AWD #23: Make It Stop
Make It Stop
Summary: Iphigenia prays to Aphrodite. She should be careful what she asks for.
Date: 29/01/2013
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AWD #23

When she was an infant, her mother had proudly stood before a priest, holding her firstborn child in her arms and dedicated the baby to Athena and Aphrodite's service. Thus it was with all women born into the Arden family, just as all the men who carried the name were dedicated into the service of Ares and Apollo.

She's had more than one person raise a brow when she's explained this tradition, as if there was no way that two goddeses so opposite in tempermant and influence could hold sway over a single person without ripping them apart. Iphigenia has never felt felt that way before.

Until now.

She kneels in front of Aphrodite, not as a celebrant, but as a petitioner. A woman come to beg. Her hair falls over her face, against regulations, but when one intends to appealto the Lords of Kobol, one must be modest and humble. In one of her hands she holds an iridescent seashell with a hole bored through it at one end andleather cord could be looped through it to make a pendant. It was a gift from Thaddeus and his sister Marie.

She recalls how she'd explained to Thaddeus how Poseidon wasn't the only Lord of Kobol with ties to the sea, but that Aphrodite herself had risen from the cresting waves, and so was sometimes known as Cythera, the Foam-born. She had worn the pendant on Saturnalia and could remember how it had felt, resting against her chest. Now the pendant felt heavy in her hand, and she gripped it tightly, tight enough for it to bight into her skin; tight enough for red to well against pale flesh. She thinks this is good. That a little pain, a little blood, will be enough to please the goddess she now attempts to placate.

Lords of Kobol, hear my prayer. Aphrodite, Goddess of Love, born of foam and arisen from the sea, please. This isn't fair. This isn't right. Not to either of us. Why do you torture me so? Can anything come of this that would not destroy us both? I beg you for a sign, and if you cannot grant this, then please, please…

Make it stop.

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