AWD #378: Making Her Safe
Making Her Safe
Summary: It's the day after the battle before and the knuckledraggers get to work.
Date: 04/07/2016
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Toby Niamh 
Hangar Bay - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
Each hangar deck is divided into five one-hundred yard sections, each divided from the others by massive blast doors that close vertically from the floor and overhead. Each hangar section houses all of the Vipers, Raptors, and Predators that the wing operates as well as the vital work areas to support and maintain these fighting platforms. Each bay is large enough to accommodate one of these frames and still get heavy work done, though the fore- and aft-most sections are dedicated to overhauls and major work to be done. The bays along the center section are located across from launch tubes and elevators in order to provide scramble and Alert-Five capabilities. The second-to-aft bay provides major elevator and transport access to the starboard bay as well as the major manufacturing facility. Due to the nature of the work, the hangar decks are major hubs of activity at all hours of the day and all but four hours overnight.
AWD #378

With the airwing having done such a splendid job of break so many of their craft the day before, both hanger bays are working almost flat out to get the damage ships operational again and back on the line. As they're back in Piraeus airspace the work isn't frantic, for that way leads to errors, but it is relentless. Those with only minor damage were patched up over night to get the maximum number airworthy again as soon as possible and now those teams have been freed to their racks and their replacements are starting on the longer task of overhauling the more serious damaged ones.
Having got in early enough to sweet talk the Chief into putting him on the team dealing with the raptor of a pilot he actually gets on with Toby is currently stood on the deck just in front of 687, eyeing the damage to the cockpit from the outside and discussing with the Petty Officer leading the team on just where to start.

Having managed to catch an hour of shut-eye, Niamh is back and bouncing into the Hangar, head bobbing to some unheard music going on inside of her head. She's looking around, hands obsessively checking pockets and her belt, and her tools that she carries with as part of her uniform. Her long braid is coming half undone and there are dark circles under her eyes, along with a fresh bruise colouring her cheek and smudge of grease on her chin. But the strange Crewman seems in good enough spirits, all things considered, that funny half-smile touching her mouth as she heads toward Toby and the Petty Officer, only tripping once over a cable on her way.

"Fraked if I know," Toby replies to the PO as Niamh approaches, although by his tone it seems like it's more the general grumbling of techs down through the centuries rather than any particular anger. "The ejectors should all be disarmed but I'll double check that and bleed the O2 out of the system so there's no surprises later." Noting the movement out of the corner of his eye he turns his head slightly and nods to Niamh. "Doubt we'll be able to work on the engines for a while yet," he notes as the PO nods and moves off to talk to someone else, "so do you mind giving my a hand in the cockpit? The kid has managed to get it quite convincingly mashed up and I might need a hand in some of the smaller spaces."

Pulling up to a stumbling stop beside her fellow Crewman, Niamh eyes the Raptor and pouts slightly, reaching out to touch the craft with a gloved hand, "Poor thing, your pilot really did a number on you. But don't worry, we'll get you all fixed up and you'll be good as new. Then we'll give your pilot a good talking to about taking better care so you don't get so banged up next time…" She'd probably continue on in that vein, talking to the ship, except she realizes that Toby's talking to her. Green eyes blink once, twice and she looks a bit surprised when her attention switches to him. "Oh… uh… yup, yessi-er I mean, roger-that." She gives him a quick, cheerful grin and tugs hair back from her face, wrapping a second band around the thick braid in an attempt to keep it out of her eyes. Then her hands check over her pockets again and gestures for him to go in first.

"She had a good pilot," Toby notes as he steps up onto the wing as a prelude to ducking through the hatch, "that's how come she's home at all." Carefully not mentioning how many raptors Kelsey hasn't brought home in the past he adds, "used to be one of us in fact, before the cylons attacked, but got selected for flight training when they realised they were going to need more pilots." Ducking in he gives her plenty of room to follow up then points to the ECO's seat, "safest place for the moment. I need to check the seats up front have been disarmed correctly and they're not about to eject out into the hanger roof." That would end poorly for him, but it's his job so he squeezes though the wreckage of the cockpit until he can sit in the pilots seat and then starts to run through the checks. It doesn't take long and then he's looking back with a faintly relieved expression, "bombs disarmed and disconnected, you can come on up, if you can fit."

"Oh… didn't mean…" Niamh blushes and looks really quite chastened, flustered enough to slip back into her native language, «I didn't mean the pilot's bad, I just…» With a small sigh, she shuts up and quietly follows Toby through the hatch, keeping well clear of the cock pit while he does his inspection, looking just a little nervous as she does. 'Cause being ejected into the Hangar roof would not be a good thing. Once he gives the all clear, Niamh takes a moment to assess the wreckage, then slips through into the cockpit. Luckily she's kind of skinny, so it's not quite the same level of squeeze, though it's still tight once she gets up front and her emerald eyes take in the damage up front. A soft tutting sound and a gloved hand passes lightly over the control, thin fingers careful not to touch anything critical.

Toby makes a quick note of the inspection and it's conclusion in the raptor's work book, then sets it down on the wreck of the console in front of him. «Don't sweat it, if they're around then they're all terrible and we hate them,but it's okay to secret get on with a few of the less obnoxious ones,» he replies with a faint grin. He doesn't seem to have any issues with writing while wearing gloves, which might indicate he's been doing it for a while, but now he's wearing his work ones rather than the lighter pair he usually has. «You know how to bleed the O2 out of the life support?» he asks, «with the bulkhead warped I'm not sure I'm going to be able to reach the canister, but I can talk you through it if you're unsure. It's down being the co-pilot's seat.»

A soft grunt and Niamh throws Toby a skeptical look about getting along with pilots of any stripe. But she doesn't argue since she needs to get this ship fixed and fighting fit again. «Uh-… yessir… done it a couple times, but not when it's been so broken.» She pets the damaged console again and then works her way around to find the access to the canister, eyeing the damage there. «Frak…» Niamh curses, then mutters under her breath and then sighs. «It's gonna be tight.» Then with a bit of fish-like wriggling she works her way into the small, damaged space, he should probably watch his head the way those booted feet are waving about. A muffled grunt and a curse… «Think I found it.»

Toby squeezes back up so he's back in the rear of the raptor to give Niamh more room, but sticks his head back through so he can still see and communicate. «Alright,» he says once she says she's located it, «take it steady, and if you're in any doubt at any point just stop for a moment.» Standard advice for any kind of work, but still valid never the less. «If you think you can isolate he canister and pull it out then that's our best option, but if not we can work round it.»

Evidently an attempt at a head-nod was given, a thud and a curse, then «Uh-huh.» There's a bit of wriggling while Niamh works to pull something from one of her pockets. Then there's a few long minutes of absolute silence and comparative stillness from the skinny Crewman while she works. Then a strange humming sound. She's humming softly and horribly off-key, while she works in the cramped space. «Gotcha!» A small crow of success followed by a chuckle. «Thought you could escape me, you wiley thing, but not Niamh. Nope, I'm the queen of all things mechanic-ah… oh man…» Clearly talking to the ship or herself, it's unclear, but it's not long before she's wriggling again, showing off some fine flexibility as she carefully begins to extract - «Ah… frak… I'm stuck…»

Toby stays quiet as Niamh works, knowing just how much he hates someone talking to him when he's busy trying to do something requiring concentration. As it seems that Niamh is managing fine he starts to reach for the workbook to record the part they're removing the pauses as she announces her predicament. He can't help but grin a little, it is amusing after all, but then he's eyeing the situation critically and feels able to offer the advice off, «I think you have your tool belt stuck on part of the ejection mechanism. Can you edge forward an inch or two and pass them back, that should free you I think.»

A grumbling and muttering comes from the depths of the machine. Then Niamh inches forward and twists a bit. There's some fumbling and a grunt. Then a rather loud thud followed by a mumbled «Not another one…» After a few more moments, the end of her belt is pushed out through the small gap. «Grab it?» And hopefully, if Toby removes the obstacle of her belt, she'll resume her efforts to extract herself from beneath the co-pilots seat, the cnnister triumphantly clutched to her chest and slightly manic grin on her face. «Good thing I'm bendy.» A cheerful laugh follows her comment as a glove hand lifts to rub over a fresh new scrape on the other side of her face, to balance out the bruise, probably.

Taking the belt as it's offered Toby dumps it into the pilot's chair for ease of retrieval once Niamh is out, the turns back in case she needs any more help. Once she's out though he grabs a pen and makes the all important note in the logbook, asking as he does so, «can you just confirm the serial number on it?» Logging everything on and off can be tedious, but it's how you prevent stupid mistakes. «Right,» he says, inching forward between the two seats to toggle a switch on the underside of the console «that's the residual in the system venting,» and there is indeed a faint hissing noise that slowly dies as the pressure falls. «You should go give that a quick wash and get it covered,» he adds once he spots the scrape, «no point leaving it open to grime, but doesn't look like anything you need to trouble medical about.» Once a safety guy, always a safety gut it seems. «I need to check in with the PO as well, see what he wants doing now we've made sure she's safe to work on.»

Reading off the serial number as requested, Niamh nods slightly. «Right.» Setting the canister aside, she pats down her pockets then pulls a small kit from one of them. A small frown and she pulls the gloves from her hands, firmly keeping her eyes down as she reveals scarred hands. She quickly sets about cleaning the scrape off with an antiseptic swab and then pasting a bandaid over the scrape to keep it clean. She tidies away her stuff and repockets the kit, then pulls her gloves back on. Squeezing back away, she makes space for Toby to exit the cockpit ahead of her.

Toby makes no comment as Niamh's hands are revealed, but finds himself other work to do in the cockpit while she sorts herself. Turing off the valve he just opened for one, now the system is dry. Double checking he tagged the ejector mechanisms correctly, all useful stuff, but also make busy work. Once it's clear that she's sorted he passes her her belt again, the ducks back into the back. «I reckon your lot and avionics are going to be crawling over this one for a while,» he notes conversationally, «anything you want to check on the engines before we go find Harris and let her know she can move in?»

While Toby gets himself out, Niamh gets her belt back on, double-triple checking the fastening before following after and rolling her shoulders once she's free. «Uh-huh, got that right. Lots of work to be done here. Poor thing…» She pets the ship in a familiar manner, like one would soothe a hurt animal or something. «No… uh… yes…» A look of slight consternation and some self-berating muttering as she dives back into the cockpit and looks at something under the console. Then she reappears and nods, «Good to go.» A gloved hand motions for Toby to leave the Raptor ahead of her, while the other pulls a notebook from her pocket, flipping through the pages, he might get a glimpse of what look like drawings, rather than notes as she finds a free page and hastily scrawls something down with a small frown of concentration.

Taking a moment to chill in the ECO's seat as Niamh does whatever it she's doing in the cockpit Toby stashes the log book in a pocket so he can hand it over, or return it to the record cupboard if no one is immediately ready to start work. «All done?» he asks rhetorically as she reappears, then pushes himself to his feet and ducks out through the hatch and onto the wing. «Not regretting the switch from freighters yet?»

«Nope…» Niamh replies as she follows Toby out the hatch. She grins as she pauses to run her eyes around the hangar, taking in the ships waiting for repair, or in the process of being repaired. «This is /so/ much more fun and interesting. I love it.» She bounces slightly on her toes before hopping off the wing, hands on her hips as she observes the Raptor with an affectionately critical eye. Her gaze casts back to where that Raider's all hidden and stinking, «Really want to get a look-see inside that Raider though. The things in there…» A covetous little sigh escapes, but after a moment, her attention snaps back to the immediate needs and she straightens her grease-covered uniform and rubs a hand idly over the center of her chest, pressing slightly on the bruise left by their sparring the other day. «You?» A curious look over at Toby, «I mean… do you enjoy this stuff?»

Toby flicks his eyes up to where the raider sits behind it's tarp. It's bar far and away the quietest area of the bay today. «If you want to go take a look-see at that fraking abomination then take a filter mask at least, ideally a full face mask. It started rotting a while back and it's not got any better.» He considers her for a moment, then the raider and adds, «best bet is to talk to Dio if you see him» he's the tauran tech who tattooed his hands black instead of wearing gloves, «or the Chief Stoker, Captain..» he struggles for a moment to remember Halena's actual name before he places it, «Tremaine. They might want someone who can take a look at it's propulsion and is used to smaller craft.» It's certainly not his specialty. Tucking the book under his arm he starts a slow circuit of the raptor to try and locate the PO he considers her question for a moment. «Some of it. I'm here to help kill cylons though, this is just where I can do it best. Do I enjoy it? Sometimes I guess, but I don't generally think of it like that if you get me.»

Niamh absorbs the information and doesn't say anything as she follows after Toby in his search of the PO. She hums softly under her breath, nodding her head and trying not to walk into anything. Though she does still manage to trip over an actually out of the way cable, though that doesn't seem to slow her down any. «Yeah… kind of get it. I think.» A considering look is given to his back and a small frown appears on her cheerful countenance for just a second. «I mean, I have no liking for them either. But I guess it's just something that I'm actually good at, and never done anything but work on engines of all kinds, since forever. I like … well… it doesn't matter….» She trails off and slows down, «Ah… I'm gonna go see if anyone else needs someone to fit inside a small space, just call if you need anything.» Abruptly turning off course to go lend her size to another crew should it be required.

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