Lieutenant Mahasti Nasreen
Mahasti.jpg Nasreen, Mahasti
Lt Medical
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Doctor
Age Sex
31 F
Hair Eyes
Red Hazel


Mahasti began her life in Hedon, on Leonis, an academic haven which offered unending possibilities to those with worthy minds. For Mahasti, this meant studying under a small army of private tutors and attending string of prestigious schools. Most children would have found this overwhelming, but Mahasti proved up to the challenge, as one of Leonis’ finest young violinists – likely due to the pressure from her mother who believed violin would teach the discipline necessary to thrive. She pursued an aggressive program of study, meeting all challenges head on. Of course, not every area came quite so naturally. Although she studied dance throughout her high school career as an extracurricular activity, she never reached a level she thought of as satisfactory - something which she privately regretted. Even worse, however, was her general inability to get anywhere in sports or, to a large degree, physically-based activities of most varieties.

After finishing high school on schedule with some advanced placement, University proved to be more engaging, if yet more challenging. Due to the AP coursework taken before college, the savvy little student assured herself a slot in the competitive premed program. Some might think it cliché, but having a family of doctors made the choice easy. Her father spent long hours away as a pediatrician and her mother, while not a doctor was a licensed massage therapist.Service to others felt natural. The transition into medical school was smooth and easy. Some students would say over this time she lacked a social life, not taking summers off to ensure graduation in a timely fashion during undergrad, during her post-grad courses she took voluntary internships and even teachers’ aide work for her mentors. She graduated with good standing for her non specialized medical degree.

At the beginning of her residency in a hospital that specialized in providing care to the less fortunate of Leonis, she realized she wanted to do more than be a doctor at a clinic often forgotten. It wasn’t especially for money or fame, rather, Mahasti chose to pursue what she saw as the next logical challenge: the military. In spite of her father’s strong objections - both on practical and philosophical grounds, Mahasti enlisted. Joining the Colonial Navy was easily the most difficult ordeal of her life - after all, endless hours of academia did not leave her much time for physical activity, and she proved to have little feel for combat, passing her hand-to-hand tests by the skin of her teeth.

With basic training out of the way, Mahasti was stationed on Picon. While her official assignment was to simply perform the normal tasks of a doctor, with a preference for non-surgical care at the Colonial Fleet Headquarters, in Penrose Harbor. This stationing was due in part to her chipper attitude and generally good behavior, but mostly due to the letters of recommendation she was able to bring to her recruiter, when initially joining the navy. Her volunteering for the Orion was simple, it would be a good place to do work that mattered and gain experience in the field, allowing her a chance to also reconsider if she wanted to return to academia and go into a speciality.

Service Record & Medals

Year Rank Station Notes
2005- Lt Battlestar Orion


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