Lance Corporal Madeline "Charlie-33" Cervantes

Madeline Cervantes died on 08 January 2005 from wounds she received at the Battle of Avery Hall on Caprica during the beginning of the Second Cylon War.

Maddy1.jpg Cervantes, Madeline
LCPL Marines
Station 4th ANGLICO, 2nd SALT
Position WIRELO (JTAC)
Age Sex
23 Female
Hair Eyes
Red Blue

You see her on the deck and with fatigues, and chatting it up with the other girls her age, and you can't help notice that she looks familiar somehow. Then, one restless night, you're sitting and watching some old retro TV show, and there she is.

From 1989, when she was nine years old, and walking down with her mom to her first day at a new school and shares a basket of snackcakes and makes a lot of new friends. Or in 1992, when she raises her hand and answers a question about math with a fruit pie. Or who can forget that adorable Saturnalia commercial in 1994, when the then fourteen year old girl splits her last cream filled sponge cake in the snow with the equally cute boy and he kisses her.

She's that girl, you realize! From all those commercials. With the hat, and the dress and the Mary Sue shoes. Snackcakes Sandy! And now she's a Marine. What?


'Interstellar Flight'


Released in 1998, Interstellar Flight was meant to be a tribute to the Navy and a serenade to Madeline's then-new fiance, GSGT Jacob Cervantes. Based on her experiences as part of the morale tour of the Fleet, the record flopped for being 'too poppy' and trying to hard to add a sweet side to the Military.

'Once Upon Another Time'


Released as a single while on bereavement leave in 2003, this was Madeline's attempt to come to terms with the death of her husband and her miscarriage.

A total departure from the poppy 'Interstellar Flight', it saw limited release and was a choice pick for coffee shops around the colonies.

Critics wanted more of this sophmore effort, but Madeline instead opted to return to her duties as a Marine for personal reasons and left the spotlight of her career.

Video Game Voice Actress


Maddy is best known in the role of the feisty Princess Cherry in the Super Fruit Bros games series. In the ending twist of the second game, the Princess actually saves the Hero, instead of the other way around. She also had her own game, Super Princess Cherry, considered a cult classic to girl gamers.

She was also the Female Commo Officer in the Call to Duty series, and of course a few of her songs made it as Song Hero choices.

Photo Shoots and Calendars


Madeline has two swimsuit calenders.

There was a commercial version released in 1997, and then a Navy only version one released in 1998.

The second one included candid shots from her tour of the fleet, including a swimsuit shoot aboard Athena (which is where this picture comes from), a flight suit photo, and several other poses.

She also has done shoots for Teen Pop magazine, Colonial Populace, Pyramid Illustrated, and a few men's magazines, but never nude.

'Criminal Forensics: Caprica City'

Madeline had a five episode arc on CF:CC as Sophia. Her character started off as a victim in the series, a battered hooker. After her case was solved, she started an affair with the young new agent on the case. As the arc continued, Sophia would sneak from her lover's bed, and stalk, seduce, and murder her former pimps. When her lover caught wind of what she was doing, she killed him as well. In the last episode, she was confronted by Agent Briggs, and shot dead when she tried to draw a weapon on him.


Sadly, Madeline Cervantes did not survive the injuries she received during the Battle of Avery Hall. She died in recovery on 8 Jan 2005 from her injuries.

Distinguishing Features

Physical Description

Red hair and fair skin make the sun the bane of the young woman in front of you. She stands at 5' 5" tall, with blue eyes to compliment all of that red hair that goes down to her shoulders and beyond. Her face is thin, almost pixie like as it has a soft chin and rounded cheek bones. She carries a medium frame well, and legs that just don't seem to quit.

Identifying Marks

Scar on left hip from appendix removal.
Scar under left breast (bullet wound).
Scar in left side of back (bullet wound).
Numerous small shrapnel wounds to back (radio explosion).

Immediate Family

Name Relation Occupation
Gregory Price Father Farmer / Land Owner
Aeryth Price Mother Retired Swimmer, finished 5th in the 100m Freestyle in the Colonial Games
Alissa Price Sister Professional Partyer living in her sister's glory…
Jacob Cervantes Husband Deceased

Recent Events

Service Record & Medals

Year Rank Station Notes
1998 PVT Camp Dubberly, Kyros Basic Training
1999-2000 PVT Ymir Base, Kyros Communications Advanced Training, Promoted to PFC
2000-2002 PFC Assault Lander Niflheimr Valley (CAKS-31) Dismissed from station in December 2002 after death of husband.
Dec 2002 - Aug 2003 PFC Bereavement Leave Caprica City, Caprica
2003-2004 PFC JTAC School, Aerlion Graduated Top of Class, Promoted to LCPL
2004-Present LCPL Battlestar Orion (BS-114) Transferred to JTAC / Morale

Adoring Fans, and Other People I Know

File Image Name Notes
Phin_icon.png ENS Phin "Dolly" McBride Said his ex-girlfriend loved 'What 'bout my Heart'. He said he loathed it. Then asked me to sign an autograph to apologize to his ex. Guys are so frakking confusing. Edit: he owes me a month of laundry after I smoked him in the pool. Score!
Eric_icon.png CPT Eric "Hipshot" Haldor A Viper pilot. We got to talk shop. He's handsome. I hope he asks me for coffee sometime.
Cole_icon.png LT Aristides "Janitor" Cole A Viper pilot. Impromptu judge. Pretty laid back officer.

Recent Logs


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