PWD #18: Major Changes
Major Change
Summary: Or at least changes in Majors. Duke tells the Viper crew about his promotion, among other things.
Date: 17/12/2012 (OOC Date)
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Viper Squadron — Deck 2 — Battlestar Orion
The berthings for the Orion's Air Wing are the same as what one would find on any other Mercury-class Battlestar, though they are distinctly different from the rest of the bunks on the ship. These bunks are separated not into sections of sixty, but by squadron. That means that there is a little more room to move around with only twenty to twenty-five pilots in one bunkhouse. Some officers have brought a small rug to sit in front of their bunks, but the tables and chairs are standard military issue. At the rear is a small couch that was probably new when the ship left anchorage and seems to have been kept carefully clean. The crest of the Lucky Strikes has been painted onto the wall behind the couch, as well.
December 17th, 2004 (PWD #18)

If someone wants to find a pilot, that person would have to show up at the Berths. There's always someone there, no matter what time of the day it is, and right at this moment, it seems Richard Duke is one of the few Pilots that can be found at this particular location. He is standing in front of his locker, the door wide open and he is looking inside, but not really doing anything, apparently. The man takes a deep breath and works on, something. Then, he taps on one of the metal platforms and takes a step back, closing the door to his locker. He marches towards the table in the middle and takes a seat, setting a clean notebook in front of him. He also sets a cigar close to the notebook and pulls the ashtray, it seems that he is gearing up for something.

Phin is just returning to the bunks. From either the pool or the showers, judging by the towel draped around his neck and the still semi-wet state of his shaggy hair. He heads toward his locker, offering Duke a "Hey, sir" when he spots the older pilot.

Perched up in her own bunk, curtain drawn, Ceres shuffles a bit, pulling on her hoodie. The movement makes the fabric ruffle and then the sound of it drawing back screeches for a moment. She turns, grasping the side of her bunk and then launching herself down to the floor, landing with a soft sound as she catches Phin's greeting. Her head lifts and she offers him a smile, "Dolly." But its that cigar that draws her full attention and she closes the distance to plop down next to Duke and rub shoulders with him so to speak.

Phin's not the only one with wet hair as Cassie comes in as well but while there might be a mystery as to why his hair's damp there should be none with her as her shower kit is in hand and she's wearing naught but her tanks and unders. A nod is given to everyone present before moving to her locker where her kit is deposited. "How is, guys," she asks just before the towel she also came with is lifted and rubbed through her shoulder length hair so the last of the water can be drawn from it.

Duke looks up when Phin talks to him and he offers a nod to the younger pilot "Dolly." A brief smile forms there and he adds "Interesting callsign, I wish I could have been there for the crowning" And he means that of course. He looks at Ceres now and does leans slightly against her, rubbing his shoulder on hers as well "Redux, had a good sleep?" And now Cassie appears! So many pilots gathered now. Now, he doesn't know Cassie all that much, met her briefly the day before but that's about it "Redeye, how are you adjusting?" asks Richard Duke now. The cigar in front of him remains there, untouched for the time being.

Phin tosses some goggles from the pockets of his sweats, along with some other odds-and-ends, into his locker. Pool it was, then. "Hey, Redux. Redeye. I is all right." As he locks the door back up, he turns back to Duke with a faint, rueful smirk. "I could do worse I guess, sir." He pulls out a chair from the table, turning it around so he's sitting 'backwards' in it. Arms laid on the top of the back of it. He hesitates a beat. The ensign is, maybe just a little, apprehensive about something. "Sir…you have any idea what's up with the CAG? When I was coming back from PT one of the guys I passed in the corridor said he was being yanked by Fleet Command for…something." He is clearly not well-tuned into the rumor mill.

Redeye is named and Ceres gives a nod of her head to the other woman. "I almost think Peacock was trying to give him a callsign that outdid his," comes the offering with a brief grin. "Have you gotten to talk to him by the way?" The question is offered to Phin as he takes a seat. That press of Duke's shoulder into her own brings a warm grin and she reaches out, turning the cigar about and rolling it slightly along the table. A brow lifts suddenly and she glances up at Phin's words.

A glance is given to Duke and that is when Redux focuses on something, mostly on his collar. She blinks and then hones in on it. Fingers release the cigar, abandoning it in favor of reaching out to touch his rank pin on his collar. She rubs it between her thumb and forefinger. "Major Richard Duke…" Her smile grows further and she looks up at him. "Congratulations Bumper. 'Bout time your old ass got promoted." A wink follows.

Cassie hasn't heard anything herself, most likely due to not walking in the same circles offical news is spoken of just yet. Cerces is given a wave between bouts of trying to make sure her hair is as dry as she can possibly get it, a self-given task that's given up on after awhile. "I am adusting just fine, sir. Thank you." Phin is looked at then and she tilts her head, smiling.

Phin's question has Duke looking at the Ensign. The man nods and clears his throat "Colonel Yardley and Major Wisdom were called to appear before a Board of Inquiry" he nods his head at this and continues "In relation to the Roland Reese" And the entire set of events around it. "Because of this, I am taking Command of the Wing until they return" And just at that moment, he hears Ceres' comment on his old ass. Duke looks at her and a soft smile draws on his lips "Thank you. I will remember the old ass comment tho" A nod is offered and then another gentle shoulder bump. As for Cassie, he nods his head "Very well, I'm glad that there are no problems."

"Board of Inquiry…" Phin repeats the words to himself. They have ominous, shadowy import to the young ensign. And, from his expression, he's got about a dozen more questions about that. Especially when the Roland Reese is mentioned. Though mention of Duke's position in their absence, and his promotion, draw a grin from him. "Congrats, sir. Major-sir."

Ceres sobers rather quickly with the mention of a board of inquiry and Wisdom's bunk beneath her own is given a long look. Brows furrow and the Captain remains quiet, considering before she offers a faint smile. "We should celebrate. Hit the rec room." She offers a smile, leaning into the table and resting her elbow there so that she can place her chin on her hand.

Oh! Duh? Duke got promoted? Silly Cassie. So dense at times. "Congrats, sir," she says with a warm smile. "Although I got to say I'm sorry too. Feel bad that you have to deal with people like…" To end the joke she angles her head towards Phin. No way she is being serious, however. Not when she's got that big-as-frak smile on her face. A comb is pulled out and her towel is tossed on her bunk to be dealt with later, the locker that's been assigned to her closed, and she flops onto a chair. "What do you think will happen to them," she asks quietly, not bothering to look at anyone when she asks as if afraid of what kind of reactions her question will cause.

Phin sticks his tongue out at Cassie for that. Blink and you'll miss it. Ceres' talk of celebrating makes him a little less serious about all this. A little. His brain is still plainly on the reasons behind this, as well as Duke's new rank.

Duke nods in silence at first and looks at Phin "Thank you, McBride" says the man, going back a little to the time in which he used Phin's last name. And having Ceres sitting right next to him offers a fantastic angle to see the expression on her face. He nudges the woman a little, this time with his leg so it might be possible that the whole thing is covered. A smile draws on his lips and says "We have a lot to do, actually." offers Duke now, and then he takes a deep breath, looking at the group gathered "We are going to punch a few more hours during simulator work, also doing low-atmo and space flights" He the nods at Ceres, giving half-smile "This doesn't mean of course that the rec room is off-limits" He nods to Cassie now "Thank you, Lieutenant" He does hear that question she asked last and he shakes his head "Nothing. We will have both of them back in no time…I am just covering for them" Which is true, really.

"Sure they will," Ceres assures as well with a ready smile that blossoms into something more brilliant for some reason. She shifts, lifting her head from her hand as she trails her fingers across her cheek and down at the corner of her lips. "I see, why are we clocking more hours suddenly? Did that come down from on high?" She asks curiously, one dark brow arching upwards. So much for celebrating.

There's a little grin given to Phin but that's it. Duke doesn't seem to be in the mood for jokes and Ceres is busy trying to figure out what is going on, that enough to put Cassie in a bit of a somber mood. "As long as it all works out," that said in regards to the response given by the Major. She won't say this but she's feeling a bit nervous, like this is a bad omen or something, it causing Cassie to shiver when a cold chill runs along her spine.

"Low atmo training?" Phin perks, not unlike a puppy who's just been offered the chance to go out and play. He tries to wipe the over-eager look off his face, with only limited success, and nods. "Cool. I mean, sounds good, sir. Do you think we'll get a chance to take the Predators out for drills? I was talking with one of the ECOs, Lieutenant Keller, and I wouldn't mind pulling some flight hours in them. I haven't spent much time in that sort of cockpit since I did my quals."

Duke looks at Ceres now and nods his head "A preference of mine. I've been browsing through performance archives and I would really like to get some metrics on all possible scenarios." He half smiles and adds "It'll be interesting for sure." Now, he looks at Phin and nods his head "Yes, we are going to take the Predators out, see how they handle, do some test flights." There might even be war games, who knows. So many options! To Cassie, he nods his head and says "It will, Redeye"

Worrying her lower lip in thought, Redux seesm to give a nod of her head of agreement. "Well it will definitely need to be done before we go pulling those Predator's out for real. Won't be the same but worth it." She lifts her arms over her head, stretching as she yawns. "I am going to hit the mess and grab something to eat. If you finish whatever you are doing, well we can celebrate properly as should be done with a promotion." Her smile quirks up and she leans in, placing a quick kiss to Duke's cheek before looking to the other two. "You two work on him, he looks like he's settling in to do some old man things." She winks and pushes herself up, giving a wave of her hand before she starts for the hatch.

"If you need any volunteers for the training please let me know, sir. I could use some extra time flying and if I can help at the same time then it'll be a win-win." The comb that has been sitting in Cassie's hand is finally remembered and put to use. Thick hair is hard to get untangled and it tales a bit of time, however and eventually gets her to curse a little bit under her breath. "Should ask Mother to send me some conditioner," she hisses, whispered to herself.

Seeing Cerce is on her way out, Cass smiles and waves to her. "See you around."

"See you, Redux," Phin offers to the departing captain. Then he blinks at Duke, like something just occurred to him. "Oh, Bumper. Since you're kind of in charge now, you're the one to go to if we need permission to do…stuff. Right?" This sounds like it's going somewhere. Where is unclear.

"Old man stuff?" asks Duke to Ceres as she gets ready to leave. He just shakes his head at this and a brief smile draws on his lips. The Pilot looks at her as she leaves and then his attention drifts towards Cassie "I wouldn't worry about that, Redeye…I am going to call the entire Wing for training, you will get your share for sure" He offers a nod to her and adds "Besides, I do need to see you handling a Viper after all" She is new after all yo. But now, now he is looking at Phin, and he just nods at his question "That would be correct. What is on your mind, Dolly?"

Ceres leaves, heading toward the Squadron Berthings [SB].

Cassie is quite happy to know she'll be asked to help but she doesn't voice her pleasure over that fact yet, her focus being kept on not screaming at a fairly sizeable knot that managed to work its way into her hair. It's eventually triumphed over and her hair is now, officially tangle free.

Cassie is quite happy to know she'll be asked to help but she doesn't voice her pleasure over that fact yet, her focus being kept on not screaming at a fairly sizeable knot that managed to work its way into her hair. It's eventually triumphed over and her hair is now, officially tangle free. "When do you think we'll start, sir," is asked after she gets to her feet, her locker yet again opened. This time her towel is hung up in it and the comb too is tossed in. "Not that I want to seem impatient, of course, but I can't wait." Like a kid before Chrismas.

"I was thinking of getting a tattoo. Of a dolphin. You know. Doll-Phin." Because that's apparently the story he's trying to sell to explain his callsign. The ensign shrugs. "If there's anybody around here who even does that kind of thing. I was thinking maybe somebody in the Marines might have an ink kit on board, or one of the civvies. Anyway, I don't think it should be a problem, in terms of whether I can fly or not. I mean, I'm not planning on getting it anywhere…weird. But it seemed like the kind of thing you should ask about before you go and do it."

Iphigenia arrives from the Squadron Berthings.

Duke shows a faint smile towards Cassie when she mentions that she can't wait to be out there. "Within the next couple days, I have to arrange a couple things first but rest assured that you will get what you want" Oh yes, a lot of training coming their way. "I will put up a notice and explain what I am planning to do" But now, it's Phin's question that draws Duke to look at the younger Pilot "A tattoo huh?" Duke smiles a little at this and nods "I don't see a problem with that, go ahead. I would however, not advise to put it on your back, because it's going to press against the seat of the Viper and that might be annoying. But yes, go right ahead"

A couple days is doable although it'll feel a lot longer to Cassie. For someone her age, she sure is acting like a kid at the moment. "Anyone want any candy," she asks after pulling out what looks like a fairly large cigar box, it held like it's precious cargo. "Mother sent a big box of fudge for me just before I came here. It's real good. I'm more than happy to share." The box is brought to the Major and set before him, Duke allowed to take the first piece if he'd like.

Iphigenia slips inside the viper squadron berthing. There's a quick look about, first to see if she's disturbing any kind of formal meeting, and then for a particular face.

"Yeah. I was going to try and avoid anything that looked too much like a tramp-stamp, sir," Phin replies with a grin. "Cool. Thanks. I'm going to try to get it around Saturnalia, so at least I've got the off day for it to start healing over." The berths are currently a little more sparsely populated than usual but, as always, there are people around. For his part, Phin's seated at one of the tables (backwards in his chair, so his arms are balanced along the back of it). "Fudge?" He perks again. "Nice." He's angling for a piece, of course. He's angled the right way to see people coming into the berths, and so he spots Iphigenia. "Lieutenant? Oh. Hey."

Duke extends his hand, taking some of the Candy offered by Cassie "Thank you, Redeye" offers the man with a warm smile. He doesn't eat the candy, not yet, he just rests it on his notebook. And now, Gen walks in, and that makes Duke look and then offer a nod to the woman "Lieutenant, good to see you" He smiles at Phin now and says "Good, good…just make sure to take good care of it, I've heard that you can get some really nasty infections if you don't cover all the bases." Infections are not fun, no fun at all.

"Tramp stamp…" Two words that she had hoped to never hear come out of a guy's mouth in that context and here Phin is, breaking poor Cassie's brain. "For that you get no fudge," she jokes while reaching out, trying to snare the box before he can grab a piece. Or she would but Iphigenia's entry causes her to stop before she can even get her hands on it. "Sir."

There's the faintest of grins at the mention of a tramp stamp before she smiles in greeting. "I'm sorry to disturb you all. I was just looking for Janitor. He's helping me with a project on the ground."

"Hey! What else would you call them?" Phin protests to Cassie. Then he remembers there's a chaplain here, and blushes. Just a little. "Uh. Right, sir. I'll keep it cleaned and everything." He shakes his head, at mention of Cole. "He might still be on duty. He'll have to come back sometime, though. We can point you to his bunk, if you want to leave him a note or something."

"I haven't seen Cole either," Cassie offers before getting the box of fudge, the sweet treats then offered to Iphigenia. "I can tell him you are looking for him if you'd like, assuming I run into him before you do, of course.

"No, that's alright. I'm sure I'll see him soon enough in chapel." Catching Phin's embarrassment, she insists quietly, "Please, don't let me keep you from enjoying your tmie off."
…said person being Iphigenia.

Phin shrugs to Iphigenia. "No worries, Lieutenant. If nothing else, we'll tell him you came by looking for him. What're you guys working on, anyway? You said it was a…surface project?" He's seated at the table, backwards in his chair, so his arms are kind of balanced on top of the back of it. Cassie has just dipped into a box of fudge, a piece of which she's offering to the chaplain.

"Cole?" Jess leans out of the bunk across from the absent pilot's and says, "He's probably off—" she cuts off, eyeing the chaplain's unfamiliar face and amends whatever it was she was about to say to, "In the sims? Running? Nevermind, no idea." She's got a magazine rolled up in one hand, and smiles helpfully. Kind of.

"It's no worry, really." Gen reassures. "It's not a rushed matter." She smiles faintly to Phin, and almost reticently explains, "There's no temple on Piraeus. Not even a tent. So I'm looking into seeing a small, albeit permanent strucutre built."

Cassie offers Jess a piece as well before the precious box and the delectible treats within it is stowed away safely but not before she grabs a couple pieces for herself. Whatever wasn't said gets a bit of a brow-loft at her fellow pilot-femme, a sign of her curiosity. A curiosity that will be quelled later.

Phin looks up at Jess. Then, after a glance at Cassie and a half-smirk, calls up to Jess, "Hey, Lieutenant. What would you call those tattoos girls get on like, their lower back? Of butterflies and shit. Like…the scientific term for them." He tries to make the question sound innocent, but kind of fails. Ahem. To Iphigenia, he nods. "Ah. Huh. I would've figured that'd be one of the first things they put down there, once they took care of basic housing. Is Janitor helping with like construction and stuff?"

"Is he building it?" Jess wonders at Iphigenia, "He hasn't just gone straight, he's gone all charitable and penitential, too?" She doesn't quite shake her head sadly, turning it up towards Phin instead, to lift a dark brow, "A tramp stamp? Why, who's got one? Who am I offending right now?" She looks to Cassie, apparently judging her the most likely victim. "Have you got one? Sorry, I don't remember your name."

"He's helping." Gen says. "At the moment it's to move the idols and sundries brought over from Virgon into storage on the planet. But labor will likely come into it, as we'll mostly likely have to acquire wood for building materials."

The question from Jess is answered with a slight snort but it's hard to tell if it's out of amusement or offense that the sound is borne. "Cassiopeia Pitera. Called Redeye." The top bunk she has claimed is climbed into and the curtains drawn closed, the JiG deciding now is as good a time as any to finally get dressed. "And to answer your question, I don't have a tramp stamp. Or any ink, for that matter. But Dolly just might encourage me to get a tattoo, eventually."

Phin grins at Cassie, looking satisfied for some reason. "See? It's not just me. That's just…the accepted terminology. Can I have some chocolate now?" To Jess, he semi-explains, "I'm thinking of getting another one done. Not a…yeah, nothing in that area. Probably on my other arm or something." His only visible ink is the script on his forearm. To Iphigenia, he nods. "The Raptor guys would probably help with the hauling of stuff down to the planet, if it fit into their schedule. Maybe talk to Captain…err, Major Duke about it."

"That may be a matter to come into play, but there's a few boxes to move. I likely will try to see if a raptor can be made available eventually." Gen smiles faintly at the plans in mind. "But there's also a matter of getting the lumber and assembling the structure."

"I'm sure Cole's awesome at splitting logs," Jess assures Iphigenia, "Just put him right on that. Chopping wood allll day. He'd love to volunteer his time, I know." She beams at the chaplain before looking up at Phin and then Cassie and saying, "Huh. Well, I've got some ink, but none of those. I'd advise steering clear, but to each her own, right? I'm Jess," she adds, "Karlsson. Nags. Who're you, rook?"

Nothing is heard from but after two… three minutes the curtains are pulled back and the bunk's 'owner' reemerges, fully dressed in her sweats. "Like I said, am Cassie. But if you call me Redeye I'll answer to that, too." Turning slightly, she regards Dolly with a smirk, not sure how to answer him at first. "I know that's what they're called, Phin. I just don't want to hear about them." And to further her point she reaches for her shoes and a fresh pair of socks which are put on as if she's planning on getting out of there.

Phin arches his brows at Jess. He half-opens his mouth, maybe to ask if she's using some sort of wood-splitting euphemism, but a glance at the chaplain stalls any questions about that. For now. "All right, all right," he replies to Cassie. Not angling for chocolate again. Yet. He'll bide his time. As for who he is, "Ensign Phin McBride, sir." To Jess. "They've started calling me Dolly. I think because of my name. You know. Dol-Phin." This is the narrative he is trying so hard to sell, at least. A nod to Iphigenia. "I know there's trees on the planet, though I'm not sure what all kinds are down there. The place is more diverse than I'd figured. Peacock - one of our ECOs - was saying there were beaches in the southern part of it."

"The axial tilt does suggest lovely weather in the Southern hemisphere." Iphigenia remarks and then with an easy smile, "I don't want to keep you further. Have a good evening, all of you." With that, Gen starts for the door.

"Oh, I meant him," Jess points at Phin, "I got you, Redeye Pitera." She flashes the other woman a grin and then turns a skeptical brow on Phin, saying, "Right. I bet that's it. Just dolphins." Suuuuuuuuure. She seems amused, and taps her magazine absently against bare upper arm as she listens to Iphigenia and Cassie chat, nodding, "Yeah, I heard that too, about the beaches down south."

Iphigenia leaves, heading toward the Squadron Berthings [SB].

Cassie grins. "Right. Rook. I'm just… gonna go and try not to die of embarrassment." Whooops. Color Cassie blonde… even if she isn't. Blonde, that is. "I'm going to hit the gym for awhile. I'll see you guys later." A wave is given and then she exit the berthings so she can get a workout in.

"Dolphins are bad-ass," Phin says to Jess. "They can kill sharks with their noses." That marine biology lesson concluded, he raises a hand to wave to Cassie and Iphigenia. "Have a good night, Lieutenant. Later, Redeye. The pool's pretty awesome, if you haven't tried it yet."

Jess looks up at Phin, and then laughs and turns away to give perfunctory but friendly-enough nods farewell to Cassie and Iphigenia. "With their noses, huh?" she asks Phin when the others are gone, "How does that go when the sharks just bite their noses off?"

"They can't bite their noses off. Their internal organs are smashed before they even figure out what's going on," Phin says, though he can't quite keep up his spiel about the bad-assery of dolphins without shrugging half-abashedly. "Or something. So…Nags?" There's an unspoken question for a story there. Though what he actually asks is, "Were you on the last tour? When the ship first got out here eighteen months ago?"

Jess laughs, and says, "Right. I'm sure that's always how that goes." She eyes Phin for a second, leaning a little closer to upright to get a look at him, rolled up glossy drumming drumming drumming on her arm. She doesn't answer his question about her callsign, playing it off like she doesn't even hear it and shaking her head, "No, just came aboard at the anchorage. Cole's been here the whole time, though," she tells him, "He's an old friend from my last posting. You fresh out of the grinder?"

Phin chuckles. "Yeah, I guess you could say that. Just finished flight quals on Picon a couple of months ago. Academy on Leonis before that. This is my first proper post since I got my commission. Janitor seems like a cool guy." He twists around some, so he can better face her while he talks. This involves scooting the whole chair, rather than just turning. "He's the first other officer I've met aboard from Scorpia. Aside from the CO." He probably notices her lack of answer to his non-question about her callsign. But he doesn't press. Just now.

"Congrats," Jess says, smile not exactly wide, but sincere. "Welcome aboard. First posting on a top-secret battlestar, that's not bad." She glances over towards Cole's bunk as her fellow LT is mentioned, and says, "Yeah, Ari's a decent dude. Great wingman. I turn them to trash and he cleans them up," she says, with a quick flash of a white-toothed grin. "But his wing's mine, so don't think about trying to snake him. Have you got somebody assigned yet?" She finally stops fidgeting, just long enough to smooth the magazine out and set it aside, hands folded so fingers can beat on knuckles instead. "Where abouts on Scorpia?"

"I've got a brother who got an spot in the Marine unit here," Phin says. "He's been in for awhile. I didn't really know anything else about it when I put in for it. At first I thought it would just be a 'mining' mission. Until it…obviously wasn't. Redux has been showing me the ropes. I don't know if she'll be my regular wing or not. She seems pretty tight with Lieutenant Aios." As for Scorpia, another shrug. "I went to school in Celeste. The capitol. That's where I lived my last few years on-planet. I was born in this tourist snatch trap called Argentum Bay, but I haven't been back there in forever."

"He's along? That's nice," Jess says, "Was he here earlier? They did pretty well keeping that secret, seems like. I mean, there were some rumors things didn't quite add up, but I didn't really expect this." She gestures vaguely, and then says, "Redux - Captain Delacroix, right?" She nods, and nods, "Yeah, she seems like a good sort from what I hear. Aios I don't think I've met yet. You're vipers, right? I think I've seen you on the board." As for his home, her head tilts thoughtfully, and then she shrugs. "I feel like I've heard of it. Argentum Bay. Has it been on tv?"

Phin shakes his head. "Nah, he's new to the crew, too. I think it was the cubits that turned him on to it. Me too, really. This is a lot of money for eighteen months of mostly sitting in a quiet part of nowhere space." He nods, about Captain Delacroix. And his Viper-ness. "Yeah, I've gotten to run through a few drills, and high orbit patrols and stuff. It's been quiet, but even the pilots who've been here for the last haul said it was a lot of quiet." He smirks when she mentions Argentum Bay again. "Uh…maybe. It gets featured on those cheap Vernal Break specials on cable sometimes. And those low-rent porno guys who get drunk college girls to take off their tops film there a lot."

"Pretty sure the cubits is what turned everybody on to it," Jess says with another little crook of a smirk. She rolls over and props up at the end of her bunk, legs folded up cross-legged. "Yeah, that's what I'm hearing, too. Lots of quiet. Pretty dull. Not what I was expecting for all the hazard pay." She sounds kind of disappointed, even, but shrugs, and then laughs when he describes his home, nodding, "Alright, yeah, I have heard of it, then."

"I wouldn't recommend it for vacations. There's not much there except over-priced drinks and STDs." Phin stands up, scooting his chair back properly into the table, and wanders back toward his bunk. "Dull? I guess it would be, if you've been in awhile. I don't have anything to compare it to. Major Duke was talking about doing some low-orbit flight drills, which sounded pretty cool. I guess it won't be much different than doing them on Picon but…this'll be drills over a top-secret government project." Which makes them cooler. In theory. He hoists himself up into his bunk. "I don't. I think it's kind of exciting. At least, what they're doing out here, if not what we'll be doing. Making a whole new settlement out of nothing. Maybe if it works out the Navy'll start doing more exploration-type stuff. Brave new worlds."

Jess chuckles at that and says, "Yeah, I think that's about what I heard. I've never been." She turns as he wanders, glancing at a clock, and then shrugs, "Yeah, it's not bad. Just not what I expected. With hazard pay you'd think there would be a few more… hazards?" She shrugs again, lean shoulders flexed upwards and dropped. "I guess we'll see how it turns out. Exploration might be neat. Sounds more like raptor work, though. They love that shit. And Marines, doing the grunt work on the surface. Not a lot of call for Vipers in that sort of thing, it seems like." She resists another shrug though her posture says she probably considered it, and flashes Phin another smile before she sits up enough to pull half her curtain. "Time to nap before CAP. Welcome aboard, Dollface."

Phin crooks a grin at Jess. "Thanks…Nagsy." It's not the most successful of nicknames. But it's what he comes up with before properly sprawling in his bunk, likely to do some napping of his own.

Nagsy? Really? Jess arches a skeptical brow at that attempt, and tugs the curtains the rest of the way. Good night, newb.

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