AWD #089: Major Concerns
Major Concerns
Summary: Tavin reports to his new CO, Holtz shares some info about an upcoming mission, and he and Ygraine discuss his recent promotion… among other things.
Date: 05/04/2013
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Viper Squadron
The berthings for the Orion's Air Wing are the same as what one would find on any other Mercury-class Battlestar, though they are distinctly different from the rest of the bunks on the ship. These bunks are separated not into sections of sixty, but by squadron. That means that there is a little more room to move around with only twenty to twenty-five pilots in one bunkhouse. Some officers have brought a small rug to sit in front of their bunks, but the tables and chairs are standard military issue. At the rear is a small couch that was probably new when the ship left anchorage and seems to have been kept carefully clean. The crest of the Lucky Strikes has been painted onto the wall behind the couch, as well.
AWD #89

Ygraine has been subject to a rash of early CAPs and Alert 5's. She's coming off one or the other right now, having made a stop in the head for a shower prior to arrival in viper country. Isn't her rack in the raptor squadron berths? Regardless, she's making an easy beeline for Captain Holtz's rack, a hand absently using a brush to sweep through long, now only slightly damp blonde hair smelling strongly of strawberry shampoo.

Inprocessing is tough. Inprocessing when the whole ship seems to be on a lockdown because of an assassin? Complete pain in the ass. As Tavin arrives in the berthings, carrying a slip of paper with his bunk assignment, he's counting down the rows of bunks, and there's the loud snap of a bubble popping as he sucks in his gum again to chew on it idly. As he notices Ygraine, there's a lift of his head in greetings, "Howdo, Milkshake?" he comments casually.

Holtz enters the room not long after Tavin, eyes only half paying attention to what's in front of him; there's a folder in his hands, and a distracted expression on his face as he leafs through the papers inside. He's aware enough to realize there's someone in front of him, though, and manages to avoid ramming into Tavin on his way through. "Make a hole," he murmurs, turning his body sideways at the last second to squeeze by the other man. "Help you with somethin'… Ensign?" There's a slight pause mid-sentence as Storm looks at the insignia on Tavin's collar, brows furrowed slightly. Ygraine, for her part, gets a crooked smile a moment later as he closes the folder and tosses it onto the table. "Lookin' for anything in particular, Ygraine?" he asks dryly, a crooked smile on his face as he eyes the blonde woman.

"Oh hey, Throwback, are ya lookin for Captain H — " Ygraine's eyes trail to the large man as he's arriving, her mouth curving into a smile, but then her eyebrows go up as she suddenly focuses on Storm's collar. She's incredibly sharp-eyed, always has been. "When did that happen?"

"I was told it was Major Holtz…" Tavin starts to say and sidesteps with a little hop to clear the path for said Tauron. "Speak of Ares." he says with a little smirk and slides into a relaxed attention. "Ah, yes'ir," comes the offer. "Ensign Tavin Whitcombe, reporting for duty." With that, he offers his processing file. "Commander Spree sends her regards, sir."

"Last night. Jameson sprung 'em on me in the briefing with him an' Petra." Holtz snorts, nodding to Tavin a moment later. "An' so it is… as of all of about 12 hours ago. Lieutenant to Major in two months… that's gotta be some kinda frakkin' record, innit?" He accepts the file from the ensign's hand. "Don't believe I've met the commander," he remarks as he looks over its contents. It's handed back a moment later, everything seeming to be in order. "Right. Grab a rack and stow your shit, then, if you've got any. We've been a little shorthanded lately, so…" No surprise there. "… gonna put you right to work."

"Wow…" Ygraine smiles, and she seems happy for him when she offers, "Congratulations." But there's a faint tick to her brow, and it takes less than two seconds for her to ask carefully, "Are you CAG now?"

"Ah. Didn't know you were that new to the rank. Congrats, Major." Tavin offers as he goes to a nearby bunk and tosses his single duffle on it. Packed light - as it is with most of the refugee pilots. "What ya got for me, sir?" There's a curious lift of his brow as orders are already being handed out.

"Frak me, I hope not," Holtz mutters. "I'll be runnin' air ops for the jailbreak mission, apparently, but he didn't say a damn thing about the CAG slot. 'Sides, I ain't first in line for the job anyway, thank the gods above and below." He takes a moment to rip the old name tape from Tavin's claimed bunk before continuing. "For now? I got an open CAP slot this afternoon with your name on it. Tomorrow, though, some serious shit's goin' down. We're headin' back to Picon, gonna break some poor dumb asshole out of Cylon hack."

Ygraine's relief is palpable. "Good, good." She moves to seat herself in Storm's bunk, folding her legs criss-cross style, and continuing to brush her hair. "Not that you wouldn't make a good CAG or anythin'…" she grins then. "Already in th'thick of it, huh, Throwback? Ya should tell Storm about your love affair with Preds. A Cylon hack on Picon, really? I thought that was all on Leonis."

"I just got here from Picon and heading back again?" Tavin looks mildly amused. "Sounds about right. Gonna need a Pred driver for it? I don't mind the Vipers, but paw raised me on the Preds, so I'm more at home in them." Tavin shrugs his and sticks his tongue out at Ygraine, but ends up having to snap his gum back down into place and chews on it. "Ya just want an excuse to sneak in on the mission as an ECO, Milkshake." he says towards the blonde as he gives a nod. "Centerfold and I were going to get a spin on the simulators to help me get the cobwebs off since I ain't had a chance to fly a mission in a few weeks due to the shortage of craft."

"Most of it is, I'm told," Holtz replies to Ygraine. "But this is somethin' different. I'll save the details for the briefing, though." He raises a brow at Tavin following the Predator reference, but he nods. "Raiders're mostly what I'm worried about, but I'm told there'll be plenty of SAM and flak batteries around. Might not be a bad idea to have a Pred along." The major's head cocks to one side. "If nothin' else, give the AA toasters a more pressin' concern than my Vipers," he deadpans.

Ygraine snorts at that. "I don't gotta sneak. I'm the top kit ECO of the Wing." Arrogant? Maybe a little. "But I think I'm on Alert Five for that anyway. There'll be other missions.

"Ah well. I can fly whatever ya decide to put me in Major. Hell, I'll go out there with a pistol and a refridgerator box if it means I can finally get a crack at the damn toasters again. They took out my ride over the Boneyard, and it'll be good to get back in the saddle, sir. I'll be ready." Tavin says as he finally fishes the foil package out of his cargo pocket, and spits out a wad into a nearby trashcan. As he fishes out some fresh shredded gum, he offers it to the Major and Jig. "Gum?"

Holtz raises an eyebrow at Tavin's offer, as if he hasn't even seen a stick of gum in years. "Thanks, no." Instead, he lights a cigarette, snorting a moment later. "You'll get your shot, believe it. I mean to make those bastards sit up an' take notice. Just 'cause we're sittin' all the way the frak out here don't mean we ain't still in the fight."

"Love th'stuff, but I'll pass for now." Yggy says politely, "Thanks." There's a fierce grin - hard to do certain things when you've got a mouth full of gum. She digs into her pocket, tugging out a pair of hairbands as she takes one section and begins to braid it at the side. "He's already trained right," Yggy remarks to Holtz, "Knows t'respect his ECOs."

Putting the gum away, Tavin nods. "Well, as Milkshake said, the callsign's Throwback if yer needin' anything." There's a moment of thought and a shake of his head. "ECOs are good folks. I don't see why you think that everyone doesn't respect them, Milkshake. My ECO was a good guy. Lost him over the Boneyard." he shrugs his shoulders. "If there's nothing else, sirs? I was going to get some chow in me before I hit the CAP."

Holtz shakes his head. "Go ahead," he says with another snorting chuckle. "You'd better. CAP's even longer on an empty stomach." He leans against his rack, a few feet from where Ygraine is standing, as he puffs on his cigarette. "Never said ECOs ain't important, mind, but… gotta have a pilot to get 'em anywhere," he teases Ygraine with a smirk.

Ygraine says patiently, "Because I am an ECO, and I've been through enough dogfights that end with my bus driver complimented on his flyin' and not a word said to the countermeasures officer. Ya think I make this shit up? Of course ya don't see marginalization when you ain't the one bein' marginalized." She smirks back at Holtz, waving her hairbrush at him as if to emphasize her point. "Never, ever said pilots aren't important."

Tavin just.. winces a little at Ygraine, and shakes his head. "Ain't sure anything anyone will ever say will make it right - so I'll just say thank you in advance, and leave it at that, Milkshake." he says earnestly, and with a salute to Holtz, he turns to head out.

Storm returns the salute lazily, still holding up the wall with his shoulder. "See the Chief when you get out of the messhall," he calls out after the departing ensign. "He'll get you all set up on a bird. Don't let 'im foist the hangar queen off on you, neither. We got new ones comin' out of the factory finally, so I don't want to see any of my pilots in that rattletrap." Eyes are rolled as the blonde woman next to him shakes her brush at him.

Once Tavin leaves, Ygraine remains seated on Holtz's bunk, continuing to brush her hair. "Major." she says slowly, not addressing him, just tasting the word. "So I'm gonna be dumb and ask if ya think the shitload of ranks between is gonna be a problem."

Holtz just raises an eyebrow. "Don't see why it should be. As long as I'm not CAG… and I'm not a big enough dipshit for that job, anyway." He smirks, sitting down next to her and stamping out his depleted cigarette in a handy ashtray.

Ygraine snickers. "Actually, I think you'd make a pretty fantastic CAG, and I just don't want ya doin' it for entirely selfish reasons." She finishes twinig her first braid and goes to work on the second. "Funny, th'age thing bothers me less - not at all, than th'rank thing. There is a point where it looks bad."

Holtz laughs, conceding the point. "Maybe so. And maybe I'm bein' selfish too. But ya know what? Frak it." He leans forward slightly, resting his palms on his knees. "And I don't give a frak how it looks, neither. Anybody wants to judge me for grabbin' a little bit of happiness where I can find it? I'll shove my boot up their ass until they choke on it. We ain't breakin' any rules." His voice is emphatic, as if it really is — to him, at least — just that simple.

Ygraine grins. "You say the sweetest things." she tells him. It likely would have been her response if he had in fact, mentioned giving someone's guts to her for garters, too. "Take it as caring that I give a fret about your career."

"From the heart, hon, an' nothin' else but." Holtz winks at her, slipping an arm around her waist. "Hnh," he snorts a moment later. "My career's the last thing to worry about. What's the worst thing they can do? Demote me?" He makes a rude gesture. "So frakkin' what? They ain't takin' me out of the cockpit, I'll tell you that. I'm the best godsdamn stick on this barge." At least, if kill counts are any indication. No, Holtz really doesn't do modesty.

"I been career oriented since I stepped onto th'Academy grass." she admits a bit ruefully, and chuckles. "I don't know. Some are sayin' rank and career don't matter anymore. I don't think it don't matter, but maybe it matters in different way." She tosses her second braid back over her shoulder and leans in. "So. Major doesn't sound nearly as sexy as Captain, but I suppose we'll make do."

"See, there's the difference. I wasn't an Academy puke," Holtz grins at her, teasing again, but he turns serious again pretty quickly, voice quiet. "All I wanted to do was fly Vipers. Comin' up through the ranks, that ain't easy to do. I did what I aimed to, an' that's good enough for me. Lieutenant, captain, major, whatever. Never expected to get this far, but so long as I'm flying, it's all the same."

Her answering sigh seems more reflective than melancholy. "I know you're th'last person who needs t'be told, but you're a solid commander of men. No, you're a good one. Which is not me pushin', just me sayin' ya got th'gift, to go with th'one ya got as a pilot."

Holtz grunts contemplatively. "More like years of watchin' bad officers at work, and just tryin' to do the opposite of whatever they did." He shrugs. "You want to call that a gift, well… I ain't gonna argue the point." See? He's not a total blockhead, anyway. Easing off the side of the bed, he begins to pace in front of where Ygraine is still sitting. "Squad's still in one piece, still flyin', so I sure as hell must be doin' somethin' right."

"Why did they promote ya so fast, ya think?" she asks. It's not about doubt, just curiuosity. "And Jameson himself…wow. I mean, gettin' your pins from th'Old Man, that's a thing."

"Because there's no one else." Holtz seems sure about that much. "You think they'd promote a jumped-up retread that fast otherwise?" He snorts, shaking his head. "Cole's been in a bad place ever since Aerilon. Redux is a skinjob. Hipshot's too quiet to be worth a damn as a leader. An' I'm too damn senior to anyone else in the squad." Another shrug follows. "Well, maybe. I didn't expect it, leastways. Figured I'd top out with these." He's still got a set of old Captain's pins in his pocket, which he pulls out and looks at for a second or two.

"Hang onto those." she says with a sudden grin. "Then you can give 'em t'me when I get there."

"Oh yeah?" Holtz returns her grin with a crooked one of his own. "Need one for the jacket." His bomber jacket, with all its pins and patches he's attached to it over the years, is as much a timeline of his career as it is a garment. "I've got a couple sets, though. Lieutenant's, too. I'll keep 'em on deck for ya." He gives her a soft squeeze.

Her eyes alight. "I do like that jacket. Ya gonna let me wear it sometime?" She gives him a too-wide, wolfish smile. "Maybe next time we plan on goin' t'Charlie's?"

That draws a laugh from Holtz. "So it's my jacket you've been after all this time, yeah?" He gives a rueful shake of his head, as if he's been forced into a great concession. "Fine. But only 'cause I love ya." He can't resist adding, "Just don't think you get to keep it, mind."

Even stated casually he makes her not-quite-blush, but certainly fluster. "No, 'course not." she says promptly. "It ain't like I can trade ya for it. I don't think anything of mine would fit ya." Grin.

"Noooo, probably not," Holtz says with a mischievous glint in his eye, amused by her sudden burst of agitation. Finally, he stops pacing, leaning against the wall next to her; he's close enough that the side of her legs, hanging over the side of the bunk as they are, brush against his chest. "Gods, we sure make some kinda pair, don't we?" he asks wryly.

Ygraine looks up at him. "Unexpected evolutions are generally th'best kind." she says. "We come out of this on th'other side winnin' and we don't hate each other's guts for some crazy reason, you're stuck with me." She sticks up her chin.

"I ain't worried about the other side," Holtz responds with a shrug. "Can't speak for what will be. But in the here an' now? I ain't goin' anywhere, sweetheart. We'll sort out who's stuck with who later." And with that, he moves in for a kiss.

This is clearly going to be a point of contention, but really, there are worse things to argue over, right? And no way is she going to turn down kissing Kurt. Let him live for right now, and she can keep on the sunny side.

For his part, he only stops kissing her long enough to clamber back up onto the bunk next to her, and then his arms are around her once more, his lips meeting hers. Ever so slowly, he slides into a horizontal position… tugging her down along with him, never breaking the kiss as he does so.

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