving off while they fly around over them and work from that instead?" She gestures with her fork, shakes her head a little, "It just seems like asking for trouble, bringing one back here. Until we know more."

Mornings. The deckhand does not like them. She never has, but now that the usual hum of the deck has turned into the buzzing of angry bees, they've been especially bad. Little sleep. Bad sleep when she gets it. It's written all over her face as she putters into the mess hall, rubbing at her eyes and mumbling something under her breath that may as well be Frankenstein's monster calling out for caffeine.

"Jess. If a single Cylon can transmit light years to his basestar and bring it here somehow, I am sure the Deckies will drool and trip over themselves to strip the bastard down and get their hands on that tech. I understand your concerns, but at the same time, do you know of anything that can reach that far with their communications? Plus, it's a radio wave. Even from here - let's say a prisoner transmits a location. It would take decades for the signal to reach the nearest outpost." he points out. "And I don't see any Cylon's using fiber optic tech. Unreliable in a vaccuum." After he sets up Zander's omelette, he slides it on a plate and hears that zombish murrr. "…Petty Officer. Good morning." he offers to Sera.

Zander frowns and looks back down at his tablet, before looking at the omlette'd plate. There's another frown. "Uh. I can do it?" Zander repeats, just in case nobody was listening the first time. He's more than willing to go the extra mile to do something that will help with the destruction of the Cylons. That's the only reason he's still wandering around and breathing in the first place. To help kill the Cylons. Apparently, with his MIND. "Side Quest? This smells amazing." That's some kind of gamer compliment or something. And then he's looking off in the direction of Sera also and he just offers a small nod.

Sera peels her hand away from the eye it was rubbing, which has left the skin of her right eyelid and the socket surrounding it a bit pink from sheer friction. The grunt she shoots in Zachary's direction was probably, "Sir." It sounded like a sir. Sort of. Not so much on the 'S'. A whole lot of 'R'. And then she's biting her lip, staring at her breakfast options with the facial expression of someone who has gotten used to powdered eggs and reconstituted whatever, but doesn't necessarily like that. That facial expression mostly involves a lot of nose wrinkling and baleful, albeit sleepy, glares at the plates.

"Do we know for sure it's a radio wave, sir? They've been gone forty years," Jess replies, glancing over her shoulder at Sera's arrival but continuing the conversation, "They don't fly like anything we've ever seen. Their basestars don't look like anything we've ever seen. We haven't been picking up their signals that I've heard about yet. Who knows what else they might have invented?" There is more fork-gesturing. "This is maybe literally the only safe place left in the galaxy. Why would you take that chance? Capture one and poke at it, sure, but do it somewhere else."

"Yes, because there are so many places that are safe that we can go to experiment on one." Zachary says, and to make his point, he calls out.. Sera. Poor girl. "Petty officer, what do you know of Cylon communications from your studies?" he asks her as he pauses. "Omelette?" he offers to Sera, and then smiles. "I apologize for putting you on the spot, but I would like to talk to you about seeing if we can modify an ALQS to scramble the ground forces like we do in the air - but I believe it would be best to have a.." he can't call it alive, it's a tin can, "..activated subject?"

Zander just puts his hand back down and tries to balance his omelet plate on his arm while flipping the flap on his tablet cover closed, so that he can get himself off to somewhere a bit less Going Downhill like this conversation seems to be. "I'll uh… take five." is offered to both Zachary and Jess, before he snatches up a fork and moves to take a seat at a table that's just far enough that he can look like he's not involved in this conversation, but close enough to still be able to hear everything. Chow time!

There's a mute nod in reference to the omelette, then a sort of croaky "Uhhhhhh." Her opening. It's very eloquent. "Well, honestly, sir? I don't specialize in electrical systems. I mean, I understand the basic functioning of a Raptor's various electronic countermeasures systems, but that's mostly from experience workin' on 'em, not A-school trainin' a dozen years ago. Upgraded mechanical systems and ordnance packages is more my game. But, uhh, bearin' that in mind? So, it really depends on how you're lookin' to do it. I mean, are you plannin' on droppin' the ALQs pods down onto the ground? Or are you lookin' to frak with their comm systems without droppin' down into atmo? 'Cause if it's the latter, you'd need a signal boost to that 448, which is already too powerful for most birds to take well and tends to, y'know, start lightin' things up. And I really don't recommend settin' your ride on fire." Sera then gives Zach this look. Like, it's a look that could probably peel paint off a recently patched, primed, and polished Viper. That look most definitely says, 'Please don't light anything on fire on my deck. I don't like when things are on fire.'

Zachary turns his attention to Zander. Oh no, you didn't escape. "Well, I believe that trials should be made on paper and in the computer and simulator before we move on to trying to fry anything?" he suggests to Sera. "I was going to ask if Zander could assist in that department, if you do not mind working with one of mine?" he asks, as he builds Sera an omelette and sets it on her plate. She can pick off the stuff she doesn't like.

"And it is my hope that the next time we are on an occupied planet we can capture a killed Cylon to rip it open and take a look at what's on the inside of it to help us get an idea of what upgrades they made in the last four decades." Zachary says as he works on making his own omelette finally.

Clad in a set of slightly rumpled blues with the top button undone, Holtz enters the mess hall in search of breakfast. Stifling a yawn, he creeps into the line in front of the kitchen area, and is thus close enough to hear the tail end of his conversation with Sera and Zander. "What we need is to get our hands on a bleedin' Raider," he calls out. "We could analyze one of those suckers, it'd take a lot of the guesswork out of our project." He grabs a plate and ladles himself a spoonful of scrambled eggs.

Jess does not look in the least bit convinced by the point Zachary has made, but continues eating her omelette and listens with obvious, silent interest as Sera replies. Holtz's arrival turns her head and she jerks her chin up in greeting, polishing off the last of her eggs before saying, "Hey, Storm. Yeah, I'd like to know how one of those works. No idea how we'd trap one, though, or where we'd put it. Maybe next time we can grab some debris, at least some pieces might show us how they're wired or something. Give the deckies something to play with. You know what'd be good is some sort of directed EMP weapon."

Zander is looking back up with some kind of strange look in his eyes. There's so many people showing up now and this conversation is about to get even deeper than it needs to be. Or should be. Or something. He's in the middle of chowing down on his omelette and manages to give something of a nod-wave to Storm. "I can do whatever you need me to do, Sir." is the response to the DCAG about assisting with projects and such. Because: Minions. "But um, yeah, directed EMP weapon sounds awesome. They got one in Cylon Filter and it works great." In a video game, of course it does.

"So you're okay with a Raider, but not a trooper?" Zachary arches a brow at Jess, but sits down to enjoy his omelette, and nods to Zander. "Well, any advantage we can find would be a good advantage." he points out as he starts to chow down. "Good morning, Storm." is offered to Holtz.

Sera blinks a few times at the mention of capturing Cylons. And Raiders. And rather than comment, elects to pick off a piece of her omelette — not because she doesn't like it, but to shove it in her mouth. Classy. At least she has the decency to chew and swallow before adding, "Hey, my orders come from the Chief. And his orders come from command. So as long as all your projects are cleared through them, I'll paint your frames pink and cover them in tinfoil to keep the toasters from readin' your brain waves, if that's what you want." There's a bit of a shrug there. Non-commital. "Personally, I agree with the lady, but it ain't my call."

"Morning, sir. Buttons." Holtz greets the major and lieutenant each with a nod, then looks over at Jess with a short wave. "Too bad we didn't have the time to stop and grab some pieces over Caprica," he replies with a sigh. A thoughtful nod follows her mention of an EMP weapon before his eyes slide back to Zander. "That's great, Lieutenant, but can you make it work in the real world?" he asks, genuinely curious. Hey, at least he remembered the younger man's proper rank this time. "Don't think I've ever seen one in a Colonial arsenal."

"I'm in favor of examining both of them," Jess clarifies to Zachary, "I just don't think it should be done here at Piraeus. Put them on some other ship some other place, work on them there." She shrugs, and eats a last chunk of red pepper before crossing the counter to put plate and fork on the conveyer to head back to be cleaned. She points at Zander as she's walking back, at his mention of Cylon Filter and says, "Exactly. Yeah, me neither," she admits to Holtz, "I imagine they're probably tough to come by in real life, but that seems like a thing worth trying to rig up if it's at all possible, I think."

Zachary works on his omelette, and he's about halfway through when he considers Sera's comment. "Fair enough. I suppose I will just have to have a chat with Command, then." There's a thin smile as the DCAG rises up. "And I need to take care of a few other things before I do that, so if you will all excuse me?" he asks as he starts to drop off his own plate.

"We do have other ships with us that would be viable candidates for examination, but that would, of course, also put their entire crew at risk durin' the course of any sort of activation of their tech. Assumin' that they can communicate that quickly, that far," Sera replies with a vague frown. "It's better than puttin' the entire planet at risk. But it's still somethin' to consider." She takes her fork to her breakfast, poking at it and prodding it around on her plate.

"Maybe? I mean… I dunno. We could try? Worst case scenario is that it doesn't work and we break it back down and use the parts for something else?" Zander wasn't really prepared to be answering questions about that. He hasn't done any research on it. "I could try to see how it works on the game. Maybe there's some science to the fictionality of it all. Could be a good enough starting point, yeah." Zander is already forgetting about his food and making notes on his tablet about all of this. Man, if he can figure out how to make this work, he might can get a Level Up to Hero status.

"Better one ship than a planet and the whole taskforce," Jess replies to Sera, and shrugs, "It's not ideal. If we could get a spot on-planet to work on them, with the people fighting there, that might be better, but then you're still risking those crewmembers. There's no scenario here that doesn't risk someone. But," she leans back against the counter, resuming her original spot, "I think I agree that we need the data badly enough to merit some sort of risk. If we're going to beat them we need a better understanding than currently. I just don't think we need to risk Piraeus." Another shrug, and she looks over to Zander and his programming, and says, "If you need the game for that, I'll give it back. I'm sure the order doesn't count when it's for a project."

"Oh, I agree, don't get me wrong," Holtz replies to Jess regarding the EMP weapon, his eyes flicking between her and Zander. "Yeah, do that, Buttons. Maybe weigh in with some engineering types, see what they think." He cranes his neck, looking over at Sera. "You're going to be putting someone at risk no matter how you play it," he notes. "Hate to reduce it to a simple numbers game, but that's what it is. Better a single ship and — yeah," Jess' sentiments echo his own thoughts, and he trails off with a nod of agreement. "Ask me, it's worth the risk to one ship as long as the fleet and the planet stay safe."

Yeah. Okay. At this point, Sera's just kind of staring at the trio of pilots. Well, more like gawking at them. Like, her mouth has fallen slightly agape, leaving a bit of yellow omelette crammed into one of her cheeks clearly visible. Her eyes widen as she mouths 'Wooooow' down at her plate, which she quickly clears from the table as she rises up from it, her food barely touched. "Right. About that." A slow exhale comes out of her, before she slides her chair back and turns to go.

Zander is just making notes. Lots of notes. "I'm good. I practically know Cylon Filter like the back of my hand. And I've got the manuals all uploaded on my gamer tablet." Zander just kind of offers a dismissive wave of his hand. "I say we worry about this EMP weapon later. We've got a lot on our plates right now and the faster we get these new Sims up and running the faster we can move on to something else. Plus, having the Vipers ready to roll out and PK these damn things is a good call. We might not even have to 'sacrifice' anyone or anything then." Zander is all done with eating because his mind is racing now with ideas. "I gotta' get back to work on this Sim stuff. When we're ready to look at the rest of the footage, let me know."

"Yeah, definitely." Holtz says to Zander. "Wouldn't want you burning yourself out on somethin' that may or may not even be feasible. The sims've gotta be our priority for now, I agree." He catches Sera's reaction out of the corner of his eye, and turns to face her with a flat stare. "You got somethin' you want to say, Petty Officer, you can feel free to say it. Preferably without the stupid faces."

"With all due respect, sir," Sera begins rather calmly, and rather slowly, swallowing down whatever words immediately sprang to her lips. "I've been around Raptors and Vipers for more than ten years. I know their systems well. I've a flown a bit, too." Both brows arch upwards, "So how well do you think it would go if I sat here with a bunch of my fellow knuckledraggers, talkin' about how I think it would be a good idea to blow a hole in some Raiders, so I'd best just get myself down to the deck, and climb in a cockpit, and take a bird out, and see how it went? And maybe later, I'd talk it over with the CAG to get some feedback on my flyin'?"

On her way through the corridors in the direction of the mess, Afton in her green fatigues ran into a DCO and this is how our story begins. The two enter into the mess, speaking between themselves with the PJ looking a little grumpy as it is and giving a shake of her head at something he says. Making a quick straight line for the food, she glances around a moment to see who is already enjoying a meal.

"Gal, yer more wound up than a virgin in a Virgonese whorehouse." Augie offers bluntly to Afton. "Ya need somethin to hit, I'm game, but ya got to tell me what's eating at ya. It's the price of admission. Promise I won't fall in love with ya like I did with the last gal to accept the therapy, though." he winks at that as they enter the chowline. "Shit, someone made omelettes and didn't leave any? Frakker."

Jess stops her absent finger-drumming to turn and look at Sera as Holtz mentions faces. She doesn't interrupt, but dark brows do arch higher as the deckhand speaks. "Well, we'd probably feel like you were looking to get courtmartialed for commandeering aircraft," she replies, tone even, "I really don't see the comparison. No one is talking about doing deckhands' jobs. We're talking about the sims, which are ours, and about a totally theoretical weapon that he's," she gestures at Zander, "Researching video games for. Anything more mechanical than that we were talking about as a project that someone - not us - should do. So I'm really not sure what your problem is, here."

Zander stops like a deer in Cylon Lights the moment he's referenced. "… And I'll take that as my cue to exit stage left." Zander scoops up his tablet and flips it closed, before turning and giving everyone some sort of formal nod of a greeting or an exit greeting. "Everything's a theory until we apply it to reality. And I've got no intentions of applying anything to reality that will hurt anyone on this boat or anyone else's. We've already lost enough people. I won't have a hand in us losing anymore." That is said to pretty much the entire Mess Hall, but with minimal loud voice and more just… effective speech selection patterns. "Now, if you all will excuse me, I've got some work to do."

+2 Speech.

Holtz stays quiet as Jess addresses Sera, nodding along as his fellow pilot speaks. "I'm no engineer, PO. Neither is she," he adds with a jerk of the chin towards Jess. "We know that. We're trying to figure out better ways to be able to do our frakkin' jobs, nothin' more. Maybe you should tend to your own instead of worrying about how we're doin' ours." His voice is even, his eyes lingering on Sera for a moment before he turns to Zander. "All right, Lieutenant. Let me know when you've got some time to go over that last bit of footage, yeah?"

"….Apparently, I misheard the entire part of the conversation where the D-CAG was askin' me about applyin' these modifications to the Raptors. Or maybe I just imagined that part, sir," she says dryly, offering the Viper jocks a little two-fingered salute from the top of her brow before turning on her heel. Sera pokes her tongue into her cheek as she moves towards the conveyor belt, depositing her tray and her mostly untouched food.

Glancing towards the group involving three pilots and a deckhand, Afton nods her head to Augie. "Maybe later, sir.." She makes a quick motion with her chin in their direction and then grabs a tray and pauses at Sera gets close. "Hey, Rutlii, how is?" She asks with a smile and a glance over her shoulder at the small group. A glance to Augie and she lets her tray fall to rest at her side.

Augie falls quiet for a moment. "Petty Officer." he greets, and nods towards Afton. Later seems to be agreed upon.

"And apparently you missed the part of the conversation where all this was in the purely theoretical stage, too," Holtz retorts mildly. "Don't worry, we'll make sure we call the professionals before we start lookin' to put any of this in practice, yeah?" Noticing Afton and Augie, he raises his hand in greeting. "Mornin', Afton. Augie." Then he quiets down, attention going back to his tray as he shovels a spoonful of eggs into his mouth.

"Just frakkin' peachy," Sera mutters to Afton, only stopping short in her path to the hatch as she's approached by her fellow PO. Her lips press into a thin line, slowly draining of color. Irritation? It's obvious. It's there in the down-turned corners of her mouth, in the slight wrinkle of her brow. One look at Augie is all it takes for her to go fishing into her pockets for her pack of cigarettes. It's… not the brand she's usually seen smoking in the corridors. Weird.

"I guess you did mishear," says Jess, "Because he was talking about deckhands doing that work, which is why he has to go talk to both command and the deck chief about it." She rolls her eyes as she turns back, giving a wave to Zander and then saying to Holtz, "Yeah. We need to do that. After lunch? I've got CAP to get to."

"Y'all all feel better for gangin up on the deckies?" Augie asks the pilots, looking between them. "She's been under a lot of stress lately, ya wanna start pointin out what she is and ain't hearin, we're gonna have a chat."

"Sounds like it," Afton says and then puts the tray back a moment, giving a brief wave to Holtz with a lift of her hand in greeting. Looking back to the deckie, she eyes the cigarettes and hmmms. "Hey look, we were going to hit the fitness center. Want to come with. We can come back to the mess later." She expresses and then gives a tilt of her head towards the door. "PO?" She takes a step that way."

Holtz nods. "Sounds good, Nags. I'm just on Alert-Five today, so I'll be around when you get back." Flinty eyes sweep across the room, finding the DCO again. "What, like she's the only one? Gimme a frakkin' break, Garrido." He shakes his head. "We're all stressed, for frak's sake. Ain't nobody got sole claim on that." His mouth tightens in annoyance, and he shovels down the last of his breakfast. "If this is gonna turn into a godsdamn pity party, I've got better things to do."

"Yeah, and we're under no stress at all," Jess laughs, "She thinks we want to do her job for her, we're clarifying. You all have a problem, take it up with the DCAG, he's the one saying shit she doesn't like, anyway." Clearly annoyed as well, she gives a 'what he said' nod to her Holtz's words as she turns away. "Cool," she says to him, "I'll grab you after. We should get some gym time in, too. Before or after? Lemme know." And she is heading out, giving him a pat on the shoulder as she goes.

"And talking to her back is sooooo helpful for ya, right?" Augie snaps at the two. "Go unass the AO and find better shit to be better than us at." he mutters, shooing motions made with his hands, and then he turns to Sera. "Ya alright, Rutlii?"

If Sera's palm hit her face any harder, she'd probably knock herself out. "Ohh, frak me," she mutters. "Yes. Yes, I'm perfectly frakkin' fine. There's nothin' better to brighten my day than bein' talked about like I'm either half-deaf or not in the room. It's amazin' for my stress problems, which stem mostly from not bein' able to tell officers to go shove the nose of a Viper up their ass and spin." And her eyes? If her eyes rolled any harder, they'd get stuck somewhere in the back of her skull. It's followed by a sickly sweet smile that gets plastered on her face as she says, "Afton. Dearest. Yes. Yes, let's go hit things that are padded, before I break my hand hitting a wall."

Shelving food for now, Afton gives a glance back towards the others as the pilots begin to spread to the wind. That sickly sweet smile is stared at a moment that Sera presents. She chews on her lip a moment, "Right, Sera, lets get you some gloves." She starts to lead the way, giving Holtz a look that is a hope he'll drop it. A roll of her shoulders and the Jumper glances to Garrido as well. There is a breath indrawn and she stays pleasantly distanced for a time as she draws Sera of the mess with her towards the fitness center.

Holtz seems to know a pointless battle when he sees one, and he doesn't speak any further as he gathers up his plate and utensils, moving to dump them on the conveyor. He offers a brusque nod to the rest of those gathered, reaching a hand up to button the top button of his blues jacket as he makes for the door.

Sera stands well clear of the door, leaving Holts plenty of room to make it through the hatch. She is, after all, busy fishing her lighter out of her pocket, to go with that cigarette. It, in the meantime, is being held between her lips, tucked into the very corners, so that she can chew on the inside of her cheek.

"Eh, let it go, not worth it, Sera. Lets go get some gym time, you will feel better for it," Afton says and pats her back lightly before she motions with her head. "Those will kill you, you know?" She says in regards to the cancer stick. "I might even let you throw a few punches at me." She tries to make light but is glancing after the retreating pilot with a press of her lips into a thin line.

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